IUWBB: Indiana falls to Iowa, 70-61, at B1G tourney

Indiana came up just short to Iowa, 70-61, in a Big Ten tournament quarterfinal matchup on Friday.

Ali Patberg led the Hoosiers with 25 points. Freshman Grace Berger added 13 points for Indiana (20-12).

Megan Gustafson had an impact early, and it wasn’t just scoring. Iowa’s first bucket came via a pass from Gustafson in the post to Hannah Stewart, cutting past Bendu Yeaney. Stewart hit a jumper, and Gustafson scored in the post, to make it 6-0 for Iowa. 

Gustafson would finish with eight points, six rebounds, and three blocks in the first quarter. Her last block of the period turned back Aleksa Gulbe and set up a Makenzie Meyer 3-pointer to beat the buzzer and put the Hawkeyes ahead 17-11.

Tania Davis started the second quarter with a 3, but the Hoosiers went on an 8-1 run in response. After hitting 5-of-18 from the floor in the first quarter, IU connected on 6-of-12 in the second.

But Gustafson was just too much at times. After a jumper by Grace Berger cut the Iowa lead to 28-25, Gustafson converted a three-point play. Ali Patberg hit a jumper, but Gustafson responded by just barely pushing a shot through Linsey Marchese’s hand and into the basket to make the halftime lead 33-27.

Gustafson had 13 points and nine rebounds at half. Patberg led the Hoosiers with 11 points. Grace Berger added eight points on 4-of-6 shooting. As a team, IU hit 11-of-30 from the floor. Jaelynn Penn missed all seven of her shots.

Iowa had nine turnovers at the break, but the Hawkeyes shot 14-of-29 from the field, largely thanks to Gustafson’s 6-of-8 effort.

Indiana was able to keep it close with some 3-point shooting in the third quarter. Brenna Wise drained one, then Ali Patberg hit another. Grace Berger converted a three-point play on a transition layup and the lead was down to 42-38 with 4:15 left in the quarter. Patberg then hit another 3 to make it a one-point game with 2:30 left. Patberg hit a jumper and IU took a 43-42 lead.

Gustafson answered twice in the post, though, and it was 46-43 heading into the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Patberg made another push, scoring on a drive and then hitting two free throws following another attack to give the Hoosiers a 54-53 lead with 5:20 left. Iowa just went on a 7-0 run, starting with a kick-out from Gustafson to Davis on a 3. 

Penn hit a 3 to cut it to four points, and then Kathleen Doyle and Penn traded 3s to keep it at four, 63-59. IU had possession with a chance to cut it to a one-score game, but Doyle swatted away a Patberg jumper with the shot clock winding down. Davis hit two free throws on the other end to make it 65-59 with 41 seconds left.


  1. IU ladies competed against an elite sweet 16 team to final four team in Iowa. Shots have to fall from 3 to beat Iowa. Besides their center they have another big girl or two and enough outside shooting (from 3 point land) that makes them a sweet 16 to final four team. Maybe an elite 8 team.
    To beat Iowa IU ladies would have to be hot from 3 pout land and shoot a hot percentage overall. Iowa scored more easily than IU ladies. IU ladies struggled to score; a lot of the scoring issues was Iowa defense plus JP had a hard time getting hot from 3 point land. Though IU ladies made some mistakes they gave effort but Iowa is just better overall.

  2. One of the best battles I have seen ..between 12 and 10 ..

    Both had a personal ax to grind ..

    Both are one of the toughest I’ve seen ..

    Was a battle …

  3. I dont think anyone expected IU to beat Iowa a second time, in fact Shelly Till predicted Iowa in a runaway, that didnt happen IU fought them tough and the final score was not indicative of the hard fought game. Too bad Penn couldnt hit the broad side of a barn going 0-9 from 3 pt land. Could have been different had she hit 1/3 of those shots. Now the waiting game starts as selection monday is not till the 18th.

