IU men’s basketball releases 2019-20 schedule

Indiana men’s basketball has released its full schedule for the 2019-20 season.

Along with what is usually a challenging conference slate, the Hoosiers have some compelling non-conference matchups with Florida State (ACC/Big Ten Challenge) and UConn (Jimmy V Classic), as well as Arkansas just a couple of days before New Year’s.

There are some lighter non-conference opponents early on. IU’s first four games are all versus teams that finished outside the top 250 in last year’s final NET rankings, Western Illinois (305), Portland State (265), North Alabama (309), and Troy (259).

In Archie Miller’s original contract, it stipulated he would receive a $125,000 bonus if he scheduled no more than one sub-300 RPI team, though RPI is no longer the standard metric.

The Hoosiers do have five top 25 teams from last year’s NET in the conference slate with Michigan State (5), Michigan (10), Purdue (11), Wisconsin (20), and Maryland (25). Florida State (15) gives IU a sixth opponent in that top 25.

Miller has also lined up four mid-majors in November (Troy as one of them) for what is being dubbed as “Indiana Challenge” games. Princeton (Nov. 20), Louisiana Tech (Nov. 25), and South Dakota State (Nov. 30) will all visit Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

South Dakota State is an example of how it’s hard to project the difficulty of a schedule based solely on last year’s NET rankings. The Jackrabbits have been to the NCAA tourney three out of the last four years and have finished in the KenPom top 100 in all but two years since 2012. At the same time, they graduate Summit League player of the year Mike Daum, and BartTorvik.com currently rates South Dakota State (99 in NET in ’18-19) as the No. 322 program heading into the ’19-20 season.

Where this year’s and last year’s results differ will have a significant impact in gauging how difficult this schedule actually is. IU’s Crossroads Classic opponent, Notre Dame, finished at No. 111 in NET last year but is projected by Torvik to be the No. 22 team for this coming season. Illinois (105 to 16), Ohio State (52 to 17), and Penn State (49 to 19) are conference opponents projected to make significant leaps.

In conference play, the Hoosiers start out at Wisconsin on Dec. 7. That will be a particularly difficult stretch with Florida State at home on Dec. 3, followed by a trip to Madison, followed by a flight to New York to face UConn on Dec. 10 at Madison Square Garden.

A home contest with Nebraska on Dec. 13 leads into the Indianapolis matchup with Notre Dame on Dec. 21. Arkansas on Dec. 29 is the last non-conference game of the year before the Hoosiers dive into the meat of the conference season.

2019-20 IU men’s basketball schedule

Oct. 5:  Hoosier Hysteria, 4 p.m., BTN Plus

Nov. 5: Western Illinois (home)

Nov. 9: Portland State (home) 

Nov.12: North Alabama (home)

Nov. 16: Troy (home, Indiana Challenge)

Nov. 20: Princeton (home, Indiana Challenge)

Nov. 25: Louisiana Tech (home, Indiana Challenge)                  

Nov. 30: South Dakota State (home, Indiana Challenge)

Dec. 3: Florida State (home, Big Ten/ACC Challenge)

Dec. 7: Wisconsin (away)

Dec. 10: UConn (New York, N.Y., Jimmy V)

Dec. 13: Nebraska (home)

Dec. 21: Notre Dame (Indianapolis, Crossroads Classic)

Dec. 29: Arkansas (home)

Jan. 4: Maryland (away)

Jan. 8: Northwestern (home)

Jan. 11: Ohio State (home)

Jan. 15: Rutgers (away)

Jan. 18: Nebraska (away)

Jan. 23: Michigan State (home)

Jan. 26: Maryland (home)

Jan. 29: Penn State (away)

Feb. 1: Ohio State (away)

Feb. 8: Purdue (home)

Feb. 13: Iowa (home)

Feb. 16: Michigan (away)

Feb. 19: Minnesota (away) 

Feb. 23: Penn State (home)

Feb. 27: Purdue (away)

March 1: Illinois (away)

March 4: Minnesota (home)

March  7: Wisconsin (home)

March 11-15: Big Ten tournament (Indianapolis)


  1. I see a lot of wins in that rugged pre conference schedule and around a top 25 to 30 ranking. A long fall hoops nap is in order thru October and November.

  2. I’ll bet a kboy it is not much different than 98% of other top conference teams.

  3. Juwan just signed a contract with Utah and he will be on the roster going into training camp.

  4. Wow…I’m with you, t. This is a Dullsville, USA pre-conference schedule. And to think I used to accuse Crean of scheduling way too many cupcakes. This is a disgrace to the program.

