Hoosiers stumble in 55-52 loss to Buckeyes

Suddenly, they started falling.

The shots that were absent from Indiana’s attack for much of Sunday’s game against Ohio State appeared late in regulation. They arrived in a flurry, spurring the Hoosiers to an unforeseen comeback in the final five minutes.

Then, the momentum IU had so quickly cultivated disappeared.

The Hoosiers unraveled late, falling to Ohio State 55-52 with another sleepy, sloppy effort on their home floor. Indiana has now dropped four in a row at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall — and nine of its last 10 games overall — tumbling further into national irrelevance.

The matchup with the Buckeyes (16-7, 6-6) was crucial to the Hoosiers’ ability to remain in the NCAA Tournament conversation. But with its play against Ohio State, Indiana (13-11, 4-9) showed that conversation isn’t worth having at all.

The Hoosiers hurt themselves with yet another slow start and a lack of shooting to overcome it. When IU finally did sink the perimeter shots it needed — including three consecutive 3-pointers that tied the game 47-47 at the final media timeout — the team torpedoed itself with poor play down the stretch.

“This was a very, very physical game on both ends of the floor, and they were able to pull it out there in the last two minutes with some really big plays,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “We didn’t obviously finish the last 90 seconds well enough in the game to be able to hang in there and either get it to OT or win it in regulation.”

Since upsetting No. 6 Michigan State last weekend, Indiana has done little, if anything, to build upon the potential season-changing victory. The Hoosiers showed signs of offensive growth in their past two games against Michigan State and Iowa, but that growth was nowhere to be found against the Buckeyes.

Indiana managed only 21 first-half points, shot merely 39 percent from the field and didn’t get much from Juwan Morgan. The senior forward finished with only three points, and didn’t score his first and only basket until the 15:12 mark of the second half.

The frustrating part for Indiana was that, for all of its struggles, it still had a chance to win this game.

Ohio State’s 15 turnovers were a big help. So, too, were the deep shots IU drained late in the final period.

Romeo Langford sandwiched a pair of 3-pointers around a 3 by Devonte Green as part of a 9-0 run that tied the game at 47-all with five minutes remaining. Green later drilled IU’s biggest shot of the day against a dying shot clock, giving Indiana its first lead on a long 3-point prayer with 1:46 to go.

The IU advantage was short-lived, however, after C.J. Jackson answered with a deep 3 on the ensuing possession that tied it at 52.

From there, things got messy.

With 46 seconds left in the game and seven seconds left on the shot clock, Miller called timeout. When IU failed to inbound the ball, he called another.

The result of the back-to-back timeouts? A turnover.

Morgan’s entry pass to Langford was deflected and picked off by Andre Wesson, spoiling a chance for IU to retake the lead.

“We drew up a play that obviously put Juwan and Romeo in a position to try and either drive it from the top or get a post-up, and wasn’t sure if he was open or not,” Miller said. “I know it obviously was a deflected pass. It was a big turnover. But you can put that on me. We tried to get the ball right at the basket with Romeo, maybe get fouled, maybe get a quick bucket, but it was a big turnover.”

Just as ugly was IU’s defense on the other end. After a timeout, Ohio State ran a well-executed screen and roll for Andre Wesson, who lost his defender, Justin Smith, when Smith hedged too hard and got burned. That allowed Wesson to pivot to the basket for an easy dunk.

“They slid him out, and obviously our help-side defense needed to be over a little earlier to make either a harder play on the ball, foul him or block the shot,” Miller said. “He made a good play. They slipped him out. Our rotation was there. I thought Romeo had a chance to make maybe a blocked shot, but he got it off the glass quickly. Obviously, we’ve been dealing with it all game long. It was good action by them. Our help obviously didn’t get there in time. But that was a good basket.”

IU had no coordinated response.

The Hoosiers were back to resembling the team that ambled its way through January, punchless and mistake-prone. During the final media timeout of the first half, IU signees Trayce Jackson-Davis and Armaan Franklin were shown on the video board above center court. That quick cameo was enough to draw a loud ovation from crowd inside Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Jackson-Davis and Franklin won’t be able to suit up for the Hoosiers until next year. On another bad day of basketball in Bloomington, the thought of a new season was one of the few reasons to cheer.

“You’re going to win some and lose some, but right now we’re just trying to get back on track,” Langford said. “We’re taking it a day at a time, and I feel like us as a team, we’re doing pretty well through this. None of us have our heads down. We’re all just focusing on getting better each and every day to be better than we were the day before.”


  1. Holtmann 3-0 vs Miller. I think I said we should have gone after him if couldn’t get Mack. I think Arch is a great Mud Major coach. I think he is sub-.500 major conference coach. I think Holtmann will be much better than Archie over careers.

    1. Jeff: Spot on. In retrospect, Jon Coffman at Ft. Wayne (beat IU already) Dane Fife, or the guy at Princeton (an Indiana guy) would have been better choices, among others.

      Read Coffman’s recruiting policy. It’s what IU basketball used to be about. He has one of the best players in the country right now. Think what he could do with IU’s assets.

    2. OMG….. You remind me of something Jim Valvano said to a ref who told him to shut up.
      V: Can I think something?
      Ref: Yes.
      V: I think you stink.

      Holtzmann inherited a cupboard that was far more stocked than what Miller received from Creanie the Weenie. IU has been served this year by youth and injuries. One true IU senior. Two mediocre juniors, both who have missed time. IU under Miller will be just fine. More than just fine; bigger and better things are on the horizon.

  2. Jeff H – I am beginning to agree with you, Archie Miller might be a mid-major coach only. Fred Glass classified this as a rebuilding year with a slightly veteran basketball team…that was Fred Glass way of taking the pressure off of Archie Miller. Telling Archie Miller that I have your back for the next couple of years – regardless of your basketball record.

  3. And it pays well. Maybe, a couple negative emotions and hurt feelings a little. Great gig if you can get it.

  4. Another dud! Reality has set in. This team could finish sub .500. Poor coaching and a very flawed team. If Archie has plans for Smith and Grren to get significant minutes next year, IU could be even worse. When you look at Moore, Anderson, Thompson, Forrester and others, does anyone really have confidence this situation is going to get better soon. They need changes everywhere, including point guard. Romeo’s one season with IU was wasted. Archie needs a miracle to land a couple more recruits and I am not sure he can. Still trying to understand why they didnt choose Mack, who was winning recruits away from IU at Xavier and coached in a major league. Oh well, it is what it is and one can always hope for sunnier days and in fact I have them in Naples, Florida so enough with basketball.