  4. This game was a bit strange. the game was close most of the way surprisingly with IU shooting 36% from the floor as opposed to Iowa shooting 45%. IU only had 7 turnovers for the game while Iowa had 13. The thing that really kept the game close was IU scoring 13 points off of Iowa’s turnovers. We simply couldn’t consistently hit any shots to get any control of the game. As Moren said in the postgame presser, Penn being unable to hit shots through the course of the game was instrumental in our loss. She missed, I think 9 shots in a row until she finally hit 2 shots in a row very late in the 4th quarter. If she could have hit a few of those shots through the course of the game, it could have been a different game? Moren said she felt the difference in the game was our not being able to hit shots on a consistent basis. Moren stated that Marchese played extremely well in the last several games including against Purdue, Minnesota and tonight against Iowa. Marchese played 27 minutes tonight which I believe is her high for the year? Wise, Yeaney, Royster and Penn were a combined 6 for 28 from the field which was instrumental in the loss! Patberg and Berger were a combined 14 for 29 from the field on the good side. As was stated in the article, I don’t think anybody gave us much of a chance in beating Iowa for the second time this year? I am not sure I agree with T thinking Iowa might be a final 4 team although I do agree that they are a possible sweet 16 contender. They are very good. The real problem tonight was our having to collapse on Gustafson ant then Iowa’s guards hitting 7 of 16 three pointers. This proved to be the real difference in the game. All in all, the girls played very hard but just couldn’t get over the hump so to speak? I do believe that IU has done enough to make the Big Dance, we will see? Go Hoosiers!

  5. Good effort by the Hoosiers…I actually caught some of the game. Shocker. Iowa looked very tough and Gustafson is quite the inside force. Some nights you’re really on…and it looked like Iowa was having one of those nights.

    Sounds like the Hoosiers women’s team still might get an NCAA invite…Put a good scare into a solid team on Friday night. Good luck to them. Don’t watch enough to know all the names….but #13 has a very nice jump shot.

    I’ll stay away so to not ruin your fun this March.

  6. Great analysis by everybody above. We held Iowa to their third lowest point total of the entire year. WE had 9 steals and only 7 turnovers. The starters not named Patberg shot 6 for 28 (21%).
    Against Minnesota the bucket looked like a wash-tub, last night it looked like a thimble.
    On the positive side, the subs (Gulbe, Marchese, and Berger) shot 9 for 19 (47%) and averaged 20 minutes of playing time. Berger kept us in the game early. I thought Grace might have gotten a little tired towards the end, but I see great things in the future for all three of the subs.
    All in all, a gutty, brave performance. When a team tries as hard, and plays as physical a game as IU did, I leave the arena a happy fan.
    Proud of this team.
    Oh yeah, Megan Gustafson gets my vote for national player of the year. I have never seen anything quite like the shot at the end of the half she threw up right through two sets of defensive hands.

  7. all big ten players need to show up and produce .. In big games ..
    moren said it correct .. 13 .. 50 .. needed to produce .. pressure got to 13

    12 .. gave it her all .. left all she had for IU..

  8. It is good to see Patberg meeting high expectations since coming back from injury for IU ladies. Penn doesn’t seem like a gym rat that she needs to be for her to be more consistent shooter and overall better player. JP game has a tendency to come and go.

  9. The game was lost in the paint.
    Final score… Gustafson 17 rebounds, Marchese 1 rebound. Not much of a battle.

  10. scwartizie.. go read or listen to morens post game conference .. then I want you to come back and post a comment again on here ..

    very interested what you have to say ..

    1. FAN I watched the press conference before my post but that doesn’t change the rebounding facts. Nobody is saying that 12 isn’t a warrior and doesn’t play with tremendous heart. I love watching her play. She was solid last night but she is a 6’4 post that played 28 minutes and only snagged 1 rebound. Stewart had 13 rebounds for Iowa. Brenna had 10 for us. Our 4’s and 5’s were out rebounded 30 to 13 by Iowa’s 4 & 5. Gustafson averages 13.3 rebounds per game and had 17.
      Not much of a battle on the boards.

  11. It is the strengths of one team vs the strengths of another team.
    With Marchase who puts forth much effort (also Marchase had a lot of help or others tried to help her from help side defense) vs Iowa center who still got 30. Fan you are right Marchase gives a good or tries to give a great effort every game. Marchase has helped IU ladies lately. However, IU ladies are weak in this area. Keeping perspective as overall player, Marchase is limited in her ability.

