ICYMI: Top IU athletic department salaries for 2020 fiscal year

In case you missed it, Herald-Times higher education reporter Michael Reschke recently wrote on Indiana University’s top base salaries for the 2020 fiscal year, and the athletic department (unsurprisingly) had several in the top 10.

After president Michael McRobbie’s salary of $649,444, athletic director Fred Glass came in at $572,262. That was followed by men’s basketball coach Archie Miller ($550,000) at No. 3, football coach Tom Allen ($500,000) and offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer ($500,000) tied at No. 5, and defensive coordinator Kane Wommack ($450,000) at No. 8. 

Base salary isn’t the total compensation package Glass or these coaches receive. According to an H-T article from 2017, Glass is eligible for performance bonuses of up to 20 percent of his base salary each year he is employed.

Miller is set to make an average of $3.35 million annually over the life of his contract.

The information IU provided for the H-T’s open records request does show a significant increase in spending for IU football coaches over the last year. Wommack, who was previously the linebackers coach, saw his salary double from $225,000. DeBoer’s contract can push closer to $1 million with performance bonuses, which is the richest salary for a coordinator in program history.

IU also staved off the snatching away of performance coaches David Ballou (strength) and Dr. Matt Rhea (speed) by giving them raises in December. Ballou’s salary jumped from $216,000 to $400,000, while Rhea’s increased from $150,000 to $375,000.

The raises for Ballou and Rhea double-down on the Hoosiers’ belief in their development program. While USA Today’s database for NCAA strength coaches does not appear totally up-to-date, it lists only 16 coaches with a salary greater than $375,000.

Ballou’s previous salary is listed at No. 46, one spot above Purdue’s Justin Lovett ($210,000). At the top of the database’s list is Iowa’s Chris Doyle at $725,000. Ohio State’s Mickey Marotti ($613,060), Michigan’s Ben Herbert ($500,000), and Nebraska’s Zach Duval ($375,000) are also high on the list.

The Hoosier football program was also just introduced to its new locker room via a multi-million-dollar renovation project. Allen, a native Hoosier, harkened back to the Bill Mallory years to contrast the current level of financial support for IU football.

“I’m not saying he wasn’t given that support, I’m not criticizing anybody. I’m just saying from a facilities perspective, it’s different,” Allen said at Big Ten media days in July. “From an investment in the coaching staff, it’s different. Credit Fred Glass and the administration for that.

“We have to not just talk about it. We have to put your money where your mouth is, per se. And you have to do that in this day and age in big-time college sports.”

IU may have more tradition in basketball, but football is a money-maker. According to the IU athletic department’s 2018 financial statement, the Hoosier football program drew in nearly $52 million ($27.46 million after expenses). A good chunk of that, $30.7 million, was via media rights. Basketball, by comparison, drew in $10.1 million from media rights that fiscal year.

In 2017, about $13.3 million of IU’s $21.7 million in media rights came via football.


  1. Without doing any math breakdowns and just thoughts…. I suppose that equals about 500000 investment (including everything year to year) per game for participation and a about a 1000000 per win. Not just at IU but across the board at every major college athletic program. It’s even more expensive in what is commonly referred to as professional sports.

  2. T.A. skirted hypocrisy politically correct comment referring to Mallory support “I’m not saying that he wasn’t given that support, I’m not criticizing anybody. I’m just saying from a facilities perspective, it’s different.” Well, I am not being critical of T.A. perspective because that is a common way to make comparisons in our self righteous society. So, T.A. Is definitely within the norm regarding his statement. It is the way most of those living the good life financially often tend to communicate.

  3. The “media rights” revenue may be a bit deceiving….When you’re not going deep into March Madness, I’m not sure how many millions are lost in media rights.

    I’m also wondering how just one football game against an OSU or Michigan accounts fuels the “media rights” revenue. As much as we bitch about living in the toughest side of the division, do the more stellar teams bring in more “media rights” dollars?

    Personally, I think the S&C salaries are obscene. Well, come to think of it, all the salaries are sort of obscene when considering just how low the bar of accomplishments for IU Basketball and IU Football over the last few decades.

    We’ve “shown the money” to an AD and a revolving door of head coaches, assistants, strength coaches, etc. etc. for a very long time….but what has the money shown in the way of higher tier bowl games, Elite Eights…or Final Fours?