  5. Since the schedule was released, seeing the “experts” predict IU will finish the season with a record of 21 – 10 or 20 – 11 bothered me a lot! It suggests that some have accepted mediocrity as the new norm for IU BB. It’s as if just getting to the dance is a major accomplishment for IU! Given that we should start 7 – 0 and play FSU at home, Archie’s team had better win more than 21 games this season or something is going sideways. Doing the math, if we begin by going 7 – 0, that suggests IU will go 14 – 10 through the remainder of the season. And assuming home field advantage allows us to beat FSU and Arkansas, that suggests IU finishes the season 12 – 10, which means losing a lot of Big Ten games.

    While 21 wins would represent an improved record, it sets the bar too low. Given the powder-puffs we play to start the season, IU should produce at least 23 wins in 2019/2020. If not, I think Archie’s seat will be sizzling next April.

  6. PO. I don’t know where you have been but that norm has been set a few years have become several years ago on its way to becoming many years.

  7. Zero non conference away games. What a chicken sh_t schedule. I’ll be surprised if this team can get a single road win this season.

  8. t, as you said, it was just a few years ago that IU went 27 – 8 and won the Outright Big Ten Championship (in 2015/2016 season). This is Archie’s third season at IU. I think it’s fair for fans to expect his team to win more than 21 games, especially given that they should start the season 7 – 0.

    1. If Archie had Zeller fall in his lap, not only would he have won an outright BigTen championship, we would have a sixth banner….and maybe a seventh.

      Archie is making real inroads at securing Indiana homegrown talent, but opportunity rarely knocks on a door more than once every 20 years for a dominant post player the likes of Zeller.

      We had our shot at banners in the last decade …Pat Knight in a blindfold could have coached a Zeller centered/focused team to BigTen titles.
      March Madness all went to hell because the coaching ceiling of a clown who couldn’t even draw up an inbounds play….or communicate in timeouts to foul to extend a chance for a final winning possession(Wichita State game).
      There was also a massive failure to complement Zeller (we had all the momentum in the world) with true back-up talent that was, instead, squandered on scholarship spots awarded to A-Hope projects.

      Lastly, Archie is still finessing a team containing recruits not his own. Many still have high hopes for Justin Smith and Green….Archie is doing his best to exorcise the demons of the old “norm” /prototypical bad habits of the last head coach often sabotaging the product and sending progress in reverse (e.g. Jekyll & Hyde focus, turnover propensity, “upside” with low b-ball IQ, lack of understanding in defensive spacing and help defense, etc.)
      Until Archie has a team completely built of his own roster choices, it’s really sort of asinine to think there is any sort of expectations. Expectations begin with teams built entirely of his own recruits ready to engage his ideas and vision.

      1. We are in such a better place with Archie Miller guiding this program..That being said, the non-conference schedule is a dud and disgrace. I don’t know how much a coach entering his 3rd season had anything to do with the non-conference slate. My hope is that Archie would want more challenging opponents…and something for fans to get excited about. Hell, play your brother for a shoe deal bet.
        This appears to be the work of Frederick wondering into the countryside in search of yellow wildflowers and pansies. He’s the last of the carnival act attempting to hold onto his seat….

      2. H4H,
        I don’t necessarily disagree with your take on the BB situation, but the amount of individuals out there who cannot seem to comprehend what the medical situation did to CAM’s team last year, is beyond belief. Yes, Archie has his work cut out for him in reshaping the program, but he was well on the way to that at the first of last year. There is no way anyone could have foreseen how detrimental to the season such an overwhelming amount of medical conditions would be. When you can even run full practices due to the amount of players on the sidelines, it is devastating.

        If everything that has been said be true, IU had a tournament team which could have made at least a sweet 16 run. That’s not bad for a coach his second year into the program. I view last year as a terrible aberration from the very careful and methodical course which CAM has set. If there is such a thing as an unforeseen perfect storm, they sailed right into it last year. I can’t think of a single top twenty team last year which could have endured what IU have to and have done any better.

        All anyone has to do is compare what one injury did to the ’18 Virginia or the ’75 IU teams to understand, but IUBB didn’t have only one casualty, it was half the team! If there was ever a year to give CAM a mulligan, it was last year. If the team stays healthy this year, and performs as expected, I imagine there will be a lot of tears shed over what could have been last year.

  9. IU ladies and T.Moren say bring it on. T.Moren methodically continues to toughen IU ladies basketball schedule. The big ten men’s basketball is boring enough at times. I have no none not even a little bit of interest in this men’s basketball pre conference schedule. Yes, there are a couple mid major or small college teams that can beat IU on schedule. This schedule is for protection for IU not to be blown out by an elite or highly ranked team in pre season. This is an excellent demonstration to how much things have fallen in the men’s basketball program at IU. Another year of we are young, need more time to develop and oh that pre conference schedule there are some good teams in there. This or that one won there conference. That team was a March Madness tournament team. That team won 2 games in NIT. IU men’s basketball program is on track. Just thinking what F Glass is going to say.

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