1. Great young men. Shout out to those that thanked Crean & his staff. I’ve watched these speeches over the years & don’t recall that ever occurring. Classy! Also clear that they are comfortable doing so.

    Lastly, kudos to Zach McR for explaining what it meant to him to wear the Indiana jersey. I’d take 11 more like him & take my chances every night.

  2. It would have been nice if we could have given Romeo his own Sayonara Night…

    Doesn’t seem fair. If Romeo is leaving, he should get to bring his family out. I think his family should get to walk onto McCracken with their child and hear the roar of the crowd too. All the hunger for what can be ahead leaves a lot to miss….I guess that’s life.

  3. Underclassmen leaving ceremonies, just sayin. First, got to determine if and which underclassme/an are leaving.

  4. Just sort of ironic…Many of the most heralded recruits in our history (the ones we line up at high schools during announcement of college choice) never get a rockin’ sending off. The parents never get the chance to walk onto McCracken with their kids and feel the appreciation of Hoosier Nation.

    Of course, there’s still that chance of a parade down Kirkwood with a sixth banner ceremony the following fall.

  5. I mean, we have so much obsession with guys we place in the NBA. We wholly support them in leaving behind teams and chasing dreams.
    We honor them in words and testimonials of how we are forever grateful that they picked Indiana…
    We do a decade’s worth of ‘what ifs’ and live in extrapolations of the banners we could have won had they stayed….But it’s o.k. because they still accomplished great things at personal (and sometimes team) levels and they remain iconic/legendary Hoosiers though their stays so short.
    We name lounge rooms after them….and use their NBA successes to sell our Hoosier name.

    All those things above ….and no night to give honor or allow a ‘lottery pick’ parent to feel our gratitude and embrace the crowd with the same pride as any senior gets on “Senior Night?” Just seems wrong.

  6. For anyone that thinks Romeo deserves what these seniors have done let him stay four years and deserve it but we know that will not happen,, sayonara Romeo.

  7. But don’t these top recruits change the entire trajectory of the program…?
    Fitzner was a grad transfer with one year at IU and he gets a ‘Senior Night.’ But a kid creating a ton of recruiting momentum in the state of Indiana gets nothin’…? And nothin’ for his parents too? Seems odd and ungrateful.

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