IU to face Ohio State in Big Ten Tournament opener

The details are set.

In next week’s Big Ten Tournament, Indiana will be the No. 9 seed and face No. 8 Ohio State on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Eastern at the United Center. The winner will face top-seeded Michigan State on Friday at 12:30 p.m.

Thursday’s game will air on Big Ten Network.

The Hoosiers dropped the first meeting with the Buckeyes, 55-52, on Feb. 10 at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.


  1. I’ll take beating MSU for the 3rd time in a row. And I hope Justin Smith hits 15 3-pointers in that game.

  2. I think this team is playing great ball right now and could win more than two games in this weeks BTen tourney. I was reminded that the ‘81 team had rough spots and became a real juggernaut at tourney time. It got me to thinking how the ‘81 team came together and how all that individual talent developed into such a great team. There were no recruiting services then nor stars to rate players. So let me ask how many stars would the readers of this blog give those individual players? Isiah Thomas would have been a 5 star recruit for sure. But what would the “IU historians” on this blog guess the others from that team would be rated coming out of high school? Starters were Thomas, Randy Wittman, Ray Tolbert, Ted Kitchel, & Landon Turner. And the bench was loaded as well with Jim Thomas, Steve Risley, Steve Bouchie, Phil Isenbarger, Tony Brown, just to name a few. Just curious.

    1. Wolfie!
      Long time, no hear. Good to see you posting.

      Thinking back about the ’81 juggernaut, as you say, I’m not sure how to rate all the players. Obviously Isaiah was a 5*, but I think several others could have been. They certainly coached up into high 4 and 5*s. The thing about that team which sticks out the me the most was the end of the year, not the beginning. Everyone knew the team had potential, but it really didn’t come together until Landon Turner figured it out. Turner was the key to everything. Had he figured it out sooner, the team might have challenged the ’75 team (yes, ’75) as the best college basketball team ever put on the floor.

      1. Comparisons are ludicrous because kids’ brains weren’t infected 24/7 with NBA mega millions tickets, draft nights, social media distractions building on more layers of narcissism …and the nonstop news cycles on ESPN, etc building them into kings and gods.
        On what planet now would Isiah Thomas stay in college for more than one season? That’s simply abnormal behavior. If you’re a program that can sign 2 to 3 mega stars every recruiting cycle, then you can rebound from the effects of one and done. But this isn’t the good ol’ days ….McDonald’s All-Americans don’t stay….and we don’t land enough per recruiting cycle to buffer the shock to the system after a Romeo …or an Eric Gordon packs the bags after one season.

        If Romeo would stay another season(Isiah was a sophomore during that banner run in ’81), then a comparison might not be quite so lubricious. Scott May is likely even a one-and-done in this era. Our program hasn’t fallen off that much…It’s just the parameters and the distractions have changed college basketball to favor only a handful of programs. You simply can’t keep a superstar for more than one season….Those who have long established advantages (lower academic requirements, fake classes, very established “elite” coach, offering money to recruits via shoe agents, etc) win in this era because they reload superstars in much larger numbers.
        Programs that can’t reload superstars every cycle suffer….because unlike 1972 through 1992 (our heyday in hoops) nobody getting the 24/7 news cycle of ‘top draft pick’ projection would be crazy enough to stay in college and play for banners.

        1. Crean had the right formula in recruiting to beat the system favoring cheats and those who can load up on one-and-done’s….He simply lacked the coaching acumen to make it closer to working/getting over the hump in an inequitable system.

          Crean’s Formula: Find the late bloomer(Oladipo, Bryant, OG) who may just find the eye of NBA scouts late enough in the process to be timed with solid, longer term ballers(Hulls, Hartman, Ferrell, etc) talent. And then find that one ‘game-changing’ recruit(e.g. Zeller) who could dominate in some facet of the game.

          But the formula relies on (a) zero injuries, (b) the “late bloomer” to stay just long enough to mesh with solid specialty talent…and (c) high level of coaching acumen.

