IU women’s basketball makes NCAA Tournament #iuwbb

For the second time in four years, the Indiana University women’s basketball team is headed to the NCAA Tournament.

The Hoosiers were one of the last four teams in the field on Monday, according to the selection committee, and received the No. 10 seed in the Portland Region.

IU will take on No. 7 seed Texas in Eugene, Ore., on Friday. The game will be televised on ESPN2. The host Ducks are the No. 2 seed and play No. 15 Portland State in the second game. The winners will meet Sunday.

Some of the drama was eliminated Monday afternoon when the bracket was accidentally leaked on ESPNU, showing Indiana was indeed in the field. As a result, the selection show was moved up from the originally scheduled 7 o’clock on ESPN to 5 o’clock on ESPN2. ESPN public relations put out a statement just a few minutes before the show that read: “In working with the NCAA to prepare for tonight’s Women’s Selection Special we received the bracket, similar to years past. In the midst of our preparation, the bracket was mistakenly posted on ESPNU. We deeply regret the error and extend our apology to the NCAA and the women’s basketball community. We will conduct a thorough review of our process to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.”

This will be the Hoosiers’ sixth appearance in the NCAA women’s basketball tournament and the program’s first trip since 2016. That year, Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill were sophomores, helping IU to a first-round win over No. 9 seed Georgia before bowing out to No.1-seeded Notre Dame in South Bend.

The last two years, IU has been on the wrong side of the bubble and inevitably relegated to the WNIT. But last year’s postseason afforded the Hoosiers six more games at home, finishing their season with 15 wins in 17 contests. Their last victory was a WNIT title win over Virginia Tech at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers came into the night on the bubble but, according to most prognosticators, on the right side of it. ESPN’s Charlie Creme, for example, put the Hoosiers at the top of his list of the last four teams in, expecting IU to draw a No. 10 seed.

That is because, unlike the last couple of years, there were some big wins on IU’s resume. Five times the Hoosiers beat teams in the final top 50 in RPI, including Iowa (7), UCLA (35), South Dakota (41), Michigan State (43), and Michigan (46).

In 2016-17, the Hoosiers’ only win over a ranked, top 50 RPI squad was Michigan. Despite winning nine of their last 11 games heading into last year’s selection show, IU was 0-6 versus top 25 teams.

This time around, the loss to Grambling State (RPI No. 207) was a blemish, and there was a lull in conference play, including a stretch of six defeats in seven contests. But point guard Ali Patberg didn’t play in three of those losses because of a separated shoulder. Add a late win over No. 10 Iowa, a Big Ten tournament victory over No. 7-seeded Minnesota, and another close contest with the eventual tournament champion Hawkeyes, and the Hoosiers strengthened their case late.

IU has a 2-5 record in NCAA tournament games. Before the 2016 win over Georgia, the Hoosiers’ only other win in NCAA tournament play came in 1983 over Kentucky.


  1. Interesting matchup Texas has alot of size in the post rebounding will one of the keys against the longhorns

  2. Proud of, and very happy for the IU women.
    The NCAA tournament is a complete mystery to me. One year we finish fourth in the “BigTen” and don’t get in, then a few years later we finish tenth and get it.
    No question we can play VERY WELL at times, and could end up surprising some folks.
    GO IU!

  3. I don’t know whether Indiana’s going to be able to successfully defend the Texas bigs down in the post because the Longhorns feature quite a formidable pair of frontcourt post player’s in (J. Holmes, F/G, 6’3″/JR.) and (J. White, C/F, 6’4″/SR.) both of which are more than capable of giving any of their opposing teams post player’s fits down in post position.

    And unfortunately the Hoosiers aren’t that experienced nor talented down in the post position having only a couple players that stand somewhere between 6’0″ and 6’4″ in height led by (K. Royster, F/C, 6’2″/SR.) – (L. Marchese, C/F, 6’4″/SO.) – (A. Gulbe, F/6’3″/FR ) – (B. Wise, F/6’0″/JR.) however none of which possess the type of athleticism, skills, and talent that the Texas post player’s bring to the table. The bottom line here is that should the Hoosiers somehow manage to neutralize the Texas bigs down low then they’ll have an excellent shot at pulling off an upset over the L Longhorns

  4. Ok ..Huss ..

    We’ll just stay home and let you defend for IU ..

