IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to Ionescu, Oregon in NCAA’s 2nd Round

The best teams in the country face off in the NCAA tournament.

No. 10 seed Indiana not only faced one of the best teams in the country on its home floor, but one of its best players, in a 91-68 loss to No. 2-seeded Oregon.

Sabrina Ionescu, possibly in her last game at Matthew Knight Arena, paced the Ducks past the Hoosiers with 29 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds. The Pac 12’s back-to-back player of the year hit five of Oregon’s 13 makes from 3.

The star junior, who is mulling early entry into the upcoming WNBA draft, produced 10 points in the second quarter, fueling a 19-3 run to end the first half.

IU’s second trip to the NCAA tournament in four years ended the same as the previous, bowing out on the lower seed’s home court after a Round 1 victory. The Hoosiers (21-13) were led by 16 points from Ali Patberg and 15 from Jaelynn Penn. Freshman Grace Berger added 11 points, while sophomore Bendu Yeaney, who went down in the third quarter with an injury, finished with 10.

In an up-and-down game, each team had its runs. IU took a brief 8-6 lead in the first period, followed by 10 straight points by the Ducks. Penn hit a step-back 3-pointer with time dwindling in the quarter to make it 24-19 heading into the second.

The Hoosiers started the next period with nine unanswered points to go up 28-24. But the Ducks answered with its 19-3 run, including a four-point play by Ionescu on a 3 at the top of the key. Ionescu hit another triple from behind the wing, planted in the dark brown trees painted on the Ducks’ court.

IU was hampered by foul trouble. Yeaney picked up her second foul with 50 seconds left in the first quarter, and Patberg and Berger were tagged with their second fouls in the second period.  Offensively, the Hoosiers didn’t score for nearly six minutes, and didn’t log a field goal for more than seven, and went into the half down 43-31 following another 3-pointer from Ionescu.

Ionescu had 17 points at half on 6-of-9 shooting, including 3-of-4 from beyond the arc. Her team hit 58.6 percent from the field in the first half. IU, on the other hand, hit 40.6 percent.

IU was able to cut the lead down to 10 points in the third quarter, but, in the process, the Hoosiers lost their defensive stopper. Yeaney, mid-drive, went down and immediately grabbed her foot. The sophomore guard injured her Achilles tendon in the preseason and the ailment nagged her all season.

When Yeaney returned to the bench later in the period, she was in street clothes.

Oregon just kept hitting shots. Oti Gildon scored and Erin Boley hit a 3. Patberg scored on a layup, but Gildon converted a three-point play and it was 64-48 with 2:30 left in the quarter. The Ducks held a 68-53 edge going into the final 10 minutes.

IU scored the first four points of the fourth, but Ionescu’s fifth 3-pointer cut the legs out of that mini-run. Boley hit two straight 3s and it was 80-61 with 5:45 left.

Boley, who was a teammate of Patberg at Notre Dame, finished with 14 points and was 4-of-8 from 3. Satou Sabally added 19 points and eight rebounds. Oregon (31-4) hit 51 percent from the field, including 13-of-29 from 3-point range.


  1. Yes, Oregon is one of the best teams in the country but, IU played as poor a game defensively as they have all season. I believe it was stated on the broadcast that Oregon may have been the best 3 point shooting team in the country. What amazed me is that almost all of the 3 pointers that Oregon hit were basically uncontested! You would think that knowing this coming into the game our emphasis on defense would have been to guard the 3 point line?? But, not the case? Oregon had open 3 point shooters the whole game? Don’t get it? Very poor defensive effort to say the least! Of course they are probably the best team we have played this year but, so many open shooters is just unforgivable! It looked like a lack of effort on our part. I normally don’t criticize our team like this but, the eye test doesn’t lie. I really expected more out of our girls? It will be interesting to see if others saw the same thing I did?

    1. It felt like Oregon had too many shooters for us to cover.
      As soon as one of our players moved off to help someone else on defense, the Ducks would pass to the now open player.
      On most nights, our offense would have kept us in the game. Tonight, it felt like we were trading 2 pt field goals for three pt shots.
      I felt like our ladies kept fighting throughout the game and never wanted to give up.
      Great season, even though it ended earlier than I would have liked.
      Now I am just hoping Bendu will be okay…

    2. Speed, Mike C. From the amount I watched, there was more speed on the floor from Oregon. Speed leads to uncontested shots. The gal on Oregon who gets all the double-doubles was long and quick. Speed wins…It was #1 for John Wooden. “Controlled speed.”

  2. Some of our players were off their game tonight plus we lost our best defender, but we faced one of the best teams in the country on one of their best nights. Its time to be proud of the season we had and making the dance. Time to look forward to next year and most likely a better team. At least I think so , its onward and upward.

  3. I was wondering if IU ladies would lay an egg. This has been a pattern after a big win. Oregon could probably beat IU ladies 10 out of 10 times. To many 3 point shooters and if you gaurd outside they go inside. Besides a bunch of 3’s including a foul and 4 point play Oregon scored a number of 3 point plays the old fashion way with bucket and a free throw. A WNBA gaurd and this is a game where I have said before that size (tall, athletic, good, length) does make a difference. This is a result of when IU ladies playing a top 10 team as good as Oregon size does really come into play. It looked like ladies played very poor and with lack of effort defensively because Oregon made it look that way. Granted it wasn’t the best game for IU ladies. However, for stretches of game when IU ladies were scoring at a fairly good pace Oregon was scoring at a faster pace and IU ladies would lose ground by 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 points. Then, of course IU ladies would go into long scoring droughts a couple of times. IU ladies just have a ways to go if they are going to play near or the best. IU ladies need another high rated big 6’3” or 6’4” at high 4 star or 5 star to go along with Holmes and get Sidney Parrish along with what IU ladies already have plus be able to replace graduation team members over the next 3 years with high level recruits if they are going to play the elite college ladies basketball teams. Things come so hard for IU ladies when there is not enough size and not much post player threat to score and in contrast things come much more easily for a team like Oregon. Really, as game progressed Oregon was not really challenged. I am sure they had another gear if they needed it.

  4. Mikec ..hit it again

    Way and I mean way too many mental mistakes not only on the 3 shooter ..but on back side rotation on ..post hedge … not one time but many times .

    ducks shooters are dead eyes when no contest …

    iu didn’t need to dig ducks post and iu still didn’t get out to the 3 shooter .

    Mental huge mental mistakes ..and yes ducks are better then IU ..

  5. also .. ducks guards dribble drive ..penitration into pant.. post steps up to stop …zero back side help …picking up ducks post ..easy dump off …for bucket ..

    Mental …mistakes killed iu ..
    I believe tonight ..ducks would beat any big ten team ..

  6. and ..ducks 20 ..

    no one near the caliber of her on iu ..

    not only as a dead eye ..but pure over all game ..

