IUWBB: Indiana blasts Purdue, 73-51

Indiana wiped the floor with Purdue on Sunday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, winning 73-51 to close out the regular season.

The Hoosiers (19-11, 8-10 Big Ten) now awaits the results of later games to see if they will avoid opening Wednesday at the Big Ten tournament. If Minnesota wins, and Northwestern loses, IU will be the No. 10 seed and open on Thursday.

If Minnesota and Northwestern both win, or if Minnesota loses, the Hoosiers will be the No. 11 seed and play Wednesday.

Ali Patberg led the Hoosiers with 18 points, hitting 8-of-13 from the field. Jaelynn Penn added 13, and Bendu Yeaney had 11.

This game was a combination of good play by Indiana and self-inflicted wounds by Purdue. IU had identical 8-of-15 efforts from the floor in the first and second periods, while Purdue hit 8-of-31 from the floor for the half. Plenty of those Boilermaker misses were layups, but they were also 1-of-12 from 3-point range.

IU, on the other hand, was 3-of-5 from 3-point range in the first quarter, including a triple from Aleksa Gulbe to make it 21-13 heading into the second quarter. The Hoosiers’ lead steadily increased throughout the period, and the energy in the building built with it.

Grace Berger came up with a steal, tripping Kayana Traylor up with her dribbles, finishing on the other end to make it 35-22. Bendu Yeaney had a reverse layup to make it 43-22 at half.

Yeaney had eight points at half. Ali Patberg led the Hoosiers with 10.

IU’s momentum, and Purdue’s lack of it, just continued into the third. The Boilermakers shot 2-of-12 from the field in the period, and IU was 7-of-13. Patberg scored another eight points. Jaelynn Penn scored seven, bringing her total to 13.

With 1:50 left in the game, the Hoosiers were able to sub in Grace Withrow to loud applause from the Assembly Hall crowd. The former walk-on split a pair of free throws.


  1. What a great 1st half. A nice weekend for IU. Michigan State yesterday. Purdue today. BTN coverage of the Men’s swim/diving winning their B1G championship. Last weekend IU ladies won the swim/diving B1G championship. Congradulation all (& maybe even Mr. Glass).

  2. Congratulations to KR and GW. KR stuck with it and represented and continues to represent IU ladies basketball well. What a fun experience that GW shred in as well.
    IU ladies basketball is really psychological. Against Northwestern it always seems Northwestern coached team matches up well against IU as does IU coached team matches up well against Purdue.
    I have noticed ( true many times in all sports) that when a home team gets things to go their way at start and crowd gets into it makes visiting team start playing with upset stomach, lower confidence, second guessing themselves, and trouble making shots causing their overall game to suffer while home team (positively) does the opposite. It has happened to IU ladies several times.

  3. Great IU win and a celebration for the seniors, a truly fun win all the way around. Im sure IU would like to get the #10 seed and the bye, but Im wondering if they wouldn’t really like to match up again with NW for some payback and this might mean they play the first day,,, oh well what will be will be.

  4. GREAT game, always fun to embarrass Purdue after them squeaking by us by 3 points at their place earlier. The deciding factor in the game was us holding them to 26% shooting in the first half for the huge halftime lead. They finished shooting 30% in the game and 11% from 3 while we shot 47% for the day. We basically dominated the game from start to finish! We outrebounded them 46-30! We had a GREAT crowd of 5,857 in the hall, SUPER! One other thing, always fun to see Versup catch a technical foul……Very nice:-)The good news is we will not have to play on Wednesday night in the Big 10 tournament. We will play Minnesota on Thursday. If we could win a couple of games in the Big 10 tourney, we may make the Big Dance? We will see? Go Hoosiers!!

  5. It was a great effort and victory today.
    Say what you will about Royster, she came here and did her best for four years. Greg Murray said she is the second person in her family to obtain a college degree. Proud of her.
    And, Grace Withrow scored a free throw!

    The “Big10” tournament bracket we ended up in is horrible.
    Maryland finished their season 7-2, the two losses coming to #1 seed Maryland and #3 seed Rutgers, both on the road. And, they beat Northwestern both times they played them. Minnesota is one of the hottest teams in the “Big10.”
    Purdue plays cellar dweller Illinois and then Nebraska, who we beat on the road. Crazy.
    The good news is that if we beat Minnesota (if we play like we did today we surely can) it would have to help our NCAA chances.

