Forrester announces transfer to Temple

Former Indiana forward Jake Forrester has found a new school close to home.

Forrester, a freshman from Harrisburg, Pa., announced via Instagram on Tuesday night that he will transfer to Temple, finalizing his plans after entering the transfer portal on April 3. Forrester’s father, Dwight, played at Temple in the early 1980s.

The former three-star recruit played sparingly during his lone season at IU, logging only 27 minutes inside of the Big Ten schedule. He appeared in 13 total games, and scored a career-high eight points in Indiana’s win over Central Arkansas on Dec. 19.

Forrester is the first player recruited to Indiana by coach Archie Miller to transfer out of the program.


  1. He’s going to be playing close to the house and that’s a good thing. Also somewhat revealing.

  2. Woods transferring from UNC. Didn’t think that happens to the big boys. Must be an anomaly. Or maybe a long ago curse.

      1. You bet and because it truly is a fresh start he’ll play like his hair is on fire.

  3. Actually, he was not skilled enough to play for an IU team that desperately needed rebounding and inside scoring help. He was a project and IU does not need projects. He should never been recruited by IU which shows you how far Archie needs to go.

    1. HH,
      I don’t think Jake was as big a miss a might be perceived. There is no way to overstate just how much of a disruption to the program the amount of injuries and ailments caused this past season. Jake, like a few others, was not expected to produce much this year based on what Archie’s likely strategy was going into the season. The loss of Jerome and Race crippled what would have been a very promising season. It is believed that both your concerns of rebounding and inside scoring would have been addressed had just those two been healthy all year, and that doesn’t even take into consideration all the other injuries.

      Based on his performance against Haap, RT showed what he was capable of, and JH was reputed to be an excellent shooter which would have opened up the paint significantly. Jake was slotted for development with production to come in his 3rd or 4th year. In hindsight, could Jake have developed at IU? That’s a question we will never know.

    2. I just can’t see any proof to support Forrester was a wasted scholarship. IU wins with 3, 4 and 5 year experience. Certainly 1 and dones are headlines positioning upward momentum for a program. Jeff Hornacek college tenures are way more valuable than lets say an Eric Gordon short term exposure.

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