  7. My last 2 cents of season.

    Mikec ..on top of his game
    Hoosier non fan ..move on . don’t belong on the site.. ( something went down )
    t .. opinon changes with the wind .. but accurate .. totally belongs on this site ..not only wbb ..
    Stevew .. hope on the back of your jersey… cares about the program …
    Me.. call em like I see em .. always said .. 12 needs to improve offensively …tough tough player.picks up early …Drives her out of the paint ..
    There will be transfers …
    jermey .. top notch

    much respect for all ..

    peace .. God Bless all ..

    See you guys around the block …

  8. Favorite quotes from above:
    It felt like Oregon had too many shooters for us to cover. Felt like our ladies kept fighting throughout the game and never wanted to give up.
    Great season, even though it ended earlier than I would have liked.
    Now I am just hoping Bendu will be okay.
    we faced one of the best teams in the country on one of their best nights. Its time to be proud of the season we had and making the dance.
    Oregon could probably beat IU ladies 10 out of 10 times. To many 3 point shooters and if you gaurd outside they go inside.
    Things come so hard for IU ladies when there is not enough size and not much post player threat to score and in contrast things come much more easily for a team like Oregon.
    I believe tonight ..ducks would beat any big ten team ..

    My comment: Thanks to the HT for allowing a group of IU WBB fans a place to offer up their opinions on a program they care about. And thanks to almost all posters for being civil.
    GO IU!

  9. Hi All,

    I just wanted to say, it’s been “interesting” to follow the season for IU through the eyes of some very passionate and knowledgable fans. I have worn a lot of hats as a basketball lifer – Player and Coach (H.S./College), Parent, A.D. and Color Commentator – so I understand the love of the conversation. One thing for certain is there are rarely “absolutes” in basketball – I think that’s what makes it so much fun to discuss and debate. As I mentioned our family is truly excited to become members of the Hoosier Nation – we are convinced the Coaches, Players and community are the perfect fit.

    I know it will be better to stay away from the “boards” once Mackenzie starts playing, but us Basketball “junkies” need our “fix” – lol…. I would say for the most part everyone seems to be rooting for the same thing and that’s for the ladies to do well!! Below is like to Kenzie’s Senior Year highlights, have a great off season!


  10. Maine 2IU: we IU fans will love your daughter! As a person and as a player. Thanks for the vote of trust! Go IU!

  11. Maine2IU, thank you so much for the post! Can’t tell you how excited I am about your daughter coming to out program! Had no idea Mackenzie could handle the ball and deliver and dish that way, very impressive! The other thing that I had not seen before in some of her highlights was her ability to shoot from the perimeter, wow! I know some of the people on our website have been critical of her competition but, you can only play who is on your schedule. It is quite obvious that her skill set is very high to say the least. She certainly seems to have all of the tools necessary to be incredibly successful in our program. She appears to be exactly what we need! I am really looking forward to next year with your daughter in our system. Again, thank you for the post. I hope this makes some who are apprehensive about her a bit more comfortable. All of you posters, you need to go to Maine2IU’s post and look at her video! Go Hoosiers!

  12. Maine2IU and Mackenzie, welcome to Indiana.
    Oregon had 6,000 people last night for an NCAA game at their home, we routinely have 5,000 people for a regular season game here at IU. Had around 12K last year for the NIT final game.
    The family atmosphere here is wonderful. Your daughter will make quick friends on the team, and the next four years of her life (and yours) will be amazing.
    I see all sorts of teams wearing “family” tee shirts these days, but IU women’s basketball really is a family!

  13. IU showed a lot of heart and ‘no give up’. Tremendous size on the Ducks. But the real disparity was athleticism. The combination of the 2 made the Hoosier D look like a Chinese fire drill most of the game. Playing on the Oregon court was another advantage the Ducks exploited fully. Moren has it moving in the right direction but needs bigger, better and more athletic talent. 2, 3-4 more years should really solidify the program on a national level. Oughta be sweet to follow.

  14. …also I don’t know if Moren can teach quality D or not, or if it’s simply the pieces and parts on the floor but if it is coaching CTM needs to hire an assistant who can…sure would pay sizeable benefits…

  15. ducks runs a very effeciant offense .. 20 runs that ship .

    ducks more skilled getting open and shooting the ball …

  16. Maine2IU– Mackenzie is exactly what the IU program needs and anyone who follows IU and watched our games knows of the missing ingredient. Mac is a perfect fit to the puzzle , sure other pieces are needed and every piece helps. Thanks for the link to Mac’s senior highlights, I have already watched it several times having noted the outside shooting effect which is nice to see, but it is what she can do inside that is needed so much here at IU, welcome to the hoosier family.

    #1)Bendu Yeaney: Great athlete with improving basketball skills, must improve perimeter shooting in off season and tighten up ball handling. #2) Keyanna Warthen: Very athletic and quick, not given much playing time by coaching staff? #4) Chanel Wilson: Injured all year, great athlete, great 3 point shooter (+42%). #5) Grace Whithrow: Walk on, very little playing time, great to see her hit 3 pointer in next to last regular season game. #10) Aleksa Gulbe: Very skilled forward with great size, coaching staff played her out of position all year long delaying her perimeter development, waisted year. #11) Kym Royster: Improved very little throughout her career, lack of physicality and mental toughness plagued her whole career, very inconsistent. #12: Linsey Marchese) Very physical player, tough mentally, limited minutes early in season, coaching staff played her more and more down the stretch which benefitted team. Needs to improve offensive game. #13: Jaelynn Penn: Very good athlete, very good shooter, injured all year long which effected her consistency. Assist to turnover ratio must improve. 91 turnovers and 45 assists. #14) Ali Patberg: Another player who was played out of position due to injuries. A very strong 2 guard, not a point guard. Good 3 point shooter, needs to cut down on turnovers. Forces shots a lot, strong player when she lets the game come to her. #23) Alex Johnson: Injured all year long, after 2 seasons, have no idea how good her game is? #34) Grace Berger: Good shooter at mid range, strongest part of game is taking ball to basket and pull ups in lane. Needs to improve 3 point game in off season. Very good ball handler, great size for a guard and very physical, going to be a beast! #50) Brenna Wise: Team’s best 3 point shooter, very good rebounder for her size. Plays undersized at the 4 position which hurts us defensively. Plays extremely hard, very competitive.

    Teams general lack of size hurt us all year long, was increasingly apparent in the Oregon game playing against 6’4′, 6’4″ and 6′ 2′ starters up front. Adding Holmes and Allen next year may improve us a little? These to additions should help improve our physicality as a team. Players being played out of position due to injuries and lack of size really hurt us. The injury to Chanel Wilson effected point guard position. Her being healthy next year and adding Sheila Beeler will improve that. Gulbe being played out of position really hindered her development at the 4 position which should be her strength, her confidence was destroyed as the season wore on. The other thing with the coaching staff that bothered me was playing Royster in front of Marchese, starting Marchese would have established the team’s over all physicality. Again, some of coaching staffs decisions were effected by injuries, nothing could be done about that? Go Hoosiers!

