IU women rally to upset No. 10 Iowa, 75-73

The return of Ali Patberg, and the return of the Indiana offense, came just in time on Thursday night.

Patberg returned after missing three games with a shoulder injury to score 21 points and dish out seven assists, as the Hoosiers rallied from a 16-point deficit in the third quarter to upset No. 10 Iowa, 75-73, at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. It was also IU coach Teri Moren’s 100th win in Bloomington.

The visiting Hawkeyes shot the lights out in the opening quarter, connecting on 9-of-17 shots in the first quarter, including 6-of-8 from 3, building a 24-9 advantage.

While Iowa was scorching the nets, Indiana was clunking away at 5-of-15 from the field and 2-of-7 from 3.

The Hoosiers (18-10, 7-9 Big Ten) finally made some headway in the second quarter, getting as close as seven and winding up with a 38-30 deficit after Patberg’s 3 just before the halftime buzzer.

Another Patberg 3 to start the third quarter pulled Indiana within five, but Iowa (21-6, 12-4) quickly hit the accelerator again in restoring a 16-point lead at 49-33. The margin was still 15 when the Hoosiers’ comeback began.

Patberg’s back to back 3s started a 13-1 run to finish the third quarter, pulling Indiana with 54-51, the closest it had been since it was 5-2.

Brenna Wise, who had a team-high 24 points to go with 12 rebounds and hit a 3 to end the third quarter, gave Indiana its first lead at 62-61 with a 3-pointer from the right wing with 5:50 left in regulation.

It was nip and tuck the rest of the way. Indiana led by as many as four with 41.2 seconds left, but a three-point play by Iowa’s 6-foot-3 Megan Gustafson, who overcame foul trouble to finish with 26 points and 12 rebounds, made it 71-70.

Jaelynn Penn hit two free throws for a 73-70 lead, but Tania Davis pulled the Hawkeyes even at 73 on a 3 with 22 seconds left.

Bendu Yeaney, who played sparingly in the fourth quarter, came off the bench to deliver the game-winner with a runner in the lane for a 75-73 lead with 3.8 seconds left.

Davis tried to give Iowa the win with a 3, but Yeaney partially blocked the attempt, and the buzzer sounded as the loose ball caromed around the court.


  1. One of the best college basketball games I’ve ever attended.
    Proud of the IU women!
    With about three minutes left, while I hoped IU could pull out the victory, I was just terribly proud of their incredible effort. Effort and enthusiasm are what I appreciate. Love to win, bu if a team tries hard I’m happy.
    Number 10 team in the country, Iowa was up by 15 in the third quarter, and somehow IU beat ’em.
    Most amazing statistic to me was that when Berger was in the game for her 21 minutes 48 seconds, we outscored Iowa by 20 points. During the game I felt like she added stability and made some great assists, but I found that statistic absolutely amazing. Think about that stat for a while….
    And, I thought Marchese did a fine job also. Megan Gustafson can’t be stoppped, but when Linsey was guarding her, Megan was breathing hard and knew she was in a fight for her life.
    Be very interested to hear all comments regarding things we should have done better!
    Clearly Patberg had the game of her career. How does anybody shoot like that with a shoulder that was out of joint just a while back????

    1. Nice job with that money ball stat on Berger. She has only turned the ball over one time in her last 42 minutes of play and is becoming a rock for the team. The game is slowing down for her and she knows that she knows.
      We played a very good game. A couple more made free throws, along with a couple less turnovers & bad fouls would have led to playing a great game. This team is more than capable of playing great games.
      Anything can happen at the Big10 tournament this year. Believe!

  2. T. Moren’s rag tag team put in a winning excellent effort for Iowa game. Rag Tag is not a negative. Players have come in a variety of ways from a variety places this year. Then, some players dealt with injuries during year which many teams do. However, IU ladies looked different tonight on home court. They often looked like they knew what they were doing, played with energy, effort, and confidence. Got some rebounds, hit 3’s , made plays, took care of ball for most part, played defense, BY played hard and competed as she pretty much always does, and Patberg played well This is after Iowa drained a bunch of 3’s during first quarter. IU were able to complete game with win. Marchese did a really good job. Team effort. IU ladies have left several games on table this year with losses. Tonight they won in their home gym as the way it should be.

  3. 12 .. brought back toughness that IU was lacking ..
    relentless on 10.. all night… unsung player of the game…

    true big ten 5… ( play her ) as ive been saying for months…

    if she walks IU looses big time….

  4. This game was really hard to figure out? We were down the whole game and basically were until the 4th quarter not in the game? Down by 16 in the 3rd quarter it appeared we were completely out of it but, then halfway through the 3rd we started our comeback. You absolutely have to give our girls credit for never giving up and putting in the grit and determination to pull it out! To add to what has been stated above, Linsey Marchese was the big difference for IU! Although Gustafuson scored 26 points with 12 rebounds, Marchese fought her in her 20 minutes on the floor making it very difficult for the Iowa center to maneuver and score at will. She earned every point she got against the VERY physical Marchese! Linsey only scored 2 points and had 3 rebounds which were all offensive giving IU a second chance to score in those possessions. The 2 point field goal that Marchese scored gave IU their first lead of the game, You could tell that Linsey’s physicality bothered Gustafson.
    IU outscored Iowa 35 to 25 in the second half to decide the game. We outrebounded Iowa 40-35 which was a bit of a surprise? As T stated about the 3 pointers Iowa made early in the game, it should be noted that after Iowa scored on 6 of 8 three’s in the first quarter, we held them to 1 for 13 three pointers the last 3 quarters which proved decisive in the game. Other than the rebounding and the 3 point shooting, the rest of the stats were almost even. They were 7 for 21 from 3 and we were 12 for 29 which came out to 41% for us, the best we have had for a while. Our perimeter shooting has been pretty bad most of the year. Great effort tonight by our girls as Nat said. Maybe this can carry over to the upcoming Northwestern game on the road which we lost to at our place earlier this year? Go Hoosiers!

