IU football grabs another guard named Feeney

UPDATE (3:38 p.m.): IU later added a 14th recruit to the 2020 class, another offensive lineman, Coleon Smith from Belleville, Mich. 

The 13th commit of Indiana’s 2020 class has a last name that will resonate with Hoosier fans.

Brady Feeney, a three-star offensive guard, announced Sunday he was flipping his verbal pledge from Rice to IU. The last time the Hoosiers had a guard named Feeney, it was the current San Diego Charger Dan, who was the fourth player in program history to twice earn first-team All-America status.

This Feeney (of no relation to Dan) is listed at 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds, playing for Christian Brothers College High School in Missouri. He has been named first-team all-state twice, and his school won the state championship in 2017 and ’18.

Feeney was the third linemen to commit to IU for the 2020 class, following Noblesville’s Cameron Knight and Fort Wayne’s Luke Wiginton. He originally committed to Rice in March, but he received an offer from IU a month later. 

A few hours after Feeney’s announcement, IU received another o-line commit in Coleon Smith from Belleville, Mich. Another three-star recruit, Smith is listed as a 6-6, 340-pound tackle. He had offers from Iowa State, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Both commitments come a day after one Hoosier line target, four-star Jonathan Denis, picked Oregon over IU, Louisville, and Miami.

Below are highlights from both Feeney and Smith’s junior seasons.


  1. A couple others thinking Johnathan Dennis going to commit to IU committed to Oregon (IU went out to Oregon several years ago and won solidly in an early season game). Look at Dennis list of offers. So, IU takes what it can get in Feeney. Look at his list of offers. Yes, Feeney can develop. So can Dennis. It’s tough.

    1. Denis looked like a special type of player in his highlights. Not surprised he isn’t going to be a Hoosier. I haven’t watched Feeny’s tape yet so I can really give an opinion yet. Hoosiers also just got another OL commit a minute ago. Coleon Smith OT from Mich.

    2. ‘Several’ as in 15 years ago. Gerry DiNardo was coaching the Hoosiers and Mike Belotti was at the helm of the Ducks.

  2. Coleon Smith moves ok for a guy with that big of a frame. But he doesn’t have the strength to do much. It’s probably going to take 3 years to make him into anything close to a Big Ten right tackle. They probably had Feeney waiting for Denis to decide. At least they had a backup plan. Hard to tell IU’s lineman recruits from Ball State’s.

    1. I have checked the tape on Smith yet but those are some bold comments about IU and Ball St’s OL comparisons.

    2. I can’t find tape on either of the last two commits. Not quite sure how the recruiting services put grades on them.

      1. Update: Found the highlights. I’m guessing I saw the same ones 123 saw. Coleon Smith does move pretty well for his size but as 123 noted, he didn’t look like he played with much strength. Good thing we have a top notch S&C program to try and morph this kid into a beast.

        Feeney looked a lot more technically sound in his highlights and looked to have a little mean streak in him as well. With a couple of years in the program he looks like he could develop into a solid OG/C.

  3. Wow a 6’6 340 pound guy that isnt strong?really?man some you guys have no clue what the hell you are talking about,so teams like Kentucky ,ISU, WVU all bowl teams dont know how to evaluate talent? They obviously saw some potential in the kid… some you think you know football but really dont

    1. BB-I suffer fools poorly. Watch the kid’s tape. Yes, he’s 6’6″ and 340 lbs. Which means he aught to dominate high school players. But instead, he shield blocks, he loses his balance easily and he fails to move guys out of the hole too often. And those are his highlights. He’s ranked the 47th best player in Michigan. The 10 players around him (5 above, 5 below) are all going to MAC schools. Maybe he develops but he’s much less ready than the guys IU already missed on. BTW, Wes Martin was one of the strongest linemen his freshman year. He was the strongest player on IU by his senior year. Strong guys lift weights too. The idea that weak lineman can overtake strong lineman in the weight room sounds like hope more than reality.

      1. Kids like that need to be introduced to the high school wrestling coach. There is a startling correlation between big men who wrestled and success on the gridiron.

        Footwork, quickness, strength, reaction time…it is what wins. Everybody is the same size

        I believe Curly Culp is in the HOF and he dominated all the way to a Siper Bowl title. He didn’t even play football in college. He was a great wrestler, though.

        But…I digress.

