IUWBB: Hoosiers beat Texas to advance in NCAA tourney

Indiana beat Texas, 69-65, in its return to the NCAA tournament Friday.

IU sophomore Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers with 24 points, including a 4-of-7 effort from beyond the arc. Classmate Bendu Yeaney, playing in her home state of Oregon,  added 17. Brenna Wise and Ali Patberg each added 10 points.

The Hoosiers (21-12) missed out on the NCAA tournament the last two years, but in their last trip in 2016, they won their first-round matchup. This is now the program’s third NCAA tournament win.

IU has at least repeated its 2016 effort and will likely play No. 2 seed Oregon on its home court with a chance to advance to the program’s first Sweet 16 in the 64-team era.

Penn helped the Hoosiers get out to a good start, hitting a pair of 3s in the first quarter. She was 3-of-4 from the floor for eight points in the opening period. Wise then hit a 3 to cap the scoring for IU, pushing the Hoosier lead to 23-17.

But the Longhorns went on to outscore the Hoosiers 20-6 in the second period, largely because of their dominance on the glass. IU held a 27-24 lead after a Yeaney basket, but an Audrey Warren 3 tied it up. That started a 13-0 run, including a putback by Joyner Holmes, and a putback by Danni Williams following a missed layup in transition.

The Hoosiers went scoreless for more than four and a half minutes. Penn scored with 47 seconds left in the second quarter to make it 37-29 at halftime.

Texas pulled down 13 offensive rebounds and held a 16-2 advantage in second-chance points at the break. After committing just one turnover in the first quarter, the Hoosiers surrendered five in the second. They hit 50 percent in the first quarter but went into the locker room hitting 38 percent from the floor (13-of-34). Texas hit 42 percent (17-of-40) through two quarters.

Like the first quarter, the Hoosiers scored the first five points of the third. Penn hit a 3, and Patberg drained a jumper. Penn then drove hard to the basket and made it 37-36 with 8:10 left. Jatarie White went into the post and converted a three-point play to push it back to four, but Penn hit a jumper to keep it at one possession. Wise hit a 3 with 6:10 left to put the Hoosiers back up, 41-40.

A drive by Wise and a 3-pointer by Yeaney made it a 17-3 run for IU to start the third. With IU up 46-40, Williams hit a 3 to cut the lead in half, but Wise hit two free throws and Kym Royster scored to push it back to 50-43 with 2:32 remaining.

Texas cut into the lead at the end of the quarter, first with a 3 from Williams, then a free throw by Destiny Littleton and a putback by Charlie Collier on Littleton’s miss. It was 52-49 heading into the fourth.

Williams gave Texas a lead, 55-54, in the fourth quarter on three free throws, but both teams went on the see saw. Back to back buckets by Yeaney made it 60-59 with 5:12 left. It was 64-63 with 2:13 left when Penn hit a 3 to make it 67-63.

Patberg was fouled with 25 seconds left, but a five-second violation on the inbounds gave Texas the ball. But the Longhorns (23-10) turned it back over and Patberg would get to the line and ice the game with two makes.

Texas finished with 19 offensive rebounds but also 23 turnovers.


  1. Excellent game CONGRATULATIONS on win over Texas. Reward = Oregon Ducks
    Actually, IU ladies had 5 or 6 this caliber wins this year. IU ladies represent IU and themselves well when they are on their game. They are difficult to beat.
    Oregon is at least as big if not bigger than Texas. Some international flavor.

  2. I’m not totally understanding how we managed to beat this team. They were so blasted big and seemed to get a million offensive rebounds. A team with several good very large players usually beats a team with several good guards.
    Excellent game plan, excellent play, excellent defense (lots of Texas turnovers), and excellent shooting might have had something to do with it.
    Certainly one of our best games of the year, and felt REALLY good for Jaelynn Penn. I think her injuries were a constant problem for her all season long and I suspect the week off was really good for her. Thought Marchese and Royster both did a very good job under very difficult circumstances.
    GO IU!

  3. Some excellent shooting, taking care of ball, turning Texas over beat Texas offensive rebounding and second chance points.

