Delany to step down in 2020

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany will step down at the end of his contract next year, the conference announced Monday.

Delany, who has served as the league’s commissioner since 1989, will see his contract expire on June 30, 2020.

According to a conference press release, The Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors has initiated a search process under the direction of the COP/C Executive Committee and led by COP/C Chair Morton Schapiro, Northwestern’s president.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity to serve and lead these preeminent institutions, presidents, administrators, coaches and students,” Delany said in a statement. “It is incredibly fulfilling to support the hundreds of thousands of young men and women who have been afforded an opportunity to obtain best-in-class educations as a result of the invaluable, one-of-a-kind lessons learned through the unique combination of athletic and classroom competition. I would like to recognize and thank each of my colleagues for being such invaluable members of, and contributors to, the Big Ten Conference team, while acknowledging that there is still plenty of work to be done. I look forward to continuing that work through the balance of my term.”

During Delany’s tenure, the Big Ten added four schools β€” Penn State (1990), Nebraska (2011), Maryland (2014) and Rutgers (2014) β€” and launched the Big Ten Network in 2007.

“Jim has had an extraordinary impact on the Big Ten Conference, its member institutions, administrators, students and coaches since 1989,” Schapiro said in a statement. “He has been a forward-thinking, collaborative and decisive leader in every aspect of conference proceedings. We thank him for his dedicated service to date and look forward to working with him through the conclusion of his contract.”


  1. About time.

    Look at the dearth of national championships for the B1G during this time period. Made money, but far too few championships to show for it. 2 FB; 3 men BB; 1 women BB in 30 years, not a good record.

  2. It’s time for new leadership, new energy needed for the position, SEC and ACC have TV packages for their member schools so their tv deals might not be in the Big Ten’s review mirror much longer and may be passing the Big Ten. As thinkaboutit’s post the value of the TV content, you need to be a championship level conference, look at your competition SEC top level football, baseball, ACC top basketball conference, Clemson Football, There’s some big challenges ahead for the new leader.

  3. Being he did his college at UNC, it would appear he did his job incredibly well for the Establishment. He likely did everything in his power to help the East and South(especially the state of North Carolina)….while stymieing the Midwest.

    I always wondered if he had the inside power to manipulate Selection Sunday processes/decisions(travel distances, match-ups, etc); doing everything possible to slow down the basketball program from Indiana which had won three titles in eleven seasons just previous to his taking the leadership helm as Big Ten/Tarheel commissioner.

    Funny how people talk of our basketball drought. As thinkaboutit so astutely points out, ALL of the BigTen has only won 3 championships in basketball over the last 30 years….which only equals what we accomplished in eleven years by ourselves.

    And if we really want to be honest, thinkaboutit is including in his total the 1989 Michigan championship team(Delany was hired in August ’89 six months after Michigan won the basketball crown) …and Maryland’s 2002 title (Maryland was in the ACC in 2002 and had long been a well respected ACC basketball program long before Delany or when Maryland was added to the BigTen in July 2014).

    Basically, under ‘Establishment’ Delany, the BigTen has had ONE basketball title in his 30 years: 2000 Michigan State Spartans.

    IU brought 3 titles in eleven years..Had already put basketball on the conference and Midwest map before Delany was hired. Since Delany? One title in 30 years. He did his Establishment job.

    Delany grew up in South Orange, New Jersey and attended Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1970. While a student there he played for the university’s basketball team, playing on two squads that reached the NCAA Final Four. His senior season he was co-captain of the team(courtesy: Wikipedia).

    1. You teeter on the defamatory, Harv. Of course, your body of work on this site would be trial exhibit no. 1 in establishing your insanity defense.

      1. And for what it’s worth in the teetering world of the defamatory, I found a small opinion piece somewhat summing up some of my insane thoughts on Delany…..(without the calamity of my highfalutin and factitious conspiratorial suggestions Delany would ever harbor or ‘act’ on any ill feelings toward Indiana University simply because Bob Knight…and the Indiana Hoosiers sorta punched his alma mater in the basketball mouth back in our Hoosier heyday and the springtime of Delany’s own sort of adulthood heyday during his days shortly after playing basketball at UNC…Silly, dumb me. I should have just went with another dumb doctored image teetering on the defamatory. At least nobody looks at those images with any admission to put into “evidence” in the ‘davis courtroom’ on Scoop…lol).

