IUWBB: IU wins at Nebraska, 82-78

Indiana pulled out a much-needed 82-78 win on the road Sunday at Nebraska.

Junior point guard Ali Patberg led the Hoosiers (17-6, 6-5 Big Ten) with 22 points and six assists. Sophomore Jaelynn Penn finished with 20 points, while senior forward Kym Royster finished with 19 points and 14 rebounds.

Those were big results for two of the three, in particular. Patberg had scored 23 points in her previous four contests. Royster had 21 in her last five. Coming into this game, the Hoosiers had lost four out of their last five contests.

Turnovers plagued IU in losses to Maryland and Rutgers, and the Hoosiers started in a worrying way in Lincoln. They turned it over on their first three possessions, and Nebraska went out to an 8-2 lead. The Hoosiers did pull it to 9-8 following a drive by Patberg.

IU did not shoot it well in the first quarter, either. The Hoosiers hit 4-of-16 from the field and went more than 5 minutes without a field goal. They broke a four-plus-minute scoring drought with pairs of free throws by Berger and Royster to pull it to 15-12.

A drive from Sam Haiby made it 17-12, Nebraska, after one.

IU took better care of the ball in the second quarter and went on a run offensively. The Hoosiers connected on seven of their first nine shots and finished 11-of-15 from the field in the period. IU went ahead for the first time, 26-25, on a jumper from Patberg with 5:29 left in the first half. It was 36-32, IU, at halftime.

Royster led the Hoosiers with 12 points and six rebounds at the break. After those first three turnovers, IU went into the locker room with just seven total. Nebraska had nine errors.

IU worked to expand its lead in the third, and it was 56-44 with 3:15 left in the period following a Grace Berger 3-pointer. Nebraska cut it down to 58-53, but Royster scored again to push it to 60-53. Haiby scored to make it 60-55 heading into the fourth.

Nebraska scored first in the fourth, but Brenna Wise converted a four-point play to push it back to 64-57. While the Huskers continued to fight back, the Hoosiers had answers.

Nebraska tied it up at 65-all with a 3 from Maddie Simon with 5:48 left, but Penn answered with a three-point play. It was tied back up at 68-all, but Patberg nailed one from beyond the arc. Haiby scored, again, to cut the lead to one, but Penn hit two free throws and then connected on a 3 to push it back to 76-70 with 2:10 left.

Whitish had two attempts at a 3-pointer thanks to a Kate Cain offensive board, bringing it back to 76-74 on her second-chance make. From there, the Hoosiers needed to hit their free throws, and they did.

Penn made both to extend the IU advantage to 78-74. Haiby made two on the other end, and Patberg then split a pair with 30 seconds left.  Haiby hit two more, but Patberg answered by hitting both on her next trip and it was 81-78.

It was dicey after Taylor Kissinger and Whitish each missed 3-pointers but Grace Berger traveled following a rebound. But Whitish missed two free throws and Royster made one to ice it.

Haiby led the Huskers (10-12, 5-6) with 17 points. Whitish had 16 and Simon finished with 12. Nebraska hit 4 of 22 from 3-point range.


  1. Great win on the road, any win on the road is great! This did not come easy. As I mentioned earlier this week about Royster, so inconsistent. Thank God today she played her best game of the year! As the article stated, she had scored a total of 21 points in her last 5 games but, today was outstanding! It is beyond me why a senior with her talent is so inconsistent? But, at least today she was up to the task thanks to her team mates feeding her inside on drives to the basket and dumping it off to her. While Patberg’s 21 points and 6 assists were outstanding, what I was happier with were her zero turnovers! Mite have been the difference in the game! I have been criticizing this team all year long when they lose because of the high turnover rate and the poor play of Patberg’s ballhandling but, today she was on her game and the team only had 12 turnovers. That is probably about as good as we can play with our ballhandling? Our on-ball defense at times was absolutely terrible! We consistently let individual players dribble drive right by us. That again was a weakness of Patberg as her player consistently was quicker than her for layups at the rim. but, there were times down the stretch when we needed strong defense, it was there. Nebraska’s offensive rebounding in the last 2 minutes almost cost us the game but, even when they got second possessions inside the last 2 minutes our defense was strong! And BTW, that phantom traveling call on Berger’s rebound inside the last few seconds was poor? Am I the only viewer that was really tired of listening to the 2 homers that were doing the game? OMG, they continued to whine about “missed calls” the whole game. I use to think the Purdue broadcasters on the radio were bad but, these 2 took the cake! Anyway, great job by the girls as they showed great grit and determination on the road that it took to win. Really good to see. I watched Nebraska beat Purdue by 20 in West Lafayette earlier this week. Needless to say, that worried me coming into this game but, our girls were great today. Go Hoosiers!

