Return to Bloomington for Knight?

By Laura Lane | The Hoosier Times

In March of 2018, embattled former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight spoke before an adoring crowd at Bloomington High School South.

A year later, he returned to Bloomington and joined former Herald-Times sports editor Bob Hammel in the press box at Bart Kaufman Field to watch IU’s baseball team play Penn State.

IU athletic director Fred Glass said in April that Knight expressed interest in attending the game and arrangements were made. “My understanding is that Coach Knight was in town for other reasons,” Glass said in a text message then to an H-T reporter.

It may have been to house hunt. Property transfer records filed recently in the Monroe County Assessor’s Office show that a just-built house in the 1500 block of South Andrew Circle in the Shadow Creek neighborhood was sold to Robert M. Knight and Karen Knight on July 2.

The 4,800-square-foot house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and sold for $572,500. The selling price was $175,000 more than the assessed value, public disclosure records indicate.

After Knight was fired from IU two decades ago, he vowed not to return to Bloomington.

He became head coach for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, then retired from coaching in 2008. He and his wife, who once coached high school girls’ basketball in Oklahoma, continued living in Lubbock, Texas, also spending time in Bozeman, Montana, where Knight would hunt and fish.

During a speaking engagement at Center Grove High School when he came back to Indiana in April, Knight struggled at times and had some lapses of memory amid on-point and humorous comments. The hundreds of people who attended stood and applauded the 78-year-old former coach at the end, and the media reported he said that “the best days of my life were when I was at IU.”

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  1. Archie’s new assistant or mentor to the I U Basketball? I know he’s old, etc, but Coach Knight has still retained more basketball knowledge than some of the new coaches have in total.

  2. I can only think of one 1976 song…..

    You can’t forever close the heart of its home. Bobby’s heart is home.

    1. H4H,
      You liked to have scared me on the post on the Schilling thread from the wee hours of the morning. Almost sounded like a swan song, wouldn’t be the same without our Jester.

      1. It takes a jester to jest a jester a ton….said Chester not the jester from Chesterton. Sorta true when you thinkaboutit.

        You guys do just fine…

  3. Wow…Searched Laura Lane and Bobby Knight and this photo came up. You weren’t kidding that he paid way above assessed value.

      1. I thought Miller might have already returned faster than a speeding bullet with an alias….or an ali-lois(?)

        No offense to the poor guy who lost his home(hope he is already rebuilding)…but that sure as hell looked like Bobby from the backside.

  4. He’s free to live anywhere he wants. I hope he and his wife are healthy and happy. I also hope he finds a way to make peace with IU. If he can’t do that, I hope he maintains a very low profile. We all appreciate what he did for IU Basketball for so many years, but he must recognize that he is not and never was bigger than IU, or even IU Basketball. He’s been very petulant/offensive toward IU in the last decade and he’s done a lot of damage to his reputation with his former fans (I was one of his biggest), but there’s still time to make things right and finish his days in a place that once embraced him like no other.

    Having said that, I wonder how Archie feels about the possibility of Knight moving back to town?

    1. Po,
      I agree, he was most certainly “petulant/offense toward IU,” but let’s not give Erhlich, Brand, or the gang seeking to undermine a pass either. There were quite a few folks out there who were doing everything they could to antagonize him in any way possible knowing full well he could be easily provoked in to ill advised responses. This doesn’t give RMK a pass either, but what happened was far from a one-sided affair.

  5. “Petulant”…? “Offensive”….? Hell, he was ahead of his time. Have you seen our Commander in Chief? Knight’s “base” hasn’t seen anything he’s done as petulant. The should change the name of Kirkwood Ave….to Knight Street. The dollars he brought to the Big Ten, the city of Bloomington, the start-up television local network, the shock jocks to get ratings, the local newspaper, the IU Athletic Department…all remain immeasurable funds he never saw. He should own a mansion larger than Assembly Hall…..

    Ironic how people call him rude, obnoxious, offensive and petulant…when Crean accomplished it with no effort.