    Listen you worry about your
    lowhorns ..

    IU going to show up just because they have too .

    Get ready lowhorn .. it’s almost time to go too war …

  5. IU vs Texas

    Record vs top 50 RPI teams:
    IU 5 – 6
    Texas 3 – 7 …. last win vs top 50 was way back on January 9.

    Record vs the NCAA tournament field:
    IU 6 – 6
    Texas 4 – 6

    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.
    Lets get it on!

    1. Correction……. the last top RPI 50 win for Texas was Jan 12 not 9.
      BTW… 62% (8) of their BIG12 wins came against 140+ RPI teams. A good indication of the lack of depth in the BIG12 this season.

  6. I have seen Texas play 4 or 5 times this year, not only are they big inside, they are extremely athletic at the guard position. Fan, you are correct, Marchese could be key in this game with her physicality if she can stay out of foul trouble? Holmes is a freakish athlete, not unusual for her to take a rebound the length of the court for a layup. Their guards are very quick and tend to at times to be a bit selfish with the ball. Ikey is correct, Holmes and White inside will be a huge matchup problem, this game may be determined by the way it will be officiated! If the officials let them play, we will be in big trouble because of their physicality. With only Marchese to match their physical play, chances are she may get in foul trouble and I don’t look for Royster to be able to contend with their inside play? If the officials don’t allow the 2 Texas big’s to push us around, then we may be alright? They both have a tendency to get into foul trouble if the game is officiated tightly? We simply can’t turn the ball over against their athleticism, live ball turn overs against them turn into 2 points. If Ali continues her strong play as of late, we can be very competitive with a chance to win but, it will probably come down to inside play. Go Hoosiers!

  7. very good insight .. MikeC…

    12 will come ready to battle .. she knows whats at stake.. she has the warrior mentality.
    ( she will not get pushed around ) she will bring her will .

  8. IU will have an excellent game plan .. that’s assured..

    12 and 10 … down low… 10 can be mentally pushed to be physical …

    50.. needs to hit the 3’s….. ( we need our guards smoke’n hot from the jump )

    need 11 to get her mind right…

    lets get this thing on ….

  9. I have not seen Texas play this year but Im aware they are big even have a 6′ 7″ player on their roster and they are athletic. But I tend to agree with Swartzie its more ” the size of the fight in the dog” The players have fought through their ups and downs to get to this point and Im sure the coaching staff will have a solid game plan they will be prepared, about this I have no doubt. Will need Marchese, Gulbe, and Roysters best.
    I read an article in the austin-american -statesman which rather down-played IU in this game saying they finished 8-10 in the B1G and seeded 10th in their tourney as opposed to TCU and West Virginia which finished 11-7 in the big 12 and that the big 12 rpi rated 3rd in the country just ahead of the big ten. Neither of those 2 teams made the dance. I also looked at the rpi’s of the those two teams TCU- 58 W. Va.- 80 compared to IU’s 48 plus the fact IU beat 5 top 50 rpi teams– could be that the big ten overall is stronger than the big 12- enough said- lets play the game.

    1. If you remove Baylor from the equation the conference RPI plummets. What remains is a mediocre league. You can remove the top team from any of the other major conferences and you will still have a very good and deep league. That is not the case with the BIG12 this season.

  10. Well, somebody from IU ladies has to score. Do Texas big ladies bring ball down and will refs let IU lady guards dig without calling fouls? It would be great if Marchase could score 6 to 8 points (might include two or three or four free throws). I know the Marchase physicality.

  11. Glube needs to do something besides foul. Waiting. Just not hard nosed without committing an obvious foul

  12. guards will hit … IU will come out on top… ( believing is a must )

    penn will find her groove ….

    lets play this thing….

  13. IU vs Texas conference games only (all creampuffs removed) stats comparison:
    PPG – Texas 67.4
    IU 66.3
    FG% – Texas .424
    IU .428
    3PT%- Texas .347
    IU .360
    FT% – Texas .699
    IU .749
    TO – Texas 16.3 PG
    IU 14.5 PG
    REB – Texas 41.1 PG
    IU 36.1 PG
    The stats are pretty even overall.
    It all comes down to defending like your life depends on it, rebounding and free throws.

