IUWBB: Hoosiers fall at Northwestern, 69-49

Indiana followed up a big home win with a disappointing road loss Tuesday in a 69-49 defeat at Northwestern.

The Hoosiers (18-11, 7-10 Big Ten) were held to a season low in points and hit just 31 percent from the floor. Sophomore Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers with 12 points. Ali Patberg added 11, but it came on a 5-of-16 shooting effort; the junior point guard also had six turnovers to two assists.

IU seemed to save its NCAA tournament chances with a win over then-No. 10 Iowa last Thursday, but that berth was put at-risk by dropping this one.

“Just disappointed,” IU coach Teri Moren said. “Just seemed like both sides of the ball tonight, nothing went well and nothing went right. Disappointing after you come off of such a great win over a really good Iowa team that we come out flat and could never get anything going. That was for a full 40.”

IU was behind by as many as 10 points in the first quarter and went into the second trailing 17-10. Back-to-back 3-pointers from Penn and Patberg made it 22-19, and it was 24-all following a Penn 3 with 3:36 left in the first half.

The Wildcats (16-12, 9-8 B1G) held just a 30-28 advantage going into the locker room. But IU would be outscored 22-8 in the third quarter. IU went over five and a half minutes without a bucket, until senior Kym Royster finally got the Hoosiers on the board with 4:21 remaining in the period.

IU shot just 4-of-18 from the field in the third quarter, including misses on all five 3-point shots. Northwestern, on the other hand, hit 8 of 15 from the floor.

Northwestern went into the fourth quarter ahead, 52-36. Sophomore guard Lindsey Pulliam led the Wildcats with 24 points, while senior forward Pallas Kunaiyi-Akpanah produced 11 points and 11 rebounds. They shot 43.5 percent as a team.

The Hoosiers wrap up their regular season slate with Senior Night on Sunday versus Purdue. 


  1. Someone forget to tell IU there was a game in Evanston on this night. The good energy and intense defense we saw against Iowa was not even approached on this night , wont even speak on the cold shooting. In the second half IU shot only 3 free throws and none in the third quarter. If IU can win on sunday they can move up to at least the 10 seed by way of overall percentage. That is provided they show on sunday and not fall flat as they did on tues. night.

  2. IU ladies play for long stretches or whole games like there is a lid on the bucket. IU ladies struggle to score and opponents score at will hitting about every shot they take whether a long shot or closer to bucket. Then out the door goes focus and IU ladies tighten up and can’t buy a bucket, rebound, turn over ball and just fall apart. Though IU ladies did opposite against Iowa this has been a trend for a large part of season. IU ladies struggle to score and opponents score easily including from outside longer shots and offensive rebounds. IU ladies have trouble securing ball and getting loose balls.

  3. I agree with everything both of you above said. This was undoubtedly the worst second half we have played all year! How in the world this team can come out in the second half and stink the place up like we did when you are only 2 points down after the first half is beyond me? The game was there to win and we have absolutely no “juice” as coach Moren likes to refer to, pathetic. This team appears to have no heart! Shooting 31% of course was the deciding factor but, again turnovers were a killer. Northwestern scored 16 points off of our 17 turnovers. The biggest culprit was Patberg who lead us with 6 turnovers. I have said it at other times this year and I will say it again, WE DO NOT HAVE A TRUE POINT GUARD! Ali is a real 2 guard who can score for the most part but her point guard skills are limited. Hopefully next year our point guard situation will be improved with Shaila Beeler coming in and having a healthy Chanel Wilson? Their bench outscored our bench 15 to 8. I know that some people thought this was going to be a pretty good team this year and on occasion (Iowa game) we get a terrific effort but, for the most part we have been pretty bad in the conference games. This team is truly lacking heart and leadership on the floor period! This team has had to many instances where it just simply plays flat! It would be easy to blame the coaches for not getting the team ready to play but, there comes a time when the players have to take responsibility for their lack of heart and leadership and being ready to play!
    BTW, let me not forget, there was a positive last night, it was really cool to see senior Grace Withrow who never plays hit a 3 pointer in the last minute of play, good for her!! Lets hope that there is a complete reversal in our approach to Purdue on Sunday! Go Hoosiers!!

  4. MikeC .. pretty much put his thumb on this one… no juice.. no heart .. no urgency ..zero leadership.
    ( all players had that same look to their game ) and I mean all .. least it was a team effort … HA

    I will say this.. Purdue we will see a juiced up team … ( going to guarantee that ) out on a limb with an IU win ………

    Man , Withrow.. netted it .. ( got to love that for her )

  5. Yes it was great to see Withrow hit the 3 and the bench give her the “Juice” back. Hopefully next year we will have that true point guard from either Wilson or Beeler, plus the fact we do not have an inside presence. Anyone ever see KR go left , Holmes will go left or right equally. I have also seen Holmes bring the ball up the court , of course she wont be able to do that in the B1G. I have also watched her club team and several times seen her as the lead person on the receiving end of a fast break several times, she will run the floor. Something IU has not had in a 5. So hopefully next season IU will have more of an inside / outside threat and an overall better team.

