IUWBB: No. 24 Spartans down Patberg-less Hoosiers, 77-61

Michigan State had won all 12 games at home.

Indiana was unlucky No. 13 in a 77-61 loss at the Breslin Center on Monday.

The No. 24 Spartans (17-6, 7-5 Big Ten) were paced by a career-high 32 points from Shay Colley. MSU has won four of its last five, while IU (17-8, 6-7) has lost seven of its last 10 games.

Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers with 19 points. Bendu Yeaney scored 12, while freshman Grace Berger, who replaced an injured Ali Patberg in the starting lineup, finished with 10.

Despite the final score, it was an encouraging outing from Berger, who scored eight of the Hoosiers first 14 points. MSU scored the final four points of the period and took an 18-14 lead.

IU shot 6-of-17 in the first quarter, but it was still close. Brenna Wise hit a 3 to make it 25-24. Colley hit a jumper and then a 3 to extend the lead to 30-24, and it was an 8-0 run following a transition bucket to put MSU up 33-24.

But the Hoosiers responded with an 6-0 run to close the half and it was 33-30 heading into the locker room. Even with Patberg out, and Yeaney and Penn tagged with two fouls in the first quarter, the Hoosiers weren’t far from out of the game.

In the the first half, IU shot 11-of-32 from the field but only had five turnovers. On the night, the Hoosiers hit 38 percent from the floor and had 11 errors.

MSU hit 11 of 29 in the first two quarters but finished 46 percent from the field, along with a 17-of-22 effort from the free throw line.

Penn got the Hoosiers started in the third quarter with makes on back-to-back possessions. Wise hit a 3, and IU led 37-35. But Colley went on to score 15 points in the third quarter, and a 3-pointer from Colley and a steal and layup by Nia Clouden gave the Spartans a 55-45 lead going into the fourth.

Taryn McCutcheon then factored in from long range. She nailed a 3 to give the Spartans a 66-53 lead midway through the period. IU cut into the lead, but McCutcheon hit another  to push it back to 71-59.


  1. IU ladies were still in game and KR going 1 for 2 at ft line 5 times not good. Poor defense on outside. Poor inside play and lack of physicality. Not quite good enough overall and struggling on defense and struggling to score while MSU and other opponents score more comfortably and easily. This has been a 2018 and more of a winter 2019 pattern way to many times as competition increased.

  2. Very, very frustrated after watching tonight’s game! Now, realizing that Ali was unable to play and that seems like that’s all they wanted to talk about, lets remember that coming into tonight’s game we had lost 5 of our last 7 with Patberg healthy in the lineup. As all know I am not a Kym Roster fan to say the least! I am so sick of watching her miss basically uncontested layups of which she missed 3 tonight. Although she was 3 for 6 from the field. all 3 misses were right under the basket. It happens game after game. As I have stated over the last few weeks, she has what are probably the weakest hands in the conference. Time and time again she will get ahold of a rebound and an opposing player will wrestle it away from her. I guess all those hours spent in the weight room have been waisted over the last 4 years?

    Our defense tonight was absolutely pathetic allowing Shay Colley score a career high 32 points, she consistently drove around either Bendu (who is supposed to be our best defensive player) and Jaelynn Penn for easy layups. It was terrible! Now, as most of you know, I have been a Lynsey Marchese fan wondering why she gets soo little floor time? Well, tonight when she got in the game Jenn Allen had not scored a field goal yet and their first possession with Lynsey in the game Allen drove right around her like she wasn’t even there for her first basket and then the next Michigan St. Possession, Allen moved right around Lynsey with no resistance for an offensive rebound? You would think no more than Lynsey has been playing, we would get a better effort out of her?

    We only had 11 turnovers tonight which was good but, shooting only 38% was again a killer! We were in the game at the half but defensively let down in the second half and we forced so many bad shots in the 3rd quarter. It was very noticeable that coach Moren was very upset at our forced shots in the second half. While it is easy to blame the loss on the absence of Ali, it must be noted that we were right with them at the half down only 3 points! We were outscored 44 t0 31 in the second half. Warthen was decent tonight playing 20 minutes scoring 2 points, she had 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block and 2 steals with 1 turnover. As the leading free throw shooting team in the conference we only shot 64%. I know that no one expected us to win up there without Patberg but, this game should have been more competitive in the second half after playing so close in the first half! On to Michigan, Go Hoosiers!!

  3. All year when team after team has tightened up defense on IU ladies they have difficulty responding to run a not even close to a good flowing offense.
    Pre season competition level allowed IU ladies one on one but that doesn’t work so good at big ten level of play.

  4. Berger did a nice job at pt and gave us what she could. Penn had an ok night but was not on fire. The spartans are a big team but Im really disappointed in KR. We need an inside presence from her , shes short arming layups instead of powering thru . She has not improved an iota from last year, in fact maybe worse , having Cahill most likely over shadowed her faults. Yes we have seen this game after game, players ripping the ball out of her hands once she gets a reb. She need to value the ball and does not. She will have one good game out of ten. Im sure moren would play someone else in that spot but there is no one, appears LM no longer has it, not sure whats going on with her, maybe she has given up , lost all confidence. Also Gulbe not playing anything close to what I saw of her in europe.

