IUWBB: Indiana beats Minnesota in B1G tournament, 66-58

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana survived a late push from Minnesota and advanced in the Big Ten tournament with a 66-58 win.

Ali Patberg led the Hoosiers with 20 points. Brenna Wise finished with 19 for IU.

IU wanted to make drives to the basket tough on Bell and Co. — and do that without fouling. The Hoosiers were successful in the first quarter, forcing Bell into seven missed shots and a 2-of-2 effort from the free throw line.

In the second quarter, the Gophers were able to hit 8-of-8 from the line, bailed out by fouls on some wild drives to the basket. But the Hoosiers were just on fire from distance. Patberg hit consecutive 3-pointers to boost the IU lead to 28-16, and Wise hit a trio of triples to bolster a 42-28 halftime edge.

The Hoosiers were 17-of-29 from the field in the first half, along with 5-of-8 from 3-point range. Wise and Patberg each had 14 points. Bell, on the other hand, was 1-of-11 from the field and 4-of-4 from the free throw line for six points.

Minnesota kept fighting, but the Gophers also kept talking. Following a Destiny Pitts crossover and a shot make, which sent Linsey Marchese to the floor, Pitts had a few words for Marchese. She was called for a technical. IU just couldn’t take full advantage, because Wise split her pair of free throws.

Annalese Lamke scored underneath to cut it to nine, and she then hit two free throws to reduce it to 47-40 with about three minutes left. But the Hoosiers responded, including back-to-back pull-up jumpers by Jaelynn Penn. Bendu Yeaney went to the line with eight seconds left and hit two to make it 53-42 heading into the fourth.

Minnesota made another run, the result of some defensive pressure. An IU turnover led to a Bell 3-pointer to cut it to 55-47. But another big 3-pointer from Ali Patberg, with the shot clock running down, bumped the lead back to 11 points. 

Minnesota cut it to 62-56 with 30 seconds left, but the Hoosiers were able to hold on at the free throw line.


  1. IU ladies not done improving and peaking as of lately. (last week week and half). This is partially due to Marchase play in middle teaming with Royster.

  2. Really?she did very little hat are you guys watching?Bendu Yeaney being able to defend theyre leading scorer was the key to the game,you people need to stop it with “Marchese is the reason they won” nonsense good lord sometimes i wonder if any of you all actually watch football or basketball games before you formulate some of these ridiculous opinions.smh

    1. Dude, take a breath.

      Think about what you want to express and then say it. When you post when you are excited it doesn’t express you opinion the way you intend it to.

      It’s all good.

  3. brown.. get a clue and learn how to watch a hoop game.. your eye is not a hoop eye .. watch 12 ..play down low.. watch how tough she is and how hard it is to score on her.. how hard it is to rebound over her.. how she holds her ground and not being moved or pushed back ( listen to coach Moren talk about 12… )

    brush up on your hoop skills … cause you are looking clueless……

  4. Also ..T .. is extremely knowledgeable about sports.. not just hoop… her eye is a sports eye..and lays down some good stuff.. ( don’t always agree .. )

    MikeC is another… very knowledgeable man about sports.. ( especially women’s hoop ) matter fact the main characters that roll on here for women’s hoop … know the game and how to watch it…

    as Chet said… easy now…

  5. I went to the game.
    I’m no great evaluator of talent, but in my mind Marchese is the most improved player on our roster.
    She made two beautiful successful post moves tonight unlike anything I have seen from her in the past.
    She is playing with confidence and brings all the intangibles.

    I thought this win was HUGE. Minnesota was 7-2 in their last 9 Big Ten Games, losing to Maryland and Rutgers at their places for their 2 losses.
    Patberg and Wise were absolutely on fire. Whoever heard of 6 for 8 on three point shots?
    The only downside from where I was sitting was towards the end of the game. It seemed we went into a semi-stall, and about half the time we lost track of the shot clock and either didn’t get off a shot or took a poor rushed shot.
    But it’s all good. We held on and beat a VERY good Minnesota team tonight. Iowa repeat anybody?