  6. t;
    To me, that number (85) says something about both Kim Royster and Teri Moren!

  7. Hopefully IU will be able to play two good games in a row.
    Today’s win moved IU back in the top 50 RPI at #49. With a win on thurs would give IU 20 wins and would look pretty good.

  8. Moren commented that Yeaney’s tip in was the highlight of the game. Not for me nor the crowd, it was Berger’s coast-to-coast behind the back twice, spin and layin,,, Yea, Yea!

  9. SteveW, I agree, the length of the court drive by Berger was the play of the game! She certainly showed her terrific skill set on that play. NatHill, the bracket is the bracket. You play where you finish. While it seems unfair, the bracket has been the same for several years. While you talk about how Purdue may have an advantage playing Illinois, I certainly wouldn’t want to play on Wednesday just to play an easier opponent! The object is to avoid playing on Wednesday. If we are any good at all, we will take the challenge of playing Minnesota and beat them! We need to step up and show that we are better than we have been playing the last month of the season. Will we see the team that played Iowa in that great win or be the team that stunk the place up against Northwestern? Now is the time to show our true self! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. You’re right. The bracket is fair. We earned our predicament.
      But I’d still prefer Purdue’s path instead of ours. As bad as they’re playing, I predict they’ll get two wins out of the tournament.
      Minnessota is TOUGH.
      And, I also agree this team is hard to figure. I went to Northwestern, and it was painful.

      Have to notice the difference in the venues. I’d be very surprised if Northwestern had 500 people there for their Senior Day. Rag-tag band of maybe 15, no cheerleaders (or at least if they were there they made no impression on me).
      IU had 5K rowdy fans, three quarters of the South bleachers full of a rockin’ pep band, and fantastic cheerleaders. Definite home court advantage!
      It was like two different worlds.

  10. This weeks bracketology, 6 Big 10 teams in the field. Iowa 3 seed, Maryland 3 seed, Rutgers 8 seed, Michigan 8 seed, Michigan St. 9 seed and IU 11 seed. Need to win a game or 2 in the Big 10 tournament to remain in the Big Dance.

  11. BTW, in the Moren post game press conference, she complimented Marchese for about a minute or so at around the 10 or 11 minute mark of the conference. To see the conference, go to the IU athletic website (IUhoosiers.com) and click on women’s basketball and watch it.

  12. Steve W.
    Agree 100% with you.
    That was an absolutely amazing drive. She literally faked Traylor off of her feet.

  13. Purdue does seem to have an easier route ILL, Neb. but even though Minn is a very good team IU can beat them if they come to play. Also Maryland only beat ILL by 9 pts. Love how Moren is willing to play Marchese more now as she does what she can do body up and make things tougher for opposing centers and get an easy bucket now and then. I agree that we need the win against Minn. for a chance in the dance.

  14. Nat– during the Berger drive it appeared that Traylor actually tripped over her own player. Wasnt that also the play where Versyp was trying to use the Refs to get her Tech,, yes I think she did that intentionally trying to fire her team up. Problem was that Wise the person at the line who also shot the tech,, bad move , what was it 5 FT in a row.

  15. You knew Wise would shoot the tech, she is the leading free throw shooter in the conference and 5th in the nation at 92.3%. I just finished watching the game again since I tape everything and during most of the 3rd quarter, Tyra Buss was on the telecast. She was amazing during about 8 minutes of the 3rd quarter. Said she wants to go into college coaching when she gets done with her graduate degree for teaching. Wouldn’t it be great if down the road, Moren would add her to the staff? Once during Tyra’s appearance with the announcers, Shelly Till referred to Tyra as Tyra Banks and at the end of the game with less than a minute to go when Grace Withrow hit her free throw, they showed a replay of Tyra’s reaction to Grace hitting her free throw on replay and Till called Tyra, Banks again….OMG!! Classy act by Tyra not saying anything when Till referred to her as Banks. Oh well, what are you going to do? One thing that Till did say towards the end of the game was that she thinks Grace Berger is going to be a future star in the league! We knew that! Go Hoosiers!!

  16. Mike– Yes this ticked me off the announcer kept calling her Tyra Banks, you would think Till would straighten her out, but yes It was interesting with Buss on in the third quarter. Wouldn’t be a shocker if Moren brings Buss on board down the road. It wasnt Till that referred to her as Banks it was the play by play gal, forget her name.

