Moore will transfer from Indiana

Indiana’s roster transformation for the 2019-20 season is underway.

Forward Clifton Moore will transfer out of the program, The Herald-Times confirmed on Friday. The 6-foot-10 sophomore played sparingly during his two seasons with the program, and his departure means IU now has one additional scholarship available for next season.

Considered an intriguing prospect for the Hoosiers when he committed to former IU coach Tom Crean in October of 2016, Moore struggled to earn a role under new coach Archie Miller. He appeared in only 24 games for the Hoosiers, and never logged more than eight minutes in a contest.

Moore originally committed to Indiana over offers from Northwestern, Ole Miss, Temple, St. Joseph’s and Lafayette.

“I want to take this time to thank Indiana University, Coach Miller, and the entire coaching staff for providing me the opportunity to attend such a prestigious university,” Moore wrote in a statement posted to his Twitter account. “I am grateful for my experience and opportunity to grow as a student, an athlete, and an individual here at IU. While this is not an easy decision, I have decided to transfer from IU and continue my academic and athletic career at another institution. I want to thank my family, my teammates, and my entire support system for their support throughout this experience. Thank you to the fans of Hoosier Nation. It has been an honor to be a Hoosier for the last two years.”

Although his length and energy appeared to be strengths the Hoosiers could use, Moore was not as polished on the defensive end. He played a combined two minutes over two games after Feb 2 this season. The Ambler, Pa., native’s best game in an IU uniform came on Dec. 4, 2018 at Penn State, where he grabbed four rebounds, scored three points and recorded a block and a steal while helping Indiana gain traction midway through its eventual 64-62 win over the Nittany Lions.

Moore, though, saw only 23 minutes across the the rest of Big Ten season.

Rivals’ Corey Evans first reported Moore’s intention to transfer.

Moore’s departure is the first shoe to drop in what should be a fascinating offseason for Indiana’s roster construction. Prior to Moore’s decision to leave, the Hoosiers had each of its two open scholarships for next season accounted for with the signings of McDonald’s All-American forward Trayce Jackson-Davis and Cathedral guard Armaan Franklin.

IU has three clear needs for next season’s roster: Big Ten-ready post depth, a backup point guard and a wing/pure shooter.

With Moore’s departure opening one scholarship, Indiana will have some immediate options. IU could enter the mix for former Butler forward Joey Brunk, who announced Wednesday that he will graduate in May and spend his final two seasons elsewhere. Brunk, a Southport product and former Indiana All-Star, will be immediately eligible to play at his next destination.

IU has also been connected to former Alabama guard Kira Lewis, who reportedly entered the transfer portal on Tuesday. According to Rivals, IU has reached out to Lewis, one of the top available transfers on the market. The former IU recruiting target led Alabama in assists (2.9 per game), scored 13.7 points per game and shot 36 percent from beyond the arc as a sophomore this past season.

Of course, Indiana could have an additional scholarship open if leading scorer Romeo Langford declares for the NBA Draft or should anyone else decide to transfer.


  1. As I was saying over on the other thread, this opens up yet another vacancy. I do wonder how severe Romeo’s injury actually is. If significant, could hinder his nba potential for at least one year. Things could get interesting depending upon what Archie may have in the recruiting hopper.

  2. You could see this coming for months. I wish him all the best. You Crean-haters should be very pleased by this development. This transfer means there’s one less Crean-recruited player around to contaminate the purity of Archie Miller’s style of basketball. But it also means there there’s one less excuse to use if next year’s team’s performance fails to meet your relatively modest expectations.

    Now, who takes Moore’s spot? I hope it’s Watford. For the sake of IU’s image/reputation/recruiting momentum, Archie needs to sign another 5-star recruit. And for the sake of the team’s performance next year, we definitely need another talented Big man. This is an opportunity to upgrade the roster, and Archie absolutely must take advantage of it. I think Archie’s future depends on who he signs to replace Moore.

  3. Why didn’t Crean keep Jordan Crawford…? Was he a Jordan hater? He was ruthless(as he was with many of his own recruits he “gently” nudged off the team when scholly crunches came as he hunted for the next D-Wade) and he wanted to start fresh.