  18. There is that mikec ..that I continue to say ( guy is on point ) not always agreed but 99% ..agreed ..

    Nice job ..

    I will say this . I believe Bendu is going to have surgery to repair
    ( Achilles )

    She heard it pop in the Texas game ..pushed it and gave out ..ducks game ..

    Really ..really hate injuries in sports .. she has increadible jumping ability …

  19. Sorry to hear that on Bendu if it is the achilles we know how bad that can be on a player and the ability to come back from it. She may never be what she once was because of it, I wish the best for Bendu.

  20. Holmes reminds me of a 6’2” Tyra Buss who can shoot the ball really well.

    T. Moren and staff do teach defense really well. No assistant needed. Assistants are in place unless one moves on. Of course high rated, taller and bigger physically athletic shooters needed. Always needed.
    Have to remember Oregon is one of the best teams in the country with a WNBA lottery pick running the show unless she stays at Oregon another year.

    1. The D might be sufficient for lower 50% of WBB but last night proved broad, deep improvement is needed to advance with the movers and shakers.

  21. NatHill, please don’t stretch the truth to Maine2IU, we had one crowd of over 5,000 this year, our official average attendance this year for conference games was 3,343. We did have a couple of crowds late in the year of around 4,000 which were very nice and they were very enthusiastic and loud. The fans that do attend on a regular basis are very knowledgeable and come on strong! I do look for an attendance boost next year with a ton of fans from nearby Bedford coming to follow Bedford grad Jory Allen. Go Hoosiers!

  22. When you lose by 23 points, you were simply over-matched. You can talk about IU’s mistakes and flaws, but if IU had played the perfect game, they still would have lost this game. The simple truth is that Oregon was a vastly superior team playing on their home court.

    Congrats to IU Women’s team for making it to the tournament.

  23. MikeC,
    I plead guilty to the attendance inflation. It just seemed to me that I heard that number announced at games quite a bit. And, I was surprised Oregon only got 6K to the sweet16 play in game with that great a team.
    THANKS for the clarification. Sure feels like 5K !
    And, your analysis of individual players was excellent. I think Kim was asked to be a center when she was simply not tall enough or stout enough, but that’s a pretty small difference of opinion.
    GO IU!

  24. I agree that Oregon was vastly superior team.
    Yes, large margins of victory swings in big ten and for IU are not uncommon. Example IU ladies vs Purdue ladies. So just because you get beat by 23 doesn’t necessarily mean that team is superior. However, even though on home court and making 3’s Oregon is a superior team to IU. Oregon had other gears in their game as and if needed.

  25. All in all this was a good season of growth for this program. With the addition of the incoming freshman class next season the future certainly looks bright and the bar will be raised.
    Have a great off season everyone!

  26. If they can get a center that can average 12 to 14 points a game they would be so dangerous

  27. t, you wrote, “So just because you get beat by 23 doesn’t necessarily mean that team is superior.” Your comment reminds me of a philosophy class I took at IU 40 years ago. One day the professor made the statement, “just because you can touch your nose does not mean that your nose is really there.” My nose was there and Oregon’s women’s team was superior to IU’s women’s team. If we played Oregon five times, we’d lose all five games.

  28. IU Boone Grove vs. Oregon Ben Davis….

    After witnessing such talent disparities, I was sort of shocked to how much interest the women’s team gets here on Scoop. Damn, I thought the men’s team had an uphill battle.
    Bless you all for keepin’ the faith in the turtle race. It must truly be a passion.
    Sort of also puzzles me as to why Glass put a 10 million dollar contract restriction to stop Moren from going to Purdue. If she’s worth all the gold in King Tut’s tomb as a coach, she still might need 100 years to compete with the talent they faced last night….

    1. Keep the faith ? Turtle race?…..Remember – the ladies are in the NCAA tourney. Remember- they did win the NIT last year.. Couple of big steps ahead of the guys

      1. I guess it’s all relative….I see much more disparity between the top and bottom rungs of talent in the women’s game…than in the men’s game. It will take 10-20 years for the flattening of the curve to simulate what is happening in men’s college basketball….Just my opinion. Your not going to see stuff like UConn in the men’s game….ever.
        There isn’t enough top talent in the women’s game to spread equally across the nation.

        I have a question…How long until women’s football? And why can’t there be women’s football. Could it not be flag football? Isn’t this an equal access/opportunity issue? I seeing a lot of big gals in basketball…who could probably play a damn strong game of football…Hell, my daughter can throw a deeper ball with cleaner spiral than Ramsey.

        1. I agree there is a great disparity between the top 10 to 20 teams in women’s basketball and the next group of teams…
          But if you go back five to ten years, there would be only the top five teams, and a little further back you would basically just have UConn and Tennessee, then the rest of the field.

          That talent pool is spreading out, and the ability to actually develop teams by having players for three to four years, as one of the posters below states, also evens some things out a bit more.

          IU is moving up in the women’s basketball ranks.
          Three seasons ago, NCAA second round.
          Two seasons ago, WNIT Quarterfinals.
          Last year, WNIT Champions
          This year, NCAA second round.

          We will be back in the tourney next year, and I predict that we will make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

  29. I cant say that I agree with the statement “if you play oregon 5 times you will lose 5 times”. Dont forget Mich State did beat oregon at home. On any given day you can lose no matter how good you think you are. But is Oregon a better team,, yes this year they were a better team than IU.

  30. Po. Can you not comprehend what you read?
    I stated in post that Oregon was a superior team.
    In an earlier post (around # 4 I said Oregon ladies would probably beat IU ladies 10 out of 10 times.
    H4H…It will be interesting to see who wins a big ten championship and or makes it to the final 4; IU men or IU ladies? Though not a turtle it kinda reminds me of Wile Coyote vs Road Runner because each program IU men’s basketball and IU ladies basketball have a highlight here and there. Expectations are different and IU ladies are on a slightly more of an uptick.
    Steve, yes huge upsets can and do happen.
    H4h at one time this season IU ladies had roughly about a 112 posts. I posted about 20 of them myself.

  31. It’s a shame the season is over, I so much enjoy coming onto this site and interacting with all of the great IU women’s fans on here. I always look forward to posting after games and then conversing with all of you great fans. I hope all of you have a safe and prosperous off season and you will all be back next year to start this all over again. Happily looking forward to next year when I think we will be in the thick of the Big 10 race with a much improved team. Go Hoosiers!

    1. MikeC- Come over to the men’s threads (what remains of this season and next season…or just to chew the fat)…Would love your input.

      I should stay away from the women’s threads…You got this.

  32. t- They are just not valid comparisons. Do you think the average men’s UK recruit values education like most women’s 4-year players?
    How many women are good enough to go the WNBA after one season of college? Is UConn a farm system for the WNBA like UK is for the men’s program? Teams can be developed more in the women’s game…I highly doubt it’s the revolving door of your treasured “elite” talent on the men’s side.
    Because of that fact and the fast acceleration all women’s sports are experiencing in skills, I would not be surprised the women’s team experiences a deep tournament run before the men’s team. Is there the sort of money lure for a one-and-done going to the WNBA as used to entice someone like Romeo?