      2. You are misguided. How do you get stronger. You get stronger by getting in a good strength and conditioning program for 6-12 months. Most HS players don’t have this available until college. Grow up.

        1. Virtually every player being recruited at the D1 level has access to pretty robust S&C programs at the high school level. A kid coming from the largest school division in Missouri, with back to back state championships, would certainly have been in a pretty sophisticated S&C program for several years. Many / most kids today are lifting at levels above many of the fourth and fifth year players early in the Mal era (there were years when fewer than five players benched 400 lbs., even when they were good). I think you’d be surprised at how it has advanced at the high school level.

          1. There is a pretty broad spectrum of S&C programs at high school.

            My kids attended a school with a high profile football team. Rural but football crazy. For example, one year they traveled from NC to Orlando to play Dennison, TX. ESPN televised the game. They crushed a good Dennison team 21 to zip.

            They had a contracted S&C program with a national outfit. No other program in western North Carolina did such a thing.

            While the school did not always have the best natural athletes on the field, the upperclassmen looked like grown men. Big grown men. If you played football you were required to take 2 semesters of S&C every year…for four years. They didn’t lose much and, when they did, it was usually because an opponent had some freakish speedsters and a great quarterback. Before Chris Leak headed off to qb the Florida Gators they beat his Charlotte Independence team for a state title 7-0. They just beat them up and pounded, pounded, pounded.

            There is a huge range in the quality of S&C programs at the high school level.

      3. 123, any fan who watches a tape for 2-3 minutes and feels comfortable hazarding a strong opinion on talent 2 years down the road is a fool!

  4. Maybe we the fan do not know talent…but neither did any other Big Ten school/university recruit this kid?? An this kid was in Big 10 country. I can agree with you Kentucky, ISU and WVU did see some potential in this kid….And so did Indiana University. Hopefully they can develop this young man into a Big Ten offensive lineman.

  5. He has that sort of “I enjoy daily growlers of beer” meets “Animal House” sort of smile…Are those biceps or loaves of brioche?

  6. Awe…that development “they can develop that young man” a stalwart of IU football tradition. IU developing lower rated players as successful programs develop higher rated players. However, development is good.

    1. That’s fair. IU does have a pretty solid track record of developing offensive linemen lately though.

  7. = peak of 5 or 6 wins that include a big ten win or two. However, I am one who is observing and buying into some positive things happening T. A. culture.

  8. There in lies the problem with Indiana University football, we are always trying to develop and improve every player to play in the Big Ten…….next year the offensive line losses starter Coy Cronk, Hunter Littlejohn, Simon Stepaniak and DaVondre Love…..what backups are ready to take over these starting positions. Most on here are expecting a “breakthrough” year in 2020 when the football schedule is in Indiana favorite…..but all of that will depends on how well Darren Hiller develops the offensive line and how well other players develop/improve.

    1. This is one of the biggest questions going in to the 2020 season. Is Hiller and staff developing the young guys? One thing to keep in mind is the transfer portal. Right now there are still 20 OL kids still in the portal who were 3 stars or better coming out of HS. IU still has open scholarships and I have a feeling they might be bringing in some OL help real soon. I’m just speculating but it does seem highly likely IMO.

  9. Yes, Hiller and staff are developing the young guys. So are most other teams who are serious about their football team.
    So, where can improved difference maker be = QB

    1. Exactly! If our QB play improves, if IU can score 40+/game, then IU will win7! Last season every time IU scored 34 plus, we won the game!

      1. 40 points per game would have made IUFB the #13 scoring offense last year. OSU was 8th and Meatchicken was 21st, by way of comparison. I’d love to see it, but you’d have to agree that such would be one heck of a leap from #87 in 2018.

  10. Wait. Some of “us” are now complaining that IU is not recruiting good enough talent? Didn’t we just have two of the highest rated recruiting classes in program history? Come on guys, it’s not like Hiller didn’t go after Denis! He went after him hard and lost to a far more successful football program (Oregon). It’s not the last time its going to happen.

    I have no problem with IU signing these two new O-linemen. Big men take much longer to develop their strength, coordination and technique. And as HC alluded above, they have the size. For O-linemen, as Wilson used to preach, the body-type and raw size are essential. These guys appear to have the raw ingredients necessary to become effective Big Ten O-linemen. And if they have the character and work-ethic, given that raw size, they certainly can be developed into quality Big Ten linemen.

