Justus named to Lou Groza watch list

Indiana senior Logan Justus is one of 30 collegiate kickers on the Lou Groza Award’s watch list.

Justus, who was a Groza semifinalist in 2018, converted 15 of 18 field goal attempts as a redshirt junior. He was also 32-of-33 on extra points. The left-footed kicker was a second-team All-Big Ten selection in 2018, ranking second in the conference in field goal percentage.

The Groza Award’s 20 semifinalists will be announced Nov. 7. A panel of more than 100 FBS head coaches, SIDs, media members, former Groza finalists, and current NFL kickers will select three finalists on Nov. 26, and the winner will be announced Dec. 12 during ESPN’s college football awards show.

IU now has five players on watch lists, including running back Stevie Scott (Doak/Maxwell), receiver Nick Westbrook (Allstate Good Works), center Hunter Littlejohn (Rimington), and left tackle Coy Cronk (Outland).


  1. Just for the record, Hoosier Football also destroys Timex in the category of “takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” We may not be the Rolex of the BigTen, but we’re never going to be accused of stopping simply because being dropped, beaten badly…or nearly shattered.

    Final question: Will the best pocket-passing quarterbacks soon be on a ‘Pocket Watch List?’

  2. Watch list this time of year really don’t mean very much; if he is still on it at the end of the season he has done a great job kicking. It is nice seeing all the IU players making these list but how they play this year will determine how good they really are. It shows how IU is considered in the FB world and I expect IU’s reputation will grow in the future.

    1. Sadly though V13,
      Usually whether or not they actually win the award depends on how well the team did itself. We have two experiences in that regard with Anthony Thompson and Antwaan Randle El at the Heisman awards.

    2. I’m willing to bet that the kicker who has the best season, even if he isn’t on the ‘watch list’, will win the award.

  3. A lot of teams reputations will grow because of watch lists; Timex’s of college football. Like a severe thunderstorm or tornado…watch >>>warning >>>destruction or blow over and sunshine peaking thru bright skies.

  4. There is a bit of irony in all of this “watch” stuff. IU Football doesn’t lift itself into the realm of relevancy until the fans of IU Football put themselves on a ‘Watch List’..(as in “watch” in a filled Memorial).

    Do you want five regulars of Scoop on our football “watch”…or 50,000 in Memorial to “watch” on Saturdays?

    Lastly, how much longer do fans fill Assembly(and dial in on television) to “watch” if things don’t get turned around?

    I’m putting you all on watch.

    We can debate ’til the cows come home if Wilson did..or did not put IU Football on better ground. But there is no debate regarding the fact he is now at a place where 100,000 fans plus millions more outside the stadium puts our “watching” to shame.

  5. H4H you are right about the need to fill the stadium. It has been discussed from every side but until the stadium is filled every game it will be tough to convince Indiana kids to come to IU. It would make the football experience even better for the fans if the stadium gets filled.

  6. The serving of beer and wine is going to help…That 1968 rosé has been in Memorial cellars for fifty years…Maybe it’s wine time instead of more whine time? Time to uncork and begin another vintage season of special fermentation? A Rosé Hoosier season? It’s a must*.

    [ muhst ]
    new wine; the unfermented juice as pressed from the grape or other fruit.

    The improvements to highway 37/69 making for a faster and safer commute to Bloomington from north and south could also account for some bumps (no pun intended) in attendance.

    And, obviously, the product has to be seen as exciting. Gotta witness some eye-popping offense and some lopsided scores in our favor for a change (hopefully, against opponents we would never be expected to punish).

    Question(sort of an ethical question): With the incredible advances in CGI capabilities during live broadcasts of games(often used to produce imaginary first down lines painted onto fields, team logos, and other advertising graphics/symbols), would you be offended by networks using CGI to make otherwise partially empty stadiums look filled to capacity?

    Could CGI be used to give the impression Memorial has more fans in the seats (even if not to capacity) and thus influence desires to attend a future game? I often wonder if it’s already being used for some sporting events. Personally, I find it very unethical….I also find the CGI advertising superimposed onto stadium walls, dugouts, baseball diamonds, etc as destroying the simple joys of watching while not being blatantly manipulated by Big Brother greed.

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