  5. I think Glass knows this good vibe could end pretty quickly-like now and I totally agree with your comment about buying him some time. I think Glass has put his own butt on the line with Archie and Allen. I would be sleeping a little restlessly if Glass but like t says-great gig if you can get one

  6. Jeff H. Great gig is an understatement. Think about it. Sure they want to win and be successful. If they are, they end up being revered.
    If they are not they had some good times they may finally (finally have to leave) behind with lots of money in there pockets plus in almost all cases other excellent opportunities with high pay are abundant for these types of individuals.
    For most he or she goes to work everyday for lots less money doing his or job hoping to keep it. If he or she loses job they may not have made an abundance of money and opportunities may be scarce.
    Yes, it is a great Great Gig if You Can Get One.

  7. A frightening aspect of this situation is that Miller was a floor leader, point guard, at NC St. This is noticeably one of the weaker parts of the team. If he can’t impart effective instruction there, where can he?

    1. We have 1 real D1 PG on the roster and he’s a freshman named Phinisee. Give that kid 2 more years and you’ll answer your own questions about the PG play.

  8. We gonna blame everybody and every other coach is better and AD is a better one this is what al of you wanted a change, and you got it,and now you crying about it.lol

  9. In Defense; Phinisee is a freshman, Green is a mercurial talent and would neve be “stellar producer” on any other team he would be 2nd or 3rd option.Justin Smith showed today he has no jump shot. Ohio State backed away from him at the 12 ft area and he missed . he Air mailed a shot from baseline from about 10 ft. Durham is consistent . D.Davis have to wonder about stamina and psychological impact from his injury ,even going into next year. Fitzner is a bust and Archie should have takena deeper look at him. 40% career 3 pt shooter that LOST his starting job to under classmen. if you are a 40% 3 pt shooter at 6 ‘9 and lose your job as a Grad player. there has to be a reason St Mary’s didn’t want him back. Mc Roberts is done for year at this point Moore and Forrester are nothing more than well dressed cheerleaders. Anderson looks lost when on floor . And there isn’t anyone that can shoot 70% from free throw line or 40% from 15 to 18 FT ON FLOOR. This is the best we can get this year because this team can play defense but they cant shoot themselves out of a wet paper bag. Once again this team PROVES that the number of stars behind a players name doesn’t necessarily translate into College-level playability. Moore, Smith, and Durham are Crean holdovers..this is first year recruiting and essentially Archie has had 2 out for the season..Hunter and Thompson. Whoever decides to return next year; lets hope they spend time shooting jump shots and less time in the weight room.

  10. Athlon sports at the beginning of the years advise that this team should finish “just below the league’s top tier teams and make the NCAA tournament”. That was before all the injuries on this years team. Now with all the injuries Fred Glass advises that Indiana is in a rebuilding year. The talent has to be on this team. Archie recruited a top ten recruiting class. Once these young man recover from their injuries we will know what kind of talent Indiana University has on the basketball team and whether Archie Miller is really a good coach that can develop talented players.

  11. Tj wrong about stars beside names. IU has several low borderline 4 stars and 3 stars. That is not high enough. Maybe, you consider that high rankings. It is if you want to be in the battle at middle to lower standings in a major league conference. However, it won’t put you at or near top in standings of a major league conference. Players can’t physically match up. They as a team are playing with to many handicaps.
    It takes more than one 5 star. It takes a couple 5 stars, borderline 5 stars, and high 4 stars as your top 5,6, or 7 players. To many of IU players are low or borderline 4 stars and 3 stars that make up the team that gets most of playing time because there are are lack of high 4 stars and 5 stars to turn to (coming out of high school). That is not good enough

  12. I could care less about all this 3 star/4 star/5 star. What I’d like to be able to watch with IU Basketball is a Team playing together as a Team… I’d like to see some ‘fight’.

    I think Jeff H summed up things best with his first post that alluding to something like this year’s team was his least favorite IU team ever.

    I disagree. The group of individuals posing as a team that I liked least was that team of Crean’s that went NIT and lost in the first round….I believe Thomas Bryant was on that team (and I happened to really like Thomas Bryant as an individual player, but that “team” quit on their fan.

    This is my 2nd worst IU team ever, (and I’ve been watching since 1975).

    I was watching and noticed with surprise that one of our players was actually running fast on Offense…it was Devonte Green and once again I was reminded why I like him. Yes, he makes mistakes, no question, but he’s trying to the best of his ability. I can’t say that I believe that ANY of the other players are ‘giving it their all’. And Archie seems to be waving his hands in frustration like “how can they be so awful”…I don’t like to see THAT either. Has Archie gotten a Technical Foul this year yet? Maybe if he did (and show that he cares enough to do so) this disparate group of posers might get a little fire and become watchable.

    I wouldn’t mind if Elston or someone else would step up and go berserk on the sidelines and get a technical foul (this is, of course, assuming that there will still BE an IU Team to finish out the games at Assembly Hall…they could pack it in any day as far as I can tell)

  13. I just looked at the schedule.

    I think we can beat Rutgers at home, and that will end this season on a ‘up’ note.

    Otherwise, I will be simply astounded if the Assembly Hall Referees can give us a game against anyone else (Purdue is next up).

    I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if any of the “away” games for the rest of the season are competitive events.

  14. The I U Athletic administration and the I U basketball coaches’ need to answer to the fans for this year’s complete dismal failure to compete and quit hiding around the, “The rebuild is going to take longer”, I don’t think the rebuild has even started, high donations for seat location and high ticket prices for the product that been on the basketball court at Assembly Hall this year is total BS. I U recruited a top 5 or 10 player and the player had 12 shots against Iowa and 13 shots against Ohio State this offense running into the middle out isn’t working, the offense worked better at Michigan State when Morgan was on the bench. The $5 upper level seats might make a return next season or do like Penn State and buy some black curtains for the upper level.

  15. What was it that Hall of Fame Football coach said, “you are what your record says you are.” Well if that’s true, through two seasons at IU, Archie is a mediocre college basketball coach.

    I don’t mind losing games to better teams, and I can understand how the injuries have affected this team’s performance through this season, and I know a new coach needs time to get his type of players. But what has bothered me from the beginning of Archie’s tenure at IU is that Archie’s players, whether he recruited them or not, and not demonstrating improvement, either individually or collectively. I don’t see evidence of key lessons having been learned. I don’t see the players coming together and playing better as a team. I don’t see certain players refraining from making the same mistakes they were making during the first few games of the season. That’s very disturbing.