    Everyone walks away from IU fully enriched except the fans.
    As t has said many times…(paraphrasing), very good gigs if you have the inside political/business tracks and connections based in nepotism and the sphere of hand-outs to land them.

    1. Just how can the S&C salaries in football be “obscene” when the entire athletic department is positive, the football program is improving, and the basketball program is treading water? You are misguided.

      1. Until we prove we can defeat any upper tier team from our conference once in a blue moon (which then qualifies us to get a bit less annihilated by an average team in a far superior SEC…see ‘thinkaboutit’), I would say any IU Football Kool-aid drinker is far more misguided to believe any of these salaries justify the miniscule results the fans have been pained to witness and duped to believe an improved product.

        There is nothing improved in football until it shows in a win column on a consistent basis(including defeating some of the upper tier teams once every 5-10 years). Basketball? Treading water now, I suppose. It was at sea without a life preserver under the last clueless Love Boat captain (he certainly “promised something for everyone” misguided into believing he could coach at an 8th grade level) .

        Why must Glass be oversold to such a high degree? Because of some hodgepodge improvements to 1970’s outdated stadium architecture and catchy billboard slogans? Basketball under his watch has done nothing in March Madness(25 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours for nine Midwestern programs not IU)…and the same stagnancy basically remains in football. Our most knowledgeable coach over the last decade was fumbled to OSU. Stellar achievements.

    2. H4H,
      I am with BP & HC on this one. The only thing which is obscene about the S&C salaries is that it took the fear of losing them to get the pay to what is hopefully an appropriate level. Whether any of us like it or not, college athletics is now a business. If you do not understand that, you will be left behind in a big way. We see very clearly that other programs are aware of what the S&C program is beginning to produce. Fred Glass better keep his pocketbook open because if IUFB starts showing the least bit of success, the sharks will start circling.

      The days of old where college athletics were nothing more than a glorified intramural program are long gone. You have made much about my SEC comments, but the real reason I hold the SEC up is because they are doing what is necessary (the usual allegations aside) to remain competitive in today’s college athletic environment. I wish the B1G would figure this out, and IU in particular, because the day of paying college athletes is coming rapidly. The bigger concern is if TA can actually pull off the miracle of making IUFB relevant, how much is it going to cost to keep him? Remember Saban, Swinney, and even Harbaugh, have set the salary bar very high, but at long established football powerhouses.

      What will TA & staff’s market value be if they can make the laughingstock of the college football world something more than a perennial doormat? Yes, coaching is a great gig if you can get it and make big bucks, but remember, very few can pull it well enough to be even a failure at the job. Imagine how small the pool gets for those who can actually be successful.

      1. Yeah…we were an “intramural program” when we were kicking your SEC asses in basketball. Sure, we lost our way and thought football could be worth the investment in a stadium which will never be !/2 full on a consistent basis….but you keep believing those banners in Assembly are invisible. They may be old banners….but so is George Washington’s home.

        This failed football experiment and waste of money under Fred is the biggest reason Butler and Michigan were going to Final Fours and we were experience Fred’s Marquette bro killing of another hoops decade.

        You’ll learn. Don’t hold your breath on football….You would have suffocated 40 years ago.

        1. And without the corrupt coach at UK and his mini NBA farm demanding of a quality classroom experience, where would the SEC be in basketball? If football is their panacea, then they should close down all their basketball programs….(which would barely be noticed since the exit of Billy Donovan).

          The truly terrible businessmen spread the butter everywhere and muddy up a simple formula in what made them successful and built an identity.
          That is the trend of the day; be everything to everybody(along with the cultural/social media trends to make one look to be far more than they are…a.k.a. narcissism gone wild). And even if it momentarily works in football, the cost will be greater as you continue to relinquish what made a university stand tall and separate itself from the rest of the Midwest.

          If you truly believe IU can be both, that’s fine. The rest have been attempting to be both and they’ve rarely proven to make any noise in either sport when all is said and done.

          It’s no surprise that an SEC lovin’ football fan would want to discount our cloth in Assembly. Those repeated legit beatings from Knight and Hoosier hoops given to the South still sting far more than missing out on a bowl popularity contest. At the end of the day, even the playoff system is a popularity contest hardly representative of any true test in superiority. College football has always been a joke…and still is. Disney World makes a ton of money at fantasy too.

