Pennsylvania O-lineman commits to Indiana

Indiana is adding to its 2019 recruiting class ahead of Wednesday’s National Signing Day.

Tim Weaver, a 6-foot-5, 285-pound offensive lineman from Hellertown, Pa., announced his commitment to IU on Saturday afternoon, becoming the 20th members of Indiana’s 2019 class.

Weaver visited Rutgers on Friday, per 247 Sports, making a final trip to New Jersey before coming to his decision. Akron, Bucknell, Buffalo and Syracuse also offered. He’s considered a three-star recruit by 247 Sports. Rivals rates him as a two-star prospect.

At Saucon Valley High School, Weaver played left tackle for a team that went 10-3 at the Class 4A level. Saucon Valley rushed for 4,368 yards, 312.0 yards per game and 63 touchdowns on the season.

“In the past, the college recruiters would look at him and say, ‘We like him but he needs to be more aggressive.’ But if you look at him this year he has become a beast,” Saucon Valley coach Phil Sams told the Allentown Morning Call. “He’s playing with a chip on his shoulder stemming from not getting the number of scholarship offers he deserves.

“… For his size, he’s got great technique. He improved so much from last year to this year. He knows what he can do and he’s got a better mindset. He has taken it to another level and has become a road grader. He is only going to get better.”


  1. This is a great class. By far, the best class IU has ever had. I also like the new offensive coordinator hire. Go Hoosiers

  2. So pumped about this class and the last! 2020 season starts the Hoosiers perennial bowl run. It could start in 2019 but I’m not banking on it yet. New heights are on the horizon for IU football. All of the years of heartache are almost over gang.

    1. You better check your pulse If you’re an IU football fan and not excited about the team’s future right now.

      I know IU fans aren’t used to IU having a winning football team. There is plenty of historical data to make anybody doubt the Hoosiers. However, the talent will be there for this team to win a lot of games over the next few years and beyond.

      It’s on the coaches now to put it all together. There are plenty of Tom Allen doubters on the blog and it’s to be expected. I really don’t have any doubts that he’s the man for the job. OC and DC are in place, the talent is there. Here come the wins!

  3. That was a lot of fun to watch, but what I’d really like to see is #77 catch one and rumble on the tackle eligible.

  4. “Akron, Bucknell, Buffalo and Syracuse also offered. ” And of course we beat out Rutgers too.

    Let’s hope that chip on his shoulder remains in place.

    1. Yes his tape shows more promise than I was expecting, quite a bit more and with B1G size. I’ll take a Keystone player anytime as they usually have an edge and focus to their play.

  5. fishspinners- Love your blogging name…and love your blind optimism as well. You may be becoming the AWinAZ of Hoosier Football. AWinAZ is our basketball soothsayer.

    I will only add this: There is talent…and then there is talent. Last time I checked, we still play in the BigTen East with OSU, PSU, Michigan and Michigan State.

    This does appear to be quite the sizable high school boy. I don’t care how many stars he has next to his name, he’s gonna make some people he hits see a few more.

    So…so…so much needs to go perfect against the ‘Murderers Row’ of the BigTen East when attempting to turn corners with less depth and young talent. You can’t afford any setbacks…You can’t afford any major injuries to key talent on that thin squad.
    Hope always springs eternal for Hoosier Football. But it’s the lack of harvest in victories in late fall where we forever go hungry in cold winters. I guess there’s always ice fishing, fishspinners.

  6. This does appear to be quite the sizable high school boy. I don’t care how many stars he has next to his name, he’s gonna make some people he hits see a few more.

    How many football Scoopers wish they could have thought of that final line in a hundred years? This is why I’m Harv. Keep that one for future use, esteemed Scoop journalists. I’ll kick the bucket one of these days…Not soon enough for most of you…lol.

  7. Only watched the first few minutes of the clip, but I noticed how frequently he’s following up on hits, throwing guys to the ground, etc….very late and long after the play has developed/gone downfield. That will get flagged at this level.
    It makes him look tough going after guys 20 yards removed from where the ball is….but that’s really not impacting the play. Maybe that’s the “chip on the shoulder.” Just give me some good clean and mean blocks…I don’t need to watch you take random target practice where zebras roam.

  8. PO- this kid is big, athletic and pancakes anything that gets in his way. I think he was just a late bloomer. I was critical of another O-line recruit who was clearly a reach. IU pulled that offer. This kid is different. He could be the next Stevie Scott- overlooked by everyone, falls to IU and ends up being a huge upgrade.

  9. Hahaha. The excitement! Over a 3 star recruit as in incredible hawk, six million dollar man, super man, wonder man, Kung fu man, bulldozer man, tank man, wrestling man, pancake man, trucker man, and of course bench man. The old archives of hope and dispair of IU football lore. Same since party lines of Ma Bell Telephone Company.

    1. I’d say IU Football is more like Gilligan’s Island….

      Ship certainly got tossed….and tossed…and tossed.
      Desert island stands.
      Enough huts…but no football.
      USS Minnow of the BigTen.
      Every new coach is Gilligan.
      Soon as we think we’re getting off the island, well, you know…It’s just to keep us tuned in for the next coaching “episode.”
      Still in reruns!

  10. This OL man is a bit of a project but I hope he shows he can be as good as some of the 2 star OL men IU has had like Roger Saffold who has had a good career in the NFL. I agree this class is a very good class and I base it on the films I have seen on these players. How hard they work and how much they want to prove they belong in the B1G East along with coaching will determine how good IUFB can be in a few years.

    Yes I am optimistic about the future of IUFB under coach Allen. We have seen him make changes in areas he see need to improve and we have see the uptick in recruiting.

  11. Appreciate the optimism but suspect that those volunteering such optimism are in the vast minority of Hoosier fans. As for Tom Allen being the reason for such optimism, he has yet to demonstrate that he has the skills to lead a team to producing a winning season. He is a good recruiter, and appears to be a good and honorable man who loves where he’s at. He also appears to have all the right motivations. But he has to show me he can produce a winning season, and that’s not going to be easy playing in the Big Ten East.

    1. I’m guessing you’re not on Twitter. There is plenty of optimism amongst Hoosier football fans. But if you’re just counting the guys on this blog, then yea I’m probably in the minority.

      The B1G East will always be tough sledding for IU but TA and the boys are steadily building up the program to compete with the traditional powers.

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