Tuttle to miss spring game with illness; game format to change

An illness will keep new Indiana quarterback Jack Tuttle out of Friday’s Cream and Crimson game, coach Tom Allen announced Saturday.

That means the spring game itself will require an altered format.

With Tuttle out for the time being, Indiana has only one healthy scholarship quarterback — returning starter Peyton Ramsey — available for the annual spring finale. With a dwindling list of available players, particularly at the quarterback position, Allen says he’ll have to get creative with the way he structures this week’s intrasquad exhibition.

“(Tuttle) has a short-term sickness that he’ll be 100 percent able to recover from, but he’ll be done the rest of the spring,” Allen said. “What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna still have the spring game, as always. Probably the format might change a little bit in regards to the offense vs. the defense, and the ones and the twos — that kind of thing like we’ve done in the past. We’ll have to evaluate that. We’re still looking through all the options for it. We’ll still have a full-bore, live spring game.”

Tuttle’s absence will be disappointing for those who hoped to see the Utah transfer up close. Tuttle, a freshman whose waiver for immediate eligibility was approved by the NCAA on Wednesday, will be one of three candidates for IU’s starting quarterback job when practices resume this summer.

Returning starter Peyton Ramsey and redshirt freshman Michael Penix are also in the mix for the starting job, and while it’s likely Ramsey will get the bulk of the snaps in Friday’s spring game, Allen didn’t rule out using Penix, as well.

The second-year player has been limited this spring as he recovers from an ACL injury suffered during a game last October.

“We’re gonna do some creative things to get Michael Penix out there,” Allen said. “Got him involved (during Saturday’s practice) in some team periods, which is real important for him. We’ll just adapt and press on. That’s what you got to do.”

Indiana is also looking to protect several of its other offensive skill players. Receivers Nick Westbrook and Whop Philyor, along with running back Stevie Scott, are also unlikely to play in the spring game.

IU lands 3-star tackle

Three-star offensive tackle Luke Wiginton committed to Indiana on Saturday, giving the Hoosiers their second recruit in the 2020 class.

Wiginton chose IU over offers from Purdue, Vanderbilt, Illinois, Minnesota and West Virginia, among others.


  1. Only at IU. Already have qb issue though should be short term. I often say this. IU is not qb rich. They have bettered themselves at this position only, because IU has been so bad at qb position.

    1. True, all dat. IUFB is probably the only team in the conf. w/one healthy QB for spring practice.

      1. Gotta believe Allen and DeBoer can create something creative, competitive and fun to watch for the C&C scrimmage and let us see Penix too while keeping him upright. Hell the QB’s in these attractions always wear the “hands off” blue jerseys anyway. Yes I too wanted to see Tuttle but I’m more interested in seeing size and team speed on the field. Also anxious to see the body language on the sideline of the new OC and our newly focused HC(only).
        v13, you going to be in attendance?

  2. Please explain, why wouldn’t you let your fourth (or walk on) string quarterback play in the spring game and get some experience. You really never know what is going to happen in a football seasons (injuries, transfers and academics). A walk-on taken snaps in a spring game means very little, but at least its gives him some reps/experience. If I remember correctly Maryland four string quarterback beat Indiana. Why risk or even think about risking Mike Penix.

    1. I don’t think it’s been stated for certain we won’t see other QB’s. In fact it was placed in a gray area because nothing was stated about them.

  3. Has anyone followed-up to see what Tuttle’s illness is? Seems strange that right after he gains eligibility, he comes down with some sort of short term illness. He only stayed at Utah through the Spring Game. Is he getting cold feet at IU too?

    1. 123,
      Just guessing, it may be one of a couple things. My first thought was with Tuttle growing up in the warmth of So Cal, might not be used to the temperamental weather in Indiana. May have picked up one assorted virus running around this time of year. Also thought I heard problems with the mumps on campus. Hard to say.

      1. Think- TA announced the illness at his press conference on 4/5. That’s a full week before the Spring game. Seems like there could/would be enough time to recover if the mumps, cold or flu.

        1. 123,
          One would think so, but who knows it could be as some suspect, a ruse. On the other hand, I can think of some things one just doesn’t get over that fast. Respiratory stuff for example, depending on the severity, can take a while. Again, who knows, it could be anything.

  4. Explanation: It’s IU football. It probably runs parallel to a student men’s athletic department safety protection philosophy at IU.

  5. IU exciting for a couple days with Tuttle eligibility. Then, crawls back into it’s hole…kinda like a ground hog.
    Is it the mumps. So tired of IU speaking in non specific terms. Be specific.

    1. Why should they. Just so someone like you can twist it into the fabric of your biased narrative of post after post that damn few on here believe.

