Carmel linebacker Wise becomes IU’s 1st 2020 commit

Indiana’s work in the 2020 recruiting cycle has begun.

Carmel linebacker Ty Wise became the first commit of the class on Thursday, giving the Hoosiers one of the top projected senior defenders in the state.

Wise, a 6-foot-2, 210-pound prospect, is considered a three-star recruit by 247 Sports, which also rates him as the eighth-best player in the state. He holds offers from Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Toledo and Western Michigan, among others. Iowa, Louisville and Purdue have also reportedly shown interest.

But Indiana was the first school to extend a scholarship to Wise, who received his IU offer last March. As a junior in 2018, Wise totaled 56 solo tackles and 38 assists, while recording eight stops for loss, two sacks and six breakups for the Greyhounds, per 247.

“Excited and very blessed to announce that I am 100% committed to play football at Indiana University,” Wise tweeted. “Thank you (Tom Allen), (Kane Wommack), (Mark Hagen) and the entire Indiana Football staff for being the first to believe in me.”


  1. He is a player that has improved a lot since his sophomore year and if he can improve as much his senior year he could be a valuable LB for IU. He plays hard, adjust quickly to RB moves, and has long arms to pull in runners that would get away from other tacklers. He does a good job in open field tackling. Maybe this will influence Brevard to commit to IU which would bolster the Carmel – IU pipeline.

  2. Too many rich people in Carmel…The mayor loves roundabouts and needless office space/perceived development(a.k.a. overgrowth). I doubt if he’ll ever allow a pipeline through the city with the promise it will one day reach Bloomington. ..unless it’s large enough to install a bicycle path. Now if you’d like 20 more roundabouts, he’ll write you a check today. How many roundabouts are there?
    There are so many roundabouts in Carmel that I get dizzy on a trip to the grocery store.
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    In Carmel schools, geometry teachers are telling kids that the shortest distance between two points is a circle.

    1. H4H, why are you bad mouthing the roundabouts? Personally I like them compared to four way stops. I know Carmel has added a bunch more since my wife worked in Carmel but I see roundabouts as a smart man’s four way stop. I hate stopping and they gave me a way to keep moving. You are right about the number of wealthy living there now.

      Moving to the commit to IU, he looks like he is under rated at this point and I expect he will be a good player at IU based on his versatility shown in the highlight video. The one thing you can never measure is the heart a kid has and that is the big difference in players.

  3. In a recent Hamilton Country court case, the ’roundabout effect’ was successfully used as a defense to reverse a Carmel DWI charge.

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  5. Ok recruit for IU. Agree if it would influence Brevard. 247 does have Wise at 3 star. However, others list Wise as 2 star or not rated. IU along with a few Mac conference schools are recruiting Wise. Just keeping it real.

    I get possibility of development but again percentage wise while 2 and 3 stars develop into 3 and 4 stars respectively…4 and 5 stars are developing into 5 and 6 stars respectively. I know high school coaches often promote their players. Still an ok recruit to start 2020 class.

  6. Agree, offers from bottom feeders of power fives…IU fans and bloogers will of course have him as a potential all American leave early to the NFL type player because he is an IU commit.

    1. t look at his play on tape. Even your biased mind can’t say he is not worth the effort to offer.

    2. Ha. I probably wouldn’t say all of that without seeing the kid play a couple of snaps of college ball. I will say in his highlights, he looks more like a MIKE/MLB than an OLB that he’s listed at.

  7. Nice recruit. IU is going hard after Carmel’s defensive tackle that might actually be an All-American. If this kid can help sway him toward IU, he’s a great recruit.

  8. The fact that IU already has a commitment is a good sign. It’s usually at least June before they get their first commit.

  9. The lad gets some MAC offers so he takes the first Power 5 offer he gets. IU makes an offer to a junior who had no offers from a Power 5. Which can be revoked. Hard to say that anyone pulled the trigger too fast on this one.

  10. Spring practice underway for a week and no news posted by the Scoop. The reporters must be transfixed at their keyboards as they watch the IUBB season crash before their eyes. THERE’S ANOTHER GAME IN TOWN, PEOPLE!

  11. That’s not very nice, davis. IU Football can’t crash. Never had an engine installed in the car.

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