Florida TE Williams commits to Hoosiers #iufb

Indiana not only held media day on Thursday, but the Hoosiers picked up their 15th commitment in the class of 2020.

Jalen Williams, a three-star tight end from Apopka, Fla., tweeted out his commitment to IU early Thursday evening.

The 6-foot-7, 200-pounder is the No. 38 tight end in the nation and the No. 115 overall prospect in the state of Florida according to 247sports.com.

Williams, who made 34 receptions for 489 yards and four touchdowns as a junior, chose Indiana over offers from Central Florida, Iowa State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Tennessee and Virginia, among others.

He is the third commit from the state of Florida in the 2020 class.


  1. Excellent. Higher 3 star at 76 per Espn.
    T.A. picture with player reminds me of a similar pic. of T. Moren and N.D. transfer to IU.

  2. A big target at 6′ 7″ to be sure, but a B1G tight end at 200 lbs.? Blocking is often a matter of heart, but mass certainly helps. I looked up the top 100 2019 HS TE recruits and very, very few were under 220 lbs. 247 Sports indeed has the lad at #38 TE, but even the guys going to Harvard were 225 and 240. Maybe a lot of that is brains. Or could it be that Williams’ weight is honestly reported and EVERYONE ELSE IS LYING?????

    1. I coached a kid who was a really good high school player but I honestly didn’t see him as P5 player. He was a 6’4″, 210lb DE.

      To our surprise Notre Dame recruited him.

      By his junior year he was starting at linebacker for the Irish. He was a monster.

      They really like these tall, long players these days.

    1. He’s not a speedster but he’ll probably line up outside at times. Massive target with soft hands and could develop into a redzone monster. S&C will slap 30 lbs on his frame in no time, plus he still has a year before he even gets on campus unless he enrolls early.

    2. I’m hoping this is the 1st sign KD’s offense is likely to make Bloomington TE-U. Look what Iowa has done over the years with a very vanilla, conservative B1G style offense but featuring matchups using high powered specialists TE. Several of their most recent seasons injuries have riddled their RB quality and depth but outstanding TE skills and use supplemented and supported moving the chains with top notch blocking and high level receiving. A clear example was during IU/Iowa game last season 1 of those 2 1st round TEs absolutely leveled DE Ziemba, I mean knocked flat on his back on play advancing the Hawks near the RZ. It was shocking to me to see a DL put so hard and decisively on the ground. Blocking such as that by IU with the RB talent in C&C would make play action options a natural.

  3. He’s 17 yrs old he’ll grow into his body jeez i dont get the why a few people mentioned his weight as a senior in high school so that has nothin to do with anything

  4. I’ll bet that by the time he’s a true sophomore he’ll weigh 230 or more. I have no problem with him being 200 lbs. now. He’ll probably add 10 to 15 pounds before he arrives on campus, and then 15 more during his first two years with IU’s S&C program. If he can run close to a 4.7 in the 40, his height will make him a nightmare for linebackers and safeties to cover. You could be glued to him and he’d still catch the ball if it’s placed high enough.

  5. hmmm….when was the last time IU recruited an athletic but too skinny tight end? Oh yeah, Ian Thomas and he’s starting in the NFL. Big upside to this kid. Great get.

    1. Thomas was a juco and much, much more filled out than this kid. IT was a raw athlete who was well into his physical development when IU found him in NY.

  6. Since he’s still just 17, he may actually grow another half inch or more. I grew 2.5 inches after graduating from HS. I like this recruit.

  7. Thomas came out of CC @ 220 lbs which is probably where this kid will be when he gets to IU. He is a string bean but he’s a strong, athletic string bean! Watch how he’s putting kids on their a$$ when he’s blocking. He’s also able to break a lot of tackles and is quick off the line which can be a problem for tall tight ends. Soft hands and a very fluid runner too. I used to work out with a high jumper from U of Florida. He was 6’5″ and 195 lbs but he could bench press 400. This kid might have that same build with the same deceptive strength.

  8. I am not concerned about his weight at TE since he is just a jr in HS now. As other people have pointed out he will put on a lot of weight by the time he gets to be a soph at IU. He is a physical player that puts defensive players on their butts. With the new offense I expect he will play more of a H back position to get him in different spots of the offense. IU has enough young talented TEs to worry about needing a TE to be ready when they come to IU.

  9. I think they’ll use Gary Cooper as an H back. Here’s something I noticed. How good has TA’s recruiting been? Half of IU’s 8 all-time highest-ranked recruits will be on the next year’s team. All were recruited by Coach Allen.

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