IUWBB: Patberg hurt, Hoosiers lose to Minnesota 65-61

Indiana made a charge following an injury to junior point guard Ali Patberg but lost to Minnesota, 65-61, on Wednesday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Patberg, the Hoosiers’ leading scorer, landed hard to the floor after she was tripped up and fouled in transition. She came up holding her right shoulder, clearly in pain, and IU coach Teri Moren could be heard saying “Deep breath, Ali. Deep breath.”

Moren said after the game that Patberg’s right shoulder was “out of socket” and she was receiving additional x-rays to diagnose the extent of the injury.

IU (17-7, 6-6 Big Ten) made a charge, though. The Hoosiers went on an 10-0 run in the fourth quarter, including a Brenna Wise 3-pointer to make it 61-57 with a little over a minute remaining.

Sophomore Keyanna Warthen then came up with a steal on a trap and took the ball the length of the floor for a three-point play chance. She missed the free throw opportunity, but the Hoosiers came up with the jump ball on a scrum for the rebound.

Trailing 61-59 with 26 seconds left, the Hoosiers took a timeout, and they returned to the floor with the fans remaining on their feet. Jaelynn Penn missed a wide-open 3 from the wing with 16 seconds left, and Minnesota’s Kenisha Bell got the rebound.

At that point, Bell had missed five free throws. She made one of two, and it was 62-59. Wise got the rebound, but a jump ball was called. Minnesota got the ball back with 14.7 seconds left. Bell went back to the line and made two more to make it 64-59.

Yeaney went coast-to-coast for a layup with 5.5 seconds left to cut it to three. Destiny Pitts hit another free throw to make it 65-61.

Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers with 18 points.

IU struggled from the field in the first quarter, hitting 2 of their first 12 and then 4 of 17 in the quarter. Minnesota turned it over five times but still lead 16-8 at the end of the period.

That poor shooting effort included a 0-of-4 mark from 3, but the Hoosiers were able to score in the paint more in the second quarter. Kym Royster had two consecutive putbacks to bring the deficit to 20-12. Yeaney then scored on a drive, and then she had two free throws to cut it to 21-16. 

Yeaney then kicked out to Patberg for a wide-open 3 from the top of the key, making it a two-point game. Patberg, who finished with eight points and five rebounds, had a chance to tie it but split a pair from the free throw line.

IU wouldn’t score the remaining 5:14 of the quarter. Five of the Hoosiers’ nine first-half turnovers came during that stretch, and the Gophers went on a 6-0 run thanks to a Bell three-point play and an Irene Garrido Perez 3.

Garrido Perez hit three 3s and had nine points at half. Bell also had nine, while Destiny Pitts added seven. Patberg and Yeaney each had six points for IU in the first two quarters. IU shot 8-of-27 from the floor, while the Gophers were 9-of-29. Minnesota shot 4-of-12 from the field in the second quarter, but the Hoosiers could only chip one point off the lead.

In the third quarter, things turned for the worst with Patberg’s injury, but the Hoosiers made four shots in a row immediately following her exit. It was 42-36 after that run, but Minnesota pushed it back to 48-40 at the end of the period.


  1. Best wishes for AP. It seems like the women big ten is a lot about matchups. Not playing good on home floor plus unforced turnovers and Minnesota controlled game throughout until late in game. It seems that missed shots and physically rebounds second chance shots cost IU ladies. This IU ladies team evidently is not quite good enough as I originally thought or this IU ladies team doesn’t make much sense. Women big ten doesn’t make a lot of sense and just an ok conference that IU ladies should be better.

  2. IU cannot score .. I hate keep getting on 10 .. but so many minutes with zero production..her defense was not good…
    11 .. not far behind her tonight.. 12 needs more minutes .. with her minimal minutes .. look solid as usual..

    Now 2… i dig her game.. might be all over the place .. cost IU at times but , kid is quick..

    Without Penn .. its a even more ugly loss.

    Prayers going out to Ali Patberg…. going to need her…

  3. Fan, really don’t understand your criticism of Gulbe, I thought that she has played well in the last 2 games. Not good defensively? She had 3 blocked shots tonight, thought she was physical around the basket. She absolutely muscled a girl out of the way on her way to the layup, basically bulled her out of the way, not physical huh? Still say she is basically playing out of position, she is a 4 playing the 5 most of the time when she is in the game. Gulbe played 26 minutes with 4 points and 4 rebounds and 3 blocks with no turnovers, not outstanding but efficient. I agree with you about Royster, a basic “no show” in her 17 minutes of play. She was her usual self as I have mentioned before, great last game, no show this game, the story of her career? Also agree with you about Marchese, played a little under 3 minutes which is 3 minutes more than the last game? I was sad to see Patberg get hurt but, did you see the plus-minus on her playing time, she played 24 minutes and the team was a minus 11 when she was in the game which was the highest negative of any of our players, not good? We were a plus 5 when Gulbe and Warthen were in the game.

