IU adds 6th prospect to 2020 recruiting class

Indiana added a sixth prospect to its 2020 recruiting class on Thursday, landing a verbal commitment from Mississippi defensive back Christopher Keys.

The 6-foot-1 recruit from Collins High School in Collins, Miss. is unranked by both 247 Sports and Rivals. As a junior last fall, Keys played receiver and defensive back, catching 18 passes for 220 yards and recording two interceptions.

Per 247, Keys received an offer from the Hoosiers after participating in a camp hosted by IU over the weekend. Keys’ only other offer is from Jackson State. Ole Miss, Louisiana Monroe and South Alabama have also expressed interest.

Keys is the second commit of the week for IU coach Tom Allen, who picked up a verbal pledge from West Washington (Ind.) defensive end Caleb Murphy on Tuesday. Indiana is the first Power 5 program to offer the three-star prospect, who also held offers from Harvard, Columbia, Bowling Green, Toledo and Indiana State, among others.


  1. Welcome to IU both of these young men. They might not be coming in highly acclaimed, but they have the opportunity to prove the recruiting services wrong.

  2. Haha! True and more likely to stay recruited for IU if they receive no better offers = a struggle to play 500 win loss ball which will uphold IU football tradition.

    1. It’s really easy to be a consistent naysayer. Why doesn’t it matter to you that Indiana Football is making a little bit of progress? I’m not throwing invective at you, just trying to understand your point. I’m trying to understand why anyone would believe there is a universe that exists where Indiana Football makes the leap from “worst program in D-1 Football in history,” to champion without making some incremental progress.

      With those expectations, let’s just give it up? Forget it all. Fold the football program, let McRobbie build a shrine to the Gender Studies program where Memorial Stadium sits and just complain more and more that there’s no money for our basketball program to compete.

      1. Now that is really foolish! “No money for our basketball program to compete”. IU spends more than any other B1G program on basketball! Look it up!

        1. Uh, dude. If you couldn’t see the sarcasm dripping from that post, I don’t know what to tell you. The point is that the complains about football, no matter what it does over and over. I sarcastically replied that we should get rid of the program then. Then we’d have no money for basketball, so he could complain about that too.

          See why we use sarcasm? This post isn’t entertaining.

          1. BP, you’re good. Always look forward to what you have to say. Just clarifying.

            Seems like this site got riled up with women’s basketball a little while ago and everyone is on edge. Cheers all. Enjoy the 6 posters who are left.

  3. Passing on an instate three star player with offers from Harvard and Columbia would be idiotic unless you are assuming being really, really smart does not figure into the equation.

    The only reason IU has a shot at this guy is because the Ivy League doesn’t offer athletic scholarships. He isn’t planning on playing in the NFL. He is a three star athlete with a 5 star brain.

    Ryan Leaf had stars. Ryan Fitzpatrick has brains.

  4. DD… Agree.
    The negativity of Mr. t (an appropriate lowercase moniker for such a small-minded negatron) is tiresome.
    His is a miserable existence.
    (And I AM “throwing invective”.)

  5. I was wondering how soon TA would utilize young Womack to start tapping into the talent pool out in the back roads of Mississippi. For our “West Laffy” troll (thanks for the line Chet, should we just start saying WLt?), let’s review a little history of players who nobody else wanted from the rather deep Mississippi talent pool and this is just the first 3 who came to mind.

    Walter Payton – Jackson State University
    Jerry Rice – Mississippi Valley University
    Bret Farve – University of Southern Mississippi

  6. IU picked up two recruits that fit well with IUFB. I hope both come in and show they are better than others think. Keys is a playmaker on offense showing his talent and does very good as a DB with the height to add weight when he gets here.

    Murphy is a very aggressive blocker and gets after the ball on defense. His rating is based on how well he had done in camps against better players. He could develop into a very good player with hard work in the S&C program adding weight and speed to get even better.