    Smith and Green…and DeRon are all part of the last coach’s cocktail of “NBA upside” meets low b-ball IQ.
    Archie is far from cleaning house…or “gently nudging”…or gutting the fish in any manner close to Crean’s ruthless roster manipulations on any given casual dress Friday.
    Moore is a rather inconsequential piece of a group of holdouts who smirk and smile after losses as if they have little investment in the program or the new coach in his second season.
    Archie can’t just shove off those who have their sneakers on McCracken but their hearts in Athens. Archie doesn’t appear to be heartless and ruthless. …or immerse himself into the selfish world of over-recruiting and scholly crunching. I’m pretty sure he’d call Matt Roth rather than just ignore a kid who splashed the nets, wore the uniform with honor, and still wanted to be a Hoosier.

  4. Guess this was another hater….(rest his soul along with Tsao).

    Aruss says:
    February 12, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    It makes me sick to watch the O$U game and think we should have had Holman, Ebanks, Crawford and Stephenson in our lineup but Crean couldn’t get it done.

  5. Its ok DD ..Ill say it. If you listened to Devonte talk about dealing with the coaching change, it wasn’t an easy transition. Give credit to Clifton for Trying to adjust and the courage to make the decision. I believe the decision to transfer was made before the start (or soon after) of the Big Ten Season. Might explain why he didn’t see a lot of playing time when there were a lot of injuries. Im sure Archie knows what he needs PO. Seth Greene also offered a tip on why One and Dones go to Kentucky. If you are on a team that is full of One and Done ; they understand they are playing to get to the next level and then they actually play for each others success. One and Done on a team of 3-4 stars is “he plays for himself and everyone else plays for the team. regardless of what UK and Brooks say he is a one and done I hope Archie can get Brunk ..he would help give competition to De’ron in practice and any other 4/5 player that is recruited. Like you Po, I hope its Watford his main choices have been in trouble one way or the other and he is familiar with I U Basketball and Hoosiernation.

  6. I remember kinder…gentler times when there was no “hate.”

    {mystery poster]says:
    February 12, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Hope the door didn’t hit him on the butt on his way out. See ya. Good to see Aruss post on here to make me feel good about my opinions. He’s like a compass that always points south.

  7. Come on DD, take some Dulcolax and enjoy the weekend. I shouldn’t have to explain my comments to you. There’s nothing childish about tweaking those people still afflicted by Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome. Earlier this week a few folks posted negative comments about current IU players recruited by Crean. Talk about childish! Taking shots at IU’s players based on who recruited them is low rent. Those folks implied that the problem Archie had this year was due to some of the Crean-recruited players, as if they are inherently flawed. After being coached by Archie for two years, that’s just nonsense. Moore was a Crean-recruited player, and now he’s gone, so those Crean-haters should be pleased. If the shoe fits…….

    As for the second part of my comment, for the team’s performance next year, Archie needs another quality Big. If DD suffers another injury and loses significant playing time, the current roster is going to be in trouble. And to improve the perception/reputation of his program and the trajectory of IU recruiting, Archie needs to sign another player who is recognized as highly rated/coveted. The college basketball world is watching. High School basketball players are watching. IU fans are watching. When a program produces three consecutive sub-par seasons where it struggles to produce a winning record and fails to make it to the NCAA Tournament, you have to show people there is light at the end of the tunnel and to reverse the perception that the program is in decline. Signing highly rated/highly coveted players is the fastest way to neutralize the growing perception that IU Basketball remains in decline. IU Basketball’s trajectory is either going up, remaining flat, or in decline. Two of those three directions are unacceptable. Archie needs another really talented Big.

    1. This is a blog…of about 10 regulars. I would argue anyone believing a Scoop comment thread moves the needle of anything is truly “deranged.”
      I would also argue that anything here is no more low rent or deranged than an alum, former player and former coach of IU using the NATIONAL airways/stage of ESPN to perpetuate his vendetta on behalf of himself or what he believe to be the unfair treatment of Tom Crean.
      ESPN promoting any broadcaster who makes a claim of a relatively newly hired coach having nothing to do with previous program malfunction while doing his best without many his own recruits as being “outcoached” is far more low rent/hate/grudge infused…
      Such personal acts of program sabotage against Indiana Basketball reaches just a few 100 thousand more ears and eyes than Hoosier Scoop. Where is the outrage…?
      And, lest we forget, while comments of Archie being “outcoached” we have camera shots of guys on a Hoosier bench smiling, smirking and aloofly chatting with 26 seconds remaining of a game they have no care or investment.