  12. I’ll roll with what the indiana ..head coach said about this game…

    Sports is a great thing ..gives everyone a opinion …

  13. take away the freebees …foul ft .
    end of game ..

    not scoring on 12,.. that 30 … looking like 17 ..give or take…

    12 ..has work to do as all IU players do …

  14. Marchase brings physical presence for IU ladies as they lack inside physical presence. IU ladies need that. Again, keeping perspective Marchase and IU ladies were playing against possibly college player of year. That is what Iowa center does. Marchase will and ladies against most teams will look a little better. Yes, all IU ladies need to improve their game as pretty much all players do.

  15. Personally I dig 12’s game .

    She is a worrier .. if she walks ..I will miss seeing her roll on the floor .

    Last nights game I saw one player wanting to get even for the last game . I saw another player determined … to fight her a.. off ..for IU .. ( it was personal between the two ) . I saw other players give into the pressure of the game …

  16. Lets not forget that Gustafson is as NatHill said, probably the player of the year in the nation which is what I have been telling everybody all along! After all, she has been the leading scorer in the country the LAST 2 YEARS! She does what she did last night to EVERYBODY! I had the opportunity at our home game against Iowa to talk to Brian Agler who coaches in the WNBA. He was at the game scouting Gustafson. His team (Dallas) wants to draft her but are probably to far down the draft (#5 pick) to get her. He thinks she is great! Last night, the game was incredibly physical inside due to Marchese’s defense on her with the help of others. Royster didn’t play many minutes because of her lack of physicality. If Royster would have played the majority of minutes that Marchese got, Gustafson might have had 40 points. T, yes Marchese is limited in her ability but, she has the guts, heart and brings her physicality every night, exactly what we need. Iowa’s 3 point shooting did us in when we collapsed on Gustafson, you have to pick your poison! When we beat Iowa at our place, Iowa hit their 3 pointers in the first quarter and then didn’t the rest of the game allowing us to catch them after being down 14 points early. The simple truth is that Iowa is a better team than we are and their center is the deciding factor causing you to play them a certain way and allowing them to have the opportunity to hit those threes. Sometimes they drop and sometimes they don’t, last night they dropped! Time to move on. We will be playing in the post season, just not sure where? Charlie Crean with his bracketology has had us in the dance most of the year, we will see? One thing is for certain, another 20 win season which is a good thing! We continue to win 20+ games since Teri Moren has been here. No matter what we do in the post season, this program continues its consistent winning ways with Moren on the scene. Hopefully next year with almost everybody back and an added post presence we will be better? Go Hoosiers!

  17. Fan, BTW, I agree with you about Penn not shooting well but, Wise played very well other than her shots not dropping. She led us with 10 rebounds. She had 9 points and 4 steals according to the stats. You know, sometimes your shots just don’t fall which happened to the majority of the team last night? Ten rebounds from a girl who is playing the 4 position undersized? And I am not so sure she is 6″ tall as listed in the program? She has been our leading rebounder all year long.

  18. Agree with above. Mike C.
    IU ladies have a reasonably good chance to win a game or two or lesser chance three if they get in the March Madness tournament. Many teams do.
    However, IU ladies are not an easy outand T.Moren and staff are very good tournament coaches. T.Moren has done a stellar job building a IU ladies basketball program sisterhood to her teams. They continue to develop their self image. Yes, I mentioned in an earlier post T.Moren averages 20 plus wins a year as head coach for IU ladies. They are not that far away to a consistent 25 win a year seasons. To me for IU ladies basketball if you throw in a big ten championship or two or three and a couple serious tournament runs over the next ten years would be IU ladies basketball pinnacle.

  19. Seemed like Royster didnt last a minute before she was replaced with Marchese , surprised Marchese didnt start knowing IU would need the bulk of Marchese to body up on Gustofson. BTW I seriously doubt Linsey is 6′ 4″ as said by a previous poster, maybe 6′ 2″ and Moren once said about Wise ” 6.0″ on a good day” but she is a very good rebounder for her size, she has what it takes. Penn whose shot just was not there got her share of reb. and played good defense. Possibly the fall she took in last game may be affecting her some , we dont know. Moren talked once again about the improvement of Marchese on Megan and other players like her saying she hit 8-9 free throws of her 30 pts. Gustafson is most likely NPOY, you do what you can against a player like that with what you have. Hopefully IU will be in the big dance, time will tell.