    1. H4H,
      I didn’t say he was wrong to adopt that attitude, especially in light of the ongoing effort to undermine him by two university administrations. I suspect there was more to the bitter relationship that developed, than will ever be told.

  6. I believe Coach Knight made a decision to return to Bloomington where he knows the area and has friends, former players that are successful professional people and thus providing giving him a place to live where he is most comfortable. Bloomington is home to him and his family and they have a lot of great memories while they lived in Bloomington and feel that its nice to be living in an area where they are known and not living in an area where most of the residents have recently relocated to and are complete strangers to each other. I view the move as place to live with a good support system for him and his family and not to make war with I U.

  7. Agree. He comes back to a place where a coach self actualized the pinnacle in leadership in his successful immaculate career with loving support system in place.

  8. The greatest of generals still surrender to ‘Father Time.’ When he came back for the baseball game, I thought it was sort of sad. No parades. No standing ovations…Just an everyday man again; the train just keeps on hauling down the tracks and leaves all once basking in their heyday at a lonely depot.
    Maybe Bloomington is where his heart is most content…or maybe he’s finally surrendered, Watching the train disappear is a lonely result of a tumultuous existence whether in Bloomington or in Texas. I miss the old sly smile of a vibrant and brilliant coach ….I saw him ride the train to greatness. This just all seems sort of sad. I merely hope he finds a sincere smile(maybe from Archie) and still has the faculties to discover a truth in ‘forgive and forget.’

  9. Bob Hammel is RMK’s closest confident outside of his wife and sons. I wouldn’t be surprised they have have all been on board for this kind of action. Knight’s son Tim has always held his Dad’s ear for counsel. He has run his Dad’s business affairs for decades. Sadly I speculate Bob Knight’s fishing and hunting days are twilighting.

  10. think, no question that people like Erhlich, Brand, and others undermined Knight. Brand was a wuss who bailed on IU after firing Knight. We’re not going to re-litigate events that happened going back 30 years, but I believe people can only be responsible for their behavior and decisions. Knight has to take responsibility for his many acts of bad behavior. He got himself into the mess that eventually cost him his job and tarnished his legacy. “Pride goeth before the fall” and Knight got too big for his britches. But worse than that, even after he had time to reflect on what happened, he never took responsibility for his side of the disaster and continued to disparage and insult IU for years after he was fired. Hopefully he realizes that he has one last chance to make things right, but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Brand didn’t bail on anything. Brand became prez of NCAA due to the promotion made possible by B.K. Just because someone walks around with a faint smile on their face smelling roses doesn’t mean they are good or a nice guy. Rather, often they are quite the opposite. These types are quite back stabbing narcissists.

    1. Can’t believe it’s now over 15 years, but I was at the regional in Lexington when we defeated #1 Duke….We found a pep rally for the Hoosier fans being held at Rupp about an hour prior to the memorable game. Brand was in attendance at the rally. I didn’t say hello but was within a arm’s length as mingling and cheerleaders led fight songs, etc. Brand didn’t seem to be a bad guy….And let’s be honest..He saved us from a decade or more of Pat Knight….or Dan Dakich…or both.

      1. It was always the national press undermining Knight…He beat up on too many of the alma maters of Establishment journalists. What can an administration do at a certain point? Can we imagine if there were iPhones and social media during the tirades and tantrums of ‘The General?’ The administration would have been on 24/7 damage control. We would have had photos of thumb impressions on Reed’s neck …or every frat rat in town would have been getting in Bobby’s face in hopes of instigating a YouTube moment. Bobby was constantly in the news when sensationalized and gotcha news was still Pony Express delivery by today’s standard.

  12. Not do they have the best interest and intentions for their university in this case. Rather, they are nicely very self centered (arguably much more than B.K.) and interested first and foremost in their own self promotion.

  13. Po, not sure about B.K. state of mind and plus B.K. has nothing to make right. All the negatives were towards those who undermined B.K.; not IU as a whole even though that’s the way it seemed to play out.

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