      Yes, Archie is in a mess…and there are plenty deranged here and on ESPN using such places to still sabotage in the aftermath of a very poor X’s and O’s coach.

    2. I’m not pleased Moore is gone….I feel bad for any recruit who was bamboozled into believing they could play a team game under the pacing and clapping nutcase who recruited them. I never saw enough of his skill sets to assess if whatever Galileo saw in him was going to contribute under Archie’s timetables not tied to individual choices on NBA draft nights.

      I wish him the best…I’m sure he is a fine young man. I trust our coach now has far more integrity than to have shoved him off the team.

    3. Watching the NCAA Sweet Sixteen games and Wichita St beat IU in B-Town, I am amazed at the number of really talented 6’9-6’11 players whom I have never heard of playing great basketball. Archie needs to expand his contacts, broaden his pool of prospects, and find a good Big! I don’t care about national rankings! I want a hungry, talented, motivated kid with a motor and skills! There are many out there! Find one. Brunk does not impress me. Why covet a non-starter at Butler in one of their down seasons? IU can and should do better!

  8. Good luck to Moore. The truth is he doesn’t have the skills to play at this level and should never have been recruited by IU. They still need an athletic big man wihich Davis is not and a speedy point guard that can score. Going to get interesting with transfer potential players. Would like to see Smith and Forrester transfer if better replacements are found. Nothing against the kids but IU needs talent upgrades with better basketball IQ’s.

    1. IU basketball is not like the NBA where you pick whom you want and roll out the check book. Izzo or Painter could do a lot with either Justin or Jake. Why can’t Archie?

  9. DeRon Davis not an athletic big man? Probably true compared to what we see still playing in March Madness.
    In need of more speed at the point guard? Seems true (again, compared to many putting their games on display in March Madness)…but jury may still be out on Phinisee.
    Need to get more players who arrive at IU with higher b-ball IQ (I would add more, seemingly, ‘invested’ to improve under a team first system)? I’ve seen more evidence to go with true…rather than false.

    May I add the need for more lethal perimeter shooters who enjoy “violence” against nets. Tired of watching Indiana kids not Indiana Hoosiers playing killer, clutch basketball for other top programs…and programs entering deep brackets after long absences .

  10. Brunk and Watford would be an acceptable start and a good start.

    Will Brunk follow Holtman to OSU? Holtman left him once. Doubt if that’s a negative or positive, rather situational.

  11. Hopeful, according to numerous sites that monitor basketball recruiting, IU has made offers to Watford and Hurt, both of whom are listed at 6’9″. They’re a bit late but Archie is also evaluating another Big from a JC. Moore’s departure opens up one scholarship. This late in the recruiting cycle, and assuming Archie signs either Watford or Hurt, I don’t think there’s enough talented Bigs left in Archie’s recruiting pipeline to justify exchanging two guys he’s coached for a while for two incoming freshman. Besides, Smith has shown flashes of excellence (MSU game) this year. He’s as athletically gifted as anyone Archie could sign, he knows the system and has a lot of experience. Archie recruited Forrester, so losing him to transfer would not be good. Remember, some times big guys take longer to develop. Remember, JM didn’t blow anybody away during his freshman year, either.

  12. Hey T !! I went to the Columbus link that is provided on THR…Jaedon Lee is transferring out . He was a 4 star recruit by Holtman; and from reading seems as if it was a positional thing. Lee wanted to play wing but had to fill in for Wesson and the other young man (when he was injured). I think he saw he was going to play the 5 position . He played in 26 games for them. So perhaps Holtman will want Brunk again.

  13. Possibly. Brunk may want more playing time as a role player and feel good with Holtman. Might be a good fit.

    I would have liked to have seen JM play with a high level center that could play almost all game plus a dependable shooting gaurd.

  14. Those folks implied that the problem Archie had this year was due to some of the Crean-recruited players, as if they are inherently flawed.

    Wrong..and a distortion of truth as slithering liars do with all things.

    Nobody ever said any Crean recruit was a “flawed” young man suggesting irredeemable qualities or character. That’s Crean’s modus operandi in his “wrecked the program” assaults aimed at kids and former coaches.

