NOTES: Sheridan to coach TEs, DeBoer to work with QBs

Nick Sheridan’s job responsibilities will change in 2019.

Indiana announced Thursday that Sheridan will shift from coaching quarterbacks to overseeing the Hoosiers’ tight ends under new offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer.

Hired last month, DeBoer will coach IU’s quarterbacks.

Sheridan, 30, spent each of the past two seasons coaching the Hoosier quarterbacks. He joined coach Tom Allen’s staff in 2017 after having spent a month at Central Michigan, where he was hired as a running backs coach. Sheridan also spent three seasons as an offensive graduate assistant at Tennessee from 2014 to 2016.

Last season at Fresno State, DeBoer oversaw the development of quarterback Marcus McMaryion, who threw for 25 touchdowns and 3,629 yards with only five interceptions. McMaryion completed 68.6 percent of his passes and went 21-4 as a starter.

While working as the head coach at the University of Sioux Falls, DeBoer coached two quarterbacks, Lorenzo Brown (2009) and Chad Cavender (2007), who earned the NAIA National Player of the Year award.

3 Hoosiers receive Combine invites
Indiana safety Jonathan Crawford, long snapper Dan Godsil and offensive tackle Brandon Knight will participate in the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium from Feb. 26 to March 4.

This is third time in four years that at least three Hoosiers have received invitations to the NFL’s showcase event.

Crawford started every game since his arrival at Indiana in 2015. He shares eighth on the program’s career list with nine interceptions.

Godsil earned 2018 Phil Steele second team All-America honors. The Ottawa, Ohio, product was the team’s long and short snapper his final three campaigns after he served as the long snapper as a true freshman.

Knight started 26 games and played in 41 overall at right tackle. The Noblesville, Ind., native started all 12 contests in 2018 and allowed just three sacks in 904 snaps en route to earning honorable mention All-Big Ten honors.

Mark your calendar
Indiana’s Cream and Crimson spring game will be held on Friday, April 12, the program announced Thursday.

The Hoosiers’ spring practice season will begin on Saturday, March 2. IU’s annual Pro Day for NFL scouts take place on Tuesday, April 2.


  1. It will be interesting to see how Coach DeBoer develops IU’s offense . He is putting a stamp on it already and I hope the offense becomes more dynamic. It will get more dynamic with the right QB starting and expanding the passing game with deeper throws to the middle. IU has talented QBs, WRs, TEs, and RBs to use effectively. The OL needs to step up this year but the right approach on offense will make them look better.

    Having the Spring game on Little 500 weekend should get more people to the game. Having it in the evening should reduce the chances of weather being a problem. It would be nice to have the Spring game encourage more to attend the games in the Fall. Even if Tuttle isn’t eligible I would make him the QB of one team so fans can see what is possible.

  2. I sure like this move. DeBoer’s 1st branding starts at QB. Sheridan will have DeBoer in his ear about TE needs/results + he’ll get lots of help from GA’s Friend and Fisher both possessing either TE playing or coaching backgrounds. Really interested in observing how Hiller performs under a younger more driven OC.

  3. I’d be pretty happy if I was a Hoosier quarterback.

    Of course, let’s not forget that Wilson was supposed to be quite the quarterback guru himself. As soon as Ryan Day hit campus he was handed the OSU quarterback duties over Wilson before moving on to replace Meyer. That whole CKW as a quarterback guru image has played itself out, I believe.

    1. Chet the reason the Wilson/Day duties transpired as it did is because Wilson was more needed for game planning. Something even Stoops commented about several times that Wilson was 1 of the best. It was Meyer’s grand scheme to keep them both happy. Those are things I’ve heard from folks in Ohio and from my Sooner land customers. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with having a weakness for coaching QB’s.

      1. Possibly, but Wilson was put in charge of the running game. Quarterback and passing game duties were strictly in Day’s hands.

        Doesn’t sound like how you would utilize a quarterback guru.

        1. Chet here’s the skinny; Day was hired as Co-OC & QB coach before Wilson came aboard as OC & TE coach for OSU. Wilson to my recollection had not been a QB coach for a decade before getting to Bloomington. I know Po likes to post otherwise but he is the only person I’ve ever heard refer to Wilson as ‘QB Guru’. Wilson is as I’ve always thought of him, an offensive guru. Which he ably proves everywhere he goes.

          1. Ditto. Wilson’s a schemer looking for that mismatch to exploit- rushing OR passing. When OSU hired him some Buckeye fan put up a lengthy post with plenty of video on one of the OSU sites analyzing how, when he was at IU, KW would set up the aforesaid mismatches with earlier play-calling, disguised looks, etc. It was very insightful. And a lot of fun watching some IUFB gems.

  4. I’m glad DeBoer is handling the qb’s. Sounds like it will be a clean slate and Ramsey’s experience will not be a deciding factor since he’s new to the system and new to the QB coach. DeBoer’s offense did go down field a lot and also outside the hash marks. Seems to favor a strong armed qb. I think Penix will be the #1 and Tuttle #2 unless he’s not granted eligibility for 2019. This should be good news alo to Westbrook and Hale who both seemed held back by the play calling.

    1. Having a solid #2 is a luxury that may have added a few wins for the Hoosiers in recent seasons.

      Playing a freshman backup linebacker behind center sure didn’t work out.

  5. Sure it did! It made him into an NFL player! But yeah,,,, he definitely wasn’t a good college qb. Didn’t Danny Cameron start a game too? Man there have been some dark days for IU football. Fred Glass sayes his intention is to compete for a B1G championship. They’d have to move up another 35 spots in the recruiting ranks. Maybe he should just tell the truth and say they are trying for a bowl game and then move up to a winning season.

    1. Well, yeah. That’s the goal.

      Pretty sure nobody thinks the Hoosiers will be facing Clemson in the BCS anytime soon.

  6. Why listen to anything Fred Glass says? He’s a gas-bag politician whose primary objective is keeping his cushy and high paying job until he retires.

    Wilson is not and never was a QB guru, regardless of who labeled him as such. It’s not hard to get good quarterbacks to play for Oklahoma. The trick is getting one or two to play for IU. And it makes me laugh to know that Tom Allen has done a much better job recruiting quarterbacks in two years than Wilson did in five years. Wilson is a very good Offensive Coordinator. Period.

    I find the news about DeBoer coaching the QBs to be the best possible news. The performance of his previous quarterbacks speaks for itself.

    1. Yeah. Sometimes being in the right place is the biggest factor. Honestly, it takes more skill to win at IU than at Oklahoma.

      There is plenty of stuff to pin on Glass but I’m betting this is the lowest paying gig he has had in a long time.

  7. Fred Glass’ salary was reported at $561k. In 2010, two years after Glass came to IU at salary of $410k/annum, profits/partner at his old firm were $520/annum. This year, after a merger a couple of years ago, profits/partner were $800k/annum. But these numbers are deceptive; some partners make a lot more rain than others and are compensated accordingly. I’ve known partners at mega-firms who were earning substantially less than the published averages. Glass was chief of staff to a former Indiana gov., so presumably had connections to land some good clients and earn above the published average, but there’s no real way to know.

  8. Very happy that OC DeBoer will be coaching the QB’s. He will be blamed for any QB issues anyway, now he will have the full opportunity! Good decision Coach Allen!

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