Scott named to Maxwell Award watch list

Indiana sophomore running back Stevie Scott was one of 80 college football standouts named to the watch list for the 83rd annual Maxwell Award on Monday.

The Maxwell Award has been given annually to the nation’s College Player of the Year since 1937.

Scott, a Syracuse, N.Y., native, is coming off an outstanding debut campaign for the Hoosiers, setting IU true freshman records in yardage (1,137), attempts (228), touchdowns (10) and 100-yard games (6). Among true freshmen running backs nationally, the 6-foot-2, 233-pounder ranked second in yardage, attempts and 100-yard games, and third in in rushing touchdowns.

He became the 13th Hoosier to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season, finishing 14th overall in program history, while averaging 101.9 all-purpose yards per game en route to honorable mention All-Big Ten, winning Big Ten Freshman of the Week twice.

Scott finished fourth in the Big Ten in attempts per game (19.0), tied for fourth in rushing touchdowns, fifth in rushing yardage and rushing yardage per game (27th), eighth in all-purpose yardage (1,223), tied for eighth in total touchdowns (11) and 10th in all-purpose yardage per game.

Semifinalists for the Maxwell Award will be announced Oct. 29, while the three finalists will be unveiled on Nov. 25 with the award presentation coming as part of the College Football Awards Show on Dec. 12.

Scott and the Hoosiers open the 2019 campaign with a noon kickoff against Ball State at Lucas Oil Stadium on Aug. 31.


  1. It is good to see get recognized for his efforts last year. I will be interested in seeing how he plays this year after a year of S&C training along with seeing film of his runs. The talent in the running back room will push Scott to keep working to get better. If the increased size of the OL leads to better run blocking our RBs could have a big year especially with the WRs and TEs we have to spread the field.

    1. I think run blocking will be the OL’s strong suit. Scott should be in line for an even bigger year this season if he gets the lion’s share of the carries again.

      1. Curious why you see run blocking as a strength. With the loss of three starters and questionable depth, talent and experience coming up, I think the O line is a huge question mark. Thanks.

        1. Let’s take a look.

          LT Coy Cronk 6’5″ 321- The obvious guy on the list. 36 career starts and likely a starting OG* in the NFL for years to come.

          LG Harry Crider 6’4″ 311- Has played in 14 games at either OG or C while being Wes Martin’s primary backup
          Mackenzie Norwah 6’4″ 310- Six starts as a freshman in 2017 and has played in 11 games. Missed most of 2018 due to injuries.

          C-Hunter Littlejohn 6’3″ 311- 16 starts at C and has played in 25 games.

          RG-Simon Stepniak 6’4″ 321- 20 starts at RG and has played in 30 games. Recently made the 2019 All-Freak team with his 41 reps of 225 and 515lb. bench press.

          RT- Caleb Jones 6’8″ 360- Played in 11 games last year as a RS Freshmen. How many guys this size get pushed around in the run game?

          Britt Beery appeared in 4 games

          Davondre Love appeared in 18 games

          Aidan Rafferty was one of the highest rated players in the 2018 class and was two time scout team player of the week while redshirting last year.

          Matthew Bedford-TBD

          149 games played between all of the OL. I wouldn’t say experience will be an issue. Talent? Most of the guys mentioned above were Kevin Wilson commits and finding OL kids was his strong suit. Depth? You can make an argument there I suppose but with guys like Beery, Love, Rafferty, and Bedford on the second team, I think the depth is atleast adequate.

          1. fs, your counter to the negative post supports the notion the Hoosier OL has betting odds for overachieving. I like our personnel with experience and the prospect young depth has talent to support.

          2. FS,
            I understand the concerns about some of the negative comments HC described. When you have been on the bottom for as long as IUFB has, it is hard to endure the building process. Especially, when there has been no historical foundation for a successful program. When KW came in, he was essentially starting from scratch. TA to his credit, has taken the foundation KW started to build, and is in the process of making it his own. However, it is still going to take a lot of time.

            Biggest problem is when we see other programs have quick turnarounds and assume the same thing can be done with IUFB. That fallacy has led in large part to the systemic failure that is IUFB. As hard as it is to admit, part of the reason for the fast PU turnaround is a much better FB foundation for success. It didn’t hurt that PU is in the weak division of the BIG, but they still had a much better historical FB program.