    But many of his “finds” were recruited on athleticism and potential rather than honed and refined basketball skills/basketball IQ.
    Crean was basically running a much higher risk UK program/system. In attempts to go massive distances to find NBA “upside” talent, following far more latent/slow curves of development than the average UK All-American already refined, he caused great long term flaws in recruiting some very special players right out of our own backyard.
    Relationships with high school coaches and programs once solid in our state became soured and flawed as well.
    We were coming out of a decade of flawed statewide relationships compounded by teams flawed because they were poorly coached with heavy/flawed gambles that very raw talent would evolve.
    Ultimately, how much can be repaired if some recruits ingratiated under the oversell of their individual talents find themselves amidst a new coach seeking to be team first?
    The final manifestation is a flawed level of investment, a psychological removal of interest and desire to win as a team, as some never truly adopt the new personality of the program or the coach during a change.
    It sounds easy to play through and win under such flawed chemistry, but until the team fits the new coach’s designs matched to those he believes have the right combination of experience/skill sets for his timeline and style, the overall product will be disjointed.

    Have we even discussed how thoroughly team defense under the last coaching “style” was flawed? Bad flawed kids? NO. Bad basketball and bad habits…and high risk with some very raw recruits? YES.

    1. ^^^Exactly!

      Team first wins. It is a key theme for every advancing Elite 8 team & those who’ve lost & actually mourn together in the losing locker rooms. It all starts there. ONE PURPOSE. That is a culture can’t be built with only 1 or 2 recruiting classes. I believe that is Archie’s DNA. Hence my posts about building a team with kids that actually care. Same exact theme.

  15. It’s good that nobody is shocked by this Moore transfer. Nor will it surprise me if anyone named Demezi or Jake follow suit. I’ve been thinking about our key players next season given the deck we have today.

    My Optimistic Team with major minutes (alphabetical vs. importance order)
    Davis, Durham, Green, Hunter, Jackson-Davis, Langford, Phinisee, Thompson
    I think Franklin & Forrester will be decent role players, but we’ll see.

    My Pessimistic Team
    Davis, Durham, Green, Jackson-Davis, Phinisee, Thompson

    God help us with the Pessimistic team, no matter who signs or transfers. The Optimistic Team has intrigue and a marked upside vs. this year. Brunk and/or Watford add even more upside. Brunk & Davis could spell each other every game, giving us size for 40 min.

    I see the tide shifting positively. Archie has landed 2 straight Mr. Basketballs from OUR STATE & 1 from just beyond our border. He’s landing key home schooled talent, which also has the effect of re-energizing the local fan base with fans who’ve grown to know & see these kids play.

    But when I watch these Sweet 16 games play out, it reminds me just how far we have to go to bridge the gap.

  16. I was not a “Crean-hater”. I did not like his defense; I thought he just left defense to the wind, and his teams played like they were a sieve holding water. Other “complaint” was Crean couldn’t coach X’s and O’s( example losing games because he couldn’t draw up out of bounds plays). Crean lost the instate battle for recruits thru the AAU circuits and the locker room “chats” and twitter chats amongst his targets and HS Coaches.. Perception is reality and if Crean was getting “Bad Press” in the locker rooms and AAU teammates he was never going to bring IU back. I think Clifton decided to transfer as early as mid November ( whether he told staff or not is another thing) Playing on scout team and just drifting along, I think Devonte had it right about the coaching changes being difficult and somewhere along the time line Clifton decided he couldn’t or didn’t want to “mentally transfer” I wish nothing but the best to Clifton and can locate a school that he can be happy .

  17. ^^^Realistic assessment. And how did we not nail down freshman, Aaron Henry, on MSU?

    1. I believe the situation with Henry was as a late-bloomer, Indiana eventually offered (before Michigan State), but right after IU offered, Damezi Anderson and Jerome Hunter both committed, causing Henry to look somewhere less crowded as more offers rolled in, including eventually the Spartans.

      1. Wow…Sounds like we Cody Parkeyed the uprights on that one. Doink…Double
        Doink. He sure doesn’t look like a late-bloomer. Looks like another late-
        bummer for us.

        Meanwhile, let’s enjoy more Hoosiers missed tonight…Guy & Cline show.