  6. Holmes should do well. However, it remains to be seen how good she will do has a freshman. IU ladies lack of inside game really puts pressure on outside game which many times has been demise of IU ladies.

  7. ill wait .. judgement till i see her play at the big ten level….

    after all 10 .. was one of the best euro players ( all star ) .. high expectations..

    big ten is a very competitive league .. IU sits at 11 .. only a game behind at 7.. 2 games out of 5

    any help at any position is welcomed…

  8. Steve W, when Royster committed, I looked up some of her videos and she consistently beat other teams down the floor for layups? That is what impressed me about her because of the way she ran the floor, don’t know what happened to that? T, if Holmes gives us an inside presence, hopefully we will get more open perimeter shots. Right now if Patberg and Wise are struggling from the perimeter, we are screwed! That is one thing that has hurt us with Wilson’s injury other than her point guard skills, she was a 42% 3 point shooter last year. Her health next year along with Beeler’s presence could be a real key.

  9. I agree. Not sure just how good they are. (I know they are good at h.s. level. Neither, are very tall.

  10. Mike– Yes I too thought KR would be better , but it is and has been the lack of her being consistent and in my mind a lack of improvement, looked the same this year as last, but most likely is stronger core wise , but the hands lacking. I too am aware of Wilson’s 3 pt accuracy plus her quickness. As for Holmes I have been pulling her band wagon for a while now so if she is not what I expect next season look for me to be the first to say so. The Big Ten is no joke so adjustments will have to be made for incoming freshmen.

  11. I took a train (literally) to Chicago to see the game.
    Absolutely amazed at the pathetic size of the Northwestern crowd on their Senior night, but have to admit Northwestern could do very little wrong, especially in the second half.
    Jalen’s foul troubles played a much bigger part in our second half performance than it might have appeared. When the shots aren’t falling, we can sure get discouraged.

    ps. everybody keeps including IU women in the NCAA discussion, and as much as I appreciate and support this team, I just don’t see how you can be ninth or tenth in the big10 and go to the big dance.

  12. T, regarding size. Holmes is listed 6’2″ on some sites and 6’3″ on other sites. I know one thing, 6’3″ is not overly tall for a college center but, (now don’t get all crazy with what I am about to say), Gustafson is 6’3′ and dominates in college basketball. I am not comparing Holmes to Gustafson but, just saying that you don’t have to be really tall to play well at this level. Women’s teams do win consistently with players no taller than 6’2 and 6’3′, it can be done depending on the player’s toughness and drive? Just got done watching Gustafson score 29 and grab 20 rebounds against Nebraska on their court. We all know that she is possibly the best player in the country? Just saying that a player can be dominate at that size. We can only hope? NatHill, I agree with you about finishing so low in the conference standings and then going to the dance? Just doesn’t seem right to me. At this point in time this team needs a steady point guard and girls that can consitantly shoot the ball! Go Hoosiers!

  13. Its anyone’s guess how the seeding will fall into place for B1G, it will all come down to sunday. Im guessing IU wins on sunday which could put them at a 10 and their match up could end up being either Mich St. or Nwestern. or even Minn. its just that crazy at the present time, each game played will tell something from here out.

  14. Wasn’t referring to Holmes. I was referring to Beeler and Wilson being 5’6” or 5’7.”
    I agree 6’2” and 6’3” can be great at college level at forward or center if they have the skills and are good enough.

  15. Back to Holmes again Im not the only one who sees the potential in this player. If you go back to Morens’ Nov. interview on the signing of Holmes her words not mine. “This kid is super-skilled”. You may want to review that interview.

  16. Almost forgot.
    I thought Kim Royster was our best player Tuesday night (well, except for Grace Withrow !).
    And both Kim and Linsey really worked hard.

    t, I would be super surprised if we don’t play in the NIT. All it takes is an overall winning record, and we absolutely have that no matter what.

  17. True. T. Moren is averaging 20+ wins a season at IU. IU ladies just need to step to the next level. (in the 25 win area) with wins over top 20 teams.

  18. T, the size of a point guard matters not if they are truly skilled and pocess extreme quickness. All reports are that both Wilson and Beeler are very quick and as stated before, Wilson is a 42% 3 point shooter. Sounds good to me.

