1. 32 minutes!…? I’ll need a nap first.

    Wishing you the best with the podcast experiment. Personally, I prefer to see the presenters….Not a big fan of podcasts.
    ScoopTalk has always been my favorite….along with Jeremy’s HallPass. Also enjoyed the old days when Dustin or Jeremy would do a ScoopTalk from a dark and mysterious hotel room (was always hoping for a Hugh Hefner style robe appearance which never happened)…Also enjoyed times when you would have guest contributors on ScoopTalk (Just no Bizitch from Inside the Halitosis).

    LiveChats aused to be a ton of fun when you allowed live comments from HT Scoopers or other visitors rather than just a Twitter feed play-by-play of scrolling Jeremy/Mike mugshots.

    The experiment continues….. Blau’s voice sounds a bit like Andy Graham searching for higher notes.

  2. I look forward to this feature each week to get a different perspective on the Hoosiers each week.

  3. First episode is in the can and not bad. But no names for the new basketball coach position? Everyone in B-town has a name!

  4. The podcast is a great idea- probably overdue. Like the debut episode and look forward to a new “must listen” show for the upcoming season.

  5. This is a very nice addition. I am all in for about 20 to…….
    30 (if there’s more to talk about) minutes weekly podcast during season.
    Not much will be learned about 2019 IU football season regarding how effective individual players and team will be until game 3. Win or lose.

    1. We’re aiming to keep it more like 25 minutes in the future. We didn’t do so well on that front the first time out! If there’s enough going on, it might become a twice a week thing.

  6. 20-30 minutes? No way! I say you start the Hoosier News Network (HNN)- all Hoosier sports all the time. Football, basketball, soccer and all other Hoosier NCAA teams along with intermural sports, Little 5, Big Ten Fishing, dorm euchre tournaments, student-led quarters, cornhole, poker and online gaming and much more! If the Big Ten Network is worth billions, HNN should be worth at least 100 million or more.

  7. I don’t know. It’s the eyes…Something’s not right when they look back at you.
    It feels like Scoop, but then it doesn’t feel like Scoop.

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