  2. Its simple if they want to be a ncaa tourney team they must beat the teams they should beat from this point on or else they will be tryin to defend the WNIT title no offense im sure they dont want to do that again after a great start to the season

  3. Good win on the road. Our 3 starting guards today….. 2 total turnovers with 12 total assists. What about the phantom foul on Bendu’s blocked shot in the 4th? All ball with zero contact anywhere.

  4. The negative for IU giving up third quarter 14 point lead as Nebraska tied game. This has been a problem in some losses examples Purdue and Rutgers. Needed to get rebounds at times and a dumb play or 2.
    Positives include play of AP and KR as already mentioned. Maybe, this will ignite some team confidence. Nice game for becoming more consistent JP. AG made a couple good players. I like her attitude because it looks like she just likes to play and compete. Wise and Berger played and competed.
    Though giving up lead IU ladies DID NOT fold. IU ladies should win at Nebraska and they did. Excellent win.

  5. That is the dig on Royster you never know what you’re going to get but thankfully today she had a great game , they needed it. Good road win, good to see AP back on her game. Once again no LM or KW.
    I watched Minn. knock of Rutgers. They won because they were able to handle the defensive pressure, something IU could not do.

  6. IU ladies are good players with good basketball minds. Eventually, they should become sturdy and handle pressure rather than just gifting games to opponents. Though this could have happened today the fact is they fought back enough to win it on the road. Maybe, a step in right direction. As I have said before a T. Moren, staff, and IU ladies team trademark is they improve and become hard to beat down the end stretch of season playing their best basketball. Even last year it looked pretty dismal during mid season of big ten.

  7. Scwartzie, you are correct, the block by Bendu was a terrible missed call. The thing is, the referee was no more than 10 feet away from the play. Sometimes I just don’t understand what officials are looking at? Well, we won a game and as usual, Hoosierfan is absent?? Well, it seems as though our coach has decided that we can play with just 5 or 6 players, she obviously doesn’t have any confidence in Marchese and Warthen? I just don’t know what I am not seeing? I have been to evry home game or seen on my computer or TV every game on the road. What am I missing about Marchese and Warthen, I don’t see then killing us when they are on the court?? Strange indeed……

  8. Agreed, the block by Yeaney was perfect did not touch with the body, simple anticipation by the official and there were a couple more during the game. I was thinking with us getting in deep foul trouble that one or both would get in LM KW , but Moren was holding steadfast not about to put them in. Im guessing there is not any injury or dicipline issues , definitely seems a big waste only going 7 deep. So is Moren trying to push them out the door .

  9. T. Moren philosophy may be that ladies are young and in shape. Tries not to accept being out of shape or tiredness as excuse. After she evaluates (recruit, games and practice) current players (and players coming in next year) the best players will play as long as they can with a couple of subs and others will sub to give a breather only if what is one of the best players has to come out or has foul trouble. Example she patiently stayed (faith) with AP until she played a good game today. Same with KR. Philosophy may be best players play.

  10. Then ball is in court of the players who hardly play to make decision to stay or go elsewhere. It seems this is a little bit of a pattern.

  11. Since T. Moren has been at IU with last year and this year as emphasis it may be philosophy of T. Moren the ladies are young and in shape and the best of the group are going to play as many minutes as they can and that is basically who is going to play.

  12. Being in shape is one thing, refusing to play players who have talent is something else? For the life of me I don’t understand what is going on down there? She is not playing players who we know can contribute! If it were an injury or a discipline issue, that would be something else? Warthen and Marchese can help this team and have proven they can contribute. Why would you only play 6 or 7 players when you could play 8 or 9 and keep your starters fresher. It makes no sense, not only that, when in coming players see this, one would think they would be hesitant to come to IU? A team that plays 8 or 9 players consistently will be better off through the course of the season making them fresher towards the end of the season. Steve, I am starting to think the same thing, is she trying to push certain players out the door? I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago about next year when I questioned 4 new players coming into the scene plus adding the 2 players who have been injured this season and have not played? We lose 2 seniors from this team and actually add 6 players next year? What is going to happen with next year’s roster with 14 players available? Makes you wonder, maybe she hopes with limited playing time for certain players on this year’s roster, a few will leave? Interestingly?