  18. Archie re-recruited Clifton when everyone, Clifton and Archie, still had options. Archie has only recruited 2 x 6’10 players: Clifton and Trayce. To lose one with so little development can never be good, but it was foreseeable.

  19. Good luck Clifton there are many schools in college basketball that can develop and use your talents!

  20. Seeing Gene Keady sitting behind the Purdue bench, donning his Purdue gear, made me really sad about the state of Indiana basketball. For years, I always hoped that Knight would realize that Indiana University is not about the administrators and small handful of faculty that handled his exit like a dumpster fire. That Indiana was all about those kids and fans that showed up in Dunn Meadow to cheer him on. All those people that flock to hear him speak wearing Cream and Crimson. Woody Hayes became a professor at OSU after getting fired. He was self-reflective, contrite and wanted to make things right to the people who supported him for so many years. He even gave the commencement speech at OSU 3 months before passing away.

    I hear rumors that Knight’s health isn’t doing so well. More than rumors, they came from Don Fischer. That makes me sad for a number of reasons, but in this context, it sounds like Knight might be taking this grudge with him to the next life. That’s sad for all of us.

  21. All the comments criticizing Crean-recruited players, and now we can determine which players “actually care” and which players don’t. Isn’t that special. I can’t imagine any player staying on a team if he didn’t care. Can’t we just say Crean and Miller have significantly different coaching styles, philosophies and perspectives on the type of players they want on their teams, and leave it at that? Can we stop taking shots at young men based on who recruited them? Archie’s had them for two years. They’re his guys now. They may not all be as talented as we’d like them to be, but they’ve been Archie’s players for longer than they were Crean’s players. By now, if they don’t know how he wants them to play, or if they don’t embrace the style of play he demands, or if they don’t care enough to work to improve their skills, then they simply won’t get much playing time going forward.

  22. Why don’t you try turning an orange into an apple. An orange is not a different apple.

    You want guys who learned the game in high school. You don’t want to have to reteach basketball at college anymore than you want to reteach Algebra I to someone entering college as a math major.

    Nobody is taking shots at kids. Many were recruited for “upside.” How many “upsides” and “wing spans”that never panned out must we relist for you? I don’t really want to drag their names out again, but there are almost 10 names. They were oranges Crean couldn’t even turn into apples or Wades…even when he had them for 3 to 4 years. Now you expect Archie to not only get them thoroughly invested(their hearts) and turn them into apples and students of the game?

    You are being very unrealistic in your delusional defense of a former coach who could not even instill ball protection, team defense…or, often, basic fundamentals in his own recruits. They often struggled to simply inbound a ball. They never took Intro to Algebra hoops ….while coming to play at a school that was once the equivalent of a hoops MIT. Get real.

  23. Just read that Blackmon will transfer. I don’t think he’s on scholarship, so that’s not going to open up a scholarship for the 2019 class. But when Romeo declares (90% certain he will), Archie will have a great opportunity to make some upgrades, another Big (Brunk, Watford, Hurt) and then a shooter. He may be able to snag that freshman who played for Alabama and may be looking to transfer. But boy do we need a pure shooter on next year’s roster.

    I wish Mr. Blackmon all the best in his future. He’s good enough to be a starter on a lot of teams, and having watched a little of the D-2 game today, he’d be a star on either of those teams.

  24. Carsen Edwards mom looks like such a fun, classy and sweet woman…Is it wrong I feel terrible for her?

    You were very lucky tonight, Mr. Fred. Purdue in a Final Four only would have added to the insult we’ve already experienced watching so many great teams from the Midwest while you sat on your thumbs and built privileged seats for the privileged in Assembly Hall….while throwing millions down the toilet for very inferior basketball.

    Somebody told me it was smart of foul with five or six seconds left when up by three(Arkansas game). Didn’t look too smart tonight for Purdue. Cost them the game…You let somebody beat you with the triple(or tie you). “Let” meaning you play hard straight up defense and let the chips fall where they may(a tip-in doesn’t beat you). Tip your hat off to him if he hits the triple with a hand in his face….
    Very, very stupid of Purdue to intentionally foul with only seconds remaining and up three points.Painter took dumb, dumb advice from an assistant.

    1. So, you are saying you have never seen a team win a game with a three pointer at the buzzer?

      Because it didn’t work one time does not mean it isn’t the statistically best choice.