    Of course, IU will give Archie another year or two, if for nothing else, just to protect Fred Glass. But I don’t see IU BB getting much better next season. What talent we gain in next year’s freshman class, will be more than lost to graduation and the NBA. Is Archie going to sign enough of his type of talent to make up for the contributions of Morgan and Langford? Is Archie and his staff going to “teach” the remaining players how to improve their skills and team play?

    I really hope my doubts about Archie are wrong and that next season he can produce a 20-win season, build momentum and then take it to the next level in his fourth season at IU. I really want him to be successful. But I confess that I do not have confidence in any coach hired by Fred Glass. I just don’t think Fred Glass knows how to identify great coaching talent. I think Fred’s key criteria is something other than coaching talent (as in, staying out of trouble). Either that, or the word is out about Fred Glass and IU’s administration and the best coaches simply won’t work for him. The 2019/2020 Football and Basketball seasons will determine Fred’s legacy as IU’s A.D. If neither team really shows significant improvement, McRobbie needs to get a new Athletic Director.

  16. Wrong again and again and again that stars don’t matter or you don’t care about high star players. Quite lying to yourself.
    I do agree teams have to play as teams. However, have AM trade all IU players with MK for all Duke players then compare there win loss records. Lack of recruited talent at all positions two deep is how IU is no longer a basketball school.

  17. Well, you’re right as usual, t. However…..my post was positing that I would be positive in my perception if players were to propel themselves with the propensity conducive to the concept of “teamwork”.

  18. Nobody has answered my question.
    Who hired the guy who hired Archie? You’re all supposed to be such passionate IU fans….
    Can someone please tell me who hired our AD? I’ve done the internet search and nothing comes up.
    It’s sort of nice to know where the buck stops at IU Athletics. Who does Glass owe his job…and who is he accountable to? Who interviewed him? Who wanted him as AD? Are these such difficult questions for a passionate fan base?

    1. Athletic administration career

      On October 28, 2008, Indiana University Bloomington president Michael McRobbie hired Glass as vice president and director of athletics, following the resignation of Rick Greenspan.[3]

      That’s from Wikipedia. You do all know that’s a complete lie, correct? McRobbie really had absolutely nothing to do with it. Our athletic department might as well be shrimp on the barbie to McRobbie. He is completely isolated from it…and had nothing to do with choosing Fred.
      So, I’ll ask again. Who hired Fred?

  19. As in politics there would be several meetings of he said she said no he said they said those said we completed a gold ribbon red ribbon blue ribbon black ribbon no tolerance panel to get the best man available that has no AD experience that McRobbie appointment of Fred Glass as athletic director and McRobbie on tape recording is out of town on European vacation and recording states go to beginning. That’s who hired Fred Glass with no experience as AD.

    1. ^^^Pretty much sums it up.

      Thank you, t. You’re the only one who has admitted who truly hired Fred.

  20. Holtman’s plan was to double team Morgan and not let him beat them. And obviously it worked like a charm. No exactly brain surgery to beat this IU team. 3 points from Morgan = we lose.

    The good news is that we can now play about 27 solid seconds of defense. That’s 27 more than 2 to 9 seasons past.

    The good news is we have shots to win many of these games, like Langford’s 3 with 10.3 sec. to go. Problem is, nobody can shoot to knock one in. It amazes me how many “big shots” we’ve given up in the last 5 seconds of the shot clock, yet we can’t hit a shot at all. Iowa hit five 3s with less than 10 sec. on the shot clock and I recall at least 3 more from OSU today.

    The good news is we get our hands on critical loose balls and rebounds. The bad news is we only come away empty handed and have to guard another possession.

    We all should’ve seen this coming.
    Our PG, the most important position on the floor, is a freshman with a high upside in 2 – 3 yrs, as in, Carson Edwards type upside.

    Our best player is a natural forward having to play against the biggest dudes in the league. He can’t overcome constant double teaming when nobody can hit a bucket when he kicks it back out. Plus it’s quite clear he’s exhausted.

    Our best recruit can’t shoot and nor is he good enough to overcome double teaming either. He’s got big upside, but to play at the next level he’s going to have to learn to bury 10 – 15 ft. jumpers. But hey, Labron did it. Langford’s stock has continued to decline since 2018 ended.

    We have no big guy, although Davis pretends to be one on occasion.

    Our other “star” athletic forward (Smith) can’t shoot a lick and it is painful to watch teams literally not be within 10 foot of him when he’s outside.

    THE bottom line is we don’t have enough talent to make enough plays to put these games in the win column. In such a tough, deep league this year, a couple of plays make the difference in very close games. And we aren’t making those plays. It is pretty much that simple.

  21. Harv,

    I knew that Glass was a ‘big player in the Democratic Party’ and did a google search “Fred Glass Democratic Party” and saw this article–

    From the Indianapolis Business Journal (2009):

    Fred Glass so far is no fiscal liberal in his job as Indiana University athletics director.

    Earlier this month, Glass axed another associate athletic director position. He has now cut one third of the senior staff since he became athletics director in January.

    “We will do more with less,” said Glass, a long-time Democrat political operative before taking the post at IU. “A leaner senior staff frees up resources to more directly impact our student-athletes.”

    Under Glass, there are now three senior associate athletic directors, two associate athletic directors and a deputy director (which is the No. 2 position in the department).

    Glass has made many of the cuts by not filling vacated positions and making his current administrators take on more responsibilities.

  22. Couple plays x not making plays throughout game including at end of game X out played physically x undersized x lack of talent throughout team in typical major conference level league (nothing special or deeper this year) x not enough high level/high star recruits coming in including recruiting busts x what is currently at IU = losing to the point a win is considered upset and IU mens basketball including its near future isn’t even close. It’s that simple.

  23. Didn’t know senior staff and administrators could rebound, pass, play defense, and shoot the basketball.

    1. Yup….He cut all those senior staff position and gave Tom Crean extension after extension. It’s called reinforcing your ‘insider’ position ….while being impotent in basketball expertise.

      Rock- Don’t care about any of that anyway. I just want to know who hired Fred.
      And if you’d like another question: Why would you hire the new coach before the new AD? Wouldn’t you want your new AD to be involved in that decision?

  24. I really liked Phinisee in the beginning. I guess I was comparing his ballhandling skills versus the poor ballhandling of Green and Durham. I do like the fact that Phinisee can finish at the basket with either hand. The one critical negative thing that has stood out is his lack of quickness compared to many of the guards he has played against. He rarely beats his man off the dribble and rarely gets in the lane to pass out to the wings. Perhaps it is the makeup of this flawed team, but my feeling is we need a much quicker, dominant guard to make significant advances. I’m not saying Phinisee should not play, just that he should not be the primary point guard.

