IU target Keion Brooks commits to Kentucky

Friday night brought more bad news for Indiana’s basketball program.

Five-star wing Keion Brooks announced his commitment to Kentucky during a ceremony in his native Fort Wayne, choosing the Wildcats over the Hoosiers and Michigan State. Brooks’ decision ends a two-year recruitment for Indiana’s coaching staff, which made the in-state prospect a priority target in their efforts to bring the state’s best players to Bloomington.

Considered the No. 23 overall player in the 2019 recruiting class, per the 247 Sports composite rankings, the La Lumiere senior is also rated as the third-best player in the state, behind high school teammate Isaiah Stewart and IU signee Trayce Jackson-Davis, a 6-foot-9 forward.

It was believed that landing Jackson-Davis in November would have helped the Hoosiers snag a commitment from Brooks, too. Jackson-Davis and Brooks are friends and former teammates on the Nike EYBL travel ball circuit, and the Hoosier signee made it known that he wished to play with Brooks at IU, too.

“My goal is to try and get Keion Brooks,” Jackson-Davis said on the day he committed to Indiana. “That’s my main goal right now. … I reached out to him earlier. I’m going to stay in touch with him, but it’s still his decision and he has to make the best one for him.”

Ultimately, Brooks did exactly that.

Brooks’ announcement came a day after Indiana lost to Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament, likely ending any hopes the Hoosiers had at landing an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament.


  1. Why go to a rebuilding program who’s barely on the the bubble, when you can compete for a 1 seed on selection Sunday?

    Good luck Keion in your career.

    Kentucky smacks Indiana in the jaws once again. They don’t have to even play us to dominate us anymore. Starting to understand what it feels like to be Mitch McGary matching up against Cody Zeller. Good thing cannabis is legal in CA!

  2. Also, note to Fred Glass.

    Remove those 5-stars from our uniforms. They aren’t an advertisement for anything positive. It’s more a reinforcement of how far our program has fallen and how long ago anything we did was ever relevant. Coach K had to be giggling, looking down at the rings on his fingers, seeing them on the backs of our shorts while his team treated our squad like they were a local high-school scrimmage.

    Let’s earn those stars back.

  3. Knight wasn’t a nice guy and I know times have changed but Knight sure could land his share of high 4 stars and 5 stars Indiana and Midwest recruits.
    Can Indiana go to KY and land a 5 star = No, but NC, KY, MSU can come to Indiana and land a 5 star.

  4. Just a few months ago, Brooks was considered a lock for IU. Because of the poor season and seeing how Langford fared with little support, he chose Kentucky. Just another reminder of how far IU basketball has fallen. I can’t believe how some on this site are excited about next season. Why? Unless Miller has some 11th hour mystery recruits coming, we are looking at another NIT team, at best.

    1. Atleast it’s expected in football. I had a heated argument at work today involving Brooks. It started with a co-worker saying “no offense, but why would anyone want to go to Indiana?”

  5. Miller and staff HAD TO KNOW 2 weeks ago Brooks wasn’t coming; Schilling is friends with dad and the “silent treatment” on twitter and phone had to be revealing. I think Brooks was looking at playing time and position. Miller has Hunter coming and Justin Smith along with Race and TJD and D’ron. I think he wanted Small Forward position to start. The bigger question for consistency is WHO returns? Does Dmezi return? what about Clifton Moore or Jake? Whether they do or don’t ..Brooks was looking at numbers and counted a FULL roster having to fight for playing time. Remember the Recruits coming is only Archie’s 2nd….SECOND..recruiting class. as for Romeo, hes been labeled a “lottery Pick” but Guards in the NBA are dime a dozen and those that make a career are 1 thing Romeo isn’t…Shooters. Eric Gordon and J J Reddick are STILL in NBA because they can shoot. If he goes into the Draft I wish him well but is he going to become a Devin Booker or a James Blackmon…Both can/could shoot from distance as well.

    1. He is more like the opposite of Blackmon. Romeo has a well rounded game but is not a strong outside shooter. That’s pretty much Blackmon’s entire skill set.

    2. A lot of folks are down about this year especially and not getting Brooks seems to cap off a bad year. I don’t know how to reinforce how much damage was done to what could have been accomplished this year due to all the injuries. Imagine a D1 football team trying to function with 40 – 50 of your players incapacitated or limited by injuries from the middle of September to mid October. Wouldn’t be a pretty picture, even if you were a decent program, especially if most of injuries were to your 1st & 2nd teams on the depth chart. The team would be out of sync so bad, you’d be luck to win any games at all. Just the shear wear and tear on the healthy players would be enormous. Yet in the middle of this, somehow IUBB managed to beat a very good MSU team not once, but twice!

      1. I know this sounds nuts, but I still think we get into the Big Dance.
        The best rebuttal to any argument in keeping us out…is currently in action on CBS. Just witnessing MSU dismantle BigTen team…after BigTen team has to be the best argument to keep the team who beat them twice in the Big Dance. MSU looks like a machine. Archie made that machine look human and flawed. How did that happen?

        I’m a bit conflicted. I can’t stand Izzo…Would much prefer Michigan and Iggy over Izzo. Would much prefer Beilein and the Wolverines to win going away in a BigTen tournament….But here is the conundrum. MSU manhandling every Big opponent in their pathway remains the legit and valid argument to Quad 1 us into the tournament. It’s our best advertising over the next two days …as the selection committee must continually ask: How did Indiana do that…? and in East Lansing…? and in OT…? and with Morgan fouling out? Answer: We were getting healthy.
        Don’t judge us on the Big Ten tournament. OSU was beginning as a letdown game because many were convincing our young Hoosiers that their chance for a Cinderella dance was already gone.

        I still think we dance!

        1. Archie returns to Dayton for a play-in date. IU vs Georgetown. Archie vs. Ewing. Two of the old fat blue bloods we thought retired from the elite ring of college basketball’s elite duke it out in a forty minute war of dusting off the dust. Georgetown and McClung meets McCracken’s Romeo and the Unsung! It’s what it’s all about, BABY! Let’s get it done!

          Don’t ask me how that works and who gets screwed….but that would be an incredible play-in game.

          1. If we can’t get the IU vs Georgetown game, I would suggest Archie find a really hot Adidas shoe deal to entice McClung into transferring. McClung epitomizes the spirit of ‘Hoosier’…’Milan’…’The Unsung’…The ‘Skiles’….’The slaying of Goliath’ forever a trademark of the candy stripes.
            I would shake the fattest carrot possible to get that young man to transfer and be the dunking Jordy Hulls…leading us to the promise land.