  6. brown… from Coach Moren…

    Huh…… 12 played over half the game……… ( anything more to add ? )

    But the key tonight, I thought our post players —
    and this is what goes unseen, just their ability to rotate,
    come from the help side. We felt like any time that Bell
    or any of them, their drivers tried to really get to the
    basket, they were met by another teammate, and so
    that was terrific. I’m really proud of our overall
    defensive play..

  7. To clarify, I pointed out play of Marchase because that is an adjustment that T. Moren has made recently giving her more playing time in the post against some good players and it has had positive impact for both, Marchase and team.
    I specifically pointed out Marchase realizing that BY, AP, BW, JP, KR, GB, and I will throw in AG, and a excellent team effort was reason IU ladies won game against Minnesota ladies. I was referring to Marchase recent playing time in post has helped IU ladies.

  8. Marchese 4 points 2 rebounds wow thats making a great difference profound difference…. Minnesota is not known for inside play by the way perimeter play is how they win Bendu Yeaney guarded their leading scorer held her to 1 field goal in the 1st half and they shot 59 percent in the 1st half trust me i watched the game the real question is did any of you?

  9. brown .. thank you very much .. You just proved my point and your lack of knowledge of an hoop eye .. each player is assigned a job .. a responsibility for a win .. moren is not asking 12 … to be a stat stuffer ..

    12’s job is to be a force ( absolute toughness ) just a force on the defensive side .. not letting her man beat IU down low ..

    Gophers big girl .. Is a dominate rebounder .. looked like to me .. One of 12’s job was keeping her off the boards … 12 did that with toughness .. Boding her with a big box .. 12 kicked her a.. and she kicked 5’s .. a..

    brown get a hoop eye ( it’s not all about stats ) intangibles .. toughness .. the will that lives inside a player to not be intimated and win the battle down low ( especially at the 5 ). you owe me a 20 .. for teaching you something about hoop …

  10. last thing brown… did you not read what moren ( head coach ) said about the key to the win …??????? ( the post play ) coming off her man and cutting off the dribble drive … did you not read what the gophers said … ???? the middle was clog ..

    did you not hear what moren said about 12 .. after the last Iowa game ??
    12 was the key to the win … Iowa girl top five player in the country …

    granted 12… has a HUGE job to do tonight ( HUGE )

  11. Very nice team win. Great defensive effort to keep Minnesota 11 points under their season average. With this win our record improves to 19 – 1 when scoring 65+ points. We need to eliminate the unforced turnovers and non essential fouls in today’s game. Berger and Gulbe saw limited action and should be well rested and battle ready.
    Brenna Wise shot 70% from the field. Stay hot Brenna!
    Our 5’s combined to shoot 80%. Marchese (2 for 2) and Royster (2 for 3) will need to get more touches today.
    A great day of women’s basketball awaits!

  12. It is quite obvious that brownbomber is all about stats, there is more to the game than who is the high scorer. I have said it all year long, this team lacks physicality and Marchese adds that to our team! Her inside play is very needed on this team, her last 2 weeks has been outstanding! Drew 2 charging fouls against Minnesota, no, she does not score a lot of points but, one of the reasons is nobody ever gets her the ball when she posts up for some reason? Mr. Brownbomber, quit being a stats man and actually watch the game, you may learn something. There is a lot going on inside away from the ball that you are apparently missing. I have said all year that Marchese’e physical nature is much better that Roysters, she does not let players push her around having their way inside!
    Everything all of you above is true about last night’s game, Ali was on a mission last night after getting hurt against them at our place and missing the end of the game. Ali was great but, there were times she over dribbled which she has a tendency to do and lost the ball. She just need to let the game come to her. Our defense for the most part was the difference in the game, outstanding performance on that side of the ball. Tall task against Iowa again! We will be there! Go Hoosiers!

  13. Always have a lot of respect for BY play. AP and Wise are playing well. AP does have a tendency to over dribble though I think she is slowly improving in that area. However, she needs to settle down at times but maybe not as much as to letting game come to her because it would’nt be good for her to get passive. AP needs to stay aggressive. That is when she is most focused. Then it becomes a question for her (and really all of team) of seeing shots go down and confidence.
    I think this may be a gradual turning point in Marchase’s career. Eventually Marchase will get a few more touches. Maybe she can bump her point average to 8.

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