    1. Very good assessment, Hoosier Hopeful. Phinisee is a “heady” player and fundamentally very sound…but he’s not going to be Carsen Edwards unless he develops speed and burst…

      It was the #1 ingredient for John Wooden. If you didn’t have quickness, or more importantly, “controlled quickness,” then you weren’t going to be recruited.

      1. Smith could be a great shooter if he had “controlled quickness.” Most of you are assessing him as a poor shooter because it doesn’t go in the bucket. Actually, he’s a fine shooter with excellent release….Problem? He has no controlled quickness. Watch him drive to the basket…He’s awkward. He can’t gather his feet. He can’t take his time. He often lunges or stops without real balance in his legs. Nobody makes shots if they can’t get their lower body right….or they can’t play at the speed of D-1 basketball.

        I wouldn’t do anything with Smith’s shot. I’d have him take some dancing classes. I’d mix dancing classes in with speed foot drills(e.g. a football drill of running tires). Start and stop…Move your feet. Run and gather, etc. etc.
        Shooting the ball should be about 1/10 his time. His problems are harnessing quickness and getting his lower body right.

        1. If Smith had controlled quickness, he could be the next Julius
          Erving. He runs like an effortless gazelle. He’s very artistic in the air when his legs are off the floor. He has flashes of when it all comes together but they are far and few between. He is a thing of beauty to watch when his body does what his mind is attempting to extract.
          He could have more “upside” than Romeo for the next level…..when/if he gets the needed work with the legwork and controlled stops in traffic. Gather…gather…gather. No bolting to the basket!
          Watch some English riding equestrian events in the category of show jumping…Watch how beautifully trained horses combine natural ability with instincts to gather the legs from full speed to lower speed. Many wonderful examples in nature emulating what some of the greatest athletes can do/emulate to a much lesser degree.

  25. AWin..good assessment ..being objective is NOT complaining and in reading your post, I found it to be objective assessment and NOT a “hack and slash” of the kids. I mentioned previously, that Jay Bilas and Dakich, both observed that Romeo doesn’t move very well without the ball and instead waits to get the bal before starting his drives. I think that contributes to the stagnation and constant dribbling of the offense and since we don’t shoot for crap the “standing and waiting ” offense turns ANY Man to Man defense into a zone. and like you observed defenses run away from Smith to the 5 ft line and force him to “shoot” over them(which he cant). I can only hope that The returning members of this team spend more time shooting jump shots than time in the weight room.

  26. i don’t agree with that assessment of Romeo. I see him moving a lot. Many times he gets the ball in situations almost more a disadvantage(not because he’s not moving but because many on our team don’t have high enough b-ball IQ to get him the ball when he’s in a situation to exploit).

    He could run his ass off until he’s coughing up a lung…and still get the ball like it was given to him as a hot potato because no one else wants it.

    Bottom Line: You have to have your movement rewarded. You have to have other guys willing to take open shots and willing to play without fear(e.g. look to score themselves once in a while). The competition doesn’t need to worry about 3/5 our team because most don’t want the ball. Not hard to figure out where the ball is going(often intercepted/deflected/bottled-up by the opposition resulting in turnovers because they know where it’s going). Running around like a chicken with its head cut off would be something Dakich would do…..And the defense wouldn’t worry as they don’t with our team because the opposition understands it’s a hot potato for everyone but Romeo. They cheat and stay off defenders and collapse quickly on Romeo. He runs and moves plenty. You have to have another scorer or two….or, at minimum, someone willing to take on some of the risk in trying to score. This, and only this, will open the floor and create some spacing for Romeo.

  27. I’m just catching up on a month’s worth of IU hoops while away. Whew, frustrating. But the vaunted “Indiana basketball fan’s IQ” isn’t quite on display here. Just blaming the coach seems to be the default for every fan base. Indeed Archie is responsible for the results. It’s his program. And he hasn’t shirked this responsibility, nor has he looked exasperated in trying to find solutions. That’s the kind of leader I look for in someone I think can sustain success and build a championship program. Just look at our former coach who used his press conference to throw his kids under the bus this weekend.

    I’m watching set after set of guys getting open and clear. The ball moves and the half court sets work. The coach can’t shoot the ball for them. You can’t play ball today without having shooters. Jerome Hunter was apparently going to be a guy who could come in and make those shots. He’s injured and out for the year. Romeo Langford is a scorer, but not much of a shooter. Juwan Morgan shoots a ball that barely finds an arc above his own head. Again, another scorer being asked to do it from the paint, through triple and double teams.

    They do play defense. I know they’ve had a couple of “bad” Big Ten games, but bad in the sense relative to their performance throughout the year. This team on its worst day plays better D than anything we saw in Assembly Hall the 9 years previously.

    I’m happy to discuss weaknesses in coaching and how CAM can get better. But there’s just a bunch of emotional bloodletting here without substance. Hard to have a discussion when it’s just “Indiana is losing because of coaching!” How? Explain? I’m open-minded. I want answers too.

    You can’t create good shooters out of bad ones. There’s nothing in practice you can do to polish those kinds of turds. At least not when they’re bad shooters out of high school and then you put the into the B1G. You don’t see that kind of turnaround very often, even at Duke with that weasley “genius” roaming the sidelines.

    I don’t know enough about our players coming in next year to see if this is a problem we can solve through new blood. That something that this coach CAN solve.

    Anyway, this won’t land with some of you folks. When discussions are emotional, it devolves into name calling and hurling invectives. I’m not going there anymore. Just want to share my opinion and I think there’s more folks out here like me who think rebuilding Indiana basketball wasn’t going to happen overnight.

  28. All true…but Romeo was billed as ‘Mr. Fix-it Overnight.’ Man, did he misjudge what a bad roster he was placing himself into.

    Guy plays like a kitten…He should go by Romeow.

  29. Romeo remains the rare scenic hoops beauty; flowing from pristine basketball waters he is surrounded by a season twisting and narrowing amongst the many falls and cliffs. He is Romeo Langfjord.

  30. Double Down. Why not take another month off. They have lost 9 of 10 and 4 in a row at home. I’m glad you improved yourself so much

    1. I agree with much of what DD stated. I see enough open shots missed to win more games. Yes there is a difference between a scorer and a shooter. No doubt injuries and youth take a toll.