          1. Does your position allow comment Jeremy? I have no idea what the coverage has been., but believe the school/coach has the right to limit access to a specific sportswriter, but not to the newspaper itself. Example would be Indy Star yesterday. Article by Doyel “IU deserves this ending to wasted season”, was very demeaning to IU’ s program. The article by Osterman “NCAA BID NO longer up to the Hoosiers”. Both articles described the game and IU’s season, weakness, poor results and their (IU) wasted season. Doyle came across to me as insulting and somewhat combative. Osterman, more direct but w/out the demeaning comments. Doyle writes interesting human interest stories but MAY be remembered for his “FIRE CREAN FIRE CREAN coverage followed eventually by Why The Hell Was CREAN Fired. But again, I remember when CTC did not seem responsive to some of HT sports reporters. Bottom line, if the school blacklists a specific reporter but does not curtail coverage, cool. But that’s just me.

          2. Ron,
            I’m going to disagree with you. You can’t single out one writer just because you don’t agree with what he writes. As the columnist whose job it is to be critical when necessary, I’ve taken my share of flak and if Bradley got away with this, it would just be a matter of time until I was cut off, at least under previous coaching regimes. IU has its own site, iuhoosiers.com, with its own writers to spin its side of things. The newspaper and writers for the newspaper have no obligation to the university. The obligation is to the readers and to call it as you see it. Doesn’t mean you are always right, but it doesn’t mean you are always wrong. The mob boss mentality in our society, be it politics, religion, business, social media or college sports, is so disappointing. I’m pretty sure agree with me or else was what the founders of our country were trying to get away from, not create.

          3. Osterman has always loved being the tail wagging the dog….He’s a Georgia peach full of sweet Hoosier envy. Does everything possible to get on camera and be the first to get a question in at a presser. Too bad Knight is not around to put him in his place.
            Dude acts like he’s Orson Wells. Come to think of it…?…or is it Burl Ives?

          4. Hilarious! Why if the paper has no obligation to the college would the college have any to the paper? Seems to me the college can cut them off if they want and the paper can write their product.

          5. That’s fine if the college wants to cut off all media access, but why should they be able to cherry pick who gets to cover them and who doesn’t? To do so is a form of intimidation, not free press. On top of which, in this case, the school wanted to limit one writer, not the paper as a whole.

          6. Maybe Bradley should just permanently ‘moderate’ the reporter because they don’t trust him? Allow the reporter to submit his questions/comments ahead of time and then let the university’s moderator decide if he/she/they/whomever wants to invite him once they see the writings/questions….?

            Maybe this reporter is nuttier than Harvard…and should have his speech limited?

          7. Big deal. No obligation to a single writer either. The writer will write whether he has access or not. That’s not intimidation and the press is still press.

          8. In addition to his columns needing early submission for review, maybe have a tape delay when he’s in the press room…much like an “awaiting moderation” thingamajig here?
            There are some voices/commenters who should just not be allowed to have spontaneity….or rebuke/debate/defend quickly from the heart? Simply because you’re a journalist doesn’t mean your speech passes the test of never needing moderated.

          9. So, basically, Bradley has Jim Acosta-ed Dave Reynolds? If it’s o.k. for the oval office, it must be o.k. for a small time university to avoid, ban…or limit access to a writer/reporter. We have precedent and I’m sure our ‘loyal to the mob’ Supreme Court would uphold such limited access.

            Is Bradley a private or public/state institution? I would assume being private allows for more discretion concerning equal access. But doesn’t the NCAA represent all of college basketball(public and private)…thus functioning more as a public entity with regard to the promotion of March Madness? Sounds like limiting this reporter’s access is a violation of the Civil Rights Act by not providing equal ‘public’ accommodation. Because the denied access surrounded a “media event for the team’s upcoming NCAA tournament appearance,” then it falls within the scope of public/equal accommodation.

          10. Ink is damn expensive for printers….Can you imagine how much money newspapers are saving on paper and printing ink because of going to the consumer via the internet? …not to mention delivery and distribution costs(newspaper delivery boys/girls now have to make Adidas shoes in sweat shops because nobody buys papers anymore).
            The industry isn’t dying…it’s just evolving. And I still believe papers may make a resurgence…..along with bookstores and Blockbuster video stores. We miss the joy and sounds and touch with those things we used to interact/read/watch.

          11. But when it’s coverage/access to the NCAA tournament, doesn’t that somewhat transform a private status into the public domain? It’s not a private basketball tournament only for private universities.

          12. Yes, during the NCAA Tournament, Bradley has no say in media availability. The event in question, however, was a pre-Selection Sunday availability, so it wasn’t under NCAA jurisdiction. But that’s all sort of irrelevant when you have a public media availability.

          13. The remedy of a university banning a sports reporter is all the other sports reporters writing stories about how terrible the university is for banning the reporter. But I don’t know what remedy the university has if a reporter decides to slant their coverage against the school, a coach or player. What if they are truly reporting false information? What does the school do? Those types of lawsuits are almost impossible to win (from what I’ve heard). So what should the penalty be? Also what if a reporter has repeatedly written that a player is soft or weak. Does the coach have to allow the reporter to interview that player when the interview may erode the player’s confidence and hinder the performance of the team? Last point- freedom of the press deals with government censorship which is not the same as limiting access to college athletes.

          14. Last point- freedom of the press deals with government censorship which is not the same as limiting access to college athletes.

            But a college functioning as a public institution is funded in part by taxes and government subsidies/funds to build the college. Seems within a violation of free press ….Indiana University is not the Vatican.
            You should not be disallowed from commenting or having access to an institution from which your taxes help support.

            And in my humble opinion, any meeting to discuss or preview a public basketball tournament falls within the scope of protection and access. I certainly don’t think this treatment of the reporter fell in good favor with the NCAA and the spirit of ‘equal access.’
            Discrimination based on an opinion? Seriously?

          15. Gotta side with Jeremy on this. Picking and choosing which media had access is how the Penn State, OSU, and Michigan State debacles come about. If you can pick your journalist they will remain loyal and cover up your misdeeds.

            It happens every time.

          16. Again the problem of a school banning a reporter is self-correcting. In this case the ban lasted about 2 hours after the story become public. Not a very bright idea to pick fights with the guys who’s day jobs are to write opinions about you and your team. But what can the school do if the reporter was not reporting news but making up stories for shock value to drive viewership and revenue?