  4. How are you not sure how they won? Texas turned the ball over 22 times and they couldn’t stop Penn or Yeaney that offset the fact that they were outrebounded by 21 there were crazy momentum swings in this game but it was a good game

  5. Obviously scoring 24 points off of 23 Texas turnovers was the key to the game. When you consider we were outrebounded 46 to 25, it is a miracle that we won the game! NatHill, to say this was one of our best games of the year is quite a stretch when we allowed Texas to score 25 second chance points?? Obviously we were terrible on the defensive boards! I doubt you will ever see such an anomaly happen again where we are beaten that badly on the boards and yet win because of all those turnovers? Lets admit it, we were fortunate tonight that they handled the ball so poorly allowing us to win. Oregon will be a load. they are very good! We will have to play one of our better games to win. It is amazing that we won tonight with Patberg having a mediocre game for her, only 10 points and turned the ball over 4 times? She will have to be on top of her game against Oregon for us to have a chance. Go Hoosiers!

  6. MikeC
    I think anytime you beat a top25 team who is a seven seed, it’s one of your better games.
    And, I believe defense had quite a bit to do with their many turnovers.
    I will give the ladies a pass on allowing so many Texas offensive rebounds. It looked like Jr. Hi team against a college team (size and strength wise) when the ball went up. To quote somebody who knows basketball and closely follows women’s basketball : ” The other two big’s mentioned earlier are very good and will be an issue. We will have to play well to win.”
    You’re on the money about the fact that we’ll have to play even better to beat a number TWO seed. 🙂
    Go Hoosiers!
    And thanks for being a consistant fan of the lady Hoosiers. Drop your analyst hat and admit it: Last night felt pretty good, didn’t it?

  7. Another good blue collar team win. We played well for 3 quarters. We were out scored by 14 points in the 2nd quarter, out rebounded by 21, and only shot 6 free throws in the entire game but still won. Just goes to show how well rounded and balanced of a team this is. One of these days this team will put it all together for an entire 40 minutes.

    Michigan crushed Kansas State by 30. K State beat Texas twice this season.
    BIG10… 2 BIG12… 0

  8. Oregon appears to be quite a bit better than Texas. If IU ladies can clean up rebounding, get the ball in bounds if pressed (BY and IU ladies season long problem), and play like they played against Texas; then IU ladies have a good chance.

  9. IU ladies strength was creating turnovers in this one plus overall good floor play, shooting and including fight that neutralized Texas offensive rebounding and second chance points. IU ladies weren’t lucky but rather went out and were able to win the game despite still having trouble getting ball in bounds at end of game. (Same thing playing South Dakota State and during year at times)

  10. I have seen Oregon play at least 3 times this year, they are a # 2 seed for a reason! Their point guard, Sabrina Ionescu is one of the favorites up for player of the year along with Gustafson and a couple of other players. She is a walking triple-double looking for a place to happen. She leads the NCAA in triple-doubles for her career. She is only a junior but may enter the WNBA draft after this year as a top 2 or 3 pick. Their center, Ruthie Hebard is a 6’4″ athlete who can be dominate in the paint, she is not like the two big’s for Texas but, much more athletic and a jumping jack inside. They have a forward named Satou Sablly who is very active and can go off for + 20 at any time, good perimeter shooter up to the 3 and very athletic (had 21 points and 16 rebounds) in their game last night. Bendu guarding Ionescu will be key in this game. She can’t let Ionescu get close to triple-double figures. Marchese will have trouble with Hebard because of her athleticism, Hebard is the kind of player that gives Marchese trouble because of her quickness. As much as I hate to say it, Royster may be the better match-up for Hebard, Royster is athletic enough to guard Hebard. Wise will probably guard Sabally, which may be crucial for us to win? Oregon will push the ball looking to run with Ionescu at every opportunity. Oregon is undoubtedly one of the top 5 or 6 teams in the country and will take our best effort to win. Go Hoosiers!! And yes NatHill, I was pretty happy to say the least!!

