Redskins select Martin in 4th round of NFL Draft

For the sixth consecutive year, an Indiana player has been selected in the NFL Draft.

The Washington Redskins drafted former IU guard Wes Martin with the 29th pick in the fourth round on Saturday, making him the third Hoosier offensive lineman to be drafted in the past four years.

In the buildup to the draft, ESPN analyst Mel Kiper ranked the top 41 guards available in this year’s pool. Martin was not one of them.

But the two-time All-Big Ten Honorable Mention selection boosted his stock with a strong Pro Day in Bloomington earlier this month. Martin did 38 bench press reps of 225 pounds, a total that would’ve ranked second-best among all players at this year’s NFL Scouting Combine. His broad jump of 113 inches would’ve ranked seventh among all offensive linemen at the Combine.

Martin started the final 37 games of his IU career and 43 overall at left guard for the Hoosiers, becoming one of four IU players all-time to appear in 50 career games.

This past season, Martin allowed merely two sacks in 935 snaps. As a junior in 2017, Martin recorded the most pass blocking snaps (569) among guards nationally without allowing a sack.

Martin is the 13th Hoosier drafted by Washington and the first since the Redskins took former IU quarterback in the sixth round in 2016.


  1. This is no fluke. He’s NFL material. He’s earned the payday. Continued positive signs of life for IUFB.

  2. Congratulations Wes Martin!!! You have been a great representative of Indiana University. Hopefully you have a great long and successful NFL football career.

  3. That’s great news and I am delighted for Wes Martin. Stay healthy for three years, Wes. Then you can start making big money! But I’m surprised he did not get drafted sooner, like in the third round! I mean come on! Look at his experience in the Big Ten (two-time second team All Big Ten). Look at his strength (38 reps in the bench press if HUGE). It just makes me wonder if IU Football’s reputation creates a bias that affect IU Players’ evaluation? I hope not, but I thought Martin would get drafted sooner, just as I though Jordon Howard would get drafted higher than the fifth round. He became the stud for the Chicago Bears for three seasons and is now making some serious cash after his new free agent contract. How did he last until the fifth round?

    I hope a couple more Hoosiers get drafted this year and make NFL rosters. And then going forward, I’d love to see IU players regularly getting drafted in the first three rounds.

  4. He was IU’s best lineman by far. I was surprised many draft “experts” didn’t think he would be drafted. The NFL still needs guys that can make holes for running backs and that is what Wes Martin does. Yeah he didn’t give up many sacks, but he was the guy they ran behind 90% of the time when they needed a first down. Coy Cronk needs to learn from this and get stronger if he wants to be a high draft pick next year.

  5. I can’t help but wonder that maybe Brandon Knight would have been drafted, had Greg Frye still been the offensive line coach. It really proves that Kevin Wilson (Greg Frye) was very determine to improve Indiana University football thru the offensive line, to put or have 4 (four) Indiana offensive lineman in the NFL is amazing. Hopefully the future is just as bright or brighter.

  6. Depends on how you count. Martin hasn’t made the roster yet. PO, I don’t think there’s an IUFB-reputation-demerit. Pro scouts do add points for players who are associated with winning, but they also pick guys from some pretty obscure programs, too. They put these guys through so much testing (physical as well as psychological); pros are looking at one particular individual, and how he fits into a particular need/scheme.

  7. Hope you’re right Davis! But hey, it could have been worse. I read where VT and Nebraska didn’t have any players drafted this year, but that won’t last long because their alumni and fan base won’t tolerate having a football program in decline. And traditionally competitive schools like UCLA only had one player drafted. But it is troubling that IU, a program that some believe is supposed to be on the rise, didn’t have more players selected.

    Can we make anything out of the talent lost by OSU and MI this year? IU’s team will be more mature and hopefully bigger, faster, and stronger this season, but MI and OSU just seem to keep re-loading with great talent year after year. And then there’s Alabama. If you’re a kid who dreams of playing in the NFL, Alabama, OSU and Clemson can make a very good case for why you should play for them.

      1. Hence why I said Brohm is an elite coach. He’s won a lot of games with a MAC level roster already. I’d hate to see their team when it’s all B1G level recruits.

  8. With the relatively successful season Blough had I’m surprised someone didn’t draft him. But Auburn very well burnt down any draft chances for PUKe players. Sindelar is no Blough. Brohm may have to be more magician than coach this year.

    1. Blough won several games the Boils probably shouldn’t have won by his quarterback play. I thought he would be drafted. Auburn may well have kept Blough out of the draft by highlighting the Boils comparatively weak schedule this season. Hard to ignore the worst bowl game performance in history.

      We’ll see what Brohm can do without a magician on the field.

  9. Good to see Martin drafted especially since he didn’t get invited to the Combine. I hope he proves the Combine selectors made a big mistake not selecting him.

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