    Are we not constantly reminded by a few on this site that Wisconsin takes two and three star prospects and develops them into great Big Ten linemen? Those Wisconsin linemen usually red shirt for a year, then become starters when they’re Juniors. The watch, learn and compete in practice against guys who will play in the NFL. That’s how they develop into effective Big Ten linemen. Like IU’s most recent 4th round draft pick, they don’t usually graduate until they’re 23. A lot of “development” can occur between 18 and 23, especially for the largest of young men.

    1. I think you touched on a good point.

      If and when IU can put a bit of depth in the roster we can start redshirting more. The physical difference between an 18 or 19 year old kid just out of high school and a 19 to 20 year old with a year in a good S&C program is non against boys

      1. When it comes to redshirting the LOS is the 1st place to initiate if you can get the recruits to develop as Wilson, Frey, Allen and Hiller aim for. The Badgers example Po stated is the model to follow. Raw size to strengthen and coach. It’s B1G FB not the Kentucky Derby.

        1. I don’t remember Wilson developing the O Line to any great extent. Yes some of his recruits went on to outstanding NFL careers. But his work was done in the O Backfield.

          1. Then either you weren’t watching or you didn’t know what you were seeing. Wilson and Greg Frey were outstanding.

  11. The difficulty with not getting developed/seasoned/highly ranked talent out of the gate is that you’re relying on too many stars to align for shots at legit BigTen East competitive teams. The lead actors and highlight reel talent at qb, receivers, running backs, linebackers don’t come around nearly as often than those chubby lineman you’re trying to get up to speed.

    Basketball analogy(though apples and oranges because it takes so much more depth in football)? When a Cody Zeller walks through your door once every 20 years, nothing(certainly not “everything”) hinges to open that door to Final Fours unless you have the other pieces in place(including a very knowledgeable coach).

    Bottom Line: You don’t get the true superstars out of the high school gate very often (in either major sport). If you can’t surround/align a ready and tested roster around their rare gifts, you’ve once again lived and died at the hands of timing, fate, destiny, few eggs in basket, injuries, turnover, thin ice, etc. Goodbye Romeo…Goodbye Cody…Goodbye Penix….Goodbye Tevin Coleman….Hello chubby lineman and a couple 4-year guys still struggling to get from 2-star to 4-star level talent.

    Keep in mind just how much larger a football roster from a basketball roster….Keep in mind our history in each sport. Which sport do you think you could have fate or alignment of the stars as a much more realistic outcome when “development” of lower level talent is still a must?

  12. Most of us will have roses tossed onto the top of our wooden box lowered into the ground(or toasted in an oven) before enough stars align in to see a Hoosier team in another Rose Bowl. I’m guessing Halley’s Comet passes by again before that happens. It’s only 42 more years….which is only just over 10 repeating cycles of turning chubby and slow freshmen lineman into senior 4-year studs.

    42 years…? Hmmm? With the way climate change is heading, it’s possible Michigan, Wisconsin and Northwester get swallowed by most of the Great Lakes… PSU could be too close to the entire East Coast and, thus, obliterated by the rising Atlantic.
    Bloomington is far enough from major shorelines, waterways and massive lakes. Hoosier Football could survive the global climate catastrophe. Of course, we’ll need an air conditioned enclosed stadium because we’ll have equator weather year-round.
    We best get on that stadium soon…..Halley’s Comet waits for no one.

  13. Hell with the Rose Bowl….My dried bones hollowed eye sockets would be satisfied with getting to the 2061 Halley’s Comet Bowl…sponsored by the ‘timeless’ Comet Cleanser with bleach.
    Of course, we could even set our the bar of expectations a little higher…and get our Hoosiers ready for the inaugural ‘Escape to Mars Bowl’ …currently on schedule for 2051. Go Big Red…on the Big Red planet! I know I’m pumped!

  14. I went to a Tar Heel basketball blog/site today. When I tried to submit a comment I got nothing onto the pages. Funny thing is, I was later notified they were not removed while in moderation…Turns out they were actually at the head of the class and functioning as ‘ghost posts.’

