IUWBB: Hoosiers fall 69-61 to Rutgers

Indiana suffered its fourth loss in a row in a 69-61 loss Monday to Rutgers at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers (17-10, 6-9 Big Ten) have now lost six of their last seven games. Bendu Yeaney led the Hoosiers with 16 points, while Jaelynn Penn and Kym Royster, both with 14, and Brenna Wise, 12, also finished in double figures.

Rutgers was led by a career-high 24 points from Tekia Mack.

Jaelynn Penn hit the first shot of the game, a 3, but the Scarlet Knights went on a 6-0 run. A second 3-pointer by Penn tied it at 6-all. It was tied 8-all before Charise Wilson hit from beyond the arc and made it 11-8.

Rutgers got two chances from 3 later in the period thanks to an IU turnover. Wilson connected on her second 3-pointer to make it 16-12. IU had a chance for a last shot at the end of the period, but with Bendu Yeaney running the point, the Hoosiers were slow to set up a play. Yeaney settled for and missed a long jumper.

Rutgers was able to grow its advantage in the second quarter. But after building a 32-24 lead, the Hoosiers went on a 7-0 run to cut it to 32-31 at half. Brenna Wise came up with her share of big plays, answering a Sierra Calhoun 3 with a 3-pointer of her own. She then scored on a drive to the basket. Wise also took a charge to get the Hoosiers the ball back before halftime.

Yeaney was fouled with 3.2 seconds left and hit two free throws to cut the deficit to one point.

Penn led the Hoosiers with 10 points at half. Wise added eight points. The Hoosiers hit 7 of 12 from the field in the second quarter and took a 45.8-percent success rate into the break. Rutgers hit 7 of 15 from the floor in both periods. Both teams had nine turnovers apiece in the first two quarters.

IU continues to attack in the third quarter. While the Hoosiers missed their first three shots, the Scarlet Knights missed their first six. IU got to the line and hit eight free throws to extend the end-of-second-quarter run and led 39-32. Rutgers went nearly seven minutes without a point to start the second half.

But the Knights closed. Tekia Mack had a three-point play chance, but her missed free throw was rebounded by Rutgers, which led to an and-1 try for Stasha Carey. She missed the free throw, too. A bucket by Kym Royster and a 3 by Bendu Yeaney pushed it back to 44-37, but Rutgers got a 3 from Mack and then two free throws from Arella Guirantes with seconds left.

It was 45-44, IU, heading into the fourth quarter. Guirantes hit a 3 with nine minutes left to put Rutgers back on top, 47-45. A 3-pointer from Mack made it 50-47, and Guirantes hit a jumper to make it 52-47. Mack hit another 3 to make it 57-51.

Rutgers was up 61-55 with 1:26 left, but after two Penn free throws, Ciani Cryor missed two at the line. Yeaney zipped up the court for a lay-in, plus a foul. Her free throw was well short, but Keyanna Warthen fell into a pile and came up with a jump. But Warthen would have to attempt a layup on IU’s following possession, and she couldn’t connect over the Scarlet Knights.

Charise Wilson made two free throws, and she went back to the line for two more following another miss by IU offensively. It was 65-59 with 19.4 seconds left.

Royster came up with a putback with 12.8 seconds left to cut it to four points. But WIlson hit two more at the line, and Cryor got a steal and a layup to cap things.


  1. IU ladies offense is just not good. Glube is non existent (off season she needs to hit weight room). No consistency outside shooting including 3 point attempts. Just terrible.
    Defensively, after opponent player hits a couple 3 pointers call a timeout and have someone shadow that player instead of ignoring her and giving wide open looks.
    IU ladies play slow on offense except for driving to bucket. Rutgers is decent but not that good. Not much urgency from IU ladies and continue to play flat. On the surface Rutgers Mack career night sealed IU ladies fate. However, I would suggest Glube has played a lot this year. Her lack of improvement has helped seal IU ladies fate. Now, IU is getting nothing from Glube. I thought by now she would score a few points, be able to score mid range, make a couple good moves during game, rebound, and play some defense without fouling. Verdict is still out if she is good enough at this level. Glube has lots of work to do. No improvement and lost confidence for Glube. IU ladies are weak inside. IU ladies continue to have trouble rebounding and securing ball. Ladies have lack of smooth offense, and lack physicality.

  2. Yikes…Archie and Teri making a nice couple in Skidsville, USA.

    Somebody give Fred a raise…Or give yourself one, Fred.