    2. I figured more invective vs substance from you, Jeff. I ain’t mad at cha. I’m aware of Indiana’s record and I can assure you it sucks just as much for me as you. Too bad you feel like you have to be nasty because I don’t agree with you as to the source of Indiana’s problems. Unlike yourself, I hope you continue to post here and share your thoughts about hoops. I also hope that we both, along with all of our fans, will continue to hold our coach accountable for turning this program around. The standards are high as they should be.

      Also, I don’t think anyone should accept this year as being ok. I certainly don’t. But I can understand why this year is the way that it is and I do see things happening that lead me to believe this won’t be the case beyond this year. I provided examples. Would love for you to provide your thoughts that extend beyond being nasty. If not, I’ll continue to ignore and talk to people who are trying to have a substantive discussion.

  31. Not much emotion left in my discussion of this year’s basketball team, and my expectations have been zero since about a month ago. But if we can’t hold the man making millions responsible, then who? Oh that’s right, I forgot, it’s all Crean’s fault, even though he’s been gone for two years. How long will we keep that scapegoat alive? Yes, Archie deserves more time, but when are we allowed to hold him responsible for his program’s performance?

    Of course it’s Archie’s responsibility! While he has not recruited the majority of the players on this roster, he’s had ample time to help these players improve their skills. It’s probably true that you can’t teach bad shooters to become good shooters, but you can teach bad shooters to improve their shooting skills. Where’s the improvement? While occasionally making a few in a row, these players are still terrible free throw shooters! How about teaching Green not to be so careless when making passes? How about teaching players to block out so they can make more easy put-backs? How about teaching your one superstar how to move without the ball? Funny, Archie gets credit for teaching this group of players how to play good defense, but we can’t hold him responsible for their lack of offense? Got it!

    1. Your putting words in my mouth I’m not saying. There’s a lot of work this team needs. It was apparent at the beginning of the year and it is even more so now. Hard to have a discussion when you’re saying I’m saying things I’m not saying.

      Indiana’s turnovers are down this year as a team, but I’m with you on Green. He drives me crazy.

      I agree that RL needs to work off the ball a lot better. He has been taught to move off the ball. He just isn’t very aggressive. He kind of reminds me a bit of Andre Patterson this way. Even Knight couldn’t get him to be more aggressive. I think RL will continue to improve, though. He’s a hard worker and seems to like working on his game.

      RL and JM have to find ways to score through double and triple teams while Justin Smith has guys playing 5-7 feet off of him. Same with pretty much anyone else on the roster. Moving away from the ball is almost worthless when you know that teams are playing off of your other teammates. They’re always running into a crowd. Until someone steps up and can score, it’ll continue to look like a powerplay out there.

      I haven’t seen an Indiana roster since the barren days of Crean that has had so many holes. This team only has 1 player in the Top 25 in their recruiting class. Only 3 in the Top 100 (Justin Smith 40 – De’ron Davis 87). I think AM is getting what he can out of each of these kids, which had such a low ceiling. He also isn’t sitting in press conferences and throwing his guys under the bus. He’s taking responsibility, improving the quality of players coming to Indiana and we should have a solid foundation going into next year. We’ll see what Keion Brooks is going to do. If we get him, we could have another top rated class to build on going forward. TJD and KB are both 5 stars who could be 2-3 year college players. TJD for sure.

      We just have differing positions Podunker. I think there’s a lot to be hopeful for. I know you hope to see the same. We’ll see in the next few years.

  32. When a team is physically undersized (with limited ability big) and can’t shoot everything becomes a struggle and as daily competition increases a team gets beat down. They are separated from the winners as season goes on.

  33. This just in from Georgia. Tom Crean signs Anthony Edwards, the number 2 overall prospect for the class of 2019 and the highest rated recruit in Georgia Basketball’s history. Georgia beat out Kentucky and Florida State for Edwards’ services. Siting the development of two of his favorite NBA players, Dwane Wade and Victor Oladipo, while playing for Crean in college, Edwards stated, “He’s a great coach with player development.”

    In other basketball news, an anonymous NBA scout told the Indy Star that Romeo Langford “has cost himself millions of dollars this year,” and has slipped from a sure top-5 NBA pick when the season began to the projected 15th pick in this year’s NBA draft. He went on to say that while he believes Langford will enter the draft, “he should stay in college for another year.” The IndyStar article did not do Archie any favors, quoting this NBA scout questioning whether Langford’s fall from the NBA Lottery was Langford’s fault or his coach’s fault. Ouch!

  34. Sorry, I made a typing error. The latest projection was not in the 15th spot, but the 14th spot in the next NBA draft. And to my other point, here’s the quote from the IndyStar article:

    The scout’s take was that Indiana hasn’t found a way to consistently get Langford shots and — while this isn’t exactly a flaw — it hasn’t helped that he is essentially unselfish, a non-Type A personality whose quiet nature spawned in a lack of communication on the defensive end as the Hoosiers endured a seven-game losing streak in Big Ten Conference play.

    “He has to show he can be more consistent,” the scout said. “He’s losing millions of dollars right now with these games, and it’s partly his fault and partly his coaches’ fault.”

    1. That Scout has said nothing Indiana fans don’t already know. Not surprised at his criticism of Miller as IU and most collegiate programs play a different style than Pro. That has everything to do about why I can’t stomach anything the NBA has to offer.

  35. I expect Langford to drop further by seasons end. Though Jay Edwards had other problems Langford is about half as good as Jay Edwards was.
    Langford is in a very fragile situation for himself. First he needs to get his head straight. If IU had some help for him next year he would probably live up to this year’s expectations next year.

  36. AM > Crean

    I still think Langford will go Top 5. Stay in college another year? This “scout” is an idiot. Please provide a link to your source. The deficiencies in RL’s game were known this year and he’s continued to produce without an outside jumpshot amidst constant double-teams and packed lanes. You don’t turn from a sub 30% 3-pt shooter to sharp shooter in 3/4 of a first year in the Big Ten. Name one player that has done so. Never happened under Crean or any other coach. But I expect that RL will develop his shot and it’ll take a few years. Unfortunately for IU fans, I’ll be in the NBA vs SSAH next year.

    BTW, AM hasn’t developed players? Holy smokes, have you seen the player Juwan Morgan was prior to AM getting here. He’s 1st team All B1G since Archie got here. Last year’s team was FAR better at the end of the year vs last year. Difference between this year? Injuries.

    Glad to see Crean finally recruited a top level player, which he was never able to do at Indiana. If he was able to recruit like that at Indiana, he’d still have a job.