  15. Not criticizing the pass two recruiting classes, i think they where good not great. Just hoping that those players recruited can develop and improve. What I am saying is that Kevin Wilson and Greg Frey recruited and develop several very good offensive lineman and put a couple (Dan Feeney, Jason Spriggs, Wes Martin and maybe Brandon Knight and possibility Coy Cronk) of offensive lineman in the NFL. All i am saying here is that Coleon Smith is a major project. if not other Big Ten teams would have been after this recruit (kid). As a Indiana football fan I have seen this scenario before a couple of years ago with a quarterback name Nick Tronti…no local school or university recruited this young quarterback. Yes, this kid has the size to be a good player, but does he have the dedication to go to the weight room to gain the muscle strength.

  16. All teams, even the VERY GOOD TEAMS take players HERE AND THERE to develop. IU should to. Developing players can work well in a somewhat weak pre-conference schedule. It is not really a criticism of IU football recruiting. Rather, it is recognizing the competition level or how good the big ten including big ten east is and what it would take to more consistently win at a higher level; meaning more than 6 season wins.

  17. Even most 5 star players develop into higher level players if they are serious about improving.

  18. IU has several good OL commits and a project commit but that is where IU is. Getting these players in our S&C program will reap rewards and these OL players can get much better. When coming to a program like IU players start eating better, being more consistent in work outs, being challenged to compete with players in the weight room that are more advanced, and finally deciding if they are going to accept the challenge or not. Getting players from championship teams is more likely to get players that accept the challenge not back down from the challenge.

    There are a limited number of OL and DL players in this country that are top rated players. All but the very elite teams, work with OL and DL players that need to develop; how good a job they do developing those players determine how good the team becomes.

  19. There is a pretty broad spectrum of S&C programs at high school.

    My kids attended a school with a high profile football team. Rural but football crazy. For example, one year they traveled from NC to Orlando to play Dennison, TX. ESPN televised the game. They crushed a good Dennison team 21 to zip.

    They had a contracted S&C program with a national outfit. No other program in western North Carolina did such a thing.

    While the school did not always have the best natural athletes on the field, the upperclassmen looked like grown men. Big grown men. If you played football you were required to take 2 semesters of S&C every year…for four years. They didn’t lose much and, when they did, it was usually because an opponent had some freakish speedsters and a great quarterback. Before Chris Leak headed off to qb the Florida Gators they beat his Charlotte Independence team for a state title 7-0. They just beat them up and pounded, pounded, pounded.

    There is a huge range in the quality of S&C programs at the high school level.

    1. Chet go into the inner city schools and their football programs. Then withdraw your comment!

      1. Charlotte Independence is the biggest program in the state. Dennison, TX, is one of the top programs in Texas. They looked like kids.

        You can withdraw your comment.

        1. BeatPurdue’s stern and short rebuttals are in the style of Dan Akroyd from a very long ago SNLskit.

          I’m not sayin’ Chet is Jane Curtain. I’m just sayin’…maybe in this instance.

      2. Are you actually so naive that you think all S&C programs are the same, because that is what you just wrote.

      3. I wrote, “There is a broad spectrum of S&C programs at high school.” Bad grammar, I admit.

        You responded, “Chet go into the inner city schools and their football programs. Then withdraw your comment!”

        Do you really believe they are all the same? What dream world do you live in?

  20. IU79, what’s the basis for you calling Smith a “project.” Why is he any more of a project than any other O-line recruit? He’s rated by 247Sports as a 3-star recruit and the 175th ranked O-line prospect. Since when is a 3-star O-linemen a “project?” You may be overlooking is his size, which is well above average for a kid his age. You can get shorter, lighter guys who out-perform Smith in High School, but they don’t have the potential to play in college like a man of Smith’s size. You may remember my story about my HS teammate. 6′ 8″ tall, 225 lbs. his senior year. He had a good work ethic, but he was the worst of all the starting O-linemen on our team. He got numerous offers from D-1 schools and accepted a full ride scholarship to Iowa State. He red shirted his freshman year, was a back-up his second season and then became a starter for his last three seasons of eligibility. He was drafted in the 6th round. None of our other High School linemen, each of which were much better than him in HS, even got a scholarship offer. What was the difference? His size! It provided him with huge upside potential, and college football coaches recruit linemen based on potential.