    Our 4 for 17 shooting in the first quarter really got us in a hole, Moren spoke of the team’s problems in the first quarter on the season. She says she just doesn’t understand why this keeps happening? The real problem this evening was our inability to stop Kenisha Bell who is one of the best guards in the conference. Although we held her to 5 for 21 from the field, we allowed her to shoot 17 free throws hitting 11 of them, she wound up with 22 points. Our 38% shooting from the floor killed us along with 3 for 15 from beyond the 3 point line. All in all, it was a poor performance by IU, simple as that. We did only turn the ball over 13 times which is good for us but, the poor shooting doomed us! Now we go on the road to Michigan St. which will be tough! Go Hoosiers!

    1. MikeC I agree that Gulbe played well and also dove on the floor for 2 jump balls in addition to her overall solid play. Some people are so narrow minded that they can look through a key hole with both eyes at the same time. The game was again lost by poor guard play with 5 unforced, sloppy, lazy, inexcusable, and head scratching early turnovers along with too many poor decisions.

      Playing without Patberg will be a tremendous opportunity for the growth of this team. Hopefully for the short term.

  4. Mikec
    26 min .. Those numbers are not efficient .. I thought you said .. Give 10 starter minutes .. Watch multiple double doubles ..saw one block .. But could be wrong .. One play pushing her man out is not tough …

    I’ll say this .. Now think about this .. Playing down low is a one on one thing .. 10 is loosing the battles …

    You ride 11 but 10 never exceeds roysters best stats ..

    Main thing is 10 loosing battles down low …

    Playing too many minutes and getting tired .. Down low excerts lots of energy … Not getting what they want out of her …

  5. Jon Blau’s HT newspaper article did a PERFECT job of capturing this game.
    In my mind, it’s among his best work.
    Every IU women’s basketball fan needs to read it, even if it requires buying the print edition! 🙂

  6. Fan, I will agree with one thing, Marchese should be getting Gulbe’s minutes at rhe 5 position. Moren is playing her (Gulbe) out of position! Marchese has the physicality to play inside at a high level. You can keep critisizing Gulbe for her play inside but, she shouldn’t be there. She is a 4 as I have said many times before until my fingers turn bloody and blue. Her skill set is a 4 because of her ability to shoot the 3. Don’t know what game you were watching but, she had 3 blocks, saw everyone of them from court side, don’t know what angle you are watching from? Yes, I ride Royster because she is a senior who should be a team leader and is so inconsistent it is pathetic. YOU SIMPLY CAN’T COUNT ON HER. You have to agree with that. Look at her stats from game to game this year. She plays because she has size on a team that has so little size. She on occasion has a nice game. I would much rather see Marchese start in the middle if she could stay out of foul trouble. The only reason apparently that Moren plays Gulbe at center is simply because for some reason she doesn’t trust Marchese in there? Oh well, we will continue to disagree. Go Hoosiers!

  7. Wish I could read the Blau article, I do not subscribe to the HT online and can’t get it since I live in Kokomo? Oh well, my loss.

  8. MikeC,

    Now I will agree 10 , is a 4 and most likely a shooting 4. Maybe playing out of position is why my eye goes where it does… I catch a vibe from 10.. not wanting any part of the 5 postilion and is loosing confidence down there.. its a nasty tough position in the big ten .. have to have the mentality to battle..

    Now do I believe if 10 played that 4 .. would she be more productive.. yes..

    All season long we have agreed 100% on ..12.. she has all the tools to play down low like we need .
    12 .. has and will show up .. at some point we have to stop opposing 5’s scoring and bounding on us… Post that 12 up.. tell her the ball is coming … and lets see her body action to the rim…

    In the Neb.. game where 12 saw zero minutes and 10 fouled out.. don’t you think giving 12 .. 8 minutes or so .. would of preserved 10 from fouling out .. and using 10 .. in the closing minutes ?
    ( bad coaching )

    Will never convince me 12.. could not handle that big girl from scoring or bounding…

  9. oh, had to watch the game intermittent on big ten +…. that’s why i said you could be right…

    Listen , I know you have an eye for hoop and articulate in your writings… but at times I feel your like of a player gets in the way of that knowable hoop eye you have … but that’s just one mans opinion.