  3. I mentioned after the last game how frustrating that loss was, well, this one was worse. This is the third game in a row that was there for the taking and we weren’t good enough or scrappy enough to take it! Our defense is simply terrible to say the least! Listening to Greg Murry’s post game show on the drive back to Kokomo and he said that statistically Rutgers was or is the worst 3 point shooting team in the league. He said that in the last 3 games coming into tonight’s game that Rutgers was something like 9 for 56 from the 3 point line which is around 19%. Tonight they were 8 for 19 which is 42%, I don’t know what the scouting report was on them but, we never did contest their 3 point shooting at all at any time in the game! They were basically wide open on every 3 attempt! The rebounding was basically at 30-28, no advantage either way. Turnovers were dead even at 18 a piece although our 2 main ballhandlers (Penn and Yeaney) had 5 turnovers a piece which is way to many! They did shoot 49% against our 42% which again speaks to our horrible defense! There seemed to be no sense of urgency among our girls. One thing I stated a week or two ago about Royster having the weakest hands in the conference came to lite again tonight, 3 times she had control of either the ball after a pass to her or a rebound and an opposing player ripped it away from her, unbelievable? Patberg or no Patberg in the lineup, these last 2 games were winnable but, we did not have the intestinal fortitude to win them. Now we get Iowa which is one of the best teams in the country Thursday night. Looks like it could be 5 losses in a row? This ship is sinking fast!

  4. t- I have to agree with most everything you stated and about Gulbe. She seems to be one confused mess along with a lack of confidence. Even the announcer was commenting about Royster not improving over last year and that is one thing that usually happens with a player from one year to the next. I was hollering for Royster to be benched tonight and it should have happened way before now. Its amazing what the bench can do for a player except that we need consistant production from and not one game out of ten. I previously thought we might get some help inside from Gulbe , appears that wont happen. I wanted to see more of Marchese, but it was good to see some nice play from Warthen , seems to be our best one on one defender with her quickness and quick hands. Yet Moren seems to only be playing her because she has to right now. Im not sure a healthy Patberg will make that much difference. Im sort of comparing the womens team to the men both having great trouble scoring in long stretches especially from the outside. Quickly losing faith with the big ten tourney just around the corner.

  5. Penn and Yeaney combined for 10 turnovers, 4 rebounds, only 3 assists and critical bonehead fouls. At some point the coaching staff needs to teach basketball 101 to these players. Savvy (shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments) they are not.
    Grace Berger and Keyanna Warthen played 43 minutes combined and had 1 turnover and 6 rebounds.
    The coaching staff laid a huge egg in this game.
    The bottom line…… welcome to the WNIT.

  6. 10 is not good .. Not even little bit good .. Moren / Rhet taking away 10’s confidence with too many minutes .. Going to lose 12 .. Play her ..

    She’s the toughest.. Won’t let her man score or bound .. Open backside all the time .. These guards refuse to dribble drive dump off for easy bucket ..

    This team has zero junk yard dog ( the refuse to lose .. Has left this team)

  7. We only seem to be able to score on an occasional dribble drive? That’s all we do is dribble around and look for an avenue to the basket, there is no such thing as passing the ball around or any type of “motion offense”. Dribble, dribble, dribble. It’s no wonder we are so easy to guard and are limited offensively. Last night during the game I heard someone in the crowd behind me scream out “Pass the ball!” Not only that, we have zero perimeter shooting! There are a lot of things wrong with this team that have nothing to do with the absence of Patberg, after all, we had lost 4 of our last 6 games before she was injured? The thing with Gulbe as I have mentioned before, Moren uses her as a backup center which is not her natural position. She is more of a power forward or a 3. I read an article the other day about how hard it has been for her to adjust to “our” game here in the states because the international game is so physical and that’s the reason she gets in foul trouble so often because she is use to the physicality of the game she grew up playing? It seems she is always in foul trouble because of this? Steve W, you are correct about her confidence, it is at zero! She has no confidence in her shot. I always get to the game when the door opens, the girls are always out on the floor an hour and a half before game time getting up shots. Last night I was watching her during the shoot around, it seemed like she couldn’t hit a shot if her life depended on it? And this is with no one guarding her? Of course it doesn’t seem like anybody on the team other than Penn can hit a perimeter shot? It was nice to see Patberg at least take part in the shoot around and the pre-game warmup. On the coaches’ postgame show last night coach Box said that there is a possibility that Patberg may be available Thursday if she is cleared for contact today? We will see?

