Langford to miss 3rd straight game

If Romeo Langford plays another game for Indiana this season, it won’t be at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

The IU freshman guard will miss his third consecutive game with a back injury on Tuesday, coach Archie Miller said on his pregame radio show prior to Indiana’s NIT quarterfinals matchup with Wichita State.

Whether Langford, IU’s leading scorer and a potential lottery pick in this summer’s NBA Draft, plays another game for the Hoosiers is not clear. Miller said that if Indiana advances to next Tuesday’s semifinal round at Madison Square Garden, Langford could be more likely to play.

Win or lose, Tuesday will be Indiana’s final game in Bloomington this season.

“Romeo’s making some progress,” Miller said. “If we can get to the next one with another week, we can start to maybe get him back on the court.”

In other injury news, Miller says that redshirt freshman forward Race Thompson will be available off the bench against the Shockers. Thompson missed each of IU’s first two NIT games while recovering from an illness.


  1. Green absolutely thinks he is a star instead of being just a piece of the team. He can’t handle success. So undependable.

  2. I think you should used the word could have played NOT would, did he make the decision not to Play?

  3. Unfortunately, this is how Romeo will be remembered in the minds of many Hoosier fans. I am of the opinion that he simply could not play. With all the players packing it in by choice he may be lumped in with those who chose not to play.

    His career in Bloomington will end up as forgettable as this season. Too bad. He really seems like a great young man.

  4. Romeo was always going to be a one and done type of player. His biggest contribution was going to be getting other 5 stars to commit to IU. But instead, he may have done the opposite and that is the only regret I have for his one year on the team. I hope he he has a great NBA career.

  5. I’ll remember Romeo like I remember Noah V., which is hardly at all. I thank him for stopping by and wish he and his family well.

    1. I think that is gonna be the case with most people and that is sad. This young man has made it a point to do all the right things since he could understand that kind of thing. He was just what we would hope and Indiana basketball star would be.

      Then, in a single season in which, by all accounts, he has been nothing but a pleasure to coach, was a great teammate, and played well on the court, he suddenly becomes a forgettable footnote.

      I think that is terribly sad.

  6. I’ll remember the snazzy gold necklace he was wearing on the bench the last three games. His credit score is healthy.

  7. Dakich: “Outplayed…Out-coached.”

    Once in an obvious bald spot, he’s right.

  8. Marshall had an effective game. Something that is much easier to do when you have the right pieces and parts to play the game. Something we all recognize IU is a work in progress at this point in time. Yes there are some players that would better serve themselves and IU by transferring. Somebody has to replace Smith. Still believe Romeo becomes a Sophomore in Bloomington.

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