1. It’s nice how HT allowed Jeremy to go on a paradise journey to Iowa City.

    ‘Bohannonball Run’…..Clever.

  2. I think Romeo is going to come back next season….I don’t think he’s going to allow this bad taste in his mouth to define his time at Indiana.

    Something tells me this young man is going to end up being an Indiana Hoosier legend like none we’ve ever known. It will catch all of us in utter shock and disbelief. We will nearly be in tears….He will take the candy stripes to the promise land. He’s playing poker with us right now….He’s bluffing showing his hand…His quite demeanor conceals the roaring lion and the hunger to be a Hoosier champion.

    1. H4H,
      My head tells me Romeo would be a fool to come back and risk injury in college, he’s still a high lottery caliber pick. You don’t risk mega bucks for what may be another transitional year for IU. My heart would love to see him come back especially if AM can find some teammates for him who can shoot. If so, a deep run into the tournament would be possible. Who out there would be able to defend a 2nd year Romeo on a spread out defense?

      The only thing I can think of which would make your dream come true, is his level of character combined with loyalty to his home state. Might do the trick, but I would be hard pressed to ask any kid to risk his future in that manner.

      1. thinkaboutit- I do hear the ‘risk injury’ thing all the time….and it is a valid assessment of possibilities going forward with another year of college. But isn’t he just as big a fool to play four more games, a BigTen tournament…and a possible few NIT games? That’s a possible…6 …7 or 8 more games. In Romeo’s world right now, they’re pretty meaningless games as he already sits as a top-10 draft pick.

        Question: Outside of becoming an instant legend if he were to give Archie one more season, does he not have the potential to be a #1 draft pick after next season? Being #1 is a rare thing…..It seems very possible. We could have a #1 team and a #1 draft pick….and much dancing in the streets with #1 banner of 21st century Hoosiers.

      2. I find this stuff fascinating…..”Can’t risk it all”…? But are they really risking it all?

        Darius Garland(Gary, Indiana) blew out his knee at the beginning of his freshman season. Played in only six games. Has withdrawn from Vanderbilt to focus on preparing for the NBA. He is still projected to go two spots higher than Romeo . Garland is at #4 while Romeo is at #6 (CBS Mock Draft).

        I thought an injury means it over…? Gang, sports medicine is not 1979. There is so much money in the NBA…and so many damn teams that it seems like outside of stepping on a land mine, the myth of draft status dropping because of serious injury should probably be put to bed. The NBA simply wants a slice of the big bucks and promotion of these kids via the one-and-done. It’s the NBA with much to risk in the form of greed.

        How does a kid stay a #4 pick with barely playing his freshman year after a season-ending knee injury? Explain.

    2. There it is. The ‘Now I love Romeo’ post.

      Time for you to bash him some more since that’s out of the way.

  3. Chet- Please provide the quote where I “bashed” Romeo anywhere near some of the disparaging remarks I’ve seen many, including yourself, have said about Romeo …or other Hoosiers at various times this season. Show me where I’ve said anything about his draft status dropping. You just played your blog police role last night by telling Clarion not to beat up on a kid. Do you police your own as much as you police Scoop on your blog patrols? Do you police yourself? Such foolish questions I ask of the utmost perfect example of dignity and human existence…Sorry for asking.

    I never beat up on Romeo. I have beaten up on the heart of this team(no different than what Double Down just did this morning) and the concept of how much anyone is really invested as a ‘one-and-done.’ I’ve certainly beat up on the NBA’s desire to pillage college basketball of its once unique product and passion via the one-and-done.