  8. A couple of other things concerning last night’s game. Rutgers is next to last in the conference in 3 point percentage at .29%, last night 42% since we were unable to guard them? Two other things of note concerning the Hoosiers, we are last in the conference in assists per game, 10.7. We are last in the conference in assist to turnover ratio? Opps, I think Rutgers just hit another unguarded 3 point attempt? Oh my??

  9. MikeC our perimeter defense has been very bad the last few games. Wise was MIA on a few possessions last night. Offensively we would be better off running a Princeton offense than all this dribble drive crap. Whatever happened to good old fashioned proven basketball sets?

    1. Brenna Wise is too busy flexing and beating on her chest to play perimeter defense. Even the worst 3 point shooting team will shoot well if they are left WIDE OPEN the whole game. Our offense is typically everyone stand on the perimeter and one person drives and if they are stopped they kick out to another player and if not they shoot a low percentage shot. We just look lost and idk if having patberg back is going to improve the fact that moren forces players into positions they arent even supposed to be playing year after year..this goes back to her very first season so I’m not surprised. As I said a month and a half ago..WNIT champs 19..im sure glass is writing up teri’s contract extension right now

  10. We cant seem to guard a hot player like Mack was last night , Gustafson will probably score 50 on us on thurs night. Does seem like Moren has lost Marchese. So Marchese walks and Next season when Holmes goes to the bench we have only Gulbe who has proved she cant fill the spot at center, problem. Key with the cat-quick hands stats says she had 3 stls seemed like she had more plus the tie-ups, playing only half the minutes Yeaney had and one less steal, need her on the floor even more. Yes we need more motion offense , passing the ball, make the opponent play some defense.

    1. Mack got hot because we didn’t guard her . She was so open that even I could have made some of those looks.

  11. Dont even know if Holmes can play at this level …. MikeC .. thought 10.. was going to be all american.. big ten freshmen of yr….. time will tell .. how this all shakes out..

    Rutgers = last chance U … They play with a chip …

    1. Holmes was a 3 star then she committed to iu and magically turned into a 5 star..I think it’s because she committed to a P5. she only had wake forest or someone like that as her other p5 offer..the rest were mid majors. I dont know how competitive the Maine high school wbb programs are but I imagine that’s part of the reason for her eye popping numbers. Still think she could be good but this staff isnt interested in development so I hope she is ready to play 30 mpg in the big ten if not more will forget her on the end of the bench and she can cry into the Adidas gear package that brought her here. I hope Sydney Parrish wants to play in the WNIT every year because that’s the only way we will land her. .

      1. Hi All,
        A friend of mine put me on to the commentary on the board here and even though it’s not recommended dad’s read or respond to message boards, thought I would at least clarify a couple items on Mackenzie.

        As you can imagine and rightfully suspect, a player from Maine is not going to be judged playing other Maine kids, the competition just isn’t enough for a college to go on, especially a top level conference. Most of Mackenzie’s recruiting and rankings come from travels during the off season circuit. In those tournaments it’s also difficult for a team from Maine to get on the “top” floors. However, her last two years, her program did get some competition against great teams. As that happened her success against other “top” interior players resulted in the increased recruiting and rankings, especially this past summer. For the record she had offers from several other Power 5 schools including Iowa State (10th Grade year) Boston College, several Big East schools as well. Quite certain had she not committed to IU last March, there would have been more. It’s a different path for a kid from Maine to get to this level, however, the coaching staff at IU absolutely did an incredible job during the process and the family could not be happier or more excited to become part of Hoosier Nation.

        We of course wonder what the future holds and take this with a grain of salt coming from Dad. We certainly have seen enough of her competing against other top players to know the one thing you won’t have to question is her toughness, she has plenty of that. πŸ™‚

        1. Welcome. And you are probably right, not a place for a Dad to hang around. Lot of frustration here but with the exception one or two who blame the coach for no sunshine on cloudy days. I love this team, but there are areas (many?) for improvement. Most of the comments here are placed by fans with a heck of a lot more knowledge of the Women’s game than myself. Can’t wait to see Mackenzie in action. Again, welcome.

        2. This forum has lately become NOT a place for Dads to hang out. Losing does that at IU.
          As long as a kid is working hard, I’m good. And I think this team, unlike the IU men’s team, has worked hard practically every game.
          The team chemistry, unless there’s something I can’t see, is still phenomenal.
          The good news is that the CROWD at IU women’s games and overall fan base is always extremely supportive. Very loud, knowledgeable, encouraging, reward effort plays, and are just happy to be there. I love the atmosphere, and hate it that the season is winding down.
          Your daughter will be fine here, it’s a great place for a basketball player, especially if they try hard. And if she’s indeed as tough as thing I’ve read about here, that’s an added bonus.
          TOUGHNESS is a valued commodity here in Indiana.
          Welcome to Indiana!
          A remarkable group of freshmen coming in next year. Can’t wait!