  17. T. Buss is great on tv. I listened to her earlier in year on one of the games. T.B. is just a very competent poised and confident well spoken individual/young professional lady.

  18. Stage is set for 2019-2020 for Holmes and Marchase to hold down center position. Glube can compete for a wing/forward position and move over at center in a game only if circumstances would dictate move. (injuries or fouls). Glube should have to prove herself at wing/forward for playing time or as starter if she becomes good enough next year.

  19. t– And most likely Patberg will move to shooting guard, good to see Marchese seems to be getting her footing on the team.

    Mike–You are correct I watched the game again and sure enough Till pulled the boner saying “Tyra Banks” at the end must have had Banks IU shoes on her mind other wise wouldnt expect it from her.

  20. Now that was an a..kicking .. from start to finish..

    12.. brings IU an identity of .. toughness .. her team feeds off of that ..
    12.. always had a foot on this team and last years team.. it was the coaches that ( tried too cut her foot off ) they forgot how important the the ( intangibles .. toughness ) is too a winning program… that a lot of players do not have …

    i believe 12.. will be a beast on the offensive side next season.. ( she is leaning how to bring ) that defensive toughness to the offensive ) 12.. produces but needs to have more production to go along with ( intangibles ) confidence is the key word for her and any player…

    still not sold 12… is sticking around ..

    34.. threw down some magic…. nice to see 10.. get some production.. ( she can be good ) I dig it when 11 and 12 .. playing side by side… ( the look is good ) 1.. really does have all around production..
    would of been cool to see 11.. have a game of her life…

    Beat the Gophers…..

    1. Plenty of teams could use her (linsey) and keyanna. They would both be stupid to stay any longer after this year if they are unhappy in general with playing time because nothing is going to change. I PROMISE you that and I promise you the staff isnt going to be upfront and truthful about any of that stuff. I will cheer for these girls no matter where they end up.. here or otherwise once a hoosier always a hoosier

    1. I agree 10 and 12 playing along side would be very effective . Yesterday they combined for 13 rebounds and ZERO turnovers. 12 played great and 10 had her confidence back. Berger’s game reminds me of John Havlicek.

  21. Fan, don’t think there is any doubt that Marchese will be back! She has played really well the last couple of weeks with more playing time. It was really cool to hear Moren’s press conference last night where she praised Marchese for about a minute talking about her physicality and her toughness. She talked about how smart Marchese is and about how she always knows the game plan coming into a game and uses her intelligence to help her defensive play. Moren said last week in her postgame after Marchese played so well against Gustafson that she plays really well when she is against a back to the basket center and that when she struggles is when facing a center who as great quickness and a strong face up game. I really think Marchese loves playing for IU and she will be here for 4 years. Sorry Fan, still not loving Royster’s game, to soft physically and mentally. Way to inconstant throughout her career.

  22. Make that consistent throughout her career, sorry about that. Like everything you say about Marchese! Her toughness is something our team lacks. We only have 2 physically tough kids, the other is Berger, she is tough! Great competitive spirit about her. Go Hoosiers!!

  23. Next year, 2019-2020 IU ladies should take another step to be better. It seems T. Moren and staff have good player relationships and players like playing for T.Moren.

  24. Every once in a while Royster will have a really good game and surprises everyone, its about time for that game to happen again on thurs evening.

  25. I was watching the monday night coaches show and Moren related that the coast to coast drive of Berger’s made the “ESPN top ten” congrats to Grace on that , very deserving. Grace had an all around great game.

  26. The predictions are out for all the ncaaw conf. tourney winners. Charlie Creme, Graham Hays, and Mechelle Voepol are the expert pickers. The Big Ten has Maryland Unanimous no surprise there. I think you may agree this year could be different as teams are knocking each other around. Whoever has the hot hand in the tourney could pull the upset. You can see all predicted winners at the NCAAW SITE.

  27. Surprised nothing on the Women’s game tonight…? Coverage was in the paper ? Anyway the ladies are killing it so far tonight.

    1. Yeah, we don’t usually put women’s preview stories on here. And I unintentionally forgot to post the All-Big Ten stuff here Monday night while Jon was busy with high school stuff.

      1. Anybody ever tell you you maybe working too hard? Happens a lot with ownership change. Been through it myself three times. Gave up on the 4th change, retired at 55.

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