IU to play a handful of top 25 teams in ’19

Playing football in the Big Ten East ain’t easy.

That point was reinforced Monday when the Associated Press released its initial top 25, which includes five of Indiana’s conference opponents for the 2019 season.

IU will open Big Ten play against what is currently the top conference team in the AP rankings, No. 5 Ohio State, on Sept. 14 in Bloomington. No. 18 Michigan State is up on Sept. 28 after a non-conference matchup with UConn. Rutgers and Maryland then lead into an Oct. 26 contest at No. 24 Nebraska. No. 15 Penn State is another road game on Nov. 16, followed by a home contest with No. 7 Michigan on Nov. 23.

Northwestern, immediately following Nebraska, is another well-regarded squad, evidenced by its 63 votes to be ranked, fifth-most amongst unranked teams.

Wisconsin (No. 19) and Iowa (No. 20) were also ranked, and Minnesota received votes (7), but IU does not play them in 2019.

A lot can happen within a season, so there is no guarantee these opponents will be ranked highly (or at all) by the time the Hoosiers see them. But even if these rankings hold, such a slate can either be viewed as daunting or full of opportunity.

It will be the Hoosiers’ duty to see it as the latter.


  1. t,
    Agreed, hoping to hear something soon as well. Saw a funny comment over on the CQ a few days ago calling for IUFB to “Release the Penix!” Who knows, maybe my sense of humor is getting like H4H’s.

    1. BP,
      I hope they get this decision right. If they want to make a change at QB this year, the new QB needs to be in game 1. You don’t want to start the former QB in the easier non conference games, then throw your new QB in to the wolves as was done last year. You’ve got to give your new QB and the team a chance to get it together on the field before you hit the tough part of the schedule. If they stay the course as last year, then I would be surprised to see this season going anywhere.

      I will say, as much as I like Penix, I am hearing that Tuttle is turning some heads. Not sure if he will be fully in this mix at this point, but down the road, who knows.

  2. At this point you already know what you have in PR. If JT who I predict or Penix (is injury 100% healed) is the qb and it doesn’t work which I think it will you can always go back to PR down the road. Excellent time for qb change for 2019 campaign. Your backup qbs are only a play away because of dents and dings and can also play a little in different situations. Unless a qb is having a pretty successful year I suppose nothing is a 100% definite for a 100% of season even though that is what the goal is. That would possibly mean a successful season.

  3. I saw an article on the schedule and OSU only has two team opponents in the top 15 while IU has three. As t said it is just the B1G East and IU has to do the job against the B1G to have a winning season this year.

    There are some interesting things this year about these opponents. IU is facing OSU with new HC and DC along with a new QB, the last QB set records, and 4 new OL men. PSU is starting a new QB for the first time in four years along with replacing their receivers and RB. UM has a new OC with a new offense while needing to replace most of their defensive players. MSU was bad on offense and coach change the coaching position for the coaches on offense. There are opportunities for IU this year if they take advantage of them. Hopefully in a couple of days we will hear who the QB is so we don’t have to guess who it is and just focus on winning the first game.

    1. This is an advantageous year because of what you mentioned above about the Big Ten East teams having to replace a lot of great players. I am not going to get my hopes up too much as I tend to do each year. Last season’s Iowa game served as a reminder. But we definitely are getting better recruits, and that really is the only way for the program to rise. If you look at our running backs and wide receivers, I think any team will have a tough time stopping them. Yes, we need the offensive line to gel. I would be satisfied with an 8-4 or even a 9-3. Look at Kentucky last year. If we roll another 6-6, even a 7-5, I’m not sure how much that would count toward really turning the program around.

  4. Good analysis. IU has good opportunities for big ten wins among the teams it plays with effective qb play.

  5. I believe the author of this article is overestimating the top four, Nebraska (11-1), OSU (10-2), Minnesota (10-2) and Michigan (11-1). I could easily see Nebraska and Minnesota at 7-5 or 8-4, and Michigan and OSU at 10-2 or 9-3.


    As for IU I believe their win total is underestimated. I believe they will win more than four games, how much more I don’t know. A lot will depend on line play on both sides of the ball. I’m taking a wait and see attitude, because we have new personnel who will be seeing their first action.

    1. Agreed SOSD,
      Too many variables yet to play out. The biggest of which, as far as IUFB is concerned, will be the fortunes of the QB position.

  6. And the most important “variable” is if the talent is “very able”….rather than “very unable” as is usually the case when stacked against the premier teams from the conference. Debating to extremes which quarterback will get the nod ….means little if every other qb in the conference is far more skilled.

    I guess it’s all a great way to ‘pass’ the time(no pun intended).

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