  19. All recruits come in with potential.. here’s how that rolls..
    coaching staff gives recruits opportunities to produce during non conference play .

    if a recruit produces coaching staff gives said player minutes to produce in big ten ( 1st qt minutes )
    if that player continues to produce she will get into the rotation , if no production she will sit .

    if sitting player shows signs of producing in practice and the starter is not producing she will again get another opportunity.

    I truly believe if 12 .. stays and rhet works with her ( going one on one ) down low .. with strong posting and strong moves she will be a beast .
    ( practicing one on one with a .. male player ) 12.. has proven she can play well in the big ten .. has all the physical tools ..

    Coaching staff needed to square .. 12 offensive game up last season … ( my 2 cents )

    12 .. continues to show she is a hard worker and has the ability to be a force down low… 12.. is starting to really play the ( 5 ) instead of just
    setting screens… She made a sweet move with a up and under ( but needed to finish ) 12 .. is finally posting up and playing the ( 5 )

    Her one on one defense is really good.. her boxing out is really good.. getting open back side is really good… knowing when to set a screen is really good.. runs the floor well .. makes few mental mistakes.

    she knew when to set the screen for ..1. with the winner against Iowa.. plus she followed 1 to the rim in case of a dump off..

    12 .. is building confidence in her play ( but needs to be consistent ) 12 .. Shooting percent is high .. ( even through she has not shot much )

    I always dig a physical .. tough player no matter what the sport is ( 12 is tough )

  20. Concerning the height of pt guards, consider the fact that Uconn’s starting pt is only 5′ 6″.

  21. Steve W, good observation! Fan, after reading your post, I assume you are indirectly criticizing Moren for not giving her more minutes? BTW, I do agree with you, I am a big Marchese fan wondering why she doesn’t get more minutes. The thing that I think is strange is that when Moren subs for Royster she always puts in Gulbe who is then playing out of position? Gulbe is a 4 not a 5? Therefore, certain people who frequent this website criticize Gulbe for not producing at the backup center position? Makes no sense?

  22. really saying 12’s offensive game is there just needs to have confidence.. brought out.. that has to be worked on by position coach ( off season )

    looks to me 12 .. said f-it .. going to get my offensive game square… the drag part is.. she is on such a tight string ( a miss and most likely pulled )

    I’ve watch that kid since day one .. she has a heart of a lion and shows no quit.. has the skill set to be a monster down low. ( shows she wants to get get better ) and she is and will ..

    man .. looks to me that 12.. is working on bringing her defensive toughness to her offense… ( lets face it .. IU needs her the next 2yrs )

    IU has something they need .. i say don’t loose her and develop her down low post game… ( i see fans gravitate to 12 .. after games ) will be disappointed if she walks..

    Now .. MickC.. I am one of those that got onto 10.. and agree out of position ( 100% agree ) I do like 10.. ive watched all her games in the euro tourney … kid is good..

    I mean that .. kid is good and can play … I believe playing her at the ( 5 ) with so many minutes and not be all that successful … took her confidence away ..she want’s no part of the (5).. I also believe the
    coaching staff should of seen this many games ago .. its really hurt her over all game.. like I said much earlier ( rhet had the name ( hope ) on her jersey ) hope she produced in the big ten.. just kept on giving 10.. minutes and loosing the battle down low..

    put her in at the ( 4 ) and get her shot.. over all play .. confidence back … 10.. can shoot.. has a sweet shot… can dribble drive and dish ….

    big ten is really tough down low… ( really tough )

  23. I agree a lot with what Fan has said. I too watched all of Gulbe’s euro clips , she has a nice shot when playing the 4 ,,, but she has lost confidence whether its because of forced to play the 5 I dont know but she has lost confidence. I expect Gulbe to get her shot back ,, but the combo of being forced to play the 5,, gets in foul trouble all adds up to a slump. But there are some questions, will Marchese stay if not who will be back up at the 5 hopefully not Gulbe , out of position. Jorie Allen is 6′ 1″ could be used there but might be more of stretch 4. Will be interesting to watch how it all plays out.

  24. SteveW and Fan, like I said, Gulbe by playing out of position is really hurting her game! The coaching staff is not helping her develope at all. She would be an incredible asset if they would play her properly! They are effectively ruining the development of both girls by not playing one enough and playing the other out of position. What a waste of talent. This team could be so much better if these 2 players were utilized properly!

  25. Marchese’s body language before, during, and after a game give me little reason to think she won’t be back. I really appreciate her physicality. The pick she set right in front of me at the Iowa game was incredible, and she took some real shots from Gustafson. Thought the foul she got called for right towards the end of the game could have just as easily been called a charge on Gustafson. And, I thought the last play of the game where she basically hit the blocked shot so hard it knocked Gustafson to the floor was a thing of beauty.
    Don’t worry, I don’t think she’s going anywhere. I sure hope not!

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