        2. Didn’t IU win against the last SEC division champion they played? It wasn’t that long ago.

          Cue the “Well…sure…but” response.

  4. I would like to see the total I U Athletic Department’s 2018 Revenues and Expenditures Statement that contains all the revenue and expenditures for the department, instead of just some of the selected items . The complete ball of wax that includes the Varsity Club scholarship donations, money from endowed scholarships and any reimbursement for expenses that are made between the University General Fund and the Athletic Fund, or Revenue that transferred from the I U Athletic Department to other University Funds. Like the old saying, “People in Hell Want Ice Water.

  5. Coach Allen announced today that Whitner from IMG is now with the team. He is another big player for the DL at 6’3″ 305. This finishes the 2019 class with all signees now on the team. Whitner is getting a late start but I hope he can be ready to play in the last 4 games this year to gain experience for 2020.

  6. Credit to Glass for finally spending on football. It’s good to see IU FB coaches getting paid a truly competitive compensation package, and for some, above average. Nice to see Glass has learned to be proactive by increasing compensation before a good coach gets poached. Better late than never, and it only took Glass 11 years before he figured out what it’s going to take to have a chance at being competitive in the one major revenue producing sport.

    If IU produces a winning season this year or next, Glass is going to have to pony up a lot more money to keep Allen and his top assistants at IU. Remember, Clemson’s head coach sets the bar with a total compensation package exceeding $9 million per year.

    1. Allen is at IU for life if we just pay him fairly! He is a Hoosier, he loves the state and town and he is modest in his finances. He is very aggressive for his program and reputation! He is a rare head football coach for IU!

  7. Football may produce revenue (as it probably did during the Knight years), but it is nothing of our national identity. It is nothing of our notoriety. It is nothing of our state’s heritage tied with heartstrings to its most popular sport. It is nothing of our grandest accomplishments on the biggest stages.
    Football is a rather distraction of importance….It will be a distraction of importance long after HT, HSR and Scoopers are dust in the wind.

    Glass has got zilch correct because he’s batting zero to bring us back to our true identity. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters. Indiana goes to bed at night as a trophy wife still living off the inheritance of candy stripes and Bob Knight.

    Distract as you may….Make it all about pay. The name means next to nothing on the marquee(as it means nothing for so many schools) without the basketball that once made us one of the truly elite sports programs in the country.

    Every dime made in football should have been used on Brad Stevens. Fred fumbled it all away on a charlatan.

  8. Slice of the American Pie for those who benefit = financial happiness who get to eat their slice of pie. Even Ball State football coach makes $431,000 base salary a year. One may say not a lot compared to many others and coaches have to win. Yes, but their skill set (or unskilled set) allows them opportunity to be employed at a good salary at different positions in other programs. What a racket. Just one of the great opportunities that ranks up there in this worldly life. All the money makes it that much more fun and loving and the pie…is the best most delicious pie one will ever eat.

    1. Go be a college coach. You’re free to do so. Of course the 1st 7-9 years could be challenging considering sharing the 1 bedroom apartments, the PB&J, cans of sardines, wardrobe from Goodwill and driving 15-20 year old near junk car. It’s a feather bed career. Go get some.

      1. Were you ever on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous…? Lord, one would think you built an empire of widgets reaching the moon. You know no more about business than an eggplant.

      2. Tom Crean had Bruno Magli shoes…but his coaching was still from Goodwill…..Tom Izzo’s goodwill and a couple brother-in-laws with a name to lean on.

        Let’s quit pretending that every huge wage earner has walked on water…..Coattails and con jobs…Coattails and con jobs….mix in some religious spew/seasoning to taste.

        Nothing has evolved. Greatness used to stand on its own two feet. And that’s why so many in the Establishment hate Knight. He didn’t come on anyone’s coattails…He didn’t have to sell an ideology. He spit in the face of handlers, meddlers and those who wanted a piece of the action though never did a damn thing to earn it. He sold IU Basketball and molded kids to put their team ahead of themselves. What an odd concept in today’s pampered world.