  4. I’m convinced the one-and-done is going nowhere…because college ball is what fuels these enormous contracts. It is the stage and the competitive madness of March Madness that creates the fuel making these kids into true basketball gods. Without the one-and-done, much of that “introduction” to knew “one hit wonders” becomes more dissipated and dissolved into the overall product. Two-and-done’s get better…Three-and-done’s get better. Confusion enters the equations. There’s no more opening night for a Broadway Draft Night close to anything we’re experiencing now. The gambling that goes on now to bet on where these kids get drafted on the “opening night” is likely mind-blowing. Big, big…big money.
    The young guns are not harmed by such models and free promotion…It hurts these so-called superstars far more in the long run to remove the one-and-done. The “madness” is no longer solely in the ownership of a college basketball tournament ending on a Monday night in April. The real madness is Draft Night…..and without college ball providing the free advertising(recruit ranking hoopla included), Draft Night would quickly give up its glamour and relinquish it back to a Monday night.

    They want it all ways and sideways…The phenoms need this college stage. It’s why Darius Garland can still be a #4 without barely sniffing a freshman season. College ball is the last stop where it’s kept real….ALL benefit from the truly competitive fires of whatever real innocence remains on these preppy stages of Cameron and McCracken…..How quickly it’s up with the curtain for opening night of fantasy and flight….and Draft Night. Innocence and real vanishes faster than the years preceding popcorn memories and puberty pimples. But we need the real. We live to always have the mirror to look back into innocence though that mirror so fogged and distorted at times….before its on to the NBA(No Basketball Anywhere) meets Cirque du Soleil…meets Harlem Globbtrotters. ….meets “FAKE NEWS!”

    Without college ball and the ‘One-and-Done,’ the NBA is merely fake news. Going to the NBA straight out of high school does not serve a clear distinction from what’s real and what’s fake.

  5. Chet’s correct, H4h. Methinks this season has put you over the brink.

    Thinkaboutit has it correct, of course. No one (no one!) would pass up millions of dollars in order to win a banner for a school that he did not root for as a child.

    t pointed out the problem with new recurits…..Harv you seem to believe as though magically some good recruits are going to appear on the horizon…perhaps like the movie “Zulu”).

    Tickets are going cheap for Wisconsin…..students are selling them off in droves…..

    1. I mean…listen to all of the chest-pounding from grown men on this site. Know it alls!…Done it alls!….Studied it alls!…PhDs it alls!….Traveled it alls!….Careered it alls!…Offspringed it alls! Tweet it alls! Thinkaboutit alls!

      And we wonder why young kids want it all about “me?” Are the examples here the examples they’ve heard most their lives?
      We wonder where the team game has gone? Look in the mirror, my brilliant peer…Look in the mirror. Why should a teammate matter? Who is your Scoop teammate? Who do you relinquish your world to….ever? Never mind…I just need to work on my reading comprehension and praise a young man until his knees buckle because he has the skill to leave a team behind….Silly me.

    2. Just one question, Rock…..When will you ever be on the ‘brink’ of acknowledging any of my doctored images I post on Scoop? Just curious…because you seem to hang on a thread on everything I’ve typed and said in letters. But there are plenty of ways to speak via great imagery as well…a photo…a piece of art….or simply the glance at the world through a quiet eye.
      It hurts my thin skin and my feelings how you ignore my images…I put tons of time into them …in attempts to show irony, comedy…or simply another angle at what most deem to be a reality. You unveil much (as do all) with your silence over my images…..Did you know I used to use the ‘Lord of’ handle when posting my images? I hide nothing now. What do you hide?

        1. Well, we now have your predictable answer. What a stunning revelation of how you feel about yourself, Chet. It’s not like anyone here would need a crystal ball for that one. I predict Rock to be silent. Silence is golden….

          1. During a year with minimal salary increases my night shift placed my picture on a dollar bill. “Ron Dollars” instead of yearly raise. Copied it making 50+. Problem, they worked in hospital vending machines. All machines including the change machine were empty throughout the facility. Only clue were the “Ron Dollars”. Made for an interesting couple of days,well forgotten untill now.

  6. H4H the “explain” is called potential; but “potential” is like the Sword that hangs overhead. It Sits there and does nothing until its acted upon. Potential may open doors but POTENTIAL wont keep anyone there. As far as “quality recruits” IM reminded of an interview I saw involving Rick Mount. He worked as a lifeguard at local swimming pool and next to it was basketball court. He took his lunch hour and would shoot 200 + jump shots. kids today spend an hour playing video games. Jimmy Rayl, Kyle Macy, Steve Alford, I recall a kid I watched pour in 50 points from a small school ..name Ray Kuhlmeyer..No one spending time just shooting at a bare rim hung to the side of a barn or bank board. “putting the time in” is NOT a new thing but doing it seems to be.