  5. It’s tough to play tight defense when you’re already in foul trouble (Bendu) 4 minutes into the game. Also no team has won at Michigan State this season. Not even #3 Oregon (23-1). Granted it was not one of the best efforts this season but State was due to win against us after 3 consecutive losses in the series. After our win at Michigan on Thursday we will have 3 of the last 4 regular season games at home and then it’s off to Indy where anything can happen. The magic number of wins for us to make the NCAA’s is 21.

  6. I’m getting worn out with the constant criticism/harping on individual player’s faults.
    Are the criticized women going to play harder/better if we continue to point out their weaknesses each and every week?
    It doesn’t take an analytical genius or great coach to to point out the problems all of us can see.
    I don’t get it.

    Thanks for the level headed and positive analysis scwartzie.

  7. Pointing out the problems with this team is simply telling it like it is and explaining the team’s weaknesses. There are reasons we are losing and even though this bothers you Nat, some people on this website appreciate hearing the problems that we experience. This has been stated in the past by other posters. BTW, the latest Bracketology came out yesterday and for some reason, we were a # 9 seed. Can’t imagine that we will stay there when we most likely will not do well at Michigan after losing last night’s game. I would assume that next week there will be no IU in the bracketology. Scwartzie, I love your eternal enthusiasm but, I just can’t see us winning at Michigan with or without Patberg considering our play over the last 8 games, 7 of which Patberg played in. I really do like this team but, there inefficiencies are killing them as we move on through the season. The league is so physical and we don’t deal well with physicality! Our most physical player (Marchese) when she got in the game last night and played 1 minute allowed the other team’s center to actually “manhandle” her on 2 consecutive plays leading to an easy layup and an offensive rebound. This is indicative of our play this year. We are simply not mentally tough enough to handle this league this year. Nat, sorry these types of evaluations bother you, just trying to state the facts.

    1. Jenna Allen did not score a point from the floor when guarded by Kim Royster.
      Marchese (who I really like) gave up Jenna’s only basket.
      Coach Moren noticed Kim’s good defense against Jenna (3 points in 30 minutes), and so did I.
      We all can see Kim’s weaknesses, don’t need to be reminded of them each and every week when she has a bad game. I freely admit she has her ups and downs, just like most of us do.
      I certainly DO appreciate your analysis, it’s clear you have a great grasp of women’s basketball.
      Don’t quit commenting whatever you do, we need all the IU women’s basketball fans we can get. 🙂

  8. They didnt look right without a true point Yeaney bless her heart but it was hard to watch at times Patberg isnt true point but runs the offense slightly better when she’s playing

  9. Hopefully by next season Wilson will be 100% past her injuries plus we will have Beeler both true pt guards, Patberg will move to the 2, plus we will have holmes a true center. I have a lot problems considering KR a 5 although she is filling the position. To tell you the truth dont know what moren is thinking for next season. Royster will be gone and Gulbe is not a 5, anyone watching can see that. Holmes goes out who comes in, certainly not in any hurry to play Marchese or even groom her for it, providing she will still be here. Sorry people I have to call it as I see it and dont like what Im seeing.

  10. It ain’t over till its over. At least 7 + games to go this season. Next season will take care of itself. All of you keyboard coaches should apply for the coaching staff as you have all the answers (and some show to your game).

  11. Don’t know why H4H shows up on the womens board, whenever he does all he does is refer to the men or his favorite coach?

  12. They have problems but most projections still have them in the tourney thats still a great accomplishment

  13. We have to blame the players because God forbid it may be the fault of….someone else..someone who is supposed to lead the team and make them better, establish relationships based on good communication between players and coach of what is expected and what everyone’s role will be. But let’s blame the player and not the coach who failed to develop her over 4 years. The only reason roysters stats improved from her soph to junior year is because her minutes doubled, not because she was any better than before. WNIT champs 2019

  14. Holmes: @ Center (question will she be physical enough in big ten)
    Marchase or someone at center as sub
    Berger: will be improved at gaurd
    Patberg: Guard (not sure she will improve)
    BY: Gaurd/Forward (will be improved as in soft touch on her throw up runners. Question her confidence in decision making but she usually works very hard)
    Warthen: Guard (questionable passing and ball handling will continue. Play aggressive but in control) however she will play some
    Glube: Forward (not sure where she goes in her career. Upper body strength needed. She needs to be more decisive and speed her game up and improve all around play.
    Allen: Forward
    Beeler: Guard
    Wilson: Guard
    IU ladies have some decent and good players. To me a glaring deficiency next year as this year is still physicality.
    As with all teams needs a physical tall center or tall wing (as in high 4+ star) that can shoot and score to go with what is already going to be at IU.

  15. How soon many of you forget the horrid state of this program when Coach Moren was hired. Over the three seasons prior to her coming on board we only won a total of 8 Big Ten games. For you math majors that’s 2.67 per season That was before Maryland and Rutgers joined. It could have been worse. We won 26 conference games in the first three seasons under the new leadership. This program is now among the top 10 percent of all women’s basketball programs in the country. The current team is extremely young and inexperienced and is a hand full of plays away from a record of 20-5. Coach Moren’s 4th full recruiting class won’t even arrive until next fall and it takes 4 classes just to build a foundation. Take a chill pill and start enjoying the ride.
    Still in the hunt.
    RPI – 40
    SOS – 45
    VS RPI top 50 4-3
    VS AP top 25 2-3

  16. We are quite aware of what Moren has done for this program otherwise why bother to even post on here now, who would care. We do care and hate to see it struggle when it could be better.

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