  13. Don’t disagree. That is kind of what I said, only I stated it a little differently. It seems T. Moren looks at a couple years picture rather than immediate one year to get what she wants or sees as a championship team trying to continuously elevate higher level team. Eventually, maybe she feels if she does this she will end up with a team that is good enough to win championships. If that makes sense? How many other coaches do the same kind of things??

  14. I agree with MikeC ..100% .

    All the incoming players see that Moren only plays 6 or 7 and that will play in the minds of the player and parent.

    I don’t think the regular fan see’s the mental toll this takes on the player and players family. It would be one thing if the player cannot compete but
    12 and 2 are competitors and will , have contributed. I’ve never seen 12 hurt this team and 2 might turn it over a bit but 12 always does something to contribute.

    Give these players some time to keep them engaged mentally into this team ( its what good coaches do ) keep all players that help your team engaged.

    No one can convince me that Moren cannot find minimum of 7 minutes for these two to help her team and trust me they will .. again have never seen 12 hurt this team.

    Multiple times I have heard Moren say 12 .. played good and she should talk more about 12.. that 12 answered the bell for her last year.. that 12 played good in games through
    the NIT Champ run.. ( Now the kid is not good enough to play ) games into the season the commentator asked 11 .. what did 12 do over the summer to improve her game.
    ( Now the kid is not good enough to play )

    I was standing in the lobby after last years game with Neb .. I saw rhet leave the gym to find 12’s dad and i eased dropped to hear
    him say… 12 played a hell of a game and held the big girl down… ( again ..now she is not good enough to play ) come on… something is not right..

    I’ve thought of it as well if Moren pushes players out .. pushing with non playing time. Man, have to be so strong not to loose confidence and these two are good.. don’t give
    a rat’s butt what one other person said on this site…

    I truly do not believe IU will win a championship with this model .. how can a team be rewarded with treatment of players this way …
    Its just the law of life. ( Thats my 2 cents )

  15. t, is this from the coaches mouth ( Then ball is in court of the players who hardly play to make decision to stay or go elsewhere ) Man , that means for sure she is pushing good players out the door…

    crazy ….

  16. No. From my viewpoint only. It is an observation about T. Moren and many coaches in general.
    However, KW and LM are sophomores. As juniors does there time increase to where some think it should be this year? I have been disappointed a couple of times after KW made a 3 point play and immediately went to bench after made free throw. I wanted to See more of KW. She was good in high school. Maybe, T. Moren has attitude pull her out of game at highest return on playing time. This means KW plays a minute or two hits a 3 pointer or makes 3 point play the old fashion way and goes to bench. The thing I did see one time is KW making out of control error once after not being in game long and yes she headed to bench. Many Hoosier ladies have made a bunch of them. Interesting how this will play out.

  17. Most recruits want to go to the best program they can play for. The best players think they are good enough to beat out whoever they have to compete against.

    1. Dude, Why are you so set that t has some connection to Coach Moren?
      Just because some random other dude (who only shows up to talk about how horrible Moren and this team is) says so?
      You might also ask hoosierfan how they are connected to the team based on their supposed inside knowledge.

  18. Im hoping things will change for Marchese and Warthen. Or will they consider a change or maybe they already have in their mind. Both deserve minutes.

    Considering the incoming class , 4 players. Moren has said more than once that Wisne will be red-shirted, now we have 3 incoming available. Holmes and Allen both 5 stars , just barely at # 52 and 53. Holmes will take Roysters spot . Allen will bring in a substantial boost in fans coming from bedford, maybe as much as 2k per game. Moren values this as a huge asset for her team when at home, Allen will play at least decent minutes. Shaila Beeler is at # 22 per prospects nation, but is not in hoopgurls top 100, neither was Buss in the top 100. Hopefully Chanel Wilson will be past her injury by next season. Both Beeler and Wilson have been labeled jet-quick and both are true pt guards and both are crafty with a bit of show to their game.

  19. Seems as though T. Moren has a system (her system). LM and KW may be players tracking as they mature which could bring them 10 minutes a game as jr and sr.
    Regarding KW I would really like for coach JC to talk open and honestly about situation with KW. (playing time, where KW stands in lady program, expectations, and her future where she fits in, and why the limited minutes). The reason I want JC to address this is because of her high school, college success in her own right.