    Keep doing your thing on here … we all enjoy you on here…

  10. The early unforced turnovers along with the forced ones, combined with the cold shooting put us in a hole we couldnt climb out of. Yes Gulbe is a 4 , a shooting 4 as Cahil was. Playing at the 5 is foreign for her and awkward, but as has been said is required because of our lack of size and Morens lack of trust in Marchese. Yes KR didnt show with 4 pts and 5 reb. Typical for her has always happened after a good game , we can count on her for that. Also once again Warthen does something good then its immediate bench time. Even though it was a critical time why take her out , we were getting nothing from the rest of team, both Penn and Wise were both not having a good night. Patberg was starting to play well at the time she got injured. Most likely will not play on monday and as has been said could be a good thing for the team in the long run. What keep running thru my min that with the injury would almost force extra playing time for Warthen, at least I hope. I will try and get a copy of the Herald to read the article by Blau.

  11. Don’t know if its a lack of trust on 12.. but more over IU cannot score .. feels 10 ,11.. has a better chance putting the ball into the rim… but again.. IU needs to stop other teams 5 scoring and bounding..

    I believe IU.. needs to find that spot in the 5 rotation.. stopping other teams 5’s momentum and the chance to score…

    I also believe player with a dislocated shoulder.. tear or no tear will be out minimum.. 2-4 weeks…
    Athletics is funny.. always have to be ready to play .. next man up mentality .. injuries all happen..

    Lets go .. Key…

  12. I thought Warthen played really well although only 8 minutes, as usual, should have been more! In the stats they didn’t even give her a steal on that last play where she took the ball the length of the court and scored when fouled, don’t know what the stats guy is watching? I thought her defense was exceptional! I just really feel bad for her and Marchese not getting the time they need? With the Patberg injury I would think her time will increase. Go Hoosiers!

  13. Looking down the road this season and peeking to next season Moren should be grooming Marchese for the road ahead. OK Holmes comes in at the 5 , she goes out who comes in , Gulbe, not her position, more of a finesse player likes it on the wing. So what if Marchese unhappy with her situation transfers out. Holmes wont be ready for extended minutes at the college level grind. Allen is 6′ 1″ at best, but may be counted on for more consistent play at the 4/5 spot, but most likely will spell Wise. As Ive said many times before Key needs to be on the court more. Her quickness cannot be denied and she has proven she can hit the 3, Berger at this point cannot hit the 3, although her pull up jumper is consistent, good ball handler.

  14. Got to give 12 .. more minutes and get her involved in the offense .. she can post hard and score.. open back side a lot.. ok enough of 12 and 2..

    big .. huge question.. who is going to play the 1 . ? . and how is IU going run their offense to score enough to win these last reg season ball games.. IU Plays the upper teams in the big ten ..

  15. Fan– Good question, although both Berger and Yeaney played pt for their high school teams as seniors, question,, is either a good enough ball holder to run the pt at this level,,,, Houston we have a problem[providing AP is out for extended time]. The spartans must be licking their chops about now.

  16. Steve W.. not only the Spartans .. but the remainder of the teams IU plays . ( if 14 is out that long )
    Huge mental advantage to the opposing team .. when a starter goes down … especially Point…

  17. Just my opinion but, Berger is a better ballhandler that some think? A lot of her baskets are her going one on one taking the ball either to the basket or into the lane for pull up jumper. If Patberg is out for any length of time, it will simply be point guard by committee. All we can do is hope for the best. Go Hoosiers!

  18. Mikec by committee is the best way to describe it without AP. Hobling into Lansing Mi. on 3 legs , a place where the spartans have not lost this season and having just lost at Iowa have a bad taste in their mouth as we should have. MS can bring out Cook , Gaines, and Allen all 6′ 3″ range , cant imagine not having Marchese on the court to try and combat some of this. Six games remaining and the first two in the state of Mich. 3 on the road hopefully we come out shooting the ball better than at home against Minn. Otherwise this could get very ugly in a hurry.

  19. Now .. 10 did a nice job on Allen … ( got to give props when deserved) 11 was absolutely horrible.. Allen took 11 at will all night.. truly did not understand why 12 .. didn’t come in .. almost lost ..

    With you Steve W .. IU needs to hold down scoring in the pant and 12…. brings toughness .. physicality.. that is going to be needed .. bring 12 in and see how the game flows.. ( the match up is there )

    Sprtains … are going to be physical and tough ..

    Let 34.. run the point .. she has the tools…

  20. Fan– Agree let Berger run the pt, our best ball handler. Besides Marchese we will also need to use Warthen. At some pt I expect Gulbe to help out and use some of her experience from euro play, has to learn to play without fouling so much to stay on court. Moren will need to use all players to have any chance, forcing to go with whats comfortable = loss.

  21. Wishing AP well. She seems to be a little prone to dings and injury.
    Off subject a little: I remember last year when Buss got her arm hyper extended and caught her arm and shoulder twisted to the point that I initially thought her career was over. She was in a bunch of pain. In a couple of minutes she was back in game driving the bucket making plays and scoring. To me it was just amazing the way/style she played that she stayed injury free and just played with pain sometimes.

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