          17. The school can sue for libel and slander, it can go to the newspaper editor (most of whom wouldn’t stand for such a thing), it can go public with its case. In this situation, the writer (a 29-year beat writer and probably the only guy who shows up game in and game out in Peoria) was not accused of anything close to that, just not being positive enough or “promoting the brand” because the coach, who has a reputation of not getting along with the media at his previous stop in Green Bay, didn’t like him.

          18. The worst thing that happened for this reporter and the Peoria Farm and Feed Gazette was that the ban was lifted. If not, this would have become a national story and their viewership would have gone from 10’s to 10’s of 1,000’s. Plus the coach will now be scorned by Peoria high society. No more prestigious Walmart wine tastings or free tailoring for all those polyester suits. And his wife and kids will be stuck wearing DOMESTIC flannel….the shame.

  6. I’m damned excited about next year. After continued recruiting failures(ignoring) of Hoosier talent by Davis, Crean and also(outside of Gordon)Kelvin Sanctions I’m amazed at the home state commitments Coach Miller has accomplished not including Romeo. The past neglect of Indiana HS ballers should not make KB’s decision surprising at all. Not 1 bit. Archie and staff showed some chops by working hard to be in this players top 3. Something the fired HCs above could not have done.

  7. You’re easy. Excited? Yes, recruiting Indiana has substantially improved. Realistically, it’s wait and see where it goes and if it continues to improve and sustain itself into getting the most sought after recruits.

    T.A. came close to David Bell and a few others. It’s not like playing horseshoes.

    Knight in his early times at IU created Indiana and mid west Recruiting coup.

    1. t,
      Let’s remember something very clearly, Knight was indeed a great coach and recruiter, but in his start at IU he inherited a team which could arguably be considered as good as some of his best. He certainly built on that foundation, but a very strong foundation had already been laid by the late Lou Watson.

      As for Brooks, I am not so worried about not getting him. Not so sure how well he would have fit in to what Archie is trying to build. I think there are a couple others out there who might fit in much better. Not as highly ranked , but may fit much better.

      1. Right…but mainly wrong. Knight never coached George McGinnis one game. Though Downing and McGinnis (Washington High School standouts /state champions) both came to IU a year before Knight was hired, McGinnis never played one game under Knight. McGinnis was the true man amongst boys(had 53 points and 31 rebounds in an annual Indiana high school All-stars vs. Kentucky high school All-Stars). McGinnis’s father died tragically in a construction accident and George felt compelled to leave college and go pro to support his mother and rest of family.
        With McGinnis already headed to the pros after one season of playing under Watson, Knight retained Downing(junior year) and a roster full of rather ‘pedestrian’ ballers. Don’t get me wrong, they were high quality kids and gritty talent(e.g. John Ritter of Goshen, IN….but it was not the glamour and glitz rosters of UCLA, UK, etc stealing headlines. Walton & Wooden were gracing all the covers of sports magazines headlines in ’72-73.
        Quinn Buckner was Knight’s next difference-maker…but he was just a freshman in our Cinderella Final Four run in ’73(no McGinnis and Downing as a senior).

        Here’s a piece on McGinnis courtesy of the Herald Times’ fabulous writer and long time journalist, Andy Graham:


        1. John Laz and Steve Green we’re sophomores, freshmen could not play at that time. Buckner was a freshman and he and Crews did play as freshmen, along with Tom Abernathy. The next year our freshmen “non-predictors: May and Wilkerson, joined the active roster.

    2. Damned easy when you pay attention to the facts. Miller is making a concerted practice of going after the best in Indiana. The commitment of Romeo said as much about the effort of the work recruiting the state as it did to how valuable a 1 and done would be for this seasons record. But the 3 failures, Davis, Sanctions and Crean simply threw up their hands and surrendered the state talent w/o a fight to any coach who headed up a program. Yes Brooks was an IU lean at some point. David Bell never was close to an IUFB lean. But the fight to recruit them was there in both instances and both are getting quality talent in Indiana.

      1. “Sanctions” didn’t fight to get Eric Gordon? The kid decommitted from Illinois to play for ‘Sanctions’ ….

        And witnessing the way Houston is dismantling many teams is quite the proof of Kelvin being target by the Establishment that knew he could do more than connect a 3-way call…before FaceTime…and chat rooms…and twittering tweeting love notes sent to recruits(e.g. Creepy Crean).

        Crean was far more the disaster(especially in coaching fundamentals and defense) than Davis or Kelvin. Coincidence that two of our fired coaches made to look incompetent in recent times were both minorities?

        One has a Final Four with a win over #1 Duke during the run…and the other is putting Houston back on the basketball map…..and may just make a storied deep tournament run. Irony is confounding….

        1. Yup American conference is so stacked with stout programs. A shining example of top tier round ball.

      2. Come on, Clarion. We were also an Adidas school. I’d be careful to make any big time recruit solely about Archie. Granted, Archie is concentrating more on Indiana …but we can’t know for sure every top recruit’s motivation(as proven by FBI investigations, Louisville, fake classes, product endorsements down the road, agents promising $$$, etc, etc) for choosing one program over another.

        And I always thought Calipari had scumbag tactics? Just ask a Washington Husky fan about Terrence Jones. Why don’t we still think of Calipari as a scumbag? Is it because we now have coaches he mentored working as our assistants? Uh-oh…..Lights just came on.

          1. Probably the two assistants next to Archie who hold him up in pretty high regard…Is he(or UK for that matter) really the border “enemy” anymore? Crean was good friends with him…and now we have two of his former assistants(sort of like what Coach K was to Knight) sitting on our bench.

            I don’t think it’s a border rivalry anymore. It’s more a merger. But it’s more like UK is Amazon…and we’re Whole Foods.

  8. We had Romeo this season and the lack of talent on the team made his playing time at I U a wasted effort for his year at I U . We are several years away at best of moving back into top ten- fifteen level of men’s basketball. The last final four appearance was I believe1994, with Mike Davis coaching Coach Knight’s recruits and the best since has two rounds final 16 appearances. I U has missed the NCAA 7 of the last 11 years. The I U program needs establish a core of 3- 4 year players to support a one and done player when you recruit one, I have quit living in the past performance of I U Basketball to measure any current year’s teams success. I wish the best for Keion Brooks on his future basketball career. We will have to live in the present time of I U Men’s Basketball and see what the future is for I U Basketball.