            You don’t build a strong FB culture overnight, but that is what a great many think can be done because they think they see it being done elsewhere. Problem is, elsewhere doesn’t have to contend with the conditions on the ground which IUFB must. How many elsewhere’s have to deal with being in the B1G east while having a FB history anywhere near as abysmal as IUFB? These are not excuses but reasons. Reasons which TA is systematically working to resolve.

            I hope that I am not disappointed as we have been down this road many times before, but I think TA may well be the right coach at the right time to turn IUFB around. There are a lot of reasons some may believe TA might not have been the best candidate for the job, but sometimes the best candidate for the job is not the right candidate for the job at the right time. Hopefully TA will prove this to be the right assessment and we will all be very, very happy!

          3. Agree, it’s an average group, at best, as it has been for the last couple of years. There’s some experience there but, other than CC, it’s not a very talented or athletic group. Not saying they can’t be better, but it’s definitely an area of concern.

          4. thinkaboutit seems to be tempering more than specifically doubting or giving slight to the potential expressed by some contributors. When you “temper,” it’s easier to walk things back. It’s sort of a defense mechanism nearly all Hoosier Football fans have adopted.
            I sort of admire those whom, every fall, somehow still see a glass half full….11

            I don’t pretend to know the roster like some, but when V-13 provides his detailed analysis of positional improvements and star potential within his positive frame of mind, I sort of start to drink the Kook-Aid. I may be guilty as the next guy for cynicism and mocking the history, but tempering is so boring and common to our defeatist fan base.

  2. Interesting how fishspinners asserts most were Kevin Wilson recruits….But will Allen ever be able to play design and run uptempo(not to mention get the ball downfield) in the exciting manner of a Wilson offense?
    If a loyalty remains with Ramsey, will the offense be rather hogtied anyway?

    Optimism with the line is nice to have, but I tend to agree with many of the sentiments expressed by thinkaboutit, Podunker and V-13(to a degree) in that the season will pretty much hinge on coaching decisions(getting the most dynamic qb on the field), getting the ball downfield, health of qb and the degree the new standout qb’s live up to their hype/promise.
    Will Penix get the nod ? Is he ready physically? Is the knee 100%? Will he display confidence with the knee? And will he live up to the proclaimed “it factor.”
    Will Tuttle prove to be a great addition?

    Quarterback play is crucial.

    Lastly, when we will see a Hoosier team that can sustain for four quarters against upper echelon Big teams? Are we at that point in our depth? Do we have enough offensive firepower to take some stress off of Allen’s defense?

    1. H4H,
      It took me a long time to come to realize that MP was not quite physically ready to play in the B1G as you have suggested last year. However, I am still not sure if it might not have been worth it to go ahead and get him seasoned against the lesser competition. I still think the injury was the product of lack of game time experience prior to going in against an upper echelon B1G team. It was obvious his mere presence forced PSU to alter their defensive scheme and I believe it could have payed dividends against many of the lesser teams on the schedule.

      Had Penix been the number one guy from the beginning, I believe he would have been better schooled to not take the unnecessary risk he did with PSU. That being said, I too hope he is fully up to speed by start of camp. Should produce an interesting time for our gang’s continued discussions.

      1. Can’t knock Wilson too hard because Lagow was lousy. You could maybe knock Wilson for not having a better option.

        1. An OSU offensive coordinator was recently an IU coach?

          It’s sort of like hearing George Clooney just married Fran Lebowitz. Why? How?…And what am I missing?

        2. Sooo, I guess Coach Allen gets a pass on Ramsey.

          I think everyone on this site thinks the team could have performed better with a better quarterback so…can’t blame Allen.

          1. Chet,
            I don’t believe he had a viable option last year. I believe both TA and DeBord realized they had a problem going into the program, but it takes time to fix it. I think they went out got the best they could get to come to IU at the time. No doubt Dawkins was brought in as hopefully a quick fix until Penix could be readied. Problem was Dawkins didn’t pan out, MP wasn’t ready yet, then got hurt, thus TA was left with only one option.

            We have to remember getting quality players to commit to IUFB is always a challenge and QB is the most challenging. Looks like they are on the right path now, but only time will tell.