  11. Thankfully Penn was hot in this game as compared to last game where she couldnt hit the broad side of a barn and Yeaney played well in front of her fam and friends. Even though we were killed on the boards it was the fight and scrappiness of the IU team that I loved in this game just would not quit. AP had a sub-par game but will need to be on it against the Ducks. The ducks will be a load , hopefully Benny will be able to keep Sabrina under wraps , we dont have anyone who can matchup with Hebard. This will have to be our best game of the season for us to have a chance, no other way to look at it.

  12. Yeaney with her 6’3 wingspan versus Ionescu will be worth the price of admission she always guards the best perimeter player

  13. ok… am at the game.. yes texas out bounded us but did not out paint us ( at all ) we took it to their post .. 40 was exhaust .. 12 .. bodied her all night… where is that texas dude that came on here talking smack .. about iu cant handle their post ??? ( texas too big.. will dominate the post …blah and more f-ing blah )

    again out rebounded …but their post ( NON factor ) 12 ..played her brand of ball ..40 did a whole lot of nothing ( but got wore out ) 11… did a very nice job… man.. 10 cannot find her groove… competition at this level and the intensity .. 10 looks out matched…

    guards… came to play .. excellent screens by post ( especially 12 ) again 11 ..played well..
    13… had a dead eye.. she felt it… 1 dribble drive ( and count it ) 50 and 14 ..did their thing .. both hard nosed and tough ….. and are produces ..

    here is the deal with 34.. i think its her number .. ( 12 .. will d .. her up ) if you watch 12.. does a great job of not letting their post play in the paint … she picks up early and drives out ( away from the rim ) if we loose this one it wont be in the paint… yeah i know ( athletic) iu will have an excellent game plan….

    mikec.. come on… had the same attitude about teaxas.. said if refs let the bigs play we are in trouble… man.. those refs let the bigs PLAY … and we won the toughness…

    just a a.. kicking ( win over texas ) their team and fans thought iu was weak and soft.. absolutely loved watching their fans have that look of defeat all over their faces….

    iu will win ……………

  14. Gulbe needs to take a hint from Mikesells from Mary. Get in the gym and put up shots, a bunch of shots get the muscle memory going.

    1. Just throwing this out, but Gulbe spent all last summer playing in the European Championships and then jumped right in at IU when classes started. Odds are fatigue has caught up to her a bit.

  15. hmmmm… maybe but a shot is a shot .. not playing down low any longer when fatigue jumps your back .. ( jumps all over your back if you are physical ) i believe she goes.. right back to european during summer..

    as jeremy is saying.. just throwing this out there… 10.. might not roll back to iu…

    i dig 10’s game but , ( fatigue perhaps … i do know confidence is lost ) athletics at this level is such a mind draining gig.. when not doing your thing….

    duck hunting time……..

  16. Gulbe will be fine. Good education at IU. May need a little break. The game at this level is moving a little fast for her. Staff needs to work with her and she needs to work on her mid range shot and get in weight room. Move out on wing next year. Depending on who IU recruits Gulbe will be a solid role player on a wing and that includes being able to score as she progresses through her career. A star; no. A player who can play; yes. She will be a sophomore so there is a lot left for her career. Gulbe needs to be in a position where she just has to concentrate at a wing.

  17. Gulbe will be a way better player than Marchese by the time their careers end you can take that to the bank because she has more tools to work with

  18. dreamer .. not at the 5… ( they play different positions )

    12.. keeps proving you wrong ..lol… l

    10 has to beat out 50 and the new bedford girl..

    50 rolls with 30 plus minutes… tell me brown where 10 will get minutes …

    iu only plays 8…

  19. BrownBomber, first of all, fan is simply to lazy to spell out names. I agree, lack of names is obnoxious to say the least! The other thing sir, Marchese is a center, Gulbe is a true forward, not a center. Their skill sets are truly oppisite, duh. T, the last sentence in your last post is what I have been saying all year long, if the coaching staff would keep Gulbe away from the center position, it would be beneficial to her and the team! And yes fan, it was physical but, we won the game due to their turnovers ! They out phyisicalled us the whole game by killing us on the boards, simple as that. Turnovers were the key.