    Even though it’s a neutral site game I believe everyone not from Texas will be cheering for the underdog Hoosiers to prevail. By the second half it should be getting loud. Call it the Bendu factor.

  14. Yes I wouldnt be surprised if there will be a nice Hoosier rooting section via the Yeaney factor, and If IU happens to play well that could be a big factor in the outcome.

  15. Bendu Yeaney is still working on her upside due to her athletic ability. IU should love having her two more years plus really like her attitude.

  16. Steve W, the 6’7″ girl on Texas’s roster does not play, the 4 or 5 times I saw them this year, she did not see the floor. The other two big’s mentioned earlier are very good and will be an issue. We will have to play well to win. Hope Bendu can have a good game in front of some of her fans near home. If you would like to hear coach Moren talk about the up coming game, go to the IUhoosier.com website and click on women’s basketball and bring up her 23 minute press conference, pretty interesting. She gives Marchese some very nice comments again about her improved play lately.

  17. Yes I listened to Morens interview and continued praise of Marchese with hope that she will continue to do well. I had been searching for video of the team reacting to their bracket placement had to go to twitter to see it. It was emotional for me as well as them, watched it many times over. Also for those that dont know Wise left Pitt as she wanted a chance to be on a championship team knowing she would not get it there, she was that team. So Im quite happy for her to have a chance in the big dance as well as the rest of the team. Its also quite true about AP basically being a freshman at IU as Moren related since she tore her ACL in a pre season practice of her freshman year at ND and played little in the next season as she was sick with pneumonia I think.

  18. T, Sidney Parrish is a beast! I have seen her play, she is a difference maker, no doubt! I read where every major program in the country has contacted her including U-Conn, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Duke, Oregon and everybody who is anybody. It will be a tough get to say the least? We can only hope? Go Hoosiers!

  19. Yes I watched her play in the state championship game she is a load. ESPN has her as #11 overall and #1 at her position for the 2020 class. Although ESPN has her listed at 6’0 it appears she is bigger than that. Here are a few more teams under consideration by her–UCLA, IU, MARYLAND, IOWA, OREGON, S. CAROLINA, TENN.

  20. I went back to the broadcast of the championship game and they announced her[Parish] as 6′ 2″. Thats a guard/forward with great versatility , its no wonder so many teams want her. Have to agree it will be a tough get for IU.

  21. These kinds of recruits can lead a coach and staff from excellent to greatness. Other high level recruits would follow. I think IU is considered in her list of final 7. I think IU has as good a chance as any to get this recruit. Reasons are recruits coming in and IU ladies are graduating a couple gaurds after 2020. IU is close to home.

  22. IU needs for Royster to play like a senior, something she has not done for many a game. A fire needs to be lit under her and could make a huge difference in the outcome.

  23. SteveW, I agree with you about Royster but, unfortunately, I don’t see it because she doesn’t possess a physical nature. You don’t get that overnight. Yes, she could make a huge difference if she played with the same physicality as Marchese but, it’s not in her.

  24. Mike c– I have to agree , she is not as big as Marchese, but she is strong and on certain games thru her career as come up with big games around 20 pts. The fact that lately she has been pulled within a minute or two because either foul trouble or because she just does not have it. Moren just seems to be starting her out of respect or hoping she will play well. So now she is down to possibly her very last game at IU so why not go out in a blaze. I know what Im asking and hoping for most likely wont happen , mentioned many times we have no inside presence , sure Marchese has been giving a defensive presence inside but KR has offensive potential that LM does not have.

  25. need all of them to produce .

    not just D ..with 12 . Executing and understanding the game plan ..