        Debate its teetering and tottering on the defamatory until your hearts content, counselors.

      2. Did you hear about the constipated lawyer?
        He’s completely full of exhibit no. 2 ….

        Why did F. Lee Bailey become a lawyer? It was the easiest way to rob a man and FLee the scene of the crime.

      3. But I do sort of like the pair of lawyer jokes…and the comment with the link I provided to the Delany piece which addressed his silence regarding the increasing numbers of child abuse cases within or under the umbrella of athletic departments at BigTen schools.

      4. Excuse me while I weigh the scales of morality and justice on a blog with 12 jurors (some of which I like to call ‘brother’) all hiding behind factitious screen names….
        Does a lowercase factitious screen name mean I send this down to the factitious lower court, Your Honor?

    2. I was being generous on the 3rd national BB championship. Couldn’t remember when he was hired in ’89. Still a terrible track record of championship accomplishment during his tenure as B1G commissioner.

      1. Not to nitpick, but you were being generous on the 2nd championship because Maryland was part of the ACC when they won their title in 2002(not joining the Big Ten until 2014).

        I guess you can give Delany ‘Final Four’ credits for 2002 seeing how it was the Big Ten’s Hoosiers losing to the ACC’s Maryland in that year. Basically, he had one BigTen title to his accomplishment list (2000 Spartans)…You can’t give him Michigan before he was hired or Maryland(part of the ACC when they won).

        Bottom Line: A Tarheel led the Big Ten conference in the backdrop of the most successful school in BigTen basketball, IU, already beating up on his UNC alma mater at a championship in 1981. Seems like a conflict of interest…but I’m sure many don’t see it that way.

  4. Another example of another making it to the top of his or her professional life pyramid living the good life and all relative things that go with it.

  5. I’m pretty neutral on Delaney but view the launch pad for the new commish as pretty favorable. Much better positioned than the BE, PAC or Big12 to shine against the SEC and ACC. Also many top quality candidates to look over. Wish Alvarez was 30 years younger. Others could have done worse than Delaney.

  6. First action of the new commissioner- 8 league games. No B1G team in the playoffs since the 9 game format. Then get outside oversight of officiating. Too many calls for the “haves” and too many against the “have nots” to be coincidence. Grade the officiating but also PUBLISH THE RESULTS. IU has enough disadvantages to also have to play 11 on 12.

  7. 123 post, I have talked to two of the I U Football Coaches and the eight game would be a answer to their wishes. On the oversite of officials I hope men’s basketball would also be included with the football officials

  8. For any ex-Hoosier playing “objective” ESPN color commentator who dares to mockingly refer to Assembly Hall…as “Call Hall,” I would suggest taking a look at the last possession for Penn State @ Wisconsin. While watching the game live, I still can’t believe Pat Chambers did not go into total ballistic meltdown eff word arsenal mode.×524/biix5oqaHoXwzkFI.mp4?tag=6

  9. I’m no fan of Delany. I’m having trouble understanding how it is his fault that the Big Ten has been down and without national championships in FB or BB.

    Looking at the perennially solid programs, the problems look self-inflicted by the schools themselves vs anything structural in the conference.

    – Penn State: aging coach who later was revealed to be covering for his pederast assistant coach.
    – Michigan: snooty arrogance where they thought their 110k stadium was enough of a draw. Didn’t upgrade their facilities for decades.
    – Ohio State: they’ve carried the conference with 4 NC games, winning 2.
    – Nebraska: just hasn’t found their footing with a coach since Tom Osborne retired

    – Indiana: we all know the story. Rocky end to Bob Knight’s tenure, succession of bad head coaching hires and absolutely zero investment in facilities until recently. Just catching up.
    – Michigan: a few scandals with the Fab Five. Also, see facilities again. There was a story that Tommy Amaker had to pay out of his own pocket to replace the old torn out carpet in his own office. Just catching up, too.
    – Purdue: never really had a tourney team, but just pointing out here that while they are competitive in the conference, Keady and Painter haven’t exactly lit it up in March.
    – MSU: lots of FFs. One National Championship. They’ve held their own.
    – Ohio State: Thad Matta had a FF and National Championship game under his belt. O’Brien made it ’99. Pretty decent run for a “football school.”