          2. FS,
            I don’t think red-shirting Penix was ever an option, too much talent. If MP is as advertised (and I reserve that caveat), you can’t keep that kind of talent on the sideline for long in this day and age. Far too many options out there with the new transfer rules. Not to mention, if he is as good as thought, there is no guarantee you will be able to keep him at IU for a 5th year anyway. If my guess is correct, then everything was a delaying action until the PSU game.

            If MP had not gotten hurt, would have probably started the rest of the year. You could tell it, as another has posted to this board, in PR’s body language after being pulled in favor of MP. It would appear the staff had gotten to the comfort level of putting MP out there against a top tier B1G team for an extended period of time. Would have loved to have seen his continued development the rest of the season.

          3. Well, thise are all fascinating answers but nobody has even approached the area code of answering my question.

            FS said Wilson should get a pass on his last season because of quarterback performance. I asked, if it that is true, shouldn’t CTA also get a pass on last season because of quarterback performance?

          4. My mistake Chet,
            Absolutely misread the intent of your post. CTA should absolutely get a pass on the QB play for the last two years. PR is a great kid, but unless miracles are performed, he is not a B1G caliber QB. It is believed IU now has two B1G caliber QB’s on the roster, but only time will tell. The reason for the pass on TA, is you don’t recruit or grow B1G caliber QB’s overnight, especially if you have a history like IUFB. It is amazing that if Penix and Tuttle pan out, that he was able to recruit two such talented QB’s in as short of a time as he did.

  3. Let’s face, IUFB’s past makes it hard to believe IU can change its FB program. I see changes being made and we will see if the new OC is ready to change the fortunes of the offense. The pedigree of the last two class came from strong areas of football in the country and winning teams. The experience of winning and the level of competition most played against in HS leads me to believe they have less adjustment coming to the B1G.

    IU is a different situation than PU or MN. Fleck had older players that won nine games under the old staff yet came in and won three the first year. The older players they have are very good and that helps cover up for the younger players. PU benefited from 6 grad transfers Brohms first year that played major roles. Yet PU is just two games better than IU after two years. What IU is missing is the signature win PU had against OSU. How much of that is due to the scare IU gave OSU over the past several years making the Buckeyes ready to play IU. PU on the other hand, never were a threat against OSU the past several years and it was clear OSU played poorly at Purdue. Add in the history of this century with PU beating OSU at Purdue and it is easy to get the players to believe they could win.

    IU needs to start winning the close games and not just finishing close. A signature win or two would do wonders for the program and its fan base.

  4. I do like the idea of “signature” wins….Wonder how many of us could see a “signature” on our paychecks if we couldn’t sustain at our jobs? Would we see the “signature” if we never looked like we belonged with the department of our peers?

    Some wonderful jobs in the world of college sports….Offer promises…keep postponing so-called “breakthroughs”….develop catchy phrases like “Win Today”(2011) while never living up to any of it and still get that SIGNATURE on a three million dollar paycheck.

    Banner-up! Everything Hinges! Hoosier Rising! Win Today! Breakthrough! …..Here’s a few more for you: Snow JobToday!… Malarkey Madness! …Boloney UP! … Signature Carnival Talk! …Fakethrough..Comatose Stadium!

  5. I’ve never been one to say this is the year. I instead let the season play out and hope for the best.

    Do I think IU is moving in a better direction (hate to use the term right direction), yes. The 2017 team surprised me defensively. If the offense could have matched the defenses improvement IU would have had that elusive sixth win or better season. 2018 was a drop off both offensively and defensively. I attribute that to inexperience/youth, and a lack of quality depth.

    This season I hope to see the defense show improvement. I don’t put a great deal of stock in true freshmen being the answer. Most of the players in the two deep will be those who have been with the program two years or longer. The freshmen will be nice complementary players. A little youth mixed in with a majority of veteran players is usually a way to achieve a successful season.

    On a separate topic I know there has been a great deal of comparisons made between Allen and Brohm. Yes PU probably benefits from playing in the west division, and have only achieved a .500 record, but what I consider the bigget difference between him and Allen is the fact that Brohm didn’t take on any extra responsibilities. As the head coach he hired coordinators from the onset who either came with him from EKU, or hired new assistants that fit his philosophy.
    In my opinion this was what helped Brohm get two bowl seasons. Allen made what I believe to be a critical error in judgement. He was a first time college head football coach, and his own defensive coordinator, two positions that are equally demanding. I feel he may have spread himself too thin. Chalk it up to learning to be a D1, Power 5 college football coach. Now he has two coordinators and he can oversee both of them. Hopefully he has given the keys to the car so that both can apply their strengths in their respective areas while keeping in line with what Tom Allen expects from them.