    1. Cody Zeller was a top level player….and the reason Crean appeared 50% successful. Hell, don’t you remember Zeller gracing the covers of nearly every national sports publication?
      Crean with Oladipo and no Cody…would have been a tremendous mess.

      You can’t have success with ‘upside’ experiments unless you have a top, college-ready talent.

      Can any of us even begin to imagine this team if Romeo has a Zeller on the floor?
      We’d likely be Final Four bound even with our below average perimeter shooting.

  37. By the way there was a coach who many wanted to run out of town by the end of his third season because of his win/loss record. His name was Coach K at Duke

  38. Also, one other note about “improvement.” RL is 11-for-26 from behind the arch the last 4 games. That’s 42.3 percent.

    All while being double teamed.

    1. A lot of shooting is just getting the ball in your hands at the most opportune time…The rest is simply repetition and comfort.

      Romeo is definitely improving …..He hits that perimeter shot(next to our last possession) and the sun would have come up a lot brighter this morning. It was a good look. We’re close….We’re very close.

  39. As bad as it’s been, this team is very close to getting over the hump.
    We’re taking everyone’s best shot of late because the teams of late are all battling for the middle segment of the conference standings(those who will likely fall behind MSU, Michigan, and Purdue) who will still likely get tournament bids.
    Right after Iowa can do no wrong at Great Skjodt Hall, they come within an eyelash of blowing a home game against Northwestern. Northwestern choked away a fifteen point lead with just over 4 minutes remaining.

    Never give up….A winning streak is still possible. Seven conference games remain along with the BigTen Tournament. If we can somehow get close to .500, I still believe we would be a bubble team. Can we win six of the next seven? I think it’s possible.
    I also think it’s very possible for us to go deep into the conference tournament.

    Never give up.

  40. You need six in a row to win March Madness(seven if you’re the ‘play-in’).

    Our Hoosiers should look at these next seven games as their NCAA tournament. Dial in and do something special.

  41. “Making the case for Romeo Langford to stay another season at Indiana,” Published Feb 7th, 2019, IndyStar.com.

    Talk about emotion affecting people’s comments! “This Scout is an idiot.” So a guy who gets paid to evaluate talent for NBA teams does not know as much about basketball talent as we do? Hey, that makes me feel special. By the way, that Scout has no problem with Romeo’s outside shooting and believes it will be just fine. His main concern is that he’s not demanding enough, or does not seem to have that Type-A personality that all the NBA teams want in their Lottery picks.

    Coach K started as a head coach in a different era. If he had the same start in today’s college sports world, he probably would be fired after his third season.

    Nobody answered the question: How many years do IU fans wait for Archie to build an elite team? If IU wins 18 games next season, how loud will the chorus of Archie-critics become?

    “If he (Crean) was able to recruit like that at Indiana, he’d still have a job.” What? How about Cody Zeller (Lottery pick)? How about Victor O (Lottery pick)? How about Noah Vonleh (Lottery pick)? How about OG Anunoby (first round pick in spite of a season ending injury)? How about Jordy Hulls (Indiana Mr. Basketball)? How about Yogi Ferrell (McDonald’s All American)? So given today’s news about Anthony Edwards, you’re saying Crean couldn’t recruit at IU like he did at Marquette (Wade, future NBA Hall of Fame) and can again now that he’s at Georgia? Interesting perspective in spite of the facts.

    1. Just live with it, dude. Crean can’t coach…and he’s the most intolerable person to watch trying to coach. He’s a used car salesman.
      Cue cards, dude. You’ve never seen it before. You’ll never see it again. In his ninth season, he pulls out cue cards and makes those poor assistant coaches hold them on national television. Do you really need to know anything else? Cue cards under our storied basketball banners and what was once home for one of the most intelligent coaches the game has ever known. We put cue cards underneath that history on the sidelines of McCracken.
      He should have been run out of town with a creepy Uber driver long before it ever got to cue cards.

  42. Speaking of great recruiting, does anyone know where Kyle Guy is from? Wow…Did he ever put on a show tonight for Virginia against UNC. 20 points and some key bombs down the stretch.
    4-year guy too! Just one hell of a baller. Blue collar guy…And he’s the ESPN postgame interview tonight…He’s even that guy! And nobody at ESPN mentions where he’s from. He must be from Virginia because there is no coach in the world who would let that “guy” escape to, instead, go fishing for an NBA ‘upside’ project. Maybe he’s a Jersey guy…or a Massachusetts guy…or a Long Island guy?

    Maybe somebody can tell me what part of Virginia this Kyle Guy guy is from? Damn, he’s good. Just the sort of guy Romeo needed next to him to make our perimeter a real legit threat.

    1. A couple things…

      Kyle Guy is not a 4 year guy as this is only his third season.

      Other than giving up on basketball, why wouldn’t he stay?. He doesn’t appear on anyone’s mock drafts. He’ll likely end up playing in Europe.

      Besides, you are on record as opposing IU signing Indiana Elite players.

      1. You’ve twisted my words again but at least it’s a sign you skim. Indiana Elite?
        I’m opposed to getting so into bed with an AAU program that you have to take four grossly raw A-Hope projects who can only dribble drool to get one or two legit talents. Not to mention we also had to take Cody’s best friend.

        Did Virginia take Guy’s best friend and 4 A-Hope projects to acquire his “Mr. Basketball” talents? Crean had no spine. He had to bend to every Adams’ demand including giving his son a job. If you think taking all of those projects and Cody’s best buddy made it all worth it, that’s fine.

        Now follow along here…This is important. DON’T SKIM.
        This is why I’ve said Crean will do better at Georgia. He doesn’t have to be in hip pocket of LOCAL homers like those he had to appease at Indiana.
        He can recruit who he wants with no attachments….or need to sell his soul to get one top high school/AAU recruit. For all the bending he did for Indiana Elite in taking all those A-Hope projects brought by Adams, he got very little reward. They used Crean…and Indiana.

        1. And I get it….It’s not politically correct to say we wasted so many scholarships on the A-Hope kids. They got better lives. We got a much weaker bench…and a lot of flailing arms.

          I got so pissed off every time I heard “Tijan Forever” from our resident Establishment journalists. I’m all for giving kids from war torn or dangerous countries a chance to get a college education…even if they happen to be 5-7″ tall. There has to be different avenues other than lining up toe-dribblers on a Division 1 basketball team representing a storied program like Indiana.

          Jamarcus Ellis lived out of the back seat of a car on the streets of Chicago…He was also pretty good at basketball. But he wasn’t worth a second chance…He wasn’t worth an investment of hope and time.