  20. not playing the maybe ..hope game ..going to play the wait and see game … big ten as I have said is ..tough .very .:especially down low ..

    as we have seen with 10..

  21. Conference Tournament FG %
    Marchese 75% (3-4)
    Patberg 54% (15-28)
    Wise 50% (10-20)
    Berger 44% (7-16)
    Royster 40% (2-5)
    Gulbe 40% (2-5)
    Penn 23% (6-26)
    Yeaney 18% (2-11)

    Need Penn and Yeaney to thaw out if we are going to make some noise in postseason.
    I still believe this team can do something special.

  22. Certainly this IU team is capable of so much more, have not been hitting on all cylinders, the closest being on the first Iowa game , Gulbe is capable but for some reason not able to perform up to par, we will need to be hitting from the 3 to do well in any tourney, plus the same good defense we have been playing.

  23. It may help if Iowa beats Maryland today. March Madness committee would have to take 7 or 8 from big ten. I know injuries played a part as many teams deal with this. I think IU ladies are NIT bound because they had a couple conference losses; at home Northwestern sweep, Minnesota, Rutgers, and Maryland. Grambling non conference.

    1. At-large bids are never a 14 seed. Usually an 11 seed at worst. ESPN bracketology currently has Indiana among the last four in as an 11 seed playing UCLA at Syracuse.

  24. There will still be tourneys going on next week and no doubt some will affect what happens to IU whether they get in or not.

  25. Megan Gustafson scores 45 today against Maryland winning in not to close a game. Marchase and IU ladies didn’t do that bad of a job on Gustafson.

  26. We certainly gave Iowa more trouble in the tournament than Maryland did.
    I think IU women are hitting on all cylinders defensively of late, and with the exception of poor shooting by several starters in the Iowa game, are shooting well.
    They could give ANYBODY trouble “on a given night” if the basket looks large.

  27. Yes our girls did a nice job on Megan, you take your choice clog the middle or do like maryland did and Megan will kill you. Against a player of her caliber all you can hope for is to keep her around her avg. and hope the guards arent hot. IU is playing good defense for the most part but if we are not hitting from the outside we are in trouble , but to say we dont have an inside presence might be an understatement.

  28. As I have said on many times, I hope that Mackenzie Holmes will provide offensively what Marchese and Royster were not able to provide. I still LOVE Marchese’s physicality when she is on the floor. What really bothers me about this team is when Marchese is on the floor, she is ignored when she posts up? Don’t get it? They normally try to get Royster the ball but, ignore Marchese. This team has a real possibility to be very good next year if Holmes can provide an inside presence?

  29. The good news is the latest bracketology, Charlie Crème has IU as 10 seed in Eugene Oregon against Drake as Steve W said earlier. The bad news is if Crème has the bracket correct, if we win we play Oregon which if they win will be REALLY tough?

  30. agree.. get 12 the ball ..

    during the off season 12.. will work her butt off to be more productive on the offensive side.. she has the tools… ( she knows what is needed in her game ) tough kids have a strong mind set.. and if the will is there … things get done…

    so who is it .. moving forward ? 10 , 11 or 12 … ?

    my 2 cents … roll with 12 .. gives IU .. toughness identity .. plus very good defense.. she’ll drop a bucket or two.. even more if you feed her the ball….

  31. Drake is no slouch either I remember early in season when they were ranked as high as #10 currently #22/23. Yes if Creme’s bracket holds true one more win may be it, then its on to # 5 in the middle.

  32. Don’t know how fast but the future center for IU ladies is Holmes. IU ladies not only need physical presence but a scorer in post. Marchase with her physical presence and maybe can get her scoring average up to higher single digits will be solid backup for Holmes if Holmes lives up to expectations. Holmes is a 5 star recruit vs Marchase a 3 star recruit. YES (FAN) and all of you STARS DO MATTER if going to a higher level vs staying in place. (that is if Holmes reasonably meets expectations). I think if IU continues to get better as a top 25 or higher team I think Marchase would be happy getting 15 minutes a game as backup along with a good college education and doors open for her career/job in future.