  5. Also only 10 turnovers and Patberg had 0.
    Something that I got from IU ladies is their physicality against Iowa. IU ladies were able to match Iowa physically. This created more intense focus, fight, effort, better shooting, rebounding, getting loose balls, taking care of ball, passing etc and good defense. IU ladies were very involved in game because they were physical.
    Of course I have seen same thing happen against IU ladies also, this year and past years.

  6. Great game. Even though Iowa led for most of the game we were playing very good basketball and the shooting percentages would even out at the end as they often do. It was nice to hear some noise at the Hall again!
    We owe Northwestern some payback.
    Go Hoosiers!

  7. Toughness , Physcally = 12 ..

    No one tougher on that team ( play her ) going down the stretch ..

    IU needs an identity and has to be toughness .

  8. IU was not going down without a fight, in spite of Iowa hitting 6 3’s in the first quarter and being down by 16 at least twice. So great to see Patberg comeback so hot , a true booster shot in the arm. You just cant say enough for the physical job Marchese did on Gustafson, bodied up on her all night making her work for everything she got. IU’s final comeback containing some intense defense started with about 13min. remaining . It was started with Penn on the floor about to go out of bounds then saving the ball to a teammate and a Patberg 3. From there on it was a heavy-weight fight with neither team willing to quit. For IU it was like Rocky who had been knocked down twice but wasnt going down for the third time. It was a beautifully hard-fought and deserved win for these IU women,, a big congrats to you!! Now lets get NWestern,, go IU.

  9. You never want to have any of your key players have injury like Patberg did. Before the injury she seemed to be struggling , with her outside shot and was having too many turnovers. So is it possible this injury has had a kind of calming/leveling effect for her. So in her come back game she goes 6-8 from 3 and has 0 turnovers. Maybe Im reading too much into it but it is what it is. Hopefully they will have some carry over from this game going into chicago on monday. Go IU!!

  10. Steve. I think the team as a whole responded to physical game against Iowa that got them focused and playing intensely under control (10 turnovers) rebounded and fought for loose balls and focused on shots which built confidence to win game. IU ladies were there at end and got win. BY and team didn’t settle. BY made one of her going to the basket shots. It seems Patberg has emotional head. I think injury setting and watching may have allowed her to regroup her thoughts and quit overthinking and just play. However, right before she was injured she started to play a lot better.

  11. The team fed off of 12… being so physical with their best player ( top leading scorer country )
    Giving credit … when that credit is def.. due…

    In turn the whole team took on that physical look .. I have not seen .. in a long time..

    14 is a warrior … dislocate .. and back with couple weeks… ( bucketing )

  12. Linsey was a beast, Ali was better than ever, Wise was inspired by Ali’s presence. Hopefully this new found confidence and team defense will continue.

  13. Did anyone notice that after Wise made her 3 ptr to end the 3rd qtr the official went over to her and it seemed as if he was giving her a warning on something she did after the shot.

  14. I loved how the crowd was really into this game especially second half when IU was making their big comeback . The crowd was giving the team feedback energy and the team responded to it. The crowd was under 4000 but they were bringing it, way to go fans and IU.

  15. No, but during year I have noticed that some of IU ladies do chest bumping etc and get overly excited after they make a very positive big play for themselves. I have seen Wise do this on multiple occasions along with Patberg. I get it, however IU ladies might be better served to maintain focus and mental toughness. I think sometimes over reacting can be negative and cause yourself and teammates to lose focus. It sometimes allows othe team to come back and make big plays. I have actually seen it to happen to IU ladies this year.

  16. I think it was something other than the chest bumps that they do as that seems pretty common among players.

  17. Just checked the latest bracketology and with the win over Iowa, we are back in as a #10 seed. Now the question is, can we win on the road at Northwestern tomorrow which beat us in Assembly Hall earlier this year? Now that we know what it feels like to win again, maybe we can carry this momentum through the end of the season and win out? Go Hoosiers!!

  18. With only two games remaining in the regular season each and every game played will affect the final conf standings and seeding for BIG tourney play considering how tight the conf. is. Tonight there is a double header on BTN. Maryland at Purdue and Iowa at Neb.

  19. The preferred walk-on Grace Waggoner is an allegedly 6′.0″ player out of Vincennes Rivet. I mention the height factor as in watching the 1A state championship game as Grace stood next to the 6′ 1″ Nolan twins she appeared easily 2″ shorter,, I will give her 5′ 11″. She has acquired quite the feathers to her cap of recent, winning the Roy mental attitude award, breaking her high school all time scoring record and knox county all time scoring record girls or boys. She is a track all-star along with a state finalist in golf. She will bring a lot to the table next season and hopefully will earn some playing time.

  20. Indiana ladies need physical players; bigger and taller with talent. IU seems to many times struggling so much to score while opponents score much more easily.
    IU ladies play like a lid is on the basket.

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