  12. As I stated earlier, last in the conference in assists! The reason is the dribble drive offense! We don’t pass the ball enough to acquire assists. Our pathetic offense will improve a bit with Patberg back in the lineup since she is one of our leading scorers.

  13. You just knew it was going to happen with the way we have been playing. Finally dropped out of the the RPI top 50
    RPI 52 SOS 47

  14. Wow alot Gulbe hate did all of you forget she is a freshman?the one that nobody brings up is the transfer from Pitt Brenna Wise a 14ppg and 9rpg a game player has basically did nothing for IU this season but Gulbe is the target of angst i dont get it Jaylen Penn is not a consistent player even though she has all world ability the lack of point is glaring on the offensive Yeaney is a good athlete but not a point and she lacks touch around the basket with all being said they can still make the tourney

  15. Brownbomber, will say one thing about Wise, she has played VERY hard all year long and is our best 3 point shooter. One problem is she is 6′ tall (maybe) playing the 4 position which is way undersized. She is almost always matched up with a 6′ 2″ or taller player which is pretty tough. And on switches under the basket she may wind up guarding the opposing center? I agree with you about yeaney, as I stated a week ago, she is a great athlete that does not have really good basketball skills and at times is a turnover looking for a place to happen, ballhandling and decision making are not her strong suits? Penn has been really good the last 7 or 8 games finally bringing her ability to play. She has been fighting a very sore ankle all year long that she has never fully recovered from. Go Hoosiers!

    1. Thanks Mike. Excellent analysis.
      Really! πŸ™‚
      I think just about everybody is playing about one position number from where they belong. We BADLY need a true 5, and hopefully, we’re about to get one (maybe two?) next year.
      As I look back, just how good were Buss and Cahill anyway? We didn’t have a true five last year either, but those two somehow bluffed our way through.
      You don’t miss somebody like Jenn Anderson until you find out what it’s like without a true 5. She was a bigger part of that NCAA team than I realized at the time.

      1. I agree about Jenn Anderson. Her senior season she shot 62% from the field and 80% from the free throw line Remember how many times she took charges at crucial moments? That team was successful because they had players with high basketball IQ and none of them were afraid to fail.

  16. BTW, it’s no surprise that IU women have dropped out of the latest edition of bracketology. With the current losing streak, this was inevitable. While it is doubtful, IU could move back in if they win out by beating Iowa and Purdue at home and possibly Northwestern on the road. While already losing to Purdue in West Lafayette and Northwestern at our place, seems like its a little out of reach for us? Beating Iowa at home tomorrow certainly seems like a stretch to say the least?

  17. Maine2IU, I would assume in your post u r referring to Holmes and not Marchese? A slip up on your part, I am sure?

  18. Maine2IU– So glad you piped in to set some things straight and give a clearer image of what Mackenzie has done and recruiting wise,,, although not a place for Dads to hang out as much venting goes on here. But regarding Mac’s ability to come in to IU and do well,, I for one never doubted her as some have on here. I have watched everything presented on youtube and every article written about her more than once. I have faith that she will do well here. She will need to strengthen up and the coaches will work with her on her post presentation and footwork. Once again thanks again for clearing up some things.

  19. Over the last 7 losses IU has averaged just over 59 points per game. For the season when we score less than 65 points our record is 1 – 9. When scoring 65+ points we are 16 – 1. The key to winning again is pretty simple. Find 6 more points per game coaches.

  20. Scwartzie,
    All it takes is two more three pointers per game.
    We’ve grown cold out there recently for some reason.
    It seems that three point percentages are key to winning in women’s basketball.

  21. Sorry Maine2IU, I misread your post. From all of the utube videos I have seen of your daughter, we are certainly lucky to be getting her here at IU! It certainly looks like she will be the true inside presence that we so desperately need. Welcome to hoosierland! Really looking forward to watching her in the cream&crimson! Just wondering, is she a legitimate 6’2” or 6’3 as some have stated? Go Hoosiers!

  22. IU ladies lost two of the best players ever to play at IU. In reality T. Moren has put together a rag tag team this year as players have come in a variety of ways from a variety of places and they play like it.

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