  33. time will tell… on holmes… again going to wait and see…

    the way 12 … works ( she will not lay down and give minutes away ) she has the will to always get better and telling you right now she will … ( she has shown to greatly improve ) I believe she will bring her psychically to the offensive side.. a competitor athlete .. has a will to prove people wrong ..

    the heart and will goes a loooooooong way … ( i see this is 12 )

    my 2 cents on this sitting thing … no true competitor wants to sit.. takes such a huge toll on the mind set and is not healthy .. all these girls are good and can be extremely successful if not at IU .. its another college… ( might be mid majors ) can get a very good education at many .. many colleges..

    a competitor wants to PLAY…… ( no .. ands if or buts ) this comes before what college they are at.

    no one can tell that ( key ) can not be a starter at another college and really shine..( i mean really shine ) again might be mid major .. key’s mind has to be such an up and down thing.. gets good minutes then gets some minutes,, then no minutes…

    i believe the new transfer rule is an avenue for athletes to find a way not to have mental anguish by sitting … ( but that anguish only come’s to a true competitor )

  34. Concerning Mackenzie Holmes[Listed as 6′ 2″] no one knows how a player will perform against competent competition, I for one hope all the hype is for real and here are some facts. On march 8 Holmes was announced as being the Maine Gatorade player of the Year. Apparently Lost in the state championship game AA largest class in the state.
    2018-19 season
    30.1 PPG
    16.7 REB
    3.9 BLOCKS
    2.3 STEALS

    “I think Mackenzie Holmes is the best post player to ever come out of Maine. She’s so difficult to plan for due to her size, strength, basketball IQ and abilities on both ends of the floor. She’s also an enthusiastic, positive leader on the court.”
    Brody Artes
    Head Coach Head coach at Windham High

  35. was curious because you being up stars… ( yep i know espn ) prospect nation has a pretty good eye as well… ( i know they have eyes on many tourneys…

    prospect nation:

    holmes …. 4 star / on watch list

    12….. 4 star / over all rank 81 … position rank 14

  36. impressive stats…. we want the best players we can get at IU … no doubt …

    strong competition brings out the best ….

  37. I always use espn rankings for consistency.
    Espn 2017
    on Marchase 3 star @ 90
    Espn 2019
    On Homes 5 star @ 96
    Others work hard as well. At some point ability comes into play.

  38. i take both ranking services into the equation..

    like i said before … everyone rolls different . ( opinions )

    i stay on the side of … lets wait and see … ( cream ALWAYS ) finds it way to the top….

    we all want the best for IU ….

  39. I have no inside knowledge, but just watching Marchese’s body language, her incredible toughness and her “want-to,” I have little doubt she will get enough playing time to keep her happy and proud to be a Hoosier. I certainly hope so. Intangibles mean a LOT, and as we all can see, she brings a ton of those.

  40. ever since 12 ..started getting minutes .. I heard moren mention 12.. many times . couple times the 1st players she mentions …how she helped this team ..the improvement of 12 .. toughness ..defense ..iq.. smarts ..and so on .

    ( all in big games )

    trust me if moren mentions your name ( you are playing well )

    ( sounds like a prencese ) to me .

    I have zero reason not to believe 12 ..won’t improve on the offensive side. ( get her the ball ) shooting percentage is high.

    I am rolling with moren on her confidence of 12.. 12 is a winner ..

    like I said many times ..i dig 12’s game ..: ( toughness )

  41. Can someone enlighten me on the Alexis Johnson situation. She has sat on the bench for two years now , something to do with her knees as mentioned once. There was a clip of her on the court during one of the Italian trip exhibition games. So has she pulled one over on the coaching staff, did they not know of this condition whatever it is?

  42. Indiana Miss Basketball is now down to 4 candidates. Jorie Allen, Shaila Beeler, Lilly Hatton, and Emma Nolan. It is interesting to note 2 of the 4 will be joining the IU program next season and 3 of the 4 broke their school record for career pts. Also of note Mackenzie Holmes recently was awarded the Maine gatorade player of the year. Things are looking up at IU.

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