Oladipo to host inaugural Basketball Fantasy Experience

Former Indiana basketball standout and NBA All-Star Victor Oladipo will return to Bloomington next month for his inaugural Basketball Fantasy Experience.

Sponsored by Game On Mouthguards in partnership with Indiana Basketball and Adidas, the event the weekend of Aug. 23-25 will offer the opportunity to experience the life of an IU basketball player. Attendees have the option to play or coach and will receive expert instruction from Oladipo, Hoosier head coach Archie Miller and the rest of the current IU basketball staff, as well as former Indiana basketball greats and other celebrity guests at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall and Cook Hall.

Playing participants must be 30 years of age or older. Coaching participatns must be 21 years of age or older. However, all ages are encouraged, and the average fantasy camper age is around 50. Packages start at $3,995.

Limited space remains at VictorOladipoExperience.com.


  1. The true “fantasy experience” is getting Indiana Basketball to a Final Four again….We need five hungry and eligible standout “participants”(no 50-year-old grad transfers) who are delusional enough to say I’m not leaving IU until a) we win a title…or b) I’ve exhausted my eligibility. We aren’t a hot enough commodity to get to Final Fours based on a revolving door of three or four McDonald’s All-Americans every season.

    We need delusional guys who take risks and and postpone 20 million dollars per season deposited into a checking account. In other words, “fantasy.”

    1. Yeah, you never see schools like North Carolina or Duke or Kentucky in a Final Four. When are they going to wake up?

      1. Guess you didn’t read this first line….

        The true “fantasy experience” is getting Indiana Basketball to a Final Four again….

  2. Reminiscing now, what have become the good old days. The good old days were not just at IU basketball but in most places and the majority of personal and business endeavors. Time, effort, commitment, staying power, development, progress, identifiable image, and other qualities can be listed. People and fans were interwoven in commonalities that they shared as being a part of one another. The Prudential rock of Gilbratar has been crushed into powder as things move at a revolving fast pace. Unwoven have become the commonalities that once held together that unity. That unity represented shared commonalities that brought people and fans alike together as one.

  3. t- Couldn’t have said it better. Now it’s simply all show. Hate to use the signature phrase of the day, but the “time, effort, commitment, staying power, development, progress, identifiable image” you speak of is all Fake News.

    The article doesn’t state how many total participants are allowed for this event…Even if it is 50 participants, that would be a total of $200,000 dollars(4000 x 50). Chump change for any NBA athlete or college coach. Just donate the .008(1/125) of your salary and move on….

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