    The WNBA “requires players to be at least 22, to have completed their college eligibility, to have graduated from a four-year college or to be four years removed from high school(courtesy: Wikipedia).

    To be completely honest, I wasn’t completely sure of the WNBA rules…So there you go. Huge difference between the men’s and women’s college game. You can actually develop a team in the women’s game not predicated on a one or two year window of opportunity.

  33. The way the Ducks were shooting the ball, I’m surprised they’re not referred to as Ore-guns-a-blazing. And with that….

    Good job, Hoosier Women! Just please get Moren a wardrobe consultant. Wasn’t diggin’ the Three Musketeers blouse.

  34. Attendance update! IU averaged 4,283.33 announced attendance for BigTen home games this year! Close to 5,000! 🙂 MSU game had 6,380, likely due to lots of Bedford folks, just like we will have next year.
    My prediction before this season was: “If Pattberg and Pittsburg can play as well as pigtail and ponytail, we’ll be as good this season as we were last season. Many would say we were.
    VERY happy with our team this year. If Pattberg doesn’t dislocate her shoulder, we get a better seed and maybe we don’t have to play Oregon.
    And, I agree, this forum is a joy. Not one bit toxic, especially compared to the poor souls who are always berating the men’s team (including individual players), their coach, and the athletic director.
    GO IU!

  35. NatHill, I found the average attendance figure on the Big10 website. That figure as I stated was 3,343. Just going by what it said?

  36. Yep, just double checked, 3,343 is the figure. Not denying the over 6,000 for the Michigan St. game, I was there, great crowd. If I remember right, everybody got in for $1.

  37. Everyone got in for $1?

    Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall now the Dollar General Store? Come on, man…There’s banners on those walls.

  38. The fans of the women’s game seem to be more invested. I’m pretty sure more attend the games than on the men’s side.

    Good on ya.

  39. It is great that the bashers have tucked their tails and slinked off. There was never any reason for the negativity thrown in Coach Moren’s face. There was no justification for that.

  40. Just for fun taking a look ahead. The competition for minutes just started getting tough. Even if Yeaney comes back for the start of season someone will step aside once either of either Beeler or Wilson takes the point . AP moves up to the 2 along with Penn, guessing Wise takes a bench seat with Holmes securing the 5 spot. If Yeaney is not ready then Wise keeps her spot for the time being. Moren will have a nice rotation along with Berger, Allen, and Marchese and whoever doesnt start at the point at least for a while. Warthen and Johnson may or may not be here, hard to see either of them getting minutes. That would create somewhat of a problem considering Wise has been our leading rebounder and best 3pt shooter % wise.

  41. It’s highly unlikely that any sane coach is going to have their top rebounder , leading free throw and 3 point shooter, and most experienced player (2 yrs ACC, 1 yr BIG10) sitting on the bench. All of the incoming rookies will need to earn their playing time . If they can’t defend and rebound they will be riding the pine. This ain’t high school. Holmes has the best opportunity for substantial playing time.
    BTW…. our record vs the teams in the sweet 16 this season … 3 – 2.

  42. MikeC,
    Went to the IU website and got their announced attendance for Big10 games only. Put ’em on a spreadsheet and averaged them. Big10 probably used figures from all games. MSU at 6380 and Purdue at 5857 helped the average. Lowest big10 attendance (Rutgers) was a respectable 3324.
    And how great is it having discussions about what to do with so many good players next year? To even consider not starting Wise gives me some idea expectations are very high here! I think she starts. Agree with scwartzie.
    Is there some unwritten rule that a team usually only plays eight players regularly? I’ve always wondered why more girls don’t sub in and out constantly if there are enough good players on a team.
    Go IU!

  43. Of course any changes wont happen right away as has been said minutes will need to be earned to start. Once changes are made this team will look completely different with either Wilson or Beeler at the point and Holmes at the 5.

  44. morning .. morning..

    had a college head coach tell me one time… the biggest mistake he made was handing a starting spot to a player without ( deep hostile competition ) said he would never designate a stater without fierce competition…

    always said.. cream raises to the top …. moren gives production opportunities ) so it will all shake out.

    would be a drag not enough minutes going around for quality players…. then players minds turn to transferring….. ( but hey.. thats the way it rolls now a days in sports )

  45. NatHill, as I watch so many games throughout the season (+275, no exaggeration thanks to DVR and Direct TV with all the sports channels) since I am retired. You would be surprised how many teams throughout the country will rotate 9 to 10 players every game? I really think Moren only uses consistently around 8 players due to her thinking of a lack of talent? While I believe she has at times short changed some players (Warthen due to lack of confidence in them), of course she sees them every day in practice and we don’t? What I do believe is that next year with the surge of incoming talent, we will see a larger rotation than we have seen in a while. The first year that Moren came to IU, she stated that she would like to play full court pressure if she had the players to do so. Well, next year if we are healthy, she could do that with a healthy Wilson and Beeler adding great quickness to our roster, we will see? Another good addition could be a healthy Wilson who was a 42% 3 point shooter in high school. This past year we only had Wise and Patberg as quality 3 point shooters. You never have enough quality outside shooters on your roster! Although we will desperately need Holmes inside, it was quite refreshing to see her hit those 3 pointers on the video that Maine2IU provided, very nice. I certainly hope that all website followers saw that video of Holmes, if you missed it, you need to watch it and take hope in next year’s team if she can provide even half of what we saw! Go Hoosiers!

  46. wanted to add…. I am betting that moren is going to bring in at least two more players… from the transfer portal and overseas…….

  47. Also there is a danger in bringing too many quality players per ND. Ali Patberg comes to IU,,,, Erin Boley now with Oregon. If the fish bowl be too full some get starved out.

  48. they do not send rhet to Europe every open recruiting period for nothing …. just saying …..

    the way iu rolls.. i believe is bring in .. compete then its the players decision to roll on or not..

    thats why iu only carries 12 or so on the roster…

  49. i also truly believe .. trying or they have .. a Texas .. Oregon size big they are looking at ..

    i say bring as many as you can and let the competition roll… down low…

  50. and if that down low size player is not this yr.. they will find one in the coming years…

    ( thats not a prediction… thats a fact.. )

  51. A big thank you to Kym Royster for her hard work and dedication over the past 4 years and helping to lay the foundation for the future. She leaves as the winningest player in the history of IUWBB with 88 wins. She played in 10 WNIT games (9-1) and 4 NCAA tournament games (2-2). Her career stats:
    PTS – 876
    REB – 617
    FG% – .566
    FT% – .683
    MIN – 2,531
    WINS – 88
    She is a winner period.