    Just my two cents.

  6. Think- I’m not buying that for a minute. Penn St was the 8th game of the season and was Penix’s second appearance. Call it what you want but I don’t think TA had any intentions of burning Penix’s redshirt by playing more than four games last season.

    1. You might want to rethink that just a little bit there FS,

      At that point IUFB was 4-3, with at least 3 winnable games of the 4 left on the schedule assuming better QB play of which they only won 1. Not saying they would have won the PSU game or the remaining 4, but their odds would have been much better. No one would have been able to play the 8,9, & 10 men in the box defenses we saw. Imagine what our young RB Mr. Scott, which this whole article was about, could have done if he hadn’t been forced to run against defenses stacked at the line of scrimmage.

        1. Check that* One more game. I thought he only played in one prior to the Penn St game but he saw time against Ball St and FIU.

        2. FS,
          Not the end of the story, think it through. We’re talking about Stevie Scott being on the Maxwell list as a freshman. Do you think they would have red shirted him had the injury and dismissal not occurred? I don’t think TA has a problem throwing out a red shirt if it will benefit the everyone. The only concern I see TA having is can this particular freshman benefit the everyone?

          If you not see the PSU game when MP went into the line up you should go back and look at what the PSU defense did before and after MP entered the game. I think the effect MP had on that game certainly benefited the team immediately as Mr. Scott was off to the races for a long TD very soon after. Why did that happen? The line of scrimmage was not packed.

          If the staff felt MP was ready to go at the PSU game, I don’t see TA throwing away the rest of season just to save a redshirt. I sure doubt if MP saw it that way either, he wanted to be in there last fall. He even went to the effort of enrolling early in order to participate in the spring practices so he could challenge for the starter’s role in the fall.

          1. Penix was IU’s best passer the day he stepped on campus. I wanted him to start day one. I already knew what he was bringing to the table having seen him play at Tampa Tech three times.

            You really don’t think TA planned on redshirting him all along? TA has stated on numerous occasions about building the team/program for the long haul and him redshirting Penix fell right in line with that. I didn’t agree with his choice on Penix but it’s not up to me. He wants all of the years of Penix he can get. If he didn’t plan on redshirting Penix there is no way he wouldn’t have played between the Ball St game and the Penn St game.

          2. FS,
            You and I are in absolute agreement that MP was the best passer the moment he stepped on campus. I do think however H4H may have a point that he was not physically ready to go immediately. I thought MP should have been the starter from the opening game, but maybe the staff wanted to bring him along slowly. However, maybe the PSU game was the target to see if he had what it took at that time. If not, redshirt. If he did, start him the rest of the season. Unfortunately, we will never know as the injury took that decision off the table. Only thing I can judge it by was the effect he had on the field before the injury which was substantial to anyone who saw the game.

          3. Uncharted territory is pretty much the definition for IU Football…Always a new coach…Always a new qb question…Always a first.

            A big win against any top BigTen East team will be Allen’s first…will be the designated quarterback’s first…and will be a first for almost all fans under 60 years old.

            It’s hard to be critical of any decision(though I just was) because there are no charts. There is no “been there before.” There is no opportunity to experiment with the type of deep talent and deep rosters of most our best foes in the conference. Every decision has very little room for error. Risk will always need to be employed and taken on the chin if it doesn’t work. I don’t envy any coach …or any one busting ass on that field with so much stacked against them.

            When you sign with IU, you’ve gotta know that you’ll be asked to be ready sooner…and you’ve gotta know things won’t always be predictable or fair. We simply don’t have the depth or the guns…or the established coaching pedigree to smooth out the bumps in the road.

            And all of the above is why I cringe with coaches who take over this program with a risk-averse mentality. Decades of disastrous football doesn’t afford you such luxuries.