          A-Hope projects and witch hunts….Look the example and then vilify.

  43. It doesn’t matter how loud the critics get against Archie…Most people don’t care as much as the handful on Scoop who pretend to make this life and death.
    And Fred does what Fred wants to do. How on earth do you think we had Crean for nine years too long? Critics don’t matter. Nothing puts Fred on the hot seat and Fred will do as Fred sees fit.
    Hopefully, he’ll give Archie the same decade he gave the Galileo of Basketball. But Fred and Tom had a lot in common….Archie isn’t a kiss-up…so who knows?

  44. Maybe ‘the game’ has passed us by.

    I have a lot of GA season ticket holder friends. They are ecstatic when I tell them Crean will win them 20 games a year & get them to the tourney. They all say, to a man, “we’re a football school, we’re good with that.”

    While that may work in GA, few gather the importance in IN. Winning 20+ games isn’t enough at IU. Making the tournament ISN’T enough. You occupy a legend’s chair & you know what you’re getting into. Frankly, I would much rather watch this team play vs. all but 1 of Crean’s teams. THIS team has a chance every night. That’s exciting! That’s entertainment!

    1. Totally agree.

      This is a short team, with no outside threats, and limited bench. They have been devastated by injuries.

      Yet, somehow, they manage to come up big at crazy times for no apparent reason.

      This has all the makings of a bad movie with Matt Nover.

    2. Bulldog fans probably aren’t too exuberant so far. They definitely won’t see 20 wins this year.

      If it weren’t for winless Vanderbilt, Georgia would easily be the worst team in the SEC. Between the two squads they are 1-20 in conference play.

      1. Not real worried about when Georgia and Vanderbilt will have legit basketball teams.

        I’m more worried about when we’ll have one again. I see so many exquisitely talented Indiana basketball players on great teams throughout the land….

        One would think we could be one of those great teams. And here we go…On reset once again. Be patient. Be patient…Be patient. We now have the next Brad Stevens….and so forth…and so on. Now let’s talk about how much Ball State basketball sucks….etc…etc…etc.
        I think we should have a banner burning ceremony. Most of you apologists don’t even deserve to glance at them.

  45. So you like watching IU lose? You like IU basketball producing losing seasons, or at least very marginal seasons? Let me guess, you’re one of those basketball purists, who places more importance on the style of play compared to whether the team wins or loses? Well, I’m happy for you and those hoosier fans who share your philosophy. For me, I could care less about the style of play or how IU’s teams win, as long as they play within the rules. I was a fan when the Hoosier basketball team were known as the “Hurrying Hoosiers,” and I was a fan when Bob Knight demanded his players make three passes before a shot was attempted. I don’t care if IU scores 40 points and wins, or if they score 120 points and win, as long as they win. And I can find beauty and satisfaction watching both styles of play. That’s America! We’re a nation that values winning, but with tolerance for the different ways of achieving victory.

    I’ve never watched IU Basketball lose and said afterward, “Holy Cow, that was great! Did we play great defense in this game or what?” No, if we lost, we lost, and it sucked, regardless of our style of play. The objective of playing the game is to win. Winning is a lot more fun!

    1. Are you directing this tirade at me? If so, I suggest you pay more attention instead of lobbing air balls over the wall. Per my post, I didn’t and don’t like Crean’s brand of “basketball”. So if that makes me a “basketball purist” so be it. I know what defense and playing hard with purpose looks like. At least this team does it…most nights. I want to win as much as anybody. I live and die with IU in good times and in bad. I watched every game Verdel “the turnover” Jones played. Remember that painful period? I like fundamental basketball and what I see is a coach that is trying to instill that in his 1st and 2nd year on the job. Fundamentals win long term. And this team has had MANY chances to win games and didn’t make the 2 or 3 plays to do so. But they are in games almost every night. I hate bad, immature, stupid basketball and this team also does that. Bottom line is I’m long on Archie Miller because of what he stands for. He gets it. Basketball only feels better when shots go down. This team’s shots don’t go down and they still don’t give up. I’m FOR that!

      1. Glad you’re here. You articulate what I’m thinking much better.

        Po is a very very passionate fan and find some pretty heated friction when I disagree with him. It often gets personal. I’ve stepped away from responding to him.

        In short though, Archie has a lot of work to do. I think he’s up to the job, but it isn’t going to happen this year. Next year is a bridge year, but year 4 is when I expect to have a decent program again. No one wants to hear this. So it’ll be my last comment on it. I’ll just turn on the Hoosiers and get frustrated at our 2 – 3 star squad performing beyond their capabilities. Let’s remember that Arch took over a program that had Tim Priller taking up a full scholarship. Going to take a few cycles to get through the lack of talent on this roster.

        1. Shouldn’t just pick on Priller….There was April …and Jurkin…and Jobe….and Bawa…and Guy-Marc Michel….and a Perea who came nowhere near living up to the hype. Priller was probably no worse than the rest of the lot.

          Even when we had decent post players, there was no legit help. Very raw projects mixed in with “upside” developmental talent who couldn’t wait to get out of Bloomington ASAP (Bryant, OG, Vonleh, Holt(transfer)).

    2. As far as style goes Tom Crean’s style doomed Tom 2 very good teams at IU. Not understanding BB styles is why Georgia will be exuberant with Crean Ball but IU would never be.

  46. Chris Mack does look like an awfully damn fine coach….What he’s doing with his first season at Louisville is looking rather impressive.

    I’m too old to be too “long” on any coach….This shouldn’t be another nine year gig and back to square one. Next season is Archie’s third. Gotta start seeing some positive momentum next season.

  47. Hard to believe we beat them. USA Today had an article yesterday – how IU is still in the mix for the tourney.

  48. I think we’d have to get our conference record to .500 …or one game below .500 to be in the mix. At minimum win 5 of the last 7 and make some noise in the BigTen tournament. Not impossible….but because just about everyone in the conference has the potential to beat anybody on any given night (recent examples: Penn St taking down Michigan…Northwestern taking Iowa to the final seconds…Illinois taking down MSU), it’s a very difficult task. One game at a time. First priority: Stop the bleeding. Beat the Gophers.

    Six, seven…or eight conference wins will not get us into March Madness…(in my humble opinion). I thought we should have been rewarded last season because of our strong finish.