    Anyway, the list isn’t conclusive, but looking at why there’s little hardware there doesn’t seem like it has much to do the Big Ten Conference front office. They’ve done their job of bringing in as much money as possible.

    Again, don’t really love the guy, but I’m open to hearing thoughts and specific examples. 123 has interesting thoughts about moving to 9 conference games in Football. Not convinced that’s the problem, but is an interesting thought. If they went to 8 games, the top teams in the conference wouldn’t go out hunting for more Citadels to play out of conference. Did the SOS go up dramatically once they went to 9 games?

    1. Penn State joined the BigTen long after that Sandusky creep already had decades with Paterno and molestation on his brain…

      UNC should be stripped of all their titles occurring during their 20 year ghost classes scandal. Did Delany ever have such an opinion of his alma mater given a pass for outright academic cheating because of a loophole? Yet, a 3-way caller burned IU basketball to the ground.

      This dude played for UNC not many years before Knight was bitch-slapping his alma mater. And when Knight was fired for grabbing a frat-rat by the arm, UNC was already into full-fledged ‘ghost class’ cheating.

      Paterno looked like a creep in his coke bottle glasses long before the decades of disgusting crimes of Sandusky was unveiled. Delany should have had some gonads and kicked them to the Atlantic ocean and out of the BigTen.

      Basically, he brought Pedophile U. of Penn into the Big Ten…and conveniently sewed up his lips to far bigger academic cheating from his own alma mater.

      1. Firstly, U of Penn is in the Ivy League. πŸ˜‰ Quakers! Penn STATE is smack dab in the middle of rural, blue collar Pennsylvania.

        Seriously, though, I’m mostly with you. The pedo scandal at PSU was deep and spanned decades. But all the turds involved with that situation are gone and it is the NCAA that has jurisdiction to handle it. The NCAA had jurisdiction over the Indiana texts/3-way calls and the UNC debacle. Also, add in them whiffing on Miami and UCLA investigations. The beef I have is with the NCAA (although, I think they handled PSU about as well as that disaster could have been handled).

        Also, don’t forget MSU. The Nazzar situation was far worse in terms of numbers of kids affected, spanned multiple sports and, of course, US gymnastics. If PSU was to get the boot, you have to send MSU packing, too.

        My personal opinion is that these schools are much bigger than the turds that did these nefarious acts. If Delany kicks out PSU, or the NCAA gives them the death penalty, how is the next school going to react when they have a predator in their midst? More hiding, more burying, more victims, more destruction. The legal process has and is still handling these monsters: Nazzer and Sandusky are going to rot and die in jail if some inmate doesn’t pull a Jeffery Dalmer-style justice. The civil court lawsuits are still continuing and these institutions are on the hook for a lot of damages to the victims.

        Anyway, I still don’t see how Delany would have handled any of those situations better.

        My quibble with him has been more tactical. I don’t love the Rutgers/Maryland additions. The Washington DC & NYC Big Ten Tournaments were disasters (especially the scheduling around the one in NYC). Stupid stuff.

        I hear ya, Harv. The injustice around our basketball program getting ripped to shreds over nothing while these crimes were being committed is pathetic. But I look directly towards our former President who seemed bound and determined to get revenge on us for how he handled the Bob Knight firing.

        I do look forward to a new commish. Hopefully one of our own (Big Ten background), who cares about our history and sees there is more to this conference than what is on its financial statements.

    2. DD,
      You have an interesting listing, but the real knock on Delaney has been the decisions made by the conference during his tenure. I’ll give you a couple examples: The first has already been mentioned of 9 conference FB games, a major disadvantage for B1G teams. The second is the Madison Square Garden fiasco for the BB tournament. Put B1G teams at again, major disadvantages.

  10. I was using an abbreviation…..University of Pennsylvania β‰  Penn St (Pedophile U. of Penn).

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