IUWBB: IU falls at Michigan, 67-58

Indiana fell to its third straight loss Thursday, 67-58, at Michigan.

IU (17-9, 6-8 Big Ten) were without junior point guard Ali Patberg for the second game in a row. The Hoosiers have now lost eight of their last 11 games.

Bendu Yeaney led IU with 16 points, while sophomore classmate Jaelynn Penn added 15. As a team, the Hoosiers hit just less than 38 percent from the field.

IU was cold out of the gate. The Hoosiers hit just one of their first nine shots and fell behind 8-2. Michigan, on the other hand, hit its first three shots from beyond the arc and continued to build the lead. It was 18-8 at one point, but that’s when the Hoosiers turned things around.

Yeaney, Penn and Grace Berger each scored in transition and cut it to 18-16 going into the second quarter. Michigan turned the ball over 12 times in the first half — to just two errors for the Hoosiers — which allowed IU to outscore the home team 15-8 in the period.

IU went ahead, 25-24, on a 3-pointer by Yeaney. The Hoosiers’ lead was as many as seven points in the first half, and the score at the break was 31-26.

Yeaney had nine points, while Penn contributed eight. IU held a 12-2 advantage in points off turnovers and scored 26 of its points in the paint.

In the third quarter, both teams turned it over five times, but the Wolverines were the ones to eat into the Hoosiers’ advantage. Down 35-26, Michigan went on a 9-0 run to tie it up. A putback by Kayla Robbins put the Wolverines up, 48-45. Brenna Wise and Nicole Munger traded 3-pointers to end the period, giving Michigan a 51-48 lead at the final break.

IU scored twice to start the fourth, and it was back-and-forth for most of the period. But the Wolverines were able to go up 61-57 on a putback by Akienreh Johnson and a three-point play by Hallie Thome. Berger then split a pair at the line, and a Johnson drive pushed it to five. Free throws extended the lead even more.

Michigan (17-9, 8-6) hit 51 percent from the field and 15 of 17 from the free throw line. The Wolverines also finished with 20 turnovers to the Hoosiers’ nine.

Johnson, who replaced freshman Amy Dilk in the starting lineup, finished with a team-high 16 points. Thome had 14 and 11 rebounds, while Munger, with 11, and Deja Church, 10, also finished in double figures.


  1. Before season began T. Moren stated that this team would be able to score. It is turning out that IU ladies are proving her wrong as season and competition has adjusted to IU ladies offense and gotten tougher. IU ladies forced 20 turnovers and only had around 9 themselves. Still lost by 9. IU ladies just are struggling physically to score and giving up any lead quickly.
    The big ten ladies basketball conference except for Maryland, Iowa, and Minnesota (now) is not that good which means IU ladies are not that good. T. Moren has taken IU ladies to an improved playing level and currently has plateaued. Next year or two maybe IU ladies will rise to the next plateau. Right now it kind of reminds me a couple years ago. I still think IU ladies basketball program will continue to improve over the next few years. Some scorers needed.

  2. Another bad loss for IU women. This again is a game that was there for the taking but, our poor play down the stretch was the difference. We shot 39% from the field as Michigan shot 51% but, Michigan’s 20 turnovers kept it close enough for us to have a chance. We hit no field goals in the last 4 minutes of the game. We were outscored 11-1 down the stretch. We hit 1 of our last 9 shots from the field. Poor shot selection was the main culprit. It was a one point game with us being down with a little over 2 minutes to go, Bendu with the shot clock running down forced a terrible shot that had no chance after a timeout to set up the play. With about a little over a minute to go we were down 5 and took almost the whole shot clock to take a bad shot when it was a 2 possession game?? Michigan got the ball after this possession and we let 12 seconds run off the clock until we commit a foul, again, what are we doing? Our 3 point shooting was terrible again which has become a reoccurring theme the last several games. We were 4-14 from three. Jaelynn was 1 for 7 from three. We have now lost 6 of our last 8 games with Rutgers and Iowa up next, not looking good?

  3. Hard time scoring is taking its toll. Then, not a cohesive offensive unit. This results in one on one forcing, poor decision making, choking and kinda folding.

  4. Interesting that neither team had their starting pg. Michigan still playing as a team, iu playing like a bunch of players that think they’re playing 1 on 5. Less turnovers good. Less assists not so good. Outrebounded as well which I expected with their talented bigs but I thought without dilk we had a chance here..we may be the WNIT runner up if we run into Michigan there..Michigan is a WNIT stalwart themselves..

  5. This was a game we could of and should have won. No matter the defense or turnovers you still have to put the ball in the basket more than your opponent to win.
    In spite of all the recent losses its amazing that as of friday 15th current real-time rpi.
    rpi-44—sos 44

  6. t
    It pains me to say it, because I thought the Big10 was going to be good, but I agree with your assessment of the big10. Especially after Rutgers, Purdue, and Michigan State got shelled last night. The good news is that it appears Rutgers and Purdue MIGHT be in a bit of a free fall. Rutgers less than 45 points per game average last three games, Purdue has lost five out of their last six.
    GO IU!
    Thought IU played hard at Michigan, but the basket seems to be getting smaller lately. Seem a bit rudderless without Patberg, but it’s hard to lose a point guard and ask girls who aren’t comfortable there to take over.

  7. One of the most telling stats in this game was at the free throw line. Mich. 15-17 and IU 4-8. So is this a road situation or something lacking on this team. Royster nor Wise went to the line even once, nor did Gulbe or Warthen. So yes this team is struggling without their “big toe” and with Rutgers and Iowa next week lets hope IU can find their shooting eyes, otherwise this will get even uglier— Go IU!

  8. Lay ups, inside, driving to bucket, to the bucket floaters, some outside shots are not clean. IU ladies are not getting reasonably clean shots. Often rushed and off balanced which means struggling with smooth clean offense. To often it has been a physical struggle to get confident clean scoring including shots. The results is struggling to score.

  9. B. Yeaney’s floater has a lot to be desired, seems shes just tossing it up hoping for a miracle with no rhyme or reason. The shot is usually too hard with little chance of it going in maybe 10%. Also very little chance of her drawing a foul which we need to have happen. Its getting old and teams already know what shes going to do. Im amazed she gets the pts she does her jumper is not working either. I wonder is she is even working on her jumper , doesnt look like it.

  10. Steve W, I have been saying the very same thing to my friend I sit next to at the games. She just throws the ball up there on her floater in the lane with NO hope of hitting it hoping for a foul I guess? It is not a shot, it is a wind and a prayer! I tell my friend, she needs to pull up and SHOOT the ball instead of that crap she is throwing up. She has done it all year long nd I am sick of it! While she is a hell of an athlete, she needs to become a better basketball player and increase her skill set. I wonder if the coaching staff is pointing this out to her? Excellent observation Steve. Go Hoosiers!

  11. I agree on BY and yes athletically strength but very serious lack of touch. However, most of IU ladies to many times are having various degrees of difficulty. To many circus shots creating low % shots. Though BY is the biggest culprit, AP, AG, JP BW, and GB have also been guilty. Basically, the whole team if they have played enough minutes.

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