  9. Yes, McGinnis went pro. SD was great, QB and ST freshman with very good role players.
    Not sure how well he would have fit into system Lol. Then why was IU trying to recruit Brooks so hard. There are other lower ranked players out there who would fit into A.M. system better is laughable and more don’t know what you are talking about talk similar to IU football talk when IU loses recruiting battles for highly regarded recruits. How has that worked? And of course KY wanted him because he wouldn’t have fit into IU system. Laughable.
    IU was in the running but lost an in state recruiting battle period.
    AM and IU in this situation weren’t able to capitalize on last years recruiting battles they did win. No it is not the biggest deal but monitoring situation closely is a big deal to see where short term (rest of 2019 and 2020) recruiting goes.

    D. Anderson may amount to an ok player a 4 star @81 per espn in h.s. but I seen him once in high school on tv in state class basketball tournament or whatever you call it now and he looked like he belonged at Indiana State or Mac or mo valley conference or at lower conference than big ten level. Though a freshman he has done nothing to change my mind.
    Conclusion. K. Brooks fits into Ky system. D. Anderson fits into IU system. (think, your line of reasoning). Laughable.

    In regards to IU performance against OSU many things that became validated last 4 games of year was invalidated against OSU. Don’t care about refs. Teams including coaches have to adjust their game accordingly.

      1. My guess is that he meant to type SG…..(Steve Green).

        t- One of these guys forever believes Knight is an insult to IU because of some of the player mistreatment(valid reasons to not like Knight) so they want to steal his accomplishments and the numerous good things he did.

        The other is a lover of all things South/SEC and will never grant IU/Knight their just position as a once dominant basketball program without some sort of attempt to dis the program or add qualifiers. To this date, there are thousands like those two Scoop contributors…either resentful toward us or packaging all accomplishments to a tainted coach who rubbed elbows with Satan.

        1. Just never forget…That ‘Special K’ coach down at Duke has never had a bad word to say about ‘Satan of Bloomington’ who, by his own testimonials and statements, still remains his most valued mentor and teacher of the game.

        2. H4H,
          If are referring to me, just to set the record straight, I happen to think RMK is probably the greatest college BB coach we will see in our lifetime. Coach K of Duke fame not withstanding.

          1. Yes, but you forgot the two most obvious things Knight did not “inherit.” He did not inherit George McGinnis….And he did not inherited the propensity to cheat or buy future recruits(which, along with a refusal to coddle any singular talent, was one of the more salient reasons for his burnout (along with his growing resentment toward turning a team game, under the growing disproportional influences of the Narcissistic Basketball Association, into a regression from what he believed and wanted for young men).

    1. t,
      You forget some others who were on that team. A gentleman by the name of Joby Wright for one, as well as John Ritter, Bootsie White, and Jerry Memering. I can tell the late legendary Kentucky Coach Adolph Rupp and Kentucky would have remembered John Ritter’s clutch shooting from an exciting IU OT win at Freedom Hall, not to mention SD’s 47 points. Don’t think that RMK didn’t inherit some talent.

  10. One disturbing thing on senior day was more emphasis and loyalty seemed to be directed towards previous coaching staff than current coaching staff. I understand and it is not that players shouldn’t have recognized previous coaching staff but it seemed a little out of balance after a year that can negatively effect subconsciously or consciously team, attitude, practices, preparation, game performance, and yes recruiting.

    1. t- We are again totally on the same page…I mentioned the same thing in a post a few days ago(maybe you didn’t catch it). I also thought it was out of balance and very poorly timed ….and a bit of a disservice to a coach in his second season who completely embraced kids he didn’t recruit. Archie bent over backwards to honor scholarships and not nudge players off who didn’t fit his recruiting profile. Crean was regularly pushing off kids(as if it were a gentle loving nudge) during numerous scholarship crunches. He also never embraced a singular player when he took the job. They weren’t all bad kids but he was insistent on cleaning house.

      Maybe Archie should have cleaned house as well….? Would we really be in that much different of shape than the enormous task of exorcising/removing the rawness and dysfunctional flippant attitudes toward fundamental aspects of winning basketball inherent in a recruit muddied up by a terrible teacher? Archie inherited his own version of a “wrecked” basketball classroom. It’s not that any were bad kids…but nothing of the last decade was about Indiana getting back to Final Four weekends. It was narcissistic basketball…and talent shows…and the glorification of individuals over the quality discipline and instruction essential in the formation of true team basketball.

      1. Nothing Romeo did was short of spectacular. What makes him more spectacular in my book was how he embraced the ‘one for all…and ‘all for one’ attitude Archie has been attempting to bring back to the candy stripes. Romeo could have played far more selfish ball…He could have easily done more to pad his own stats. He has remained a team player. He expelled a lot of energy playing defense and being part of a total effort. Many “stars” relax at certain aspects of the game(especially when playing on a team full of top talent). Romeo did not slack at playing defense, rebounding and making those around him build on their own confidence at the game. He embraced everything the coach was trying to instill in making for a complete team…which will, ultimately, foster Romeo in becoming a complete/competitive player (whether he wants to work on that endeavor another year under Archie at IU…or in the NBA).

        In my book, Romeo’s NBA stock went up because of the totally unselfish way he played this season. He could have made himself far more the highlight reel(he could have done that by going to a college not just rebounding off a fired coach…and one with a far deeper roster as well).

  11. Lexington Herald .says Brooks projects into a 4 year player ; I postulate that Brooks went to Kentucky for 2 reasons( and they are the images BOTH schools are fighting). Brooks didn’t want to sign into rebuilding program at IU. Archie heading into only his 2nd recruiting class AND he has ID’d recruiting targets IN INDIANA. For what it is worth , Kentucky would like to get the “one -and done” moniker erased after their name . I think Brooks is a one and done ( and the ironic thing is that with ALL that leave Ky after 1 year..Brooks is STILL left with a program trying to rebuild 1 year at a time. My concern for next years returnees is Moore..Forrester was a known delay in performance. I think Demezi is a questionable D1 talent (but he is only a freshman as well ) but Moore will be a Junior and should have contributed more than he did….next years team will have Green, Phinesee, Durham, Hunter, Franklin, Thompson, Smith, Moore, Forester, Davis and TJD (so far)..anyone I forgot?? Moore needs to step up.

    1. TJ & t,
      I have a few thoughts, for what they are worth. As for talent t, don’t forget that although not a top 20 recruit Hunter was highly sought after and like TJD could be considered a near elite talent. However, I don’t think Archie is as concerned about top 20 talent as he is top 100. Top 20 is likely one and done, where top 100 may stay around long enough to mesh into what Archie is trying to create. Big difference between building short term success or long term which I think Archie is building.