  52. got to give her respect…. she did her thing for 4yrs ..

    agreeing with .. scwartzie… thanks .. 11

  53. Thanks scwartzie. Couldn’t have said it better myself!
    Thanks Kim for four years of hard work.

    1. I gave this prediction in another post, but I will put it here as well:
      I give it a 100% chance that IU will make it to the Sweet Sixteen next year, and a 30% chance to make it to the Elite Eight.

      To the couple of you that I talk to at each game, have a great year and I look to see you in November when the next season begins.

      To the rest, enjoy the off-season.

  54. Thats a pretty bold prediction by b vance but glad to hear someone who feels that strongly about whats coming in next year to boost this team. I wasnt going that far but I was willing to say they would be ranked and a contender for the Big Ten, either way thats going far out on a limb. Lets hope the hype is all real. Wish it was already Nov.

  55. Bvance, love your enthusiasm! To go along with what you say, I believe next year’s team could be much better than this years for these reasons. #1, the experience factor alone will improve this team but, two things will greatly improve this team, #2, Mackenzie Holmes should greatly improve this team with her overall skill set, especially having a center who is as versatile as her skill set shows will improve us dramatically! #3, The addition of Chanel Wilson and Shaila Beeler will improve our team athleticism and team quickness dramatically! These 3 things will make us, I believe an incredibly improved team. Go Hoosiers!!

      1. Steve. If IU could get another high 4 star or 5 star 6’3” or 6’4” (the stars are important because this usually means player can shoot, rebound, score and has high level game) along with Parrish with what is already coming in next year and is already there then IU would contend for a final 4 and possibly a national championship. T. Moren seems to create family atmosphere with team. However IU ladies need a taller very high level wing to contend for final 4 or more. Some things are in place and if those 2 things could happen then IU ladies would be very very close.

        What makes Oregon so attractive of place to go to over IU? In other words how did Oregon make their situation happen?

  56. Yes sure cant forget Jorie, along with whatever she brings to the team, she will also bring a boost in fan support in assembly hall.

  57. Sydney Parrish- Indiana Gatorade Player of the Year. ESPN has her as #11 overall. Has her field narrowed down to 7 schools which includes IU, she has taken unofficial visits but cant take any official visits till after the final four. I dont know but Im guessing on unofficial she cant meet with the coaching staff. I was reading a Q and A session and when asked about what she requires “I want to feel like family with coaches and players” and ” I want to be where I can win a national championship”. You can make up your own mind if that sounds promising or not for IU.

  58. Love the optimism I’m seeing here. Come on Sydney, we need ‘ya.
    Really hope we can see Mike C’s observation of nine or even ten players getting plenty of playing time. I THINK I saw the Rutger’s interim coach make an entire five player substitution, didn’t I? What a luxury, and maybe it could happen here. The more the merrier.
    GO IU!

  59. Steve W, with Parrish saying she wants to go where she can compete for a National Championship I think, leaves us out. Right now with what we have and with what is coming in next year in all honesty is not a team that could compete for a national championship? Oregon showed us what you need to be to be in that lane competing for the championship. At this time we simply lack the size and needed athleticism for that endeavor! I love our team, don’t get me wrong but, We are deficient in the afore mentioned areas. We have a lot of work to do in order to be a sweet 16 team. Parrish is being offered by all of the big time schools across the country that make the big dance every year, we are simply not in the mold of what she wants. I believe we are on the outside looking in for this girl? We can only hope?

  60. MikeC– Sadly I agree 100% with your assessment of Parrish. Only time will tell how much the incoming class will help improve IU.

  61. I agree. The only way Sidney Parrish would come to IU is if another a really high 4 star 6’3”+ or probably it would have to be a medium to high 5 star wing/center to go with Holmes and Allen and other girls at IU and coming to IU.

  62. One other thought going along with Parrish response. College coaching is big business, the head coach is not paid to be your friend , the name of the game is winning and their job is to “push” to get the best out of you and the assistants can buffer that some.

  63. Though women basketball program coaches don’t make money the men’s basketball program coaches make; women’s basketball program coaches are still paid well. Program culture and relationships among players and coaches are of most importance. Ask Tennessee. Now, N.C. hiring outside firm to investigate their program regarding culture. Seems like there is unlimited amounts of money to spend on keeping administrative hierarchy noses clean.
    I commend T. Moren (and staff) thus far, in creating a culture that T. Buss herself has highly commended and very complimentary in her own success regarding her relationship with T. Moren. I think Patberg and T. Moren also have an excellent relationship. T. Moren was a guard, herself.
    Uconn coach fits description of big business and and pushing players. However, it should be that Parrish take into consideration that T. Moren and staff have program at IU on upswing, program stability, close to home, and only a couple players away. One being Parrish, herself.
    Iowa is really hardly any better than Indiana and is losing their big time player. Iowa like IU was blown out in tournament. Big ten is open for dominance in future by several teams thus creating a ladies basketball elite status tradition. One being IU ladies. I know there is WNBA however it’s not the status of NBA. I am not sure what most lady basketball players think about it as long term vs short term or playing in it though I guess many do want to play in WNBA when they are good enough and whether that effects college choice?

    1. So, Traci..you’re saying out of the 36..yes 36 student athletes at IU that CTM has coached she has a good relationship with 2 of them! Wonderful. I would be careful in regards to calling out UNC coach or Georgia Tech because it seems our program is not run much differently. In fact, I imagine coach learned a lot from machelle joseph when she was associate head coach of GT for 3 years. 36 student athletes..how many fell through the cracks?

      1. So, you get embarrassed and crawl under a rock when the Hoosiers were winning and getting bids to the Big Dance and such but now that there isn’t a steady stream of positive news articles you crawl out and try to make up bad news. It’s not as if you haven’t been hiding your head in shame for months because all your allegations turned out to be nonsense. But, now that their season is done you look for your shadow assuming everyone has forgotten.

        That’s just pitiful.

  64. None fell through cracks that want what players like S Parrish level players want. I gave an example. Your analytical norm for you is as usual; bias and erroneous.

  65. Im afraid IU is farther away from an elite status than we would like to think. Moren and staff has brought the program up from the depths and we have some nice players. We have plenty of guard/ wings , I would like to see Rhett find and bring in some bigger athletic players, players who are more his size . Without that IU will continue to struggle against the elite programs. I for one have said over and over that we need that elite big , the one missing piece in this program.

  66. That is what I have said. You add an elite 6’3”+ and Parrish with what is in program plus what is coming. Then, IU ladies are there. Of course then T. Moren would have to sustain that.
    Steve, I agree without elite quality inside and elite wing with size IU ladies will plateau and struggle to even win big ten and big ten is not elite.

  67. big time ( bigs ) are very difficult to find , let alone wanting to come to the mid west. not like finding a guard.. ( dime a dozen ) just look at the big ten… one or two comes to my mind..