    IU is getting a good start on the 2020 class and I hope it keeps going on with even better recruits added to it.

    1. Does anyone remember a time when IUFB already had six commits by June 6th of any year?

      The West Washington kid is listed as DE/OL on most recruiting sites but one look at his highlights and I’m grooming him as an OT.

      The Mississippi kid looks a lot like 2019 commit Da’Shaun Brown. Someone who looks like they could play either side of the ball.

  7. Keys will be on the rise. The coaches really must have liked what they saw from him at the camp since they offered him right there. Hopefully they can hang onto him before Ole Miss and Miss St. really come after him.

    1. FS,
      You are right about that, but I’m sensing an opportunity. Miss State didn’t exactly set the world on fire last year with the new coach, and Ole Miss is still trying to recover from significant upheaval. A lot will depend on how well both schools perform this year if Keys stock begins to rise. Bigger concern would be the folks from Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge come a calling if he has a great Senior year.

      1. Miss St was pretty solid last year and yes, Ole Miss is going thru a revamp after the mess Hugh Freeze created. I think Ole Miss found the right coach for the job though in Matt Luke. Luke signed a solid class highlighted by one of the top players in the country in Jerrion Ealy who many thought would go the MLB route but all signs point to him being on campus in the fall.

        Getting top talent out of Mississippi is a feat for any team because historically those kids tend to stay home. I have no doubts that other teams will be in on Keys in the near future. I really hope we can hang onto him!

  8. fs, I tend to agree. The only Q I have for Murphy at OT is how long will it take to/or even can he gain the prerequisite weight. Hope so.

    1. It will certainly take some time but he’ll have is HS SR year and a few years on campus to do it. I haven’t personally seen the kid up close to see what kind of frame he really has. S&C coaches these days are pretty amazing at figuring out how to put the right weight on kids. The kid has to buy in of course.

  9. 247 just put a grade out on Keys. An 88 which is a high three-borderline four star ranking.

    1. Certainly commend the staff for the work to find this guy. TA’s recruiting instincts/savvy/philosophy is positive. Producing lots of competition on this roster. Physical, mean and nasty.

      1. Physical, mean, and nasty is exactly how I want my team described. TA and company are building it the right way. It’s going to pay off very soon…

  10. IU has recruited excellent corners the last couple of years. There’s no way that Keys is some kind of desperation pick- corner isn’t a pressing need and it’s only June. They must have seen a 6’1″ kid with length, cover skills and speed and took him before anyone else finds him.

    As far as Murphy, what’s not to like about a 6’5″ explosive kid that’s also a great student? I think he’ll be a bigger version of Jacob Robinson- a guy that can play either strong side end or move inside to tackle. Plus he’s thrilled to be a Hoosier. And his HS didn’t have a wrestling team, so he petitioned the school, coached himself and ended up in the semi-state as a junior. IU needs 10 more just like him.

    1. I did read that story about earlier about Murphy starting the school’s wresting program. That’s a pretty awesome thing for a kid to do. I don’t know if he had any prior wrestling background but to make it semi-state is no easy task. I love when football players have wrestling backgrounds and especially linemen.

  11. I have to say…
    I really, really enjoyed reading the posts shown above (except for the t-boy).
    Insightful and interesting.

  12. I have no idea where Murphy is going to play. But as for putting on weight, I played with a guy in HS who graduated at 6’7″ and 230 lbs. in 1976. Two years later, he returned home for Christmas and he weighed 295 lbs. I didn’t recognize him at first. I think he played his final two seasons at just over 300 lbs. Pretty sure he benefitted from the team’s trainer-monitored steroid program, but he put on 60 lbs., most of it muscle, real fast. Three years after he graduated, he got his weight back down to 250 lbs. The during and after football photos were shocking.

  13. A couple of big Friday visit days coming up 6/14 and 6/21, with eleven prospects scheduled to be on campus. Keep it rolling TA and staff!

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