    1. PO, I had a 6’8″ 305 lb Guard that ran a 4.9 forty at TN camp. He was recruited by many of the top programs but TN’s OL coach came in to watch film. He pointed out during the film he didn’t pay much attention when he was lined up against smaller HS players because he wouldn’t face any linemen that small in college. He was more interested in how he fared against bigger players. Coaches evaluate players in different ways depending on what they want from their players. Fans get too wrapped up in what they think about players but the reality is even the NFL doesn’t hit on every draft choice. We won’t know how good these player will be for IU until a number of years go by.

  21. On a related note, I just read that Joey Brunk got the basketball team award for the best off season performance in the weight room.

    1. Did the article say whether it was because he put up the best #’s or made the most progress?

    2. Don’t forget he is in Bloomington for 2 seasons. I’d feel real good if Davis was 2nd most improved.

  22. Brunk is gonna be a handful…and may go down as Archie’s best get to get us over the hump and deep into March Madness. Michigan will slump without Beilein…ND is slumping….Butler is slumping.

    The door may be slightly opening for some momentum and positive movement.

  23. Great news about Brunk. That really says something about the young man’s attitude and intensions. He’s setting a great example for the younger guys. And just think, he’s got two more months to continue the S & C training. Love the reduction in body fat and increased strength, but not sure we want him losing any more weight. Isn’t he going to be the guy we need to bang in the paint with the big boys of the Big Ten? I assume he’s going to gain some of that weight back in the form of muscle.

  24. Brunk could be our version of McGary….Seems like he’s on a mission. Not sure if he can play facing the basket nearly as well as McGary, but he could be a real “it factor” none of us saw coming (much in the style of McGary taking March Madness by storm- helping to propel Beilein to his first Final Four).

    Still need to find a pure outside shooter…Should have tried to get the grad transfer from Washington State….Or is Skaggs still out there? Do we have any scholarships left?

      1. Never to be heard from again. Not a bad little city though.

        Maybe he can fill the void left by Matlock.

  25. Damn….Too bad. I wanted the ‘Logansport Launcher’….Geoff once said Skaggs reminded him a bit of Bird. That’s high praise (courtesy: Nicolas Cage).

  26. Copied from an article published in The Dailey Hoosier. This might explain some things about Football recruiting.

    “Indiana is the only school among the 50-plus schools examined that spent more on men’s basketball recruiting than football recruiting during the 2018 fiscal year. It’s not surprising that it’s a blue blood basketball school with little tradition on the gridiron that fits that criteria, but it’s pretty wild to think that the university spent more in 2018 to land its five-player basketball recruiting class than it did to assemble its 27-player football recruiting class.”

    1. Not wild at all. Lots more BB games in a season than FB. Not to mention AAU. I have no way to quantify the Prima Donna factor but I’ll bet many more play BB and require more recruiting. Raising the FB recruiting $ 50% wouldn’t improve recruiting levels 4%. Got to believe Allen is requesting annual increases of 8-9% allowing him to adapt a impactful recruiting footprint.

    2. This kind of blows my mind. I understand that IU is a basketball school and all but just on a sheer numbers(players) standpoint, this seems nearly impossible. It’s not like Archie and his staff were flying to China twice a week for in home visits. Hell, Archie barely needs to leave the state, let alone the Midwest to find high quality players. Leaving the state for Tom Allen and his staff is an absolute must.

  27. Copied from an article published in The Dailey Hoosier. This might explain some things about Football recruiting.

    I love that site…I visit it dailey. NOT!

  28. Podunker, the reason I called Coleon Smith a project more of a project than your typical 3-star offensive lineman is that Coleon Smith was located (played) in the backyard of Michigan University. An personally I do not think Michigan University is so good that they could pass on a good 3-star offensive lineman that has potential or talent. I did not see any scholarship offers from Michigan, Michigan State or Notre Dame. I know these are major division 1 football program, but when a good or potential good lineman is in your backyard you offer him a scholarship. An to be more to the point I did not see any scholarships offers from some MAC (Toledo, Bowling Green, Akron, etc) schools located fairly close to this young player. So this just make me wonder about the potential of this young man to play in the Big Ten. I said the same thing about Nick Tronti, if they have potential to play division 1 football, than IMO only i think some of the locate school/university will offer scholarships…..as I said just my opinion. I personally hope this young man turns out to be great Indiana football player.

    1. ‘Michigan University”?

      Yeah, hate the new format where you can’t see recent comments on the home page. That eliminates any reason to read the Scoop unless there is a new article.

      That’s gonna cut waaay down on visits to the site.