    If you really think about it .. 12 and 11 .. shut down bigs offensively they played.. exception ( royster ) did get mowed over at times.. IU never lost a game because of a post .. even the 2nd game iu played iowa .. take away 10’s.. free throws at the end she didnt reach her avg…

    take the big ten tourney and the two NCAA games.. 12 held their bigs down and always does..

    think the texas girl scored 2 or 4 pts .. directly on 12 .. and the same with the duck big..

    now if 12 can score ( avg ) 10pts a game … in my opinion her man on man defense is elite..

    trust me .. rhet is ALWAYS on the hunt for that ( iowa 10 ) big … in the states and overseas .. and has been on that hunt for YEARS…

  68. T, you addressed Hoosierfan as you should, more bias as usual! Now, to get to you and Steve W’s point about a quality big. Yes, a 6′ 3″+ player would be ideal. You can go a long way with a 6′ 3″ quality big, Iowa being a case in point. 6″ 3″ players like Gustafson are obviously few and far between, she is special! As we look at the better teams around the country, we do see some great size on a lot of them but, lets look at them. Obviously Baylor is highly unusual, having a 6′ 7″ center in Kalani Brown and a 6′ 4″ power forward in Lauren Cox is highly rare, they are the exception to the rule. Oregon with Ruthy Hebard and Satou Sabally at 6′ 4″ are also a bit rare. Mississippi St. had 6′ 7″ Teaira McCowan at center. North Carolina State has 6′ 5″ freshman Ellissa Cunane who is very talented. And of course Notre Dame has 6′ 5″ Jessica Shepard at center and 6′ 3″ Brianna Turner. I mention these 5 teams because they have been ranked in the top 5 or 10 all year long and made nice tournament runs. N. Carolina St. was beaten by Iowa in the sweet 16, while Baylor and Oregon will meet Friday night in the final 4 and Notre Dame is playing U-Conn. Mississippi St. was defeated by Oregon in a final 8 game. My point is that there are not as many really outstanding big’s around the country in the + 6′ 3″ mode as you might think. Most quality teams have big’s in the 6′ 3″ range and are surrounded by other really good players that may be high school All-Americans that are 4 and 5 star recruits. Next year, we will have five 5 star rated players on our roster; Ali Patberg, Jaelynn Penn, Grace Berger, Mackenzie Holmes and Jori Allen. Yes, a 6′ 4″ or 5 ” stud would be great added to that roster but, it is not unusual for a team with a center no taller than 6′ 3″ to win a national championship if their roster is loaded with quality 4 and 5 star players. Yes. Oregon showed us with their size that we were definitely in over our heads in that game and they also had a player who may be the player of the year at guard?
    Here is the deal, we were very happy to make the tournament and win a game but, consider this, if we would have taken care of business through the middle of the season and had a 3 or 4 game increase in wins, we would have been a much better seed in the tournament than a 10 seed. Say we were a 7 seed, we would probably have not faced a team as good as 2 seed Oregon until the sweet 16? We faced 2 seed Oregon in the round of 32 because of our lower seed. Reaching the sweet 16 is a great recruiting tool to say the least. That is a feather in your cap to be able to do that say every second or third year of your program. U-Conn and Tennessee have won many national championships without players over 6′ 3″ in their starting lineups. But, what you have to understand is that their rosters were made up of many 4 and 5 star players. We can challenge for a conference championship every year and go well into the tournament if we can continue to recruit the types of players that we will have on our roster next year, that is a fact! Yes, a 6′ 5″ stud would be great but, not absolutely necessary? If Holmes is the answer at center, we will be so much improved it will be crazy! More speed in the lineup and a quality center will take us a long way! Go Hoosiers!

  69. along with mikec said.. believe for iu to get to that elite status also need a ( go to player ) a buss type .

    in crunch time a player that shows no fear and wins tight games..

    still truly believe .. rhet is bringing in a kid overseas … or a portal transfer is coming …

    then let the competition begin .. defense is the toughest down low . ( believe their will be 4 competing for the 5…

  70. Mike C. The teams you mentioned are what I consider currently elite. Yes, those bigger taller elite status are a rare. However, IU ladies are close if they could get one more in addition to what they have and Parrish was my point. After next year and couple years IU ladies are going to have to replace players that graduated. Something else to consider are a couple tall players already at IU. I still haven’t given up on Gulbe (that will depend on her) and Ariel Wisne @6’5” development could take place though not a high school top player nationally. Sometimes players like that can really improve. For don’t know yet and how far she is from being good or how far she can go.

  71. Mike– Dont get me wrong Im aware Rhett is out there doing his job and those elite bigs are hard to find let alone to entice them to come to IU especially since the elite programs like Uconn, ND are after those players. What Im saying is I would like to see Rhett steal one of those high caliber players. True we will have at least those 5 five-star players on our roster next year, but it would be unfair to think of those in the same ball park as what a team like Uconn brings in every year. They consistently bring #1 or at least top 10 every year. The two fives coming in next season for us are not even top 50. Do I believe IU will be improved next season ,most certainly. We will have true pt guards and a true center who can score, defend , and block shots. How will all this translate to the big ten, I cant wait to find out.

  72. Stevew… how on earth do you know ..homes can .. score.. defend block shots .. in the big ten..

    if you put 12 .. guarding homles ,.,,,, no way is she even getting into the paint…

    she is coming from high school ..Maine .. against weak opponents.. sounding like her uncle..

    12 .. is going to start .. .. i’ll take any betters on that … she is going ti be a jr ,,, played against top post in the country and shined…played over 50 games in the big ten….

    also.. the transfer or overseas player coming in will give competition…

    now as i said before 10 . came in .. every one was all high on her.. i said .. i’ll wait and see if she can prove herself in the big ten ,,,

    i dig all players coming in and iu is recruiting higher caliber .. but lets wait and see what a player brings to the table,, then evaluate… in the next 4 years .. iu will have one of those elite bigs .. if not sooner..

  73. Holmes could start at center or forward. In forward situation Marchase would start at center. The problem is no or very low scoring from Marchase.

  74. t… you always boost about iu’s coaches… dont you think they will be working with 12 .. right at the jump to improve scoring ,,, if you want to talk high school ( georgia) she was over 1800 pt scorer.