  6. There won’t be any game film available for I U’s opponents to see on Tuttle’s passing abilities, our new secret weapon.

  7. It’s disengenous coach-speek to declare that Tuttle’s absense is due to “an illness” as many have pointed out without realistic clarification. Apparently CTA has picked up a degree in medicine while at IU since he knows the “illnesses'” nature and duration. My guess: Tuttle would be impressive enough that he doesn’t want to be answering questions every week until fall on why he’s not listed as the #1 in the rotation. The frustration continues!

    1. Brad,
      You seem to forget something on the medical front. It is covered under HIPAA and that little ole federal law has some extraordinarily nasty teeth. You don’t disclose anything about a medical condition unless the individual has granted permission to do so. We should have all learned that lesson from the Jerome Hunter IUBB condition. Not saying things don’t get hid behind confidentiality laws, but if the illness is the case, it may be all the clarification you’re going to get.

  8. IU Football began as an undisclosed illness a century ago. It started as a stubbed toe..According to very old medical records, repeated hiccups ensued. Huthiccup…Huthiccup…Huthiccup appears to be a disease with no cure. Some believe the outside elements contribute to the need for decades of sleep and slow functioning. Patient studies including OSU, Michigan and PSU have provided many results refuting such contributing factors to IU’s Huthiccup “undisclosed” illness. There also appears to be no identifiable source of the disease which attacks the win column …like nothing before ever witnessed. Prognosis remains unchanged as Hoosier Football patient lapses in and out of consciousness. The drain on expenses to care for the patient has been unprecedented…but other programs continue to organizationally fund the various treatments via massive yearly doses of antiloss injections. Their hope remains that the IU Football disease remains contained. Gains are few against IU Football Huthiccup as all within the field of study keep the patient competitively sedated.
    Pain management is now the priority goal line to cross. A Memorial fund has been established…fifty years ago for the plug stuck in the wall. Please visit the Huthiccup ‘GoFumbleMe’ page. Every apology and unwisely spent dollar helps maintain the containment of the disease.

    1. Aww H4H, you know that it can’t be that. It Knute’s curse for not hiring him. No different that the curse of the Red Sock’s curse of the Bambino or the Cubbies goat curse.

  9. I assume you do know the story of the student/Air Force officer found hanging from the scaffolding when Memorial was under construction…? It was the height of the Cold War and he was “sent to Indiana University for advanced Russian-language training.” Some believe the death of this young man haunts a ‘cold’ curse upon the dark seasons forever plaguing Memorial. I believe the cause of death as suicide has finally been changed from the coroner’s/state records…


    1. Doesn’t surprise me, but IUFB futility predates the cold war so I figure it has to be the Rockne curse.

      1. Maybe Tuttle is recovering from rock knee….? I never thought the giant rock at Memorial was a good idea. Horseplay = bump rock = bang knee = out for six to ten weeks with rock knee.

        I’m looking forward to Don Fischer saying….”Tuttle in the huddle.” Other than that, I predict Ramsey starts ahead of Pencil Penix and Huddle Tuttle.

        1. I never was that enamored with the rock either. Only thing I can say is if Ramsey is your starter, odds are there will be a repeat record of 2018. New OC or not, if your QB is not capable of stretching the field, you get compacted defense. No different that what happened to the BB team this year with no outside threats to stretch the defense out of the paint. Great inside threats in Juwan and Romeo, but with everybody in the paint, no room to work. Good receivers and running backs, but if plays are all developing inside of less than 20 yards from the Line of Scrimmage, same results.

          1. Didn’t see Romeo as much of an inside threat….

            Sometimes a really dominant inside game(or running game in football) can begin to open up the court/field. It also takes some of the mental pressure off of shooters. I tend to think both Hoosier Basketball and Hoosier Football couldn’t exploit because they were shy in talent in point of attack/painted areas …and in stretch/ perimeter areas.
            Neither could really adequately challenge an opponent to pick their poison. Opponents could mix things up defensively on us pretty easily(basketball and football) as far as adjusting to where/how Indiana was finding some success.

            I think we get into traps for simplistic fixes….Just need more talent top to bottom. Juwan carried a lot of load and is very crafty, but he’s not a premier big man. Some real dominance inside would have opened up a lot of space for Romeo.

            A nearly unstoppable running back(Wilson had some dandies) sure helps to keep d-backs and safeties a bit more honest as well….thus greatly aiding even a mid-range passing game.

  10. He’s scrambling around. He gets away from one tackler. He throws it deep downfield. It’s caught. Touchdown, IU!! Oh, they say he dropped the ball…as Don Fischer would say.

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