        1. There may never have been a college basketball coach who ever hung on the coattails of the greats as RMK and he will be the first to say so. He paid homage the Claire Bees and Hank Ibas of the world more than anyone who ever coached the game.

          He often said words to the effect that he rode their coattails.

          1. Yeah, and he never made the talk cheap. He made it Indiana and kept her humble. He paid the greatest homage by bringing home some trophies rather than inventing slogans while pretending as if some heavenly ghost taught and a mirror taught him basketball.

            It went right over your head…..Everyone has mentors. Con men use the names of those that were never their own. They seek the handshake of association rather than the floor burn.

      3. Yeah, makes you wonder why more football fans don’t get off the couch and claim some of that easy money.

  9. As far as money for sports besides pay or salaries…like other enterprises….start brainstorming all the expenses involved. That list goes on and on and on and on…..

  10. An overly inflated “expense” is often a name for another insider to make an overinflated gain. Somebody has to get those contracts to remodel/enhance/modernize stadiums …A narrow profit or margin may not be as narrow as it appears on a balance sheet after the kickbacks wrought in corruption which were disguised in an “expense.”
    Much like the needless spending seen in some municipalities/towns…or the puzzling office spaces and strip-malls that rise up from the ground never to have decent occupancy/tenants; dollars wasted in graft and under the table contracts where the expense is a padded cost (the actual “expense” a much lower number) additionally profiting both parties while placing more burden on the taxpayers.

    1. I’ve been in business a long long time and dealt with well over a thousand and a half decision makers and only 1 of them was dirty and he presently is serving his punishment. Very, very few successful people are dirty and very, very few who aren’t successful were held down by someone who is. But it makes for a good excuse.

  11. I go swim and workout at the New Albany Y and some of the members are New Albany High School Basketball season ticket holders and are trying to reconcile their earnings in their life time of work with Romeo Langford’s multimillion dollar contract. It was just over a year ago they watched Romeo playing high school basketball, now just a year later, this high school player is now in an income league that’s way out of life time of earnings. I made the comment that you can’t compare your earnings to his, because Romeo has hit the, “ athletic lottery” during his lifetime ,

  12. Insiders, networks, and the connected. HC. in most cases nowadays your assessment is so outdated you must be a 100 years old. Many years ago I might tend to agree. Whether from the high school ranks or other jobs almost all in the sports/coaching profession put in many hours and make some sacrifices like many jobs and careers require. They are hardly starving, living a homeless life and eating sardines.
    My point is the good gig job scales are so out of balance with the median worker nowadays, not just in IU sports and all sports but in most career/job areas. The average CEO in 1965 era made about 20 times the median income more than workers in that particular area. Pay was lower then. Nowadays, the average CEO MAKES ABOUT 281 TIMES THE MEDIAN INCOME MORE THAN WORKERS IN THAT PARTICULAR AREA. As H4H elaborated with a little partial list brainstorming (H4H didn’t include the stratigically placed trees and flowers planted by the landscaping company) what is going on in this corrupt and laws/political decisions slanted towards this corruption modified capitalistic system all across the board; not just sports. And then the tax dollars and how wealth is distributed…bunches of it does make its way to the wealthy. Mostly, what they know to do is ask for more money. No, it’s not about being left behind. My eyes are wide open and see what is happening right in front of me.

    1. I’m still in business today.
      In other words that 1500 is growing every month. You have justly proved there is no shortage of excuses and they are so easy own.

      1. I think you’re deep in your own business….BS isn’t just a degree.

          1. I’m not pounding my chest. I’m fine.
            It’s just silly to sell success and pay people as if it’s success being rewarded when it is not. We are the most bankrupt football program in history. It’s not like we’ve experienced any return on the dollar….If our football program was a business, it would have been sued 1000 times over for false advertising, failure to deliver a quality product as promised and windows boarded with no potential buyers because the location comes with the sorry reputation. Let’s get real here.