    12 .. gave the coaching staff exactly what they asked of her… now they will be asking her to score.. along with that tough a.. defense..

    the coaching stuff is huge on experience ( especially in huge games ) when the coaches realized 12 .. should be getting minutes… she was in at the end of the game… thats in its self is huge.. and in big games… ( called . coaches have confidence in her )

    post her big strong body up.. give her the damn ball .. and let her do her thing… ( the kid will score )if you ever seen 12 warm up .. her outside shot is on ….

    i know.. i know… i keep on 12.. but ive seen her play for 2yrs… no one kicks her butt …

    i evaluate .. once i see a player in heated big time .. intense .. competition…

  75. exactly .. drama… thats what sports is all about …

    huge drama environment .. see … we can agree .. lol

  76. OK fan, other than you, there is not a bigger fan of Linsey than me, I love her physicality and her game in general. But, I don’t believe she will ever be an offensive threat. She is in my mind a perfect back up center in what she provides and yes, I have been a guy who has wanted her to start this past season. But my reason for that was because I was never a Royster lover because of her lack of physicality and her inconsistency. I really believe Holmes will give us offensively what we lack, her all around offensive game is absolutely what we need! When she committed, I viewed a couple of videos of her play and loved it but, when Maine2IU posted that video of her from this past high school season, we saw something we did not see before, her perimeter skills were impressive! Her all around game really showed. This is something Linsey does not have. I also have watched Linsey for 2 years and have seen her get her shot blocked inside over and over again. As I stated, if Holmes shows us even a little of what we saw on that video, Linsey again will provide what we need from her in a back up role. Again fan, because of her physicality, Linsey is constantly in foul trouble which is concerning. I love Linsey’s game as I stated before but, I think Holmes is the answer! T, it has been stated by the coach’s and by Arial Wisne that she will redshirt this upcoming season. I also agree with you about Holmes possibly playing forward with those perimeter skills she seems to have. Steve W, I understand your point that the U-Conn 5 stars are of a higher quality than our 5 stars for sure but, lets remember, we did not ever get multiple 5 stars before Moren came here before let alone one to my knowledge? Consistently bringing in multiple 5 stars each year now is going to get us where we want to go in the future. And who knows, there may be a great grad transfer coming in next year to strengthen this roster even more, we will see? Go Hoosiers!

  77. Always have really good input and agree with almost all ..

    mickc give me your feelings about 10 .. next year and where she fits into the rotation.

    iu has all big ten .. 50 , plus bedford girl .. ( forget her name )

    I have to see with my own eyes how a player plays ..

    going to be fun to see how all this shakes out ..

  78. Fan- I dont know that Holmes will be able to do all the things she did in high school, but I have a feeling she will be able to do some of those things, at least more than anyone we have had lately. In her vids you see her making layups with either hand plus she has a baby hook, seems to have good post movement and has a good outlet pass, this is not just me talking , this is also some things Moren has said. Mainly we will have to wait and see, but as I have said before if Im wrong about her let me be the first to admit it next season. As for Linsey she is big and physical and scoring does not come easy for her, but she should be able to get some garbage layups.

  79. Mikec– I hadnt thought too much about grad transfers but from some things that have happened lately it is a possibility. Concerning Tenn, coaching move, possible Freeze might be up for that. Maybe we will get lucky.

  80. got to dig post season fan talk ..

    time will tell .. who shakes out where.. always a surprise or two .. like to see what johnson can do but that makes 4 players at the wing …

  81. Some espn experts are saying Brenda Freeze might be up for that coaching vacancy at Tenn. If that happened could be some potential transfers from one or both of those programs.

  82. Have watched Tennessee all year long Fan, I agree with t, who is Freeze? Oh, Steve W is referring to Brenda Freeze (Maryland coach) being courted by Tennessee for the coaching job. Fan, I really believe that Gulbe will be a quality player as long as the coaching staff would quit forcing her into playing center which she is not! As I stated earlier this year, her confidence is shot due to being asked to play a position she is not suited for! She is a stretch 4 who is highly skilled for that position, period! Fan also, I don’t remember anyone on this site going on and on before she got here about Gulbe being “great”? Not sure where that came from? Hopefully, with Holmes coming in and hopefully Marchese staying on board, the coaching staff will play Gulbe where she needs to be? Fan, one other thing, you might remember players names if you would use names instead of numbers? Although I realize that Jori Allen hasn’t been assigned a number yet since she is not there yet, just an observation that is driving some posters nuts. Go Hoosiers!

  83. I’d like to ask Hoosier nation about who besides Royster and Withrow (who had a scholarship this past season) won’t be with the team next season. With 3 Freshmen coming in as well as a preferred walk on & Chanel Wilson returning who will be squeezed out? I think (for better or worse) Coach Moren let Bre Wickware, Darby Foresman, Ria Gulley & Tia Elbert know there wasn’t a place for them on the team and an see that happening in this off season. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  84. easy mikec ..

    You’re just a fan like the rest of us .
    Not getting personal with you and appreciate you showing the same respect .

    You have your opinions and I have mine ..

    I’ll use numbers and you use names .. it’s all good .. don’t stroke out over it ..

  85. I truly believe moren does not bring in players and advise them to transfer .

    Lack of minutes will have a competitor transfer amoung other things . A true competitor wants to be able to tell and show their kids they played .

    Transferring is a tough decision and I commend a player to have the courage to do so .

    Man , they all want to play but IU only plays 8 … and I believe it will always be that way ..

    My prediction ..1 will transfer .
    1.. believes another college won’t pick her up or she would transfer …

    1.. will stay all 4yrs and not see the floor .

    1.. might not roll back after summer .

    Next yr I believe you will see at least two transfer .

    1. FAN: In your opinion who specifically will do what in your scenario? Back to my other point, Gulley was certainly good enough to stick around, I never understood why she tranferred after getting decent minutes for a freshman.

  86. Fan– Your last post is a little confusing. Since you are insistent on using numbers in place of names the #1 refers to B. Yeaney, if that is your reference then your predictions are even more confusing. BTW transferring is an ongoing thing in all programs there are already two transferring from the mens program here. Rarely does a starter transfer out and I can only think of one exception to that rule. Destiny Slocum from Maryland to Oregon St.

  87. My prediction ..1 player will transfer .
    1..player believes another college won’t pick her up or she would transfer …

    1.. player will stay all 4yrs and not see the floor .

    1.. player might not roll back after summer .

    Next yr I believe you will see at least two transfer .

    reasoning is the quantity or quality players… ( only 40 minutes in a game )

  88. Am not knocking a players decision to transfer one bit , Like I said it takes courage to make that decisions. I dig the new transfer portal . gives players total control of their future. Coaches do and believe whats best for their team .. players and family do whats best for the student athlete.

    I believe coaches around the county look into the portal daily . bringing in one player can change the dynamics of a team … Again .. I believe iu will snatch up a portal player.. or overseas

  89. Alexa Gulbe is still a dark house on IU ladies roster. Really good stats in European championships. Once she gets on wing/forward and rejuvenates herself she will be a double figure scorer if not next year, her junior and senior years unless IU ladies get a player on wing/forward so good Gulbe playing time will be limited which currently I don’t see happening. The game will slow down for her and will find her comfortable home. It is a credit to her to try to play post even though forward/wing is her position. Why she came to IU shows maturity and the right reasons as a student athlete. Playing the post let her see physicality at this level of competition so not all was lost.

  90. saying she is good enough to have Allen.. sit for 3 years ? or anyone else iu brings in ..

    now i can def.. see her scoring …

  91. If you are good enough you will get minutes. Cant imagine any 5 star players sitting the bench any length of time, although as a freshman you will have to pay you dues unless you prove you can play well and play DEFENSE.