  20. mikec .. yes indeed they out bounded us .. but out toughed us.. nope .. listen to texas post game.
    she said iu played tougher.. ( two texas post game players were guards ) my point being … texas come in boosting post play and didnt happen…

    if you saw the game live .. thinking you will agree on the toughness.. yes it was hard for 50 , 12 , 11 to get front positioning for bounds… 100% agree ( turnovers ) but being out toughed … cant roll with that ….

  21. oh , you know all along i said .. dig 10’s game… like you said many post ago.. where is moren going to find minutes for all her players…..

  22. Marchase participated and played tough as best she could but Marchase DID NOT out tough anyone last night.

  23. 12 and 11 .. did exactly what was asked of them ..

    12 pushed 40 OUT of the paint ALL night …

    thats why i always said… athletics is a wonderful thing .. we all can throw our opinions around…

    agree or disagree.. we all roll with one objective… winning …

  24. Mike C. The reason T. Moren and staff shoved Gulbe in post rather than wing was because of deficiencies in post. I think they were hoping Gulbe would be able to do it a little better. T. Moren and staff know that Gulbe is a wing player. I always knew this as well. As IU grows in recruiting and quality players T.Moren will go deeper into bench for more minutes. (a player or two). Glass or whoever just needs to take care of T. Moren than this far it looks like that is being done.

  25. coaching staff thought .. 10 was a 4 and 5.. not just 4… but now they know.. a 4.. took losses for them to figure that out ..

  26. going to cut that loss thing back a notch on 10…. not on her back…

    team losing ( as a whole ) things always shake out… 10 is a 4…

  27. t.. go back and listen to rhet and moren before the season started…

    both saying 10,, can play the 4 and 5… i dont lie…. opinions my differ but do not fabricate,,,

  28. FAN, I’m sure your daughter is a great kid, but I’m gonna level with you the way that teri and Rhett will not..her minutes ARE NOT going to increase next year. This staff has moved on from linsey, keyanna, and alexis j and will be on to what they believe is greener pastures. Make sure if she does transfer you do your research..look at the roster, see if there is an actual need at her position, ect.. commenting on this thread day after day isnt going to get her any more minutes.. jesus christ

    1. Hoosier***041931
      Can’t you ever post anything positive about the team?
      I do not think I can ever recall seeing you post a single positive statement about the team as a whole in hundreds of posts from you.
      It’s obvious you are not truly a fan, which is why I have removed it from your name.
      You just come here to tear down the team whenever they are struggling or to denigrate their accomplishments.

      Everyone else came on here to celebrate a victory and talk about what went right and what went wrong.
      You came on to tell someone else that the coaching staff has moved on from 3 players, one of whom started the season injured and had surgery curing the season…
      Either you are a troll, or you have some sort of blood vendetta against this coaching staff…

  29. dude.. you have me mistaken for another… big time…

    i do know this from the past… you are very bitter of moren … you believe she did your daughter wrong…

    get your facts sq… before throwing around accusations..

    1. I dont have any kids. And if linsey isnt your daughter or family member you have an unhealthy obsession with her

  30. not the forum to go around and around with you…

    i know when i see player that is tough… and gives her all to the program..

    you are totally correct… your obsession with moren is extremity unhealthy..
    your criticism of the program is boring .. has a tired look …

    when your daughter moved on… you should of went moved on as well…

    1. Haha, I seem to have touched a nerve..I dont have children..learn to read and stop projecting

  31. Fan, I agree with you, Hoosierfan has had it in for Moren for years! Don’t know what he has against her? I guess four 20+ winning seasons in a row is not good enough for him and 2 NCAA Tounament berths in the last 3 years are not good enough? Let’s see, I am trying to remember another IU women’s basketball coach that has done that……
    ..ah, oh, that’s right none! Keep up the good work Hoosierfan, maybe you could carry your angst on to women’s lacrosse or something. You need to leave a successful program alone! This coach ain’t going anywhere wheather you like it or not! Go Hoosiers!

    1. If you want to get technical coach jack has had more success in the last 3 years than moren. How in the hell did that happen? Kind of like amanda butler..