    1. I think the head coach should communicate to her own players if she has no intention of playing them..I dont think that’s Janese constantine’s job

  20. I reviewed the U of L and the Conn. box score from last week’s game and both U of L and Conn only played 8 players, two of their sub played 4 and 5 minutes each. U of L subs played 12 and 14 minutes. The U of L and Conn are both top 4 teams and aren’t playing more than I U’s 7 to 8 player rotation in close games. If the fans see a problem with Coach Moren’s rotation what’s going to happen next year with only one senior leaving the team and new players coming onto the roster and you have also have a redshirt freshman to add to the mix.

  21. I have seen at least 6 or 7 UConn games this year. He only plays normally 6 players when the game is still contested which normally is not that long. As good as UConn is, they have basically no quality depth. Their top 6 players are all high school all Americans but, the others are just really good 3 star players like we normally use to get. The conference they play in is very weak to say the least. I have seen Louisville play about 4 times this year. The conference they play in is much stronger than UConn’s presenting more competitive games. They play more games that are competitive than UConn. Louisville plays more players than UConn does for the most part.
    I have always backed Moren but, her substitution patterns this year have me befuddled to say the least? Could it be that she is trying to get some players to transfer next year to make more playing time for this incoming class as I and others have suggested? I simply don’t know? We will see if things change?

  22. If that’s the case to push her players out with no playing time other recruits and parents will see how she runs the team and will not want any part of IU .

    It’s looking more and more how the program is run .

    Going to be lots of transfers on the horizon…..

  23. It won’t affect recruiting of the best are almost best because like I said earlier the best or almost best think they are exactly that and good enough to be out all others.

  24. Tonight I watched Bedford N. L. win their sectional on the IHSAA championship network. The last time to see Jorie Allen before she gets to IU unless they make it to state. She had 17 pts in a close game the first half then blew it open in the second. Allen is 6′ 1″ and Webb is 6′ 3″ that kind of height wears smaller teams down by the 4th qtr.

  25. So t , you are confirming moren’s approach of not playing players that can contribute in order to make them transfer for the next batch to come in. ? Yeah that won’t effect recruiting ..

    1. It hasn’t so far..they throw all the Adidas gear around and take a tour of our facilities and the kid and their parents dont notice the 20 transfers in 5 years or how moren has never played more than 6 or 7 players in a rotation..or how theres already 2 forwards better than them in the same class (arielle wisne)

  26. Marion Giants has a 2020
    4 star player listed @ 6’6” that T.Moren should have a possibility of recruiting.

  27. Not saying T. Moren is trying to make anyone transfer. However, there could be different development tracks for different players. The other side of the argument is that a player becomes so good that he or she is so good as in super star that a coach has to play her.
    Highly rated competitive players should feel that they are unbeatable (best) at his or her respective position. No it doesn’t affect recruiting because if a player doesn’t believe that then that player has a lack of confidence and can play for another team.

  28. RPI 2/5/2019
    Birds of a feather ………

    29 – Utah (18-3) SOS – 103
    30 – Texas (18-5) SOS – 48
    31 – Oregon State (19-3) SOS – 88
    32 – Indiana (17-6) SOS – 58
    33 -Kentucky (18-5) SOS – 62
    34 – BYU (17-5) SOS – 84
    35 – S. Dakota (18 -3) SOS -151
    36 – Missouri (16-7) SOS – 46
    37 – DePaul (15-7) SOS – 37

    Other notables:

    49 – UCLA (13-9) SOS – 16
    60 – Tennessee (15-7) SOS – 57
    66 – Missouri State (13-7) SOS – 80 ( 12 straight wins, atop the MVC )
    129 – Minnesota (15-7) SOS – 162
    201 – Mississippi (8-15) SOS – 73 (SEC depth..lol)
    207 – Florida (5-17) SOS – 42 (more SEC depth)

  29. IU still hanging in there as a # 10 seed in the latest bracketology. This speaks well in our ability to make the “Big Dance”! We just need to keep grinding through our remaining games. Go Hoosiers!

  30. JC post game Nebraska stated emphasis was on no more than 12 turnovers 7 first half + 5 second half = 12. She stated she told AP is at her best when she played aggressive. JC stated they both, team and AP did exactly that.
    This is time of year that T. Moren teams become difficult to beat (past history) for the talent level they have.
    If they correct the turnovers issue including handling pressure maybe the IU ladies are a little better than previously thought.

  31. You may remember when a speaker of the selection committee was asked why IU didnt make the dance last year, “they did not beat any ranked teams they played”. Maybe not the only reason but the main one. As I recall our RPI was above 50.

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