      As for Brooks there are a couple things out there. He may well be a diva and if so, didn’t need him. There is another possible issue of a troubling rumor out there that the family saw how Hoosier Nation turned on this team during the depths of the losing skid and they didn’t like it at all. The calls to fire Archie and how Romeo was treated during this time by certain segments of Hoosier Nation didn’t sit well with them at all. If this be true, which I myself have no way of confirming, then once again as in football, the problem rests squarely at the feet of Hoosier Nation.

      1. tai, interesting tick about possible thoughts of the Brooks family. But the disdain/hatred the state of Indiana holds for pUKe trumps any flittering fickleness of some in the IUBB fan base. Just think he did not relish supporting a rebuild. Also you never know what Criminallypari was selling him about pUKe or IU.
        *The loss of Brooks moves my thought of Romeo staying slightly positive for a Sophomore year to 55-45. Maybe not, Maybe so. He has pride, is not selfish and for the benefit of the team or through personal character he is a team player.

        1. HC,
          Agreed, hope you are right about Romeo. Believe he is a very good individual, but also know he has to be concerned with his future playing ability in the nba. An injury in a Sophomore year could hinder that greatly. Especially with him ready to go now as a lottery pick by most nba scouts.

          No idea what the bottom line reason was for the Brooks decision, but we all have to be aware that we are dealing with kids coming out of HS in 2nd decade of the 21st century. They are much different in many ways from those from the middle and latter parts of the 20th century. For better or worse they are not used to certain criticisms which would have not phased players of earlier generations.

      2. I think that is a matter of perception. Sure, the IU fans weren’t happy with the mid season slump as they packed Assembly Hall and screamed their lungs out. Think about those two 5 star players playing to 4500 somnolent fans down at Vanderbilt and even fewer at many opposing SEC arenas.

        Hoosier fans on a bad day are more supportive than 95% of the fan bases out there.

        Ask Steve Alford.

        1. You really have a dislike for Vanderbilt…Gosh, they are coached by an Indiana(the state) guy. Seems like you have some sort of deep-seated resentment.

          So we lose 12 of 13 games in the heart of our season with our ‘lottery’ pick.

          Vanderbilt has no Darius Garland for their entire conference season.

          You should be honest in your comparisons….Garland is still being projected to go much higher than Romeo.

          And Romeo still had Kansas high on his list(his father said as much) but only cut the ties at the very end because of the rumors surrounding the FBI investigation possibly aiming at Self. He’d probably be playing in the tournament with Kansas had the FBI rumors not tainted that decision.
          Again, let’s be honest. Romeo played it safe. Coming back next season would not be playing it safe…but we all know that won’t happen.

          Should Garland even be allowed to enter the draft? How is that a one-and-done when he, for all intents and purposes (other than a few early season games) didn’t play college ball? He’s essentially going straight out of high school.

          1. Vanderbilt was down ONE player and couldn’t beat anyone.

            ONE player.

            He isn’t coming back next year, either. They may well go winless in the conference again.

            At some point Vandy fans are going to expect a win. At least one.

          2. Yeah, the Hoosiers had an ugly stretch when they were down multiple players and they lost 12 of 13 before rebounding for a respectable finish.

            Vandy had a rough stretch, too. It was called their conference season. They went 0-18. But, they were down ONE player so that was to be expected.

          3. There isn’t a rule that says you have to go to college at all. The rule just says you can’t go into the NBA right out of high school.

      3. Why would you write about a “rumor” that you have no way of confirming? That is the definition of nonsense!

        1. Then you are reaffirming the “nonsense” coming from Romeo’s father. Romeo’s father was quoted in an interview that the “speculation” concerning Kansas/Self being implicated in the FBI investigation took Kansas off the list of considered schools(when it was down to Vandy, IU and Kansas). It’s not my “rumor” nor is it my quote.
          I will gladly hunt for the article quoting Romeo’s dad as it concerned Kansas.
          Jeremy could probably verify it.

          1. There you have it…The FBI “stuff”/speculation/rumors of an investigation potentially knocking at Kansas’s door was enough for Romeo to take KU off his list….according to his father.
            Not sure if it was the only factor but it certainly sounds like it was an important deterrent.
            I only bring it up because we hear so much from one certain blogger here concerning how choosing Vanderbilt would have been a disaster compared to Indiana…But Kansas has survived a season without the FBI “stuff” and is marching into March Madness seemingly just fine. Choosing Kansas would have meant Romeo gets to play on the biggest stage of college basketball…Hard to imagine calling that a disaster.

  12. That will put IU men’s basketball somewhere in the middle of pack in big ten. Missing to many elite parts.

  13. I can’t believe that some on this site think it’s a good thing that Brooks did not pick IU. Or that Brooks would have had a hard time beating out Smith, Moore, Forrester, Thompson and a questionable Hunter for playing time. It is that same thinking that leads to the NIT.

    1. HH,
      It depends on why he decided not to come to IU. If it was a diva mentality then no, you didn’t need that in a program being built on a team mentality. There is one thing you can say about Romeo, by all appearances, he has tried to be a good team member despite some very trying circumstances.

  14. This may not be a fair comparison or observation. I know it’s easier when winning and Villanova has won its share over the last couple years. It is the J Wright and Villanova system and it shows. Villanova does have a Self-Image. I Don’t Think Overall They Have Any Higher Ranked Recruits Than IU. I know Villanova doesn’t play in big ten and Saturday they were playing Seton Hall. I watched second half of Villanova vs Seton Hall and Villanova seemed to get a couple calls go their way including technical foul and only won by two. My observation: 1. J Wright teams remind me a little of Butler’s Brad Steven’s teams. Villanova is hard nosed. 2. Didn’t even look at statistics but Villanova takes care of the ball and plays tough defensively 3. When going for loose balls or rebounds they are football type strong handed. The rebound is theirs and not fumbled around (Seton Hall was good at this also). They also blog out. 4. H4h eluded to IU senior speeches and I felt the same as well that the speeches didn’t seem to be in tune to AM and IU of today and focused a little much in the past before AM. I know J Wright has been at Villanova for 17 years but contrast his and his seniors talking vs IU. J.Wright and Villanova lost 4 players off last years team to NBA or elsewhere. J Wright talks about how he delegated coaching responsibilities to his two seniors. It bothered him as they were going through transition and losing streak of like 3or so games. Villanova senior captains (2) one being a Florida transfer player and another coming back from injury and MVP (stated MVP was team award that he would give to his parents) of big8 tournament talked in detail how enjoyable it was to bring the freshman and newer players along to teach them the Villanova way. A happy team of brotherhood and togetherness J Wright talked about how Villanova has to keep improving all the way through tournament.
    Villanova/J Wright team like Brad Stevens/Butler teams seem really hard nosed, have togetherness, excellent leadership, are on same page, and are very strong handed with ball.
    I just don’t see this scenario sustained at IU for any length of time. Villanova has a self image that you know it’s Villanova ball. Other examples are Michigan, MSU (I know IU beat them twice), Of course Duke and others.