          Archie may use some of these same formulas(e.g. “the late bloomer” like Justin Smith) but without the ‘game-changer’ mega star recruit, it will still be very difficult to get to a promise land of banner. You must fulfill all three areas: Late bloomers, game-changer and coaching acumen.
          Crean had his game-changer for two season(Zeller)….With a high level of coaching acumen, it probably would have been enough.

  3. Thomas higher 5
    Whitman higher 4
    Tolbert higher 4
    Kitchel low 4
    Turner lower 5
    Thomas mid 3
    Risley mid 3
    Bouchie low 4
    Isenbarger mid 3
    Brown mid 3

  4. Did anyone catch Seth Davis just ripping on us during CBS’s telecast of Wisconsin vs. OSU? Wow…Write your congressman or whatever.
    That Establishment tool went way, way over the line. Kellogg kept trying to tell him he was using old measurements(W-L, RPI) that the committee doesn’t hold as important….I’ve never seen such an attempt to use the airways for personal agenda/vendettas. That man should have his broadcasting credentials stripped. I thought the goal was objectivity?

    Remember the time Seth Davis went around the BigTen and had coaches rip certain kids and coaches around the league while allowing them to remain anonymous in his ‘tell all’ Sports Illustrated piece? The piece had no measure of decency and was used to take some very mean-spirited shots at a great Hoosier.
    Big surprise you can’t find that piece on the internet anymore…It’s been wiped clean from SI history as well. And why was it removed from the internet? Likely because it was full of untruths and his own outright agenda/lies(same as the agendas he was using yesterday in front of committee voters and viewers). But thanks to my fabulous skills at internet archeology, I have found evidence of the old SI piece here…Stick to what you, Seth…Stick to what you know.

    Write your congressman/congresswoman…or CBS.

    1. “I would think I would like to be nude in the White House one day.” Seth Davis

      Seth Davis: The Matt Lauer of March Madness…?

  5. wolfem, I agree with much of what think said above. Landon Turner was the key, and his talent carried that IU team to the championship. When he finally got out of Knight’s dog house and earned his starting position back, IU never lost another game that season. He was probably the most physically gifted athletes to ever ware candy stripes. I mean, he was 6’10, 235, a great jumper and he could run the floor like a point guard. He was long and he was quick. He had all the physical gifts. Ironically, (IMO) his talent was more suited for the NBA game than Knight’s system, so had he not been injured in that terrible car accident, I believe he would have gone on to be a top NBA draft pick and a career as an NBA All Star for many years. IMO, Turner, Thomas, Tolbert and Whitman were all 5-star college players, and Kitchel and Jim Thomas were no slouches either.

  6. t, all I know was that Turner had offers from 300 schools. Obviously, IT was one of the most highly recruited basketball players in history. If their were star-rating systems back then, no doubt both would have been 5-stars.

  7. It should be a requirement for every Hoosier to shake the hand of Landon Turner. If you do not find a way to track down Landon before arriving in Bloomington, then we don’t want you in candy stripes. It’s pretty simple. We’ll help set it up…You just be there at Landon’s requested time.

  8. We need a Scoop hoops version of this show…t could be the host. Or maybe just let Jeremy play Ed McMahon on a return of ‘Hall Pass’…?

    Stay with the clip long enough to see ‘last week’s champions.’ Everybody Loves Raymond…..connection. Look for it.

  9. Some things have just kind of stuck in my mind. One such time was after watching Indianapolis Washington win state championship at Hinkle in summer of 1969 standing in my backyard at home learning that George McGinnis father fatal construction accident.
    Then after watching IU win national championship in 1981 I remember learning about Landon Turner accident. In Hoosier Chronicles: “Bob Knight Letter to Landon Turner” (can be googled on internet) when Landon was inducted into IU Hall of Fame summarized Landon Turner as a player and the person he was and became.

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