    2. And for the record, moren has had 1 ncaa tournament berth in the last 3 years, 2 in The last four. But do go on..

  32. Marchase will continue to enjoy her college career at IU both, as a basketball player and student. She will play as needed as a role player in the post. I don’t know how long it will take Holmes to become a starter but Marchase will play and Gulbe will become a role player on the wing that should be able to hit some shots.

  33. hossiernonfan

    really need to stay in your lane…. yes the people on this board do disagree at times… but we are all in for wbb.. players and coaching staff… their is something up with your angst about players and especially the head coach… no other reason to bring what you do…

    got to bring all we have tomorrow night…….

  34. t- Not sure who you think will start at the 5 if its not Holmes, she is after all a 5 star player according to espn, maine gatorade player of the year, plus mutiple accolades . Allen who is also a 5 star could play the post but I see her as a stretch 4. If Holmes doesnt start from day 1 it will be because of injury, sickness or some other malady. Both of those players will be able to score .

  35. Yes, Steve I feel Holmes will own the center/post for 4 years if things go as expected with Marchase providing relief when needed as role player next year. Allen will be on a wing. Then, IU ladies have a couple tall girls coming in plus future recruiting upgrades may come into play depending on who IU ladies are able to sign. T. Moren steadily keeps getting closer.

  36. OMG Hoosierfan, really, a coach Jack reference. Her record at IU was atrocious . I was never so happy in my life as a 25 year+ women’s season ticket holder to see here let go! My question was if you were able to understand it was, what IU coach has done better at IU than Moren? I was not speaking German? Lets see, how tough is the conference that Bufffalo is in? Not hardly comparable to the riggers of the Big10? Steve W, Allen is a bit small to play the 5 in the Big 10? Although Allen is a 5 star, she may be closer to a 3 than a 4? We will see?

  37. Hoosierfan, trying to remember if coach Jack won 20 or more games 4 years in a row…..that would be a NO! Tell us again why you are against Moren? And don’t go on about transfers, there are over 600 transfers every year in college basketball, that argument doesn’t hold water.

  38. in sports .. the cream always rises to the top.. next yr will shake out the way it should…

    you guys have the new kid… am going with 12… ( without a doubt she knows what to improve in )
    in the post if you attack the defender with aggression ..( i mean really attack ) 8 out of 10 times you will get fouled..

    don’t need a billion moves.. bring toughness to the move… have an excellent ft…

  39. Look, what’s the deal here?
    Coach Moren has two NCAA victories, IU has a TOTAL of three in their entire NCAA history. (Thanks HT!)
    I really like Coach Jack as a person, and am thrilled to she she has won three NCAA games in the last two years, including a sweet16 last year. Her method of dealing with kids seems to have changed to me, and I’m just happy she’s doing so well.
    Why do we bicker so much?
    Let’s just enjoy successes by coaches. It’s a tough business.
    GO IU!

  40. T. Moren took over IU ladies and went thru a transition period as most new coaches do. Once she got her system in place which has been an on going process in a very positive way she has made IU ladies basketball relevant. T. Moren is a rising star (one of the best college ladies basketball coaches in college basketball). The lady players know it, recruits are learning it, high school coaches know are learning it and players love playing for her. T. Moren is building a staff and team sisterhood in IU ladies program that has its own self image identity and in a very good way it is showing.

  41. I have noticed recently that indy star keeps referring to J. Allen as 6′ 2″ at least twice recently dont know if she is that but if she is thats a big plus. In high school at 6′ 1″ she has required double and triple teams to guard her depending on the school, besides that she now holds the career record for pts at bedford. Looking forward to the Holmes , Allen show next season along with the addition of Beeler and possibly a healthy Wilson. Go Hoosiers- Show the ducks who we are.

  42. Overall, through hitches and bumps in the road IU ladies basketball program continues to move forward in a positive direction.

  43. Coach Jack’s Big Ten record her last three years at IU
    09-10: 7-11
    10-11: 3-13
    11-12: 1-15

    Also, during her run at IU, we would have many players leave the team in the middle of the season with no explanation.
    I liked Coach Jack, but it was time for her to leave in 2012 – she had lost the team and couldn’t replicate her earlier success.

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