  92. I got a little pre-season treat today as I was able to watch the girls North-South all-star game as it was in my backyard here in Martinsville. Jorie Allen and Shaila Beeler playing for the south team wearing # 1 and 2 respectively and non coincidental Im sure. I didn’t keep a running count but Jorie seemed to get around 20 pts for her team, she will be fun to watch next season. Shaila can put some heat on her passes to the inside. We will have to wait and see who will lead the team at point could be either Beeler or Wilson.

  93. Steve W, As I do agree with you about moving one of those 2 girls to the point next year which I think would improve us quite a bit, I am a bit wary of our coach making that decision since she seems to be quite reluctant to say the least with playing time for players. That has always been my biggest complaint about coach Moren. I think the added quickness of those 2 players would help us dramatically both offensively and defensively. It would move Patberg to her best position of shooting guard and would add a 42% 3 point shooter (Wilson) to our lineup. We will see?

  94. Thanks everyone for the great discussions . I will add my 2 cents. First of all we have a very good nucleus of experienced players coming back. Essentially the entire team except Royster. We were 1 win away from the sweet sixteen. We will be adding some potential nice pieces but keep in mind that none of them have ever even stepped foot on a D1 practice floor let alone played in a game yet. Thinking that an unproven rookie is going to run the point to start next season is the true definition of insanity. At the 4 spot we have Wise (our most experienced player) and Gulbe (tons of international experience and 1 season in BIG10) returning. Allen will need to earn playing time (this ain’t some soft high school conference). Her sister averaged 16 minutes her freshman season at Michigan State, about the same as Gulbe did for us. BTW Gulbe averaged more points and double the rebounds that Jenna Allen did as a freshman. At the 5 we have Marchese returning along with the rookie from Maine. I feel those two will compliment each other and if they both get into foul trouble Gulbe can fill some minutes in a pinch. At guard we have our starting 3 plus Warthen who is vastly improved and will play a much bigger role for us. I agree with fan that good bigs are a lot more scarce than guards.
    We will need to go 9 or 10 deep to make a serious run at the BIG10 title.

  95. man .. scwartzie your best and on target post to date ( not saying your other post were off )

    this post speaks ( non , if’s , hopes )

    keep up the good work…..

  96. All good points , as we know the college level is a step up and is no joke, mainly Im just saying what I saw yesterday was uplifting. I forgot to mention that Allen also stepped out and hit the 3 , she has that range as did her sister. She is coming in as a 5 star player and will get minutes, Im sure Moren wont make that mistake , plus she will be bringing in a throng from bedford. BTW Beeler is a chunk but has surprising quickness along with some savvy. Wilson is also quick Maybe not early on but eventually I expect one of the two to take the pt position in hand or possibly splitting time at that spot.

  97. Im sure Rikki Harris is a very good BBaller headed to ohio state and was also on the South team with Beeler and Allen. I was not impressed with her on this day, we all have bad days.

  98. I forgot to mention Grace Berger. She averaged over 20 minutes per game and ran the point when Patberg was out. She is a very, very good on the boards and really improved on the defensive end as the season progressed. When you add in her grittiness, determination, basketball savvy, and will to compete you have the type of player you need to win championships.
    We have Patberg, Bendu, and Berger that are all proven and experienced players that can defend, rebound, score, and run the point. I’m confident any rookies will be eased into any game minutes they earn.
    Opposing coaches will get to know Grace Berger a whole lot more next season.

    “I’m not looking for the best players, I’m looking for the right ones” Herb Brooks 1979

  99. Yes, Swartzie whether it is IU men’s basketball or football when they get a couple of good recruits most get erroneous overly excited. There is a big transition from high school to college. Knight has often said just because a player was good in high school doesn’t always mean he or she is going to be in college. Therefore, it becomes how everything blends together and shakes out. IU ladies will be better. T. Moren will grudgingly spread minutes out a little more if she feels she has the depth without play dropping off. I still think Glube will be good at wing/forward and will share in playing time.

  100. Top returning shooters:
    Wise – .916
    Gulbe – .854
    Patberg – .799

    Wise – .413
    Patberg – .394
    Gulbe – .364

  101. Top returning scorers:
    Wise – 1139 pts
    Penn – 874 pts
    Yeany – 635 pts
    Patberg – 508 pts

    Near the end of next season we could possibly have four 1000 pt scorers on the floor together.

  102. 5 STARS
    Patberg— Did not fizzle
    Penn– Did not fizzle
    Berger—–Did not fizzle

  103. 5 star, blue chip , can’t miss …… I’ve seen it all over the last six decades in whatever sport you want to name. You never know. The proof is in the pudding. Intangibles matter.

  104. Scwartzie, I normally don’t disagree with you much but, As far as freshmen point guards are concerned and insanity, Destiny Slocum was an outstanding freshman point guard at Maryland and I believe all-conference then, transferred I believe to Oregon St 3 years ago. The Harris girl from Heritage Christian played a ton her freshman year at top 5 ranked South Carolina a couple of years ago. Amy Dilk from Carmel started all year long at the point for Michigan this past year and played at a high quality. Just sayin you may call it insanity but, these things did occur. And one other thing I did not mention in my post, with the situation with Yeaney, there may be more minutes to fill early in the year this upcoming season until she becomes fully healthy? Come on scwartzie, don’t sell these 2 girls short, you may be surprised? Like I said, the problem with these 2 girls getting playing time may be our coach’s reluctance to play some girls? You mention Warthen, she is a PRIME example of Moren’s reluctance to play some players? I thought she really shorted Warthen’s playing time this past season when at times we really needed her athleticism and quickness. Just sayin…….

  105. Though I stated a great high school player doesn’t always mean a great college player. However, I have also said you play the percentages. That means much more often than not while a 3 star is working hard to improve to 4 or 5 star… a 5 star is working hard to become a 6 or 7 star at college level so to speak.

  106. You are right MikeC these things do occur. Destiny Slocum is the exception not the rule. She happened to step into a situation where the need for a point guard was immediate. The same for the 6’0 Dilk. That is not the case here. Our future point guard(s) will most likely serve this season as under studies with limited amounts of playing time and then have 3 full seasons remaining to strut their stuff. I project a 5 guard rotation along with a front court rotation of 4. With 5 returning established guards in place only an exceptional rookie will crack that rotation for significant minutes. This program is being built for solid long term success. Having great depth and player development are essential for success at this level.
    The upcoming season will be the most successful in program history.

  107. Scwartzie, I only hope you are right about a 9 or 10 player rotation? I still am very wary, as I stated of coach’s reluctance to play people. Warthen should have definitely played more minutes this past year! I still state that Patberg is not a true point guard, while she lead the team in assists this past year, it is due to Moren not playing Warthen any appreciable minutes. As stated, we will see?

  108. For those of you that may forgotten Patberg may get an extra year because of her injuries and sickness while at ND. At some point IU will have to apply for the extra year/ medical waiver for her to play. So you could actually consider her a junior next season.

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