  7. I Received a post from my Nephew who lives in Nebraska but follows IU…247 Sports report on IU’s shooting slide. in past 10 years IU’s 3 pt shooting percentages were: 2009-10 34.1 %; 2010-11 34.6%
    2011-12 43.1% 2012-2013 40.3%; 2013-2014 34.4%; 2014-2015 40.6% 2015-1016 41.6%; 2016-2017 38.0% ; 2017-2018 32.2% 2018-2019 30.8%.. Only the years with 40% or greater are/were 20 win seasons…I for one wouldn’t cafre WHERE Archie went to find someone who know how to shoot..Div 2 transfer or JC transfer. Hell at 30% , you could stand at mid court and do the Meadowlark Lemon Hook Shot and make it at that percentage.

  8. Wow…Meadowlark. Another great rollback time machine name. I wonder how many of these one-and-done’s even know the name of Meadowlark? Curly Neal? How many know that Cripsus Attucks High School saw many of their superstars(before ‘The Big O’) go to the Globetrotters because colleges and early professional leagues were mostly excluding them?

    I loved watching the Globetrotters back in the day….They were really the first candy stripes…Sorry, Mr. Knight. I know where your idea originated. They were simply on a pair of shorts


  9. TJ, it would be interesting if someone went back and looked at the shooting stats for Archie’s former team. Compare FT stats and 3-point stats between the three years before Archie took over to the years after he became head coach at Dayton. Could be very interesting data.

    1. Po,
      As near as I can tell the 3 years prior to Archie at Dayton were pretty pathetic shooting wise (Ranked 150+, sometimes near #300). About the 3rd year in their shooting came up to respectably (Top 100 ranking 3P% #20). Stayed in decent levels remained of his tenure, if I am reading the stats correctly.

  10. Most of these shooting woes are due to …(a) inherited Crean recruits brought into the program based on athleticism(“upside”) more than natural shooting/scoring abilities and (b) simply not enough time to enjoy a rhythm on the court (injuries).

    Please tell me when anyone turned Jeremiah Rivers, Troy Williams or Stan Robinson……into Rick Mount. Robinson couldn’t even decide which hand to use at the charity stripe….while Sheehey attempted to correct his problems.
    Derek Elston played baseball catch with Peter Jurkin in an attempt to improve Jurkin’s “hands” when the ball was fed to him .

    Can we please quit pretending that Crean brought in refined basketball players? The only refined kids came from Indiana(Yogi, Zeller, Hulls)…or via transfer(Remy, Beilfeldt, Zeisloft). The rest were always phenoms/works in progress or maybe finding a shot at just about the same exact time they were ready to take their premature b-ball IQ’s/games to the NBA….or G-League.
    Will Sheehey finished four years at IU shooting .676 from the charity stripe. Nothing to write home about….He shot .330 from 3-pt range in his senior season. Again, nothing to write home about.

    Once all the old shoes are cleaned out of the closet, our shooting will improve along with the improving product(higher basketball IQ) which will come with Archie recruits.

  11. Of course, Matt Roth was a dynamite 3-pt shooter…Matter of fact, he was so good from deep range that Crean decided not to call him back for his final year of eligibility…..wanting, instead, another phenom from the East oozing with athleticism despite bricklaying jumpers and turnover propensity.

  12. Don’t want to beat up on anyone specific…(especially anyone from my favorite city of Chicago…hint hint) but does “oozing with athleticism despite bricklaying jumpers and turnover propensity” sound familiar with any of the non-Archie recruits on this roster?
    Jump 48″ off the floor and touch the top of the backboard? No problem. Prevent from stopping hearts or makeing fans cover eyes every time you drive to the bucket or shoot a jumper? Problem.

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