  29. Something going on? I no longer have the 2 columns ‘Recent Comments – Recent Posts’ displayed after the current threads page. ??? Is it just me?

    1. Mine is different as well. Yesterday I kept getting a message saying the site wasn’t safe. It’s not saying that today but some things have changed.

      1. I got the security warning yesterday, too.

        By appearances, it seems they were just eliminating features we all liked.

  30. EMU(MAC) is Smith’s backyard. He held an offer from them. His list of offers are better than Feeney’s.

  31. Pretty sure the Scoop/HSR will be back in its original style…My guess is they were hacked. Pop-up ads are also gone….and that’s a problem. What site functions without advertising?
    As much as I would miss “This is Your MY Life” tales of our most famous members featured in our recent comments marquee, there is no reason to have this site without the miniscule advertising revenue it can generate for HT.
    Unless someone here is paying Jeremy to get their name onto the ‘Recent Comments’ marquee, I’m pretty sure his food on the table sort of relies on that huge cut of the advertising bucks.

      1. I’m pretty confident that, based on either the number of posts or the word count, that over the past several years Harv has posted more on and off topic comments than the next 5 contributors combined.

        I’m certain that HC, Po, and any number of long timers will concur.

  32. For what it’s worth, I did once contribute a Trojan Horse gift certificate to be shared by Jeremy & Dustin as rental payment for my 24/7 moderated comment box…..Probably due to send another. I also did provide Trojan Horse with much free advertising…(Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich ever!…Best Gyros ever!…Best hand-cut fries ever!…Best Breaded Pickle Spears ever!) which fully contributed to securing the Scoop advertising account featuring the fine dining establishment I have forever valued as a fixture of Bloomington.

  33. Off-topic a bit, but I’ve heard there is a current roundtable discussion to find a new name for the L.A. Clippers… I’m trying a Top-10.

    Top-10 Proposed NEW Names for the LA Clippers:

    10. LA Twiddlethumbers
    9. LA Zilchers
    8. LA Brickerbockers
    7. LA La Bambas
    6. LA Lukers
    5. LA Fault Liners
    4. LA Showtimers
    3. LA Microballmers
    2. LA Tebuchets
    1. LA Seismics

  34. 1. The differential between IU’s BB and FB recruiting expenses/budgets sticks out like a sore thumb. I believe IU was the only Power-five conference school with that level of imbalance. But my point is, and one I’ve repeated for years, is that Glass needs to increase IU Football’s recruiting budget. Football should be the money maker for all of IU’s varsity sports. If you’re going to invest, invest in the sport that will produce the biggest return.
    2. IU79, so your justification for calling this kid a “project” is because he did not commit to Michigan? Given that logic, almost every player IU signs is therefore a “project.”. Michigan expects to sign 4 and 5-star rated players. While IU may try to recruit those same players, when we sign a 4-star player it is the exception, not the rule. But that does not mean a 3-star player is a project. It just mean’s he’s not likely to be at the top of the target list for schools like Michigan. A “project” is a 2-star rated player who does not have the physical attributes to play Big Ten Football. And to credit TA, I don’t think he’s signed any projects since becoming IU’s head coach. Tronti was Florida’s Mr. Football.
    3. I had the same experience with this site yesterday. Don’t like the changes at all.

  35. From The Stadium Report presented on The Dailey Hoosier: Something’s wrong when we’re the only Power-five conference school with this spending differential.

    School FY18 Football Spending FY18 Basketball Spending Difference
    Indiana $692,972 $739,722 + $46,750
    Illinois $739,680 $703,536 – $36,144
    UConn $432,480 $321,747 -$110,733
    NC State $548,062 $433,927 -$114,135
    Houston $251,975 $125,839 -$126,136
    Kentucky. $791,863 $645,160 -$146,703
    Texas Tech $535,362 $350,731 -$184,631
    Kansas St $509,760 $315,064 -$194,696
    Cincinnati. $374,630 $157,507 -$217,123
    Miss St $453,116 $230,928 -$222,188

  36. Sorry, that data did not present well, but if you look closely, you can follow the numbers.

  37. If you’re going to promote another site, you should at least get the spelling correct.

    I took a quick glance at The Daily Hoosier… Very generic. Dully Hoosier seems more appropriate.

