Brooks sets date for decision announcement

The college basketball world will soon learn where Keion Brooks is headed next.

Brooks will announce his decision on Friday, March 15 at 8 p.m. during an event at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Fort Wayne. The five-star forward will choose from a list of schools that includes, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan State.

According to the 247 Sports Composite rankings, Brooks is considered the No. 23 overall player in the 2019 recruiting cycle, the No. 6 small forward and the No. 3 player in the state of Indiana.


  1. Please don’t.

    Just pick up the phone and call the local newspaper. People will think so much more highly of you.

    Set the bar.

    1. I’m afraid it is a cultural thing Chet. Let’s just hope he likes the idea of wearing the candy stripes. He would certainly find a great deal of appreciation going far beyond his playing days.

  2. Yesteryear, were announcements of committing ever done that way as it often is done nowadays? When did it start?
    What kind of high school event?
    However, goes along with pretty much most things these days. Example: Look at all the presidential or political candidates or activists that make a living off their announcements for his or her candidacy. (that often include misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, and tax evasion).

  3. …goes along with the brighter lights of class sports in HS, AAU travel teams and Prep schools…No barn hoops anymore…

  4. Announcement: I woke up. I’m doing the hustle.
    Announcement about future announcements: If I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be announcing doing the hustle again.

    I just invented Facebook. It’s the closest thing to the beginning of the universe. Only difference is that the Facebook ‘bang’ is the collapsing energy now propelling through the endless heavens on an electronic stream carrying billions and billions of “me” particles. “Me” planets…and “Me” solar systems..and “Me” galaxies…and “Me Nebulae” …and “Me” stars……and “Me” gods of oceans and sunsets and moons coming soon! Kabang! Kaboom!

  5. There’s a small clip of J. Hunter at Assembly Hall Sunday shooting some baskets, short clip but at least you can see he’s at least moving around, something positive at least.

  6. We shouldn’t be greedy in such providence. We already had our Delray Brooks….

  7. I believe Delray played on a very good Michigan City Rogers team….The rest is all pretty fuzzy.

    1. Yes, correct. He played for HC Earl Cunningham. I went to HS with Earl. Cunningham was 1 of the scrappiest, smart and tenacious Hoosier baller I’ve ever seen. Played college ball at Oakland City.
      A bit of trivia; Gil Hodges also attended OCC.

    2. When he left IU he went to Providence. There he teamed with Billy Donovan in the backcourt to lead Providence and their relatively unknown coach, Rick Pitino, to the 1987 Final Four.

      The Pitino influence was obviously strong. Brooks was Kentucky assistant for several years before taking the helmet at Texas Pan American. Things went totally to hell and he was indicted for stealing $25k. He even botched his probation and got arrested again.

      He is currently a high school coach in Indiana.

      1. A high school basketball player who impressed me more than any other in the years of my youth when I truly idolized and dissected traits with obsession as if studying gods…..was a kid from Michigan City Elston. I believe Elston had the #1 team in the state of Indiana that year. His name was Alex Kiner. Elston brought their #1 team to Chesterton’s Goldsborough Gym and proceeded to mop us off the floor. I was in the stands right near court level ….before the game. I was in total of awe of watching Kiner during warm-ups. He would stand in the corner and drain shot after shot….His speed was like nothing I’d ever seen. He never played a day of college ball….I heard a rumor that he committed some sort of crime and was serving time.
        Michigan City was not an easy town for many….Like many areas, had pockets of wealth(mostly in the nearby lakeshore communities and many tougher neighborhoods where families really struggled. When kids go to college really unprepared in many ways, I’m not sure if the life in struggle(educational shortcomings and the mindset of very difficult family circumstances) is so easily polished in the naive expectations of those who have never walked in similar circumstances. I do know one thing….I will go to my grave never more certain of pure godlike basketball skills artfully displayed upon my impressionable eyes of hopes and dreams than those I witnessed from Alex Kiner of Michigan City Elston.

  8. Thought so too….Didn’t expect to find it on a blog. Things I never knew … that’s for sure. The part about the first jump shots and Crispus Attucks coming to play @ Elston game was sorta cool….(everyone on Attucks dunking in warm-ups).

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