      That’s why they play the games.

      1. Seen plenty win the game at the buzzer. Virginia wasn’t in a situation to win at the buzzer. They were in a situation to tie at the buzzer. Purdue was up 3 points.
        And the reason to play the game isn’t to dissect every scenario into something statistically better(which I would argue/ask how many end of game situations is the sample set based on?). It’s not a science lab. It’s game situation, fouls, location of the ball, momentum, game swings and host of other factors that make every end-of-game situation different.

        Virginia makes the 3-pointer and the worst that can happen is overtime. I take those odds…over the odds of giving a second possession with a team one or two points closer …with 5, 6, 7 seconds still on the clock. I also take those odds over the second possession for Virginia ending in a 3-pointer to win the game.

        I wouldn’t expect you to agree with me anyway…When have you? That’s a statistical certainty. You live in the world of fact check and historical comparison which mean nothing….because the game changes. Experiments need “controls.” Ever hear of the concept of a “controlled experiment.” Good luck with that in basketball…or in historical comparisons.

  25. Seems like most of the tourney teams have at least one foreign kid. Are we missing the boat there (chuckle chuckle)? The ones we got through the local AAU few years back didn’t seem to work out but maybe in the future ?

  26. Wish Clifton Moore nothing but the best, hopefully he goes to a program that can develop his talent. He has had two year under Archie Miller and the Indiana coaching staff and the development of his talent has been very minimum. This young man looked very athletic, cannot understand the slow development of his talent. I get that every Indiana University basketball fan wants the 4and 5 star athletic, but at some point the coaching staff has to develop that talent. Did Romeo Langford or any other Indiana University basketball player improve the past two years under Archie Miller. All I hear from fans on this blog is we the fan have to wait until Archie Miller gets his type of players in the program. I hope you guys are correct. Because at the present time I see Indiana losing to Purdue in basketball for the next couple of years. With the expected transfer of players from this team, Archie Miller name will be all over this program next year.

    1. If you can’t see (or read about) the improvement of this team over the previous decade that is on you. It is pretty obvious.

      Take 5 minutes and look up the stats.

    2. IU79- I’d say team play improved to a degree. Some individual play did not. I’ll elaborate some time later. I don’t discount the point you’re making …nor neatly file it away under “statistical evidence.”

      Crean’s teams may have actually played with more heart and chemistry…Reasons for that too..some of which are not a reflection on Archie while only completing a second season at the helm. But more heart and chemistry without quality X’s and O’s also equals a mess. Over-substitution patterns and having “chosen” recruits you feel you must play and give minutes? Another way to ruin chemistry and destroy flow….to what would otherwise be a very cohesive group.
      Crean was very good at creating the gym rat…and finding those with latent(late-bloomer) skills appropriate(varying odds and gambles, of course) for playing the game beyond college. He was a very strong “individual” motivator. He fostered individual development and invested the emotion to make certain individuals better.
      Unfortunately for Crean and IU, teams are collections of parts. He was a terrible team manager and team teacher. Very poor at executing the things a team needs to win. Very poor at bringing a sense of calm and confidence to a unit working together.

  27. Please keep reading your stats, and maybe some day they will say that the Indiana University revenue sports program are on the upswing. I can look at the stats and see that Archie Miller has yet to have a twenty (20) win seasons. Yes, Indiana had a lot of Quad 1 victories, but they still failed to make the NCAA tournament and they failed to make the finals in the NIT tournament. Every program has it down year or years, but at present I do not see an upside to the Indiana basketball season for the next couple of years.

  28. I think BK played upright without fouling with game on line while having lead.
    That is as bad a decision as it gets for Purdue to foul Virginia with 5 or 6 seconds to go with Purdue having 3 point lead.
    Reason: Virginia was getting offensive rebounds and tap backs all On offensive rebounding. A positive coaching decision earlier for Purdue was to bring in a bigger rebounder that helped Purdue a lot wit about 6 minutes to go and did make a difference to keep Purdue in the game. Given the circumstances and continual tap backs to get offensive rebounds to Virginia, fouling with a 3 point lead was obviously a bad decision.

      1. It took me about 10 seconds to find examples of both Coach K and Calipari choosing to foul in that situation in an NCAA tournament game. But, you two are the true students of the game…not those losers.

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