    1. I don’t know t,
      I want to believe Archie is trying to build a hard nosed team oriented program at IU too. There is one thing we all know, the culture of a program does not change overnight. It takes a few years to create a differing approach to the game. Remember, TC had 9 years to build his idea of what the culture should be. It will take two or three years to change the culture from a TC to AM. I believe H4H & your concerns about the Senior speeches might just illustrative of that shift being incomplete at this point.

      1. Because I vividly remember the last BB coaching change and the revolt of some self entitled players I am unmoved by the feelings of players stating some feelings for a former coach who was unable to develop them as thoroughly as the new HC and his staff. The Seniors honesty was refreshing compared to the attitude of the entitled thugs. It did not wound Miller 1 bit.

    2. It’s also important to note that Jay Wright’s first 3 years at Villanova all resulting in NIT appearances. Rebuilding a program substantively takes time. No band-aid fixes. No erratic and odd behavior that puts off every high school coach in your home state. I THINK we have a coach who gets this, so I am looking down the line to better days ahead. Much much better days ahead.

      And that “toughness/togetherness/leadership” didn’t manifest itself until year 4 for Villanova. It took time to get his guys, who buy into the new boss’s way of doing things. I know this because I lived 2 miles from Vannilanova’s campus (graduated high school on what was then “Dupont Pavilion’s” court. And before the era of social media, Wright still had many detractors that thought they could do better than him. The alumi are entitled in so many other ways, but not in basketball, so the heat wasn’t anywhere was Archie is feeling right now. The administration stuck with him and now they have banners hanging in their rafters.

      Archie’s Dayton teams were exactly this. You can see what he’s trying to do. You also see a coach who remained focused as a teacher throughout the toughest times of the season. He didn’t throw his players under bus like Crean did. It resulted in a team MUCH improved as they got healthier and the level of intensity went up. Archie didn’t give up on them, kept challenging them to get better, and they responded. WITHOUT anyone who can shoot.

      So you’re constant analogies to football are not resonating with me. This is a totally different scenario. YES, we are having to be patient, but unlike football, there are many reasons to be believe we’re in great hands, and like thinkabouit has been pointing out many many times, we just didn’t have insight into just how far Crean had run the program into the ground at the tailend of his tenure.

  15. H4H, T, and TA…We know what the Pro-Scouts told Morgan last year at his eval..told to come back and work on his outside shooting. Given that info ,do you still think Romeo a first round draft AS a freshman when Juwan wasn’t going to be drafted after the quality year he had last year because he couldn’t shoot from outside?

    1. TJ,
      The big thing Romeo has which makes the nba scouts get so excited is his ability to go to the rim so easily and effectively. Have to remember the college defenses designed to stop him from doing that this year are for the most part illegal in the nba. Can’t do zones, can’t pack the paint they way college defense do. The floor has to be spread out on the defensive end much more than in college. In that environment, Romeo will thrive. The biggest thing Romeo needed to begin with was his defense raised a notch or two which Archie has done. The outside shooting will come for him when all he has to do is work on his game, and nothing else.

  16. NIT

    Indiana misses the tournament for 7 out of the last 11 years. Hopefully it is darkest just before the dawn.

  17. I’m late to the party, but will still comment on the various topics presented above.

    Jeremy, I’d join you in your defense of a journalist’s access to Bradley and other institutions if the Journalism profession did a much better job of policing itself. There are a lot of frauds who call themselves “journalists” that are pushing an agenda, or who believe “trash” sells”, or those who insert their opinion into what is supposed to be a straight news story. And their editors are either complicit or simply incapable of correcting the behavior. If someone wants to write an op-ed, fine. They can express their opinions at will as long as they identify it as opinion. But it’s those journalists who merge the hard news with opinion, or those who refuse to present both sides of an issue that are causing the problem. (It’s not just what is reported, it’s what’s not reported.) Journalism needs to do a better job of policing the profession.

    Some reaction to Brooks going to Kentucky sound like sour grapes. Of course it would have been better for IU to sign Brooks. I think part of the issue is the perception about a program’s culture. What “culture” has Calipari created/sustained at Kentucky? Now, think about the “culture” Archie is trying to establish at IU? But bottom line, a program who has not gone to the NCAA in three consecutive seasons is not likely to be the destination for a great number of the most talented players, especially if the program is being lead by a coach who has yet to prove that he can lead the team to conference championships, final fours and NCAA Championships. Archie’s got a ways to go before more than one 5-stars player per class will be willing to sign with IU. These 5-star kids want exposure under the brightest lights available, and they want a chance to win championships NOW.

    And we should stop comparing Knight’s recruiting as far back as 50 years ago to recruiting today. It’s a different world with different values. The vast majority of these 5-star kids and their parents aren’t really interested in going to class or getting their degree. The calculus is “which coach has the best chance of maximizing my value to the NBA?”

    1. Po- couldn’t agree more. I used to watch CNN but cannot now because their reporting is just so biased. Unsubstantiated Jesse Smollett story, dishonest Convenient Christian story and now a self described “Eco Fascist” terrorist that hates America and Conservatives is branded as a conservative white supremacist so he can be linked to Donald Trump. All three stories are used to brand Republicans and Trump as racists. It’s not reporting, it trying to shape and omit facts to push a preordained agenda. In addition, CNN and MSNBC both gave 0 air time coverage to the bi-partisan Senate investigation report that said there was no Russian Collusion. And that’s just the last month. Honest journalists? Hardly. That’s why skepticism of all journalism is on the rise. Fox News was not above running stories of President Obama not being a US citizen. The point is not left or right. The point is that the truth is getting sacrificed to increase viewership and to fit stories to push agendas. The thought that the same bias and economic pressure won’t impact sports reporting is naive. That said, HSR is first rate and Mike Miller must actually be a team of bots because no human can churn out that many first rate stories that quickly.

        1. Chet- you get me to veer off into the weeds. I don’t watch any network’s opinion shows because of their inherent bias. But I just gave 4 examples of CNN news airing dishonest reports or selectively not reporting news in the last 30 days. Why would anyone be OK with that level of deceit? I’d call out Fox News for more than saying Obama wasn’t a US citizen. But I can’t think of any blatant examples of deception or omission like the 4 mentioned above aired by CNN. Can you?

