IUWBB: Patberg granted sixth year of eligibility

All-Big Ten point guard Ali Patberg has been granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA, Indiana announced Friday.

Patberg, who was listed as a redshirt junior last season, missed her entire freshman season at Notre Dame in 2015-16 due to a knee injury. She then sat out the 2017-18 season with the Hoosiers as a transfer.

The Columbus North alum and 2015 Indiana Miss Basketball thrived in her debut season at IU. She averaged 15.8 points, 5 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per contest. She hit 39.4 percent of her 3s and 80.4 percent of her free throws.

Depth behind Patberg was an issue last season, and the 5-foot-11 guard was sorely missed when she was sidelined in February with a shoulder injury. IU lost all four games in that span, but she returned to lead the Hoosiers to an NCAA tournament appearance and a first-round win.

With Patberg now in the picture through 2020-21, the Hoosiers look to have decent point guard depth for at least two seasons. IU will have two freshman point guards in Warren Central’s Shaila Beeler and Chanel Wilson, the latter being a redshirt who missed the ’18-19 season recovering from a knee injury.


  1. This has been expected for those who have followed Patberg and IUWBB . Its great to get the news now and it also explaines Ali’s recent giddiness in the clips shown on twitter. There are more clips that can be seen on M. Holmes twitter “Morens Work workout ” there is also a clip from the UCLA game which is no longer on the IU twitter.

  2. Overall, steady good news for IU ladies basketball, of course with a bump here and there. Yes, if anyone deserves a contract extension it is T. Moren. IU and Glass best be pro active (and a good contract not an insult or token) to keep poachers away. I have heard IU basketball fans currently, like the ladies game more than the other side.

  3. Tremendous news to be sure! It’s about time the NCAA leaned in our direction like they do schools like Notre Dame when they accorded Notre Dame’s center who transferred from Nebraska immediate eligibility, never did understand that? Ali certainly deserves it! She is a great example of a college student athlete! Can’t wait for this much anticipated IU women’s season! Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Per prior articles posted by theHoosier Sports Report 2018, reported. coach Moren’s salary at $300,000.00, all three of the men’s assistant coaches salaries were above $300,000.00!

  5. If thats true just goes to show what they think of womens coaches, but hopefully that will change. Moren has brought the IU program up from the dungeons to the point good quality players want to play for IU. What was once a joke is now a program of respect and stature and getting better. I have the feeling this will be a great year for the womens program, sky’s the limit. Hoosier ladies , time to show the world who you are.

  6. Steve W., Archie’s salary is reported to be in excess of 3 million dollars, looks to me one coach is being under compensated, while the men’s staff based on their poor success is way over in their compensation. That may be Fred’s problem in getting Coach Moren a new contract is how to pay in relation to the men coaches salaries ,

  7. FANTASTIC news for the Lady Hoosiers. Patberg brings more to the team than even her amazing statistics would indicate. Team leader is an understatement.
    And, I join the parade encouraging Fred Glass to get busy and offer Coach Moren a long term contract.

  8. Outside of a couple schools women’s coaches are paid significantly less than their male counterparts everywhere. This is not an IU problem, it is a systematic problem.

    Ask the women’s World Cup team. There isn’t a good reason why they shouldn’t be paid at least as much as the men’s squad…but they aren’t.

    Of course, it’s not just sports.

  9. Yes, women pay is significantly less. T. Moren pay needs to be very competitive among her women winning counterparts in the better to best programs that pay the most.

  10. Excellent posts. Coach Moren deserves a significant pay increase and a good long term contract. As IU fans we are proud of the accomplishments of the women’s basketball program! Keep the heat on the AD!

  11. While all of this on a website is great as far as complaining about coach Moren’s low pay, this will not get it done! Really doubt Glass reads this website. Pressure needs to be put on him and the athletic department through e-mails, texts, letters and possibly letters in the local paper! It’s certainly going to take more than a few people on a website discussing this to get her better pay? Perhaps an article in the Daily Student paper would help? Glass needs to get off his duff and get this done before she is out the door and on to another school who would certainly appreciate her efforts. Go Hoosiers!

  12. Great news for Ali. This is an exciting time for the Indiana women’s basketball program. The culture has been established, the foundation has been built and now growth and success are sure to follow. This will be the season that IUWBB bursts upon the national stage. I can’t wait. Go Hoosiers!

  13. Yes proactive needed. Maybe, a proactive stance is already in place or happening. Yes, again, this blog will have nothing to do with anything. It will be found out in the not to distant future how much IU administrative staff including Glass cares. He did show it in NIT. T. Moren has shown she cares a lot and seems to be happy in Indiana near her hometown. Is T. Moren setting herself up to become a much loved Hoosier coach? This is in contrast to the question marks when she started. I have always thought she was an excellent hire given IU ladies basketball then.

  14. Contact information for Fred Glass, email iuad@indiana.edu telephone # 812-855-1966 We sent a letter to Fred, concerning a donation we made to the varsity club, no response yet, mailed in early June. Good luck .

  15. I U South, now that’s more like it! If he reads it or not, at least if all of us send him an e-mail, we have at least tried. I am going to send him mine as soon as I finish this! It’s time to inundate him with what we think of our coach and how he and IU needs to step up and secure for the future with what she deserves!! Come on fans, get behind this!! Go Hoosiers!!

  16. Last season when Patberg struggled, T. Moren stayed with her (as much as she could) and Patberg delivered.

  17. Im sure anyone who sent an email to the AD received the same reply that I did, was surprised that I received any reply at all.

    Basically Blah ,Blah, Blah and “we envision coach moren will have continued success at Bloomington for years to come”. Go Hoosiers!

  18. Steve W, I got the same one and was wondering the same thing? Oh well, we gave it the old college try. I was just happy that apparently somebody read it?

  19. I received the typical copy form email response that all top of the pyramid leaders send for such occasions. However, I appreciate the response. Really, what is the response suppose to be?Contract negotiations are between T. Moren and IU. It would be in IU’s and all involved in IU ladies program best interests for a first class fair contract to be implemented whatever that is; that would make both, T. Moren and IU happy.

  20. Not much has been said about one player who was injured a second time on the same leg Chanel Wilson. If you watch the workout clips you can see her throwing those weights up as if she never had an injury and we all know the foundation has to be strong to handle the free weights. Hopefully she is past that and wont re-injure or injure her other leg. Plus in what little they are showing appears she may be the fastest player on the team. So along with the added size we now have a lot of speed added to this team, do not forget Berger at 6′ was a track star . Still no word on Johnson, but the depth seems to be there for this coming season. Im sure many WBB fans have high hopes as I do. Barring injury this team will surprise a lot of people. The final coaches poll had IU no where in sight, but Creme seems to have a handle on this team. Go Hoosiers!

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