Langford won’t play vs. Arkansas

Indiana will be without its leading scorer once again.

Romeo Langford will miss his second consecutive game with a back injury when IU meets Arkansas in Saturday’s second-round NIT matchup.

Whether the freshman, a potential lottery pick in this summer’s NBA Draft, plays another game for the Hoosiers is not clear.

Langford won’t be the only absence for the Hoosiers. Forward Race Thompson is also expected to miss the game as he deals with an illness. IU coach Archie Miller said Thompson, who also missed Tuesday’s win vs. St. Francis, hasn’t practiced this week. Thompson dressed and warmed up with his teammates prior to Saturday’s tipoff.

Miller said Devonte Green is also ill, but is expected to play.


  1. Damn….Maybe a blogging name change is in order? Harvard for ill-billies?

    We are going to have to win this game with one hand tied behind our back.
    Looks like it’s back to basics for this Indiana Whoosier back specialist.
    Doesn’t look like the energy is there. We’re just sort of lumbar-ing back on defense.
    This game will not be available on the Hoosier Rising disk…..Romeo is rising but his disc cannot be played.
    I guess this explains the poor 3-pt shooting all season long. The 3-pt line was spasming.
    Romeo’s favorite Bloomington restaurant? You guessed it: OUTBACK.

  2. Worst thing about the Hoosiers in the NIT? We have to listen to Dan Dakich.
    Best thing about the Hoosier not in March Madness? We don’t have to listen to Dan Dakich.

    1. I have a solution…download the WIBC app. & pipe it through a Bluetooth speaker. Works great!

      1. Sounds like a nice idea…but my Roku is always 30 seconds behind everything.

        I don’t know about the strategy of fouling Arkansas(giving them 2 free throws under new NIT rules) being up 3 points with 6.3 seconds left. We were very lucky….

  3. Romeo-no-show…or Romeo-go-pro? All I Romeo-know is that it’s weird how we play really well when you’re cheerleading.

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