Penix on the mend; Tuttle continues to wait

Quarterback Michael Penix’s recovery from a torn ACL is progressing as Indiana hoped, coach Tom Allen revealed this week.

Penix, who suffered his season-ending injury in the second half of IU’s loss to Penn State on Oct. 20, remains on track to throw with teammates during spring practice, which begins in three weeks.

“(He’s doing) really good,” Allen said. “Watched him run (Tuesday) during our morning run and watched him work out after that and talked to our training staff and talked to our strength staff specifically about him and his progress, and he is right on schedule, if not a little bit ahead.”

Penix split snaps with starter Peyton Ramsey during the first half of the Hoosiers’ 33-28 loss to the Nittany Lions before going down early in the third quarter. His right knee appeared to twist awkwardly as he was hit by two Penn State defenders, and members of IU’s athletic training staff had to help Penix off the field and into the locker room for further evaluations.

On the season, Penix completed 21 of his 34 throws for 219 yards with one touchdown. He also rushed for 45 yards on seven carries, appearing in IU’s games against Florida International, Ball State and Penn State.

Because he played in only three contests, Penix was able to keep his redshirt and preserve an extra year of eligibility.

“Certain body types are quicker to recover, and he seems to have one of those,” Allen said. “(He) seems to be responding well to the rehab and everything that he’s going through, so really encouraged by that, and it’s hard, especially in the beginning, and he kind of had to push through some of those tough days, and they’re not going to be completely gone, but I think the hardest part is behind him.”

Once his recovery is complete, Penix is expected to once again compete with Ramsey for the starting job in fall camp. Utah transfer Jack Tuttle might also find himself in the mix.

Tuttle, a redshirt freshman, is appealing to the NCAA for immediate eligibility next season. Indiana continues to wait on a ruling.

“We don’t have an update on Jack,” Allen said. “We know we’ve submitted everything the way we’re supposed to, and we’ll have to let that process play out, so we’ll know in the future on his status.”


  1. It is good to hear Penix is doing well in recovery. How well IUFB does in 2019 could very well be dependent on Penix being healthy or Tuttle being eligible. I respect Ramsey and think he has done as well as he could but IU needs a more talented QB to have a winning season.

    I hope coach lets Tuttle run with the first offense along with Ramsey just to get a fair evaluation of the QBs. It would really help coach DeBoer if their was a clear delineation between QBs after Spring Practice. If Tuttle shows he is the better QB then Fall Practice will be between him and Penix. If Tuttle can’t practice with the first team then I think it will limit the evaluation coach DeBoer needs to make. QB is a critical spot for 2019 as the ability of the QB impacts how good the OL looks.

  2. v13, I completely agree with everything you said in the first paragraph above. But the question will be, will Tom Allen and his new Associate Head Coach for the Offense agree that Ramsey does not have the talent necessary to lead this team to a winning season?

    It makes me very nervous to think that Tuttle may not be eligible to play next season. If he is not, we’ll be dependent on a limited Ramsey or a guy coming off of major knee repair surgery and rehab. And if Penix is the starter, you can bet DeBoer won’t be calling plays that require Penix to run the ball. IU needs’s Tuttle to be eligible, regardless of whether he’s chosen to be the starter or not.

    1. PO, all the coaches have to do is look at the PSU defense and see how Penix changed how they attacked IU’s offense.

  3. We attended the I U Football signing program, and Tuttle was in attendance and also also spoke to the attendees and getting a good look at him in person, Tuttle has more body mass than Penix looking at the above photo and his hand size looks like he can get a good grip on the football and my wife liked his short talk on why he chose to come to I U. The NCAA has already cleared the an trasferring to Ohio State. Tuttle didn’t play a single second at Utah and withdrew from classes by the first drop period and unless the rules have changed would’nt have received any grades in the classes he dropped, that’s my thoughts on the young man. The reference to Ohio State was on the quarterback transfer.

  4. A little before my time. I didn’t know IU had a football team then. Growing up in rural Indiana, all we knew was IU Basketball with Martha the Mop Lady pushing a broom down a hallway and singing the fight song. It wasn’t until Ohio State beat up IU on a televised Saturday game that I found out IU also played football.

  5. The mjority of QB transfer requests listed in the portal have been cleared by the NCAA. Tuttle’s hasn’t. Is it possible the same people that messed basic entry paperwork for the Ben Davis kid who ended up sitting out a year, still are on the job? Somehow, it wouldn’t be surprising.

    1. Brad- Not sure where you’re getting your info, but Justin Fields is the only non grad transfer QB to be granted eligibility as far as I know. I assume the other kids will find out very soon. And the Ben Davis kid you’re talking about actually went to Avon.

      1. Ok, he was an Oriole. The latest has 35 QB’s actually selecting new schools. 27, including Winbush from ND have been approved. 4 are sitting. 4 are waiting for a decision including Tuttle.

  6. 2/20/19: 30 QB’s have been given the green light to start immediately as transfers. Only 4 players remain in the ‘appeal’ category; Martell OSU-FSU, Jonathan Travers Louisville to FSU, John Langan BC-Rutgers and of course Tuttle, who should have been an early approval . Frosh and didn’t see any playing time. Concerned, especially after what happened 2 years ago? I am.

    1. The vast majority of those QBs are grad transfers and didn’t need any kind of waiver. Your guess is as good as mine as to why Tuttle’s appeal hasn’t went through the process but we’d have to assume it’s any day now. Since Tuttle got out of Dodge so early, I think he shouldn’t have a problem getting approved but IMO Tate Martell certainly shouldn’t be granted a waiver after all of his comments.

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