          1. You must be kidding. This obviously isn’t the proper forum but pretty much anything on Fox is fiction.

          2. 123, you’ve got it figured out pretty good. Give me meat and potatoes reporting not a vegan version of burger or s o-called milk that does not come from a mammal.

          3. Chet,
            I wasn’t going to get into the middle of this foolishness but when you referenced politifact as an unbiased source, that pushed it too far. If you check into who owns politifact and who funds them you will find it to be just like any other fact checker right or left – biased. There is no true middle ground in this country anymore.

            We would all do much better in this country to take off our rose or pastel colored glasses once in a while. Might actually learn something.

          4. I have a son in Utah, computer nerd with a good job, making good money, nice family and is a gun nut & owner of a gun shop. He has recently started quoting InfoWars. And I keep using Politifacts to counter. Ouch

          5. I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad

            Let’s clarify the above quote….

            The police = Sheriff Bullard (Uncle of one of the Griner brothers)…Before moving to Aintry, he worked 12 years in the KGB.
            The military = The ‘tough’ toothless Griner brother at the top of the cliff with the shotgun.
            Bikers for Trump = Lewis bought the banjo kid a banana seat bicycle with ‘chopper’ handlebars…as an extra expression of gratitude for taking the car down to Aintry.
            What Trump meant by “very bad, very bad.

          6. Well, when you stand by Faux News but dismiss Politifact I suppose there isn’t much to discuss with you.

          7. Chet,
            Being I am the one who dared challenge Politifact as being an unbiased organization, you should not assume I am standing by any news organization including what you called “Faux News” or what others might call “Fake News.” Simply making a point that Politifact is not the paragon of neutrality some would have the world to believe. Everyone can go do their own homework on Politifact and decide for themselves.

          8. But, if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan, if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor. Real truth, real facts. RICH!

  18. Since majority don’t care about going to class, then change college rule to high school recruits for sports have to complete a full load one semester or one year of college credits making at least c+ average to try out for any sport. The heck with nba/nfl/pro sports.

  19. I’m not going to dive into any political debates on this site. This is not the place. But regarding journalists, I want them to report the facts. And if appropriate, report both sides of an issue. I’ll make up my own mind about what’s true and not true. I resent being told what to think or what conclusions to draw, regardless of the source’s political persuasion. Give me the facts. I don’t mind anyone writing an editorial or offering their opinion, but make it clear that’s what it is. And don’t omit relevant facts or fail to present major news stories because they may not support your agenda or the narrative you’re trying to push.

    1. Politics is always intersecting with sports….Political power attempting to protect institutions and the $$$ brought to states even when some imbedded in those institutions have looked the other way in the committing of heinous acts(PSU, MSU, etc).

      And then you have our currently ‘leader’ constantly injecting himself into the discourse while attempting to vilify athletes standing (or kneeling) for what should be their right to free speech.

      Separation of church and state….? …and some coaches passionately/sincerely(or disingenuously) injecting strong religious spin into public university sports programs?

      It’s often the choice of our ‘leader’ to push what ever will win his “base” into the national narrative. And he’ll do it via sports topics or any other means to cause stronger division(thus finding another distraction away from his own problems while securing and inciting a crowd of America’s ‘disenfranchised’). You should condemn the ‘Tweeting Oval Office Blob’ from bringing politics and division into our favorite pastimes. What happens on a small town newspaper’s blog is beyond minor in comparison to someone who commands the nation’s attention.

  20. The fix for college basketball is simple. Step one: force the NBA to eliminate the one-and-done rule and allow legal adults to pursue their chosen occupation (professional basketball player). Step two: increase the money tied to athletic scholarships so that they cover the full cost of going to college, and that should include support for the players’ parents to visit campus on a limited number of occasions. This is not rocket science. The problem is the NCAA’s complicity in the NBA’s greed and the NCAA’s refusal to truly support athletes getting a higher education.

    I don’t believe college basketball’s popularity (i.e., revenue) would suffer one bit if the top ten High School players each year were given the opportunity to choose between going to college or going directly to the NBA. And if some of those players didn’t make an NBA roster right away, they could play for the NBA’s D League for a year or two.

    1. Morning News noted IU’s basketball program brought in $24 M this yr (or last yr – missed that part). Purdue was at $10 M.

      And boy does that Brooks kid have a head of hair.

    2. Po,
      One little problem in forcing the nba to elimate the one-and-done rule, it was negotiated through their CBA with the players association. CBA’s have shown themselves to be quite difficult to override even at the SCOTUS level. Not sure how one could force the nba to change. Even if you could, I am not sure what the best solution would be overall.

      1. Seems like a lot of contradictions….We hate the one-and-done…but yet we hold up the one-and-done as if they did some huge service to our university for giving us one season.
        Why would you want to eliminate the chance for a young man to be perceived as “savior,” recruiting “game-changers,” monuments to our lore or serve as bragging rights for our state, etc , etc.?
        What is Romeo to the people of Indiana if he goes straight from high school to college? Does his name conjure up the same memories and good feelings in our hearts if we never see him play college ball?
        Isn’t he nothing more than a Gucci purse at that point?
        The one-and-done was not made to eliminate fair opportunity for the athlete…or to, hopefully, give a young mind an infectious taste/desire to be a student as well as an athlete. The one-and-done was implemented to do exactly what it does: It provides free advertising for the NBA by making these h.s. ballers more memorable and legendary via March Madness(in essence, the NBA has also hijacked our most storied part of college ball)….thus feeding into the addiction/allusions of a necessity to live vicariously through such invented heroes.

        Why would a high school kid want to go straight to the NBA? Do they honestly think they will all get the headlines of somebody like LeBron. They need the advertising. They need the differentiation of one season in college. They need the one-and-done to feed the craziness…and make their stage bigger than it really is…or should be.

  21. Chet- you confirmed my points. Punditfacts said both Fox and CNN used biased pundits that don’t always present facts- which is why I already told you I don’t watch the opinion shows with pundits. But the 4 examples I cited were not from pundits but from CNN’s news division. And instead of dealing with the facts, you try to smear- “Faux News” “anything of Fox is fiction”. I don’t want to play the game. If you actually don’t care that your news source is lying to you, there’s not much hope for common ground.

    1. No, I proved otherwise but, again, when you dismiss fact checkers in lieu of Faux News it kills your credibility and doesn’t leave anywhere for a discussion to go. It is like attempting a discussion with holocaust deniers or climate change deniers or chickens.

      It is just a waste of time.