  49. To AWinAZ, my comments were not a “tirade”, they were not directed at you or anyone else, and they were certainly not meant to be “personal.” Take a deep breath. It’s just IU sports. I was simply pointing out that I find comments like the one you posted fascinating, and that there are many IU fans who care as much or more about style than they do about results. Many such fans still despise Tom Crean because of the style of basketball his teams played with. Crean’s style was not “Indiana Basketball” or Bob Knight’s style of basketball. It was not basketball built on solid defense. And it’s simply a fact that there are many Hoosier fans, some of which are dear friends of mine, and one of which was my father-in-law, that care more about the style of basketball IU plays than they do about the number of wins IU produces. Several years ago I commented on this site that there were many Hoosier fans who would have been absolutely miserable if Tom Crean had won a National Championship at IU. To those people, their disdain for Tom Crean’s style was so intense and pervasive, their worlds would have been turned upside down and their heads would have exploded had Crean hung a National Championship banner is Assembly Hall! To this segment of IU fans, it’s not enough for IU to just win games, they have to win playing with the right style. Tom Crean’s greatest sin what that he never adapted to the “Indiana style of Basketball.” No matter how big the mess he inherited was, no matter how many games he won, or how many Big Ten Coach of the Year awards he received, no matter how many outright Big Ten Championships he won, no matter how many Sweet 16’s he lead his team to, and no matter how many NBA Lottery picks he recruited, Tom Crean was unacceptable because to a large segment of IU fans, style of play trumps results. It’s irrational, but it’s true. And personal characteristics such as humility, citizenship, parentage, integrity, faith, fidelity, etc. are meaningless to some IU fans if your basketball teams don’t deploy the right style. As we’ve learned, many IU fans were happy to excuse or ignore years of Bob Knight’s bad behavior because he won Championships and coached the right style of basketball. And now, once again possessing a coach that deploys the style of basketball we cherish, many of us are all to willing ignore the mounting losses and the terrible performances because style is more important than results.

    1. You are confusing “style” with competence, dear sir.

      Cue cards in your ninth season is not style of play.
      Inexplicable substitution patterns is not style of play.
      Never being able to figure out how to attack a zone is not style of play.
      Unable to teach proper inbounds plays is not style of play.
      Failure in communicating to your team to foul and stop a clock after you just had a timeout to do so (Wichita State game) is not style of play.
      Holding players accountable for mistakes is not style of play.
      ‘Weaves to nowhere’ waste players’ energy …and is not style of play.

      If you need a dozen more “style” points, just let me know. Georgia will learn them well.

    2. Podunker, Thanks for your explanation & your passion. None of us would be on this site if we didn’t care about winning. It is what draws us together here.

      [95 posts on this article…Jeremy, is this a new record?]

      Podunker, note my first sentence about “Maybe the game has passed us by”. Your thoughts & musings mirror my intro’s intent.

      My point with that statement was a reflection of “do we even know or recognize what good basketball looks like anymore?”

      The game has changed dramatically. It is no longer the beauty of Milan, Princeton or Dean Smith’s Four Corners. The shot clock, class basketball in our unique state, chucking up 20+ 3’s, 1 and done, and trying to get on Sportscenter for spectacular dunks are part of the culture of college basketball now. And that stupid arc around the basket. And the countless reviews that extend a 40 min game to 2 1/2 hrs. And the “hooking” flagrant one. And I could go on and on. I don’t even think a recruit had stars in the 70s.

      What is this game? I often don’t recognize it anymore. Personally the overall product of college basketball is worse today than it ever has been in my opinion. Stupid rules. Stupid money. Stupid kids allowed into colleges they couldn’t get into otherwise. It is an utter mess in my opinion.

      If you don’t agree, go to a sports bar for round 1 of the NCAA tournament and count the idiots who root for their bracket that they had no idea how to fill out. I hate those people, always have. Yet there’s more of them now than ever because it is the greatest sports weekend of the year.

      I’m conflicted. I both love and hate BTN. I love having games on every single night. But the “way it used to be” was more logical. Thr./Sat or Sun. games in the interest of the student athlete. Home & homes with everybody. Anyone playing IU would then play Purdue in the same weekend. But $ rules the game now. And not only do we have BTN, but the Big Ten has contracts with ESPN and Fox too!

      One thing that still stands is defense wins more often than not. I recommend everyone watch the last 9 min. of the Duke / L-Ville game last night. Defense creates good offense, lay ups and foul shots. Remember the days when we used to hit more FTs than our opponents attempted? We won then, a lot.

      1. My point with that statement was a reflection of “do we even know or recognize what good basketball looks like anymore?”

        I think it looks like the Houston Rockets. One guy with the ball for most of the shot clock while the rest of his teammates stand in corners as if scolded by an elementary school teacher for talking too loud in class.
        You pray for a rare miss and a chance to get an offensive rebound….What good basketball looks like?
        Hell, if you’re on the Rockets you long for the touch of orange leather dimples on your cold fingertips. You may get to touch her tonight… You may not. Maybe a loose ball…?
        And what of dimples..? They were given to her so she’d less likely slip from your hands. But she never nears your hands. Maybe for only a quick fling and a couple melancholic glances before you must say goodbye, farewell again, my dimpled orange round love of my life. You eventually lose most basic of desires…The crisp sound of the bounce once her voice doesn’t even sound familiar . Those lovely rubber seams which accentuate and define a perfect rotation and feel? Will you get to hold her for more than two seconds? Can you take advantage of so many brief encounters with her. It hurts to remember the old days when your palms weren’t so dry….Hope begins to fade. The touches become fewer and fewer. What to do with your hands? You can’t help but ‘harden’…..of heart.

  50. Double Down, I didn’t realize that defending my opinion, or disagreeing with one of your opinions was causing you so much angst. I hardly see where any of my comments on this site amounted to “pretty heated friction.” I guess I just have thick skin. For goodness sakes, a former participant on this site once became so unhinged by one of my opinions that he called me “un-American” and labeled me a “terrorist” because I called for a completely ineffective Defensive Coordinator to be fired. What’s the value or fun of comment boards if everyone agrees or shares the same opinions?

    Sorry if my mounting frustration with the condition of IU Football and Basketball, and my intense disdain for IU’s grossly incompetent Athletic Director has caused you any discomfort. IU’s students and fans deserve much better.

  51. Jeremy should probably tell you about Tsao…..Tsao was a brilliant man and, often, grandiloquent to a fault. He loved his Indiana teams. He meant no harm…

    I think he believed you were acting in a ‘terrorizing’ fashion. You are the one who decided to make it about something else. Your skin is ultra thin and the last thing from thick. You have some sort of privileges here which allows you to get away with more than most.

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