    Top sites covering IU sports require top writers….HT is far and above the so-called competitors(most of which are numbers pumpers and copy/paste artists) void of storytellers and journalists. It’s sad that these sort of vagabonds search celebrity and take away from a long and honored profession.

  38. IU’s FB #’s are near the largest. I see no problem with the differential. At ALL. AT ALL.

  39. Michigan does sign a few, very few 5 star players. In reality there just aren’t that many 5 star players. There are a good number of players labeled 4 star.

  40. Michigan 5 stars per espn
    2020 = 0
    2019 = 1
    2018 = 0
    2017 = 0
    Per espn; though a few high 4 stars and several solid 4 stars, not even a little bit of a few 5 stars. Only 1 in the last 4 years.

  41. IU spent more on BB recruiting than Kentucky, and Kentucky recruits all across the country. I guess there is an inverse relationship between being considered as an “elite” BB school and the money needed to recruit. The more elite your program is, the less money you need to spend recruiting.

    Texas Tech must get the prize for being the most efficient/cost effective BB and FB recruiters in the country.

    Illinois is the least efficient school on the list. They spend a ton ob both FB and BB only to produce under-achieving teams inn both sports.

    I’d take $100,000 from the BB Recruiting budget and transfer it to FB, allowing TA and staff to spread the net wider, like to increase recruiting across California and Texas.

  42. Corrupt recruiting(UK, Louisville, UNC, Arizona, etc) doesn’t take more money to be successful. Hookers, sneaker deals and under-the-table money costs far less than the honest legwork Indiana does to promote a real university experience with real classrooms.

    People should be ashamed to call any school that cheats on academic records or allows athletes to survive in ‘ghost classes’ as a “blue blood” anything. They are bloodless, spineless and solely motivated by greed…founded in winning at any cost.

    1. h4h BRAVO!
      HSR still in “no man’s land” and relegate posters to an unworkable, unfriendly comment platform purgatory.

      1. Talk about taking ten steps backward. I can’t remember a time when the format was this bad. This is terrible.

  43. podunker — recruiting Nick Tronti was a waste of recruiting time, no way was Nick a Big ten quarterback….my justification for calling Coleon Smith a “project” was that if Coleon Smith was not a major project Michigan would have offered Coleon Smith a scholarship esp since Coleon Smith was located in Michigan backyard. Michigan recruits a lot of high level 3-star offensive lineman, but I will give you that they mainly recruit 4-star offensive lineman. Mainly my statement is that if Coleon Smith was not a project more school/university (MSU, ND, CIN, etc) would be offering Coleon Smith a scholarships.

    1. Recruiting Tronti was due to Wilson not attracting a QB in the class with the QB room short a couple of QBs already. Tronti was recruited right at the end just to bring in a QB with the class as most QBs were already committed to a school. I hope coach DeBoer is a very good QB developer as from Wilson to this season I don’t think our QB coaches [yes Wilson coached QBs] were very good at developing QBs.

  44. IU79, thanks for making another attempt to explain, but it still does not make sense. There’s a huge difference between being a “project” and a player not being regarded good enough to be recruited by an elite program who only go after 4 and 5-star talent. Besides, as you know, the recruiting process isn’t over yet. Let’s see how many guys who have made verbal commits to IU receive offers from higher ranked FB programs before the December signing day. And according to FB recruiting vernacular, a 3-star rated player simply isn’t considered a “prospect.” He’s not an elite player, but he’s certainly not a project.

    Who knows if Tronti would ever have been good enough to play for IU. I think, more than any other position on a college FB team, most freshman quarterbacks are projects. Tronti certainly was not going to play during his first two or three years at IU, but most QBs don’t get significant playing time until their second or third year on campus.

  45. v13 – you make my point — it was a waste to bring Nick Tronti to Indiana University as a last minute recruit and prep Nick up as a Big ten quarterback when he was no where near that….An yes I agree the quarterback room was short/weak….So are saying when a position is short and weak that you just offer a scholarships to a young man to fill a positions???
    Podunker – got what you saying….only time will tell if Coleon Smith plays any games for Indiana University.

  46. I hope TA and staff’s recruiting techniques and higher ranking classes reduce or eliminate IU’s verbal commits from getting poached by other, more prominent FB programs late in the recruiting process. I know that the best of these early commits will get other offers between now and December, but hopefully all of these guys will stick with IU. Of course that will depend on how well IU plays this season and if they show signs of progress.

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