    ( toughness ) cutting off the lane .. know when to set screens ..so much more ( intangibles )

    moren indicated how smart ( hoop iq ) 12 ..has ..

    she’ll give IU some pts …IU is who they are …no sense relaying on a hope game ..

    let’s get this thing on …

  26. I know it was high school but LM did score a little in high school.
    T. Moren seems to have a little up her sleeve at end of season during tournament time. Maybe, IU ladies will go to Marchase a couple times for points near bucket. Have to remember she is at end of sophomore year and now would be a good time to show something. Sometimes it takes time at college level. Add a rebound put back and a couple of free throws = 6 to 8 points for LM

    This may be a bad match up for Royster. Maybe a couple buckets from her, or she may just be satisfied with moving on towards graduation. Then, again KR May have another decent game in her. I don’t see it for a whole game but rather situational like making a play or two towards end of game.

  27. I really dontget the Marchese love i mean look she’s an okay player and ive gotten some hate on this site for telling the truth about what she brings as a player which is not much right now if she had a post game or the ability to block shots at 6-3 i would be like yes shes a key but im sorry man shes a limited player as this point that provides a little bit nothing more i like Gulbe’s potential as a freshman better than Marchese because she can provide something offensively like be a stretch 4, is she the most physical player in the world no never said that but Marchese has show a little more ability than being “tough”maybe not to some of you guys which is fine basketball is still a sport where you have to have some skill

  28. Glube should play also at forward and currently at center. However, as season went on IU ladies were hardly getting anything from Glube either except fouls. The bottom line IU ladies search for answers at post position. It should be by committee Royster, Marchase, and Glube whoever is playing the best at the time or all three somewhat equally.
    I thought that at beginning of season but Marchase was totally left out of the mix.

  29. I have said it before this year on this site, Moren has done a great dis-service to Gulbe by playing her at center most of the time. She is a physical player which gets her in foul trouble but, she does not have the extreme physicality that is needed at the post position. Playing her at center is waiting her great potential at the forward position. Playing her at center takes away her skill as a stretch 4. Her versatility as a ballhandler and a perimeter shooter is waisted at center! Brownbomber, I have heard your criticism of Marchese before, you sometimes sound like someone who has never played the game? Anyone who knows basketball knows how important it is to have the physicality that Marchese provides in the middle. Just watching Marchese play against Iowa and Gustafson twice was proof of her importance. Yes, in both those games Gustafson got her average but, without Marchese to challenge her she would have gotten in the 40″s in those games like she did in the Big 10 championship game. You are to hung up on a player’s stats, you don’t have to score a ton of points to be valuable to your team. Most of the people who frequent this site are aware of Marchese’s value to this team! Go Hoosiers!!

  30. I agree that Gulbe is a forward and needs to play out on the floor some to utilize her shooting. Just talking for now Gulbe may have to play either position forward or center until Holmes (if she can meet expectations) gets here. I think T. Moren and staff were hoping to get scoring out of Gulbe as their best option due to weakness in the post and she would grow in that area as season went on. The problem was that Gulbe got her weaknesses in post exposed and actually declined therefore that strategy didn’t work.

  31. If you go into the twitter portion of hoosiers.com you will see the link to christy winters scott audio of IU’s chances in the dance. I remember at the first of the year she didnt give IU much of a chance this year since we are so undersized , shes changed her tune a bit as she talks about AP. Its also interesting that on Obama’s bracket he actually picks IU to win two games beating both texas and oregon. Means nothing but nice to see.

  32. as usual… mickc .. heads it right on….

    lets get ready to rummmmmmmmble….

    its go time…. lets get it on…

    get em……. IU

  33. Okay mr mikec clearly sir you didnt read all of my post because i didnt type not one stat this is strictly based off of observation i will direct you once again to what i said A.does she have a post game or mid range jumper?no B.can she block shots?no i dont mind her playing but you and others are giving her way too much credit if she plays so well why is Kym Royster still starting?i cannot help that my analysis rubs you or anyone else the wrong way sir

  34. bomber.. give it a rest … apparently you cant comprehend what mikec laid out …
    mickc…… ( knows HOOP ) trust me … he is all in on wbb… guy watches and evaluates … teams though out the country… ( had to have a son or daughter that played )

    call up moren .. ask her why she has been complementing … 12 on her game .. and its been every game since 12 is getting her minutes….

    12… comes off the bench .. cause that’s where the coaching staff ..gets her best performance..
    ( sheesh )

    think your beef is with the head coach…..

    enough chatter…… ( you thoughts should be directed at next yr ) IU is where IU is today .

    its game day…

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