Little 500: Cutters defends title, wins 14th overall

Cutters won its 14th men’s Little 500 title, defending its title after a win in 2018. 

Phi Psi had a lead but exchanged on the final lap. Cutters then beat Black Key Bulls and Bears in a sprint. It finished Cutters, Bears, and then BKB.

The lead pack stood at about 15 bikes for much of the race. Jetblach and NEH Cycling made early moves to gain a nearly three-quarter-of-a-lap lead on the pack, but they were eventually absorbed. Phi Kappa Psi also burst in front on a couple of occasions but never really broke away.

But with 16 laps to go, Phi Psi was able to leap out ahead again. They held a lead of about three seconds with an exchange on Lap 195, and that lead extended to about seven seconds with three laps remaining around the track.