  22. Would the world be a better place w/out 24 hour cable news? I vote Yes. I have slowly drifted over to BBC for world news as well as a different view of US coverage.

  23. What I hate most about CNN is how their 24/7 coverage of Trump does everything in getting him reelected. I’ll never watch Fox(I mean, five minutes there and you know it’s a joke….Sort of like watching the first week of Crean as our coach), but CNN’s obsession with the Commander in Bully is only helping him. They are either working for Trump…or they are only one Neanderthal leg finding upright ahead of Fox. It’s all a rather sad testament to a country drowning in narcissism. Meanwhile, we crap on the health of our world …as more and more of our truly beautiful inhabitants in our few remaining untouched places and clean waters are leaving forever via extinction by the masses. Man is forever all about man….and that’s all anything “news” reinforces.
    We are the only selfish living creatures of this world….and we are on the path to destroy it.

  24. They should call it poli-ticks. Tiny little bloodsucking insects carrying diseases that will fall from trees and latch onto anything. They fatten themselves up …and inflate their own size by digging in on your blood. They are sort of like bug vampires. Make sure you get the whole tick out of the skin before you flush it down the toilet. Stubborn poli-ticks.

    1. You are quite correct in your definition of politicians and it is quite bipartisan in that regard!

  25. Suggest some of you guys Google the term “Confirmation Bias” and think about whether it applies to you. That’s why I just want news stories to present the facts.

  26. I thought “confirmation bias” had something to do with Catholics? And since athletes use every opportunity to mix religion into sports…(And how is that really any different than bringing in politics?…Isn’t it all “personal”?), here’s a question:

    Does Jesus have a Selection Sunday? Cloudetology?

    I think I’m on the bubble…No, probably off the bubble and on the outside of the cloud looking in. I have a few good wins…but a lot of bad losses. My RPI could mess up my RIP. Some say I don’t have a prayer in going deep…but I’m not praying to go any deeper than six feet. And why do so many think getting to the Finals is already determined before Selection Sunday? If we have to wait ’til the fat lady sings….? Did I just call Jesus a fat lady? Oops. There goes my RPI again.

  27. As H4h noted PO, if you make a statement of opinion or suggestion on this blog you are talking interwoven politics.

    America; that make up its laws, entities, and society are only as good as its people make it. The constitutional first admendment; freedom of speech, assembly, press, and religion is the most revered admendment of the U.S. constitution. (some may disagree). Then, the second admendment is the right to bear arms. They both, require personal responsibility from each and every one of its people. America is choking on its own constitution; led by what is individual personal irresponsibility that irresponsibly perverts the first and second admendment.

  28. I’m more fearful of Kyrie Irving telling guys the world is flat…than the one-and-done trip from Spain to the Americas. How does the guy from Spain even get to college or the NBA if he falls off the globe? Is he trying to keep Europeans out of US colleges and the NBA?

  29. think, there are a lot of Constitutional Scholars that make the case that if challenged, the one-and-done rule, notwithstanding the CBA negotiated between the NBA and the players union, would be found unconstitutional. In theory, neither the NBA or the Players Association had the right to deny or arbitrarily delay future adults, who were not a part of either organization at the time, the opportunity to pursue their chosen occupation/career. The damages would be obvious. The argument goes that in negotiating the CBA to include the one-and-done rule, both parties acted to discriminate against future adults and collaborated to deny them their constitutional rights (i.e., pursuit of happiness.)

    I wonder if any young man has have mounted a legal challenge to the one-and-done rule? I wonder if they’re afraid to do so and risk getting on the bad side of the NBA’s owners? I’m no lawyer, but any agreement that denies people the right to pursue their chose occupation for arbitrary reasons (and pure greed) seems blatantly unconstitutional. As an adult citizen of the U.S. who has not and is not breaking the law, you’re either free to pursue happiness or you’re not.

    1. Po,
      You forget, it has already been challenged. If you will remember, former OSU Running Back Maurice Clarett challenged it and was ruled against by the 2nd Circuit. SCOTUS refused to hear the appeal. Don’t think you will see much of a change as the 2nd Circuit’s opinion was written by now Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Remember the NFL CBA was much more onerous than the current NBA one and done rule.

      Quite frankly, I don’t think the majority of the nba players association have thought this one out. If you’re sitting on an nba bench right now, adopting the nfl 3 years out of HS rule would give everyone at the end of the bench another possible 2 years of contract time.

  30. Try to make any garment, or anything, or sell anything that what the nba or nfl deems as an infringement on their tax subsidized government (local, state, federal) supported monopoly of officially liscensed gear and see reality balance of a free enterprise, free trade, and how free you are to pursue happiness.

  31. Doesn’t the NFL require three years removed from high school(usually meaning about age 20)? So why are we simply using the NBA as a example as a deterrent to the pursuit of teenage constitutionally protected bliss?

    Here’s the deal…99% of the high school talent would never get drafted before the age of 19 anyway. If (more likely, when) the rule is removed or change to the age of 18, it will have little effect on changing a teenagers mind to go to college. The coverage of the athlete in college (particularly, the now massive cable television coverage of regular season games and the exploding obsessions with March Madness) provides the true opportunity to legitimize and rocket ship a player’s contract/lottery/future value for the next level. There is no better form of free advertising for a player to sell his talents to the NBA than the college game.

    I have no problem with removing the rule….(NFL as well). But you’re in a dream world if you think not going to college will ultimately help a young athlete in any manner. There is short term happiness found in $$$…and long term happiness aided by a mind and body being ready for the physical demands, travel and rigors of professional sports.
    Without the rules, many will get crazy with their inflated ego and destroy their potential and chance to mature and evolve on the best advertising stage in all of sports.
    The NBA put in the rule to protect the athlete from the abuses of hungry agents pumping them fool of nonsense. What happens to their high school academic standings when the 16 year old thinks he’s going straight from high school to the NBA? What happens when they don’t get drafted out of high school and most major colleges are not interested because of poor academics…or they’ve simply already committed to other recruits? What happens as they sit out a year of high school and can’t find employment? What are they doing on the streets as they’ve lost opportunities because false expectations were pumped into their brains?

  32. And will we see seedy agents and corrupt shoe execs dangling checks and hookers at high schools to lure kids to the draft in much the same manner Louisville and others used hookers and cash to lure kids to their college teams?

    Prostitutes arriving at the parent pick-up and drop-off lane to grab Lil’ Jimmy right after the final class dismissed bell rings….? That will be a joy to watch.

  33. I would like to see the nfl and nba award letter sweaters and letter jackets based on time played and seniority for individual teams

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