  7. Mishandled qb situations at IU..? You must be kidding. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…then it’s a duck. We rarely seem to have anyone who is a clear frontrunner….or we never see them for more than a glimpse before injury. If Penix is now more beefed-up and ready to go ….?…or if Tuttle looks like the next John Elway…?…., 10 to 1 says we still see Ramsey. Must honor the returning starter.
    There’s that damn duck again….Reminds me of an old children’s nursery rhyme.

    I simply want to hear Don Fischer…say “There appears to be a change…Is that Tuttle in the huddle?” After that point, I’m happy enough to sustain boredom until hoops begin.

  8. Don’t forget about the veteran dual-purpose quarterback that transferred from Arizona. I think TA planned to redshirt Penix until that guy bailed out.

    I think too many of us use IU’s history of losing in football as an excuse or as a means of justifying why it takes so long to “re-build” the program. History probably plays a minor role, but coaching talent and experience is the primary issue. And IU has simply been far too miserly to pay for the talent necessary to hire a coach who could turn the football program around in a shorter amount of time, if at all. It’s about spending the money necessary to get and keep the right talent. In the end, that’s the key ingredient. Yes, Purdue has a better long-term history in football than IU does, but most HS kids being recruited don’t know that and don’t care. It’s the coaching staff that influences where they choose to play, not the 100-year history of the program. The best players want to pursue their dream of playing in the NFL and will sign with the coach who is most likely to help them achieve that goal. Purdue hired an experienced, proven head coach who enjoyed some name recognition in the midwest. IU hired a relative unknown who had no head-coaching experience. TA may become a great head coach, but that explains the difference between Purdue’s and IU’s records over last two seasons. Remember, Purdue was absolutely terrible during the four years before they hired Brohm.

  9. I mentioned Dawkins…I guess it was one of my posts that didn’t make it to the party.

    Here it is:

    Harvard for Hillbillies says:
    July 17, 2019 at 3:02 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Redshirting Penix may have been Plan A due to Penix’s lack of physicality(very thin for BigTen abuse), but pressure began to mount in terms of another losing season(let’s not forget all the “breakthrough” talk). Options became fewer with Dawkins no longer on the team….Ramsey was looking disastrous against Penn State.
    If you planned on redshirting a guy, you don’t put him in during the hotly contested portion of a game(bailout situation) against a rather formidable opponent(Michigan, OSU or PSU)…You live and die with your choice(Ramsey) and you use Penix in situations where the game is already decided or it’s a weaker team than the ‘Murderer’s Row’ of the BigEast.
    Allen put Penix into a prime time/mid-game situation against a strong PSU team because a) the offense under Ramsey was stymied, b) Allen wanted to pull an upset with some Penix hero ball and c) save the season that was reaching desperation point for a “signature” or “breakthrough” win/moment…(along with possible bowl implications down the road).
    I believe “redshirt” thought processes ended with Penn State due to just how badly Ramsey looked against an intelligently coached and deep team.
    If Penix was too frail, he should have never stepped onto the field in any scenario(certainly not thrown to the “lions” to save a game against PSU). Dawkins should have been named the starter prior to his “reexamination” of his life. A bench designation for a pretty successful qb transferring from Arizona makes for much disheartened outlooks. We needed arm and we needed speed + physicality in the qb/run option game. If it wasn’t going to be Penix due to lack of physical development, then it should have been Dawkins from the beginning. Ramsey was not going to transfer or “reexamine” his options/life outside of IU.

      1. WHAT!?….What’s unnerving is that we are setting the qb table in very similar fashion again.

        Penix may be “beefier” but is the knee ready for big hits….? Body more ready but could knee still be suspect? Still not much PT experience. Confidence in the wheels and comfort levels aren’t exactly optimum.
        Tuttle becomes Dawkins. If Penix isn’t ready, does Tuttle get the nod? Does he get immediately moved up the ladder because he possesses the downfield abilities needed when we get to far better opponents in the heart of the schedule?

        Ooooooor,….does it play out the same exact way?
        Ramsey at the helm slow and steady. Big plays(and big waves) are few. He’s looking like Bart Starr navigating to perfection…Suddenly there’s a giant hole in the boat. We must sail to nearest land quickly(also known as the end zone)…The big play sails are too heavy. Sharks in water…Experience combined with downfield/’Big Sail” capabilities must happen now. Captain Ramsey is sent to his cabin. Captain Tuttle is called from his card game…..Cue Gilligan’s Island song.

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