    2. ^^^Exactly, t. Most are blind to the deterioration and degradation of democracy. The game has been fixed for a long time. The big monster coming from the sea is not Lady Liberty(poem alterations not included) . The big monster is the tidal wave of debt(college loans, credit card debt, medical expenses debt) coming to America. Well, it’s really already here but the mirage is the stock market for the rich propping up the rickety hut. The tidal wave is the Anti-green Monster of fake income. It’s called borrowing, borrowing …and more borrowing under the stagnant wage system that made the richer get richer and the greedier get greedier. It’s the ‘Debt of No Return’ ; how the average wage earner has survived and attempted to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ (the big American “sell job” / “dream world” perpetuated by the wealthy to make them more wealthy(but they ain’t sharing in the profits..They’re keeping all the wealth in the hands of the 1%).
      The con game continues. Lady Liberty must keep out people who can’t stand on their own two feet. Isn’t that ironic when most of the lower and middle class hasn’t truly stood on wages for decades. They’ve stood on debt to merely appear as if some so-called “standard of living” is being achieved.
      Capitalism isn’t in decline. It basically no longer exists…but for only the greedy who have Ms. Liberty in shackles. They have stolen pension funds and used all the loopholes in tax laws they have written to favor themselves. Meanwhile, the poor and middle class must support this fraudulent system. We’ll go to jail if we don’t pay our student loans. Our wages will be withheld. Our measly refunds will be taken.

  13. I agree that TA loves IU, is loyal and is glad to be where he’s at. But the man is a competitor, and I assume he, like all other Power-five conference football coaches, has an ego. If some other Power-five conference school offers him $4 million per, guaranteed for five years, and a bigger budget through which he can pursue winning at a higher level, he’ll either make IU match that offer or will take the money and run. He’d be stupid not to, and I don’t think TA is stupid. I think it is fair to say that TA is more loyal to his family than he is to IU or the state of Indiana and would advance his career and increase his earnings so that his family is financially set for life.

  14. We’re already talkin’ Tom Allen getting poached with a 20 million dollar 5-yr guarantee and he’s yet to beat anyone worth a hoot in the Big10?

    We remain 40 years behind in filet mignon wins….but still somehow get ahead of ourselves in protecting the hamburger helper. Is this not the classic definition of the wimpiest football culture in history? Good Lord….How about we see if he can even get to .500 in a conference W-L record before we chain up some pit bulls around the grounds.

    1. H4H,
      In the reality of the athletic world, moves are made based on potential not current results. If TA shows the potential to turn a program around such as IUFB, the sky is the limit in terms of suitors for his services. Hoosier Nation must be aware of this possibility and prepare appropriately. The case of the S&C coaches is proof positive of just what I said. No, there has not been much in terms of W/L results on the field, but competitor programs are fully aware of the IUFB S&C program potential. This is why IU had to up the cash quickly lest two important pieces to the puzzle be pirated away by other programs.

  15. I often wonder it all makes a sports journalist cynical…How crazy can it all get(especially the insane salaries) before they just don’t give a damn to write about it anymore? How narcissistic must the average coach become… or h ow self-engrossed the kid exploring his NBA opportunities while getting a free education?

    When does is all just finally make the guy being paid 30,000/yr want to throw up and cease from propping up the money beast via glamorizing and using creative reporting/writing/speaking skills to feed it and cover it?

    When does the sports journalist finally begin to feel like a coat check person taking care of Mrs. Fat Frowns fur coat? Here’s your dollar…Thank you for watching it..and talking about it…and admiring it. See you next time.

    1. H4H,
      If you had the ability to throw a football at an nfl level or play basketball at an nba level, would you want to be paid 30k a year? Especially if you are a nfl caliber running back with an average time in the league of between 2 and 3 years?

    1. t,
      For 3 or 4 very brief periods IUFB has had potential over the last 130 years, but most of the time it has not.

  16. Envy, being one of the seven deadly sins, is corrosive to an individual. Instead of resenting someone for making a lot of money due to their unique talent and/or superior work ethic, I choose to celebrate those people and remain grateful that we live in a society where gifted, hard-working people can achieve great financial success. As long as those rare individuals are achieving success within the rules/law and not cheating, damaging or victimizing others, then achieving that wealth is a great thing. It motivates other, often younger people, to strive to achieve similar or greater success. Usually, someone who has become wealthy is a person who has been involved in providing great value to society. For professional athletes, that value is the entertainment they provide to the masses, giving them a temporary respite from the every-day challenges/problems they face. When I went to the ball park to watch Mike Trout play, seeing him blast a 450 ft. home run or turn a double into a triple with his speed, was thrilling. And never did I question the price I paid for my ticket.

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