Playbook expanding, but QB competition not reducing

All the pieces didn’t quite connect Tuesday for the Indiana offense.

There were times where receivers were headed in one direction and the football went another. A deep ball or two went a touch too far down the field. Some routes were altogether smothered by the Hoosiers’ veteran secondary.

For a unit that is still in search of a quarterback, appearances could be concerning. But it wasn’t all that it appeared to be.

As offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer continues to unfurl his offensive scheme heading into the 2019 season, there are going to be hiccups. There are also going to be times, regardless of whether a play would work against another defensive look, IU’s offense will need to do its best against the Hoosiers’ 4-2-5, because there is no other time to practice it.

“I know what we do well and I can get us into things,” DeBoer said, “but we gotta continue to expand the playbook.”

If the spring and summer was the foundational course, the Hoosiers are now into the 400-level class, as redshirt freshman Jack Tuttle described it. DeBoer just can’t say whether it will be redshirt junior Peyton Ramsey, redshirt freshman Michael Penix Jr., or Tuttle answering the questions on game day.

As head coach Tom Allen stated Monday, scrimmage action over the weekend may have complicated matters more than clarifying them. DeBoer agreed with that assessment Tuesday, saying the quarterbacks combined to complete about 70 percent of their passes. They all made plays.

There was a brief slip of the tongue when DeBoer said “both” quarterbacks played well, leading to speculation that he had narrowed the race down to two. He backtracked when asked about his “both” comment.

“Today you saw some guys taking reps with the 3s and the 1s,” DeBoer said. “It’s still moving around. Some of that stuff is starting to happen. We are starting to try and weed it out but nothing has been decided yet.”

Ramsey and Penix have an advantage just because they both played in games for the Hoosiers last season, while Tuttle arrived as a transfer from Utah in the winter. Ramsey is a returning starter with 16 games under center.

The race may inevitably reduce to Ramsey versus Penix, again, but the quarterbacks aren’t trying to think of it as one against the other.

“Those two, believe it or not, those two are my buddies, they are my friends,” Tuttle said. “When we get on the field, it’s competition. Doesn’t mean we need to be scratching and clawing at each other. We are making each other better, and we want to make this team better and win.”

Allen has talked about earning the belief of the team as a deciding factor in the three-way quarterback race, and Ramsey hasn’t lost sight of his teammates during fall camp.

“The competition part, it’s been fun just to be out there and compete again,” Ramsey said. “But at the same time, it’s just been a fun fall camp, really just getting to be around the guys.”

Even Penix, who isn’t the most vocal person, has been trying to use his voice more. That is part of his maturation from Year 1 to Year 2 in Bloomington.

As DeBoer pointed out last week, it has just taken more time for Penix to get settled in his checks at the line of scrimmage, because he didn’t have live reps in the spring coming off last season’s ACL injury.

“It’s been a huge progression, especially with the o-line,” Penix said. “You have to make sure you are in the right protection all the time or you are going to get hit. That’s one of the things (DeBoer) stress on us a lot: we can’t make a play happen if we are getting sacked.”

When they have had a clean pocket, each quarterback has made plays. Ramsey and Tuttle both had success Tuesday hitting junior receiver Whop Philyor in stride over the middle, while sophomore tight end Matt Bjorson may have had the best catch of the day on a Penix throw down the sideline, keeping his feet inbounds with a defender on his back.

At other times, the defense stuffed the Hoosier offense. But, again, those plays weren’t a total loss. They were reps to put on film and study, and also situations where IU’s quarterbacks can try and make a play.

“That helps us grow in walking up to the line, we can check out of it, or maybe just the route concept we can check into something better, or we can leave it on or make the best of a situation, maybe back-shoulder throw, maybe throw it away,” Tuttle said. “It’s sometimes making plays.”

Putting the Hoosiers’ quarterbacks in adverse situations is a good thing for DeBoer as he continues to evaluate the position.

“I’m just pushing them, pushing them, pushing them,” DeBoer said, “because I know I can always control things with the play calls. But I push them to see how far and what they are capable of doing, whether it’s checking to something, or checking out of something that looks really bad.

“That’s the key, is just making sure we limit the bad plays while we’re moving forward and we are in favorable down-and-distances. I think we are going to be pretty good.”


  1. It sounds as if coach DeBoer is happy with the offense and I hope he feels the same way after three games. The players sound confident in how the plays are being taught so they are stressed but not overwhelmed. I really like hearing our receivers are making tough catches and looking good. It also is good to hear the defense is challenging the offense with good play.

    It is still a ways off until they play an opponent so we will have to be patient to see how good the team can be. There are a lot of things for the players and coaches to do before the first game so the next two weeks are important but fans are getting anxious for the season to begin.

  2. Will Peyton find Coach Allen’s love at the line of scrimmage? Can Michael find his man voice in a snap? Will Jack hit a receiver on a deep route or will he hit the road and not come back no more…no more…no more?

    Tune in next week when IU Football presents another tantalizing episode of “As the Quarterback Decision Turns“….

  3. huh .. coach is far from confident .. the offense should be polishing up and cutting down to about 75 sold plays.. .. putting in the last situation offense… nope this offense is not solid…

    1. Quit coming here if all you can do is be negative. I never said coach I said players not coach; coach DeBoer is feeling good about the offense if you bother to check videos. I hope the team has a year this year to prove you wrong about what the team is like. We will see after the first three games if the offense is solid or not.

      IU is in a very tough division in the B1G and it isn’t easy to win games especially with the cross over games. I hope the teams come out and knock out a couple of the “top teams” this year.

      1. quit coming on here ok..

        not being negative.. just stating some truths..

        i want iu to do well and believe once recruiting comes up to the top 3 teams in the big ten you’ll see movement plus need to establish a winning culture.. ( will that happen .. possible )

        personally i like the ( rpo guy ) but dont think his body can hold up …

        so , easy does it.. everyone has their opinion… don’t let me get that trump syndrome on your brain …


        1. FAN sounds a lot like an old commenter on Scoop(supposedly disappeared) who used to go by ‘TheRock’ screen name.

          Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a drop-down arrow next to a screen name which allowed us to see every contributors old screen name next to their current? It would sure clear a lot of things up…lol

        2. Good to hear you want IU to do well but your opinions aren’t truth so don’t confuse the two. I could have stated it better about your negative post because I don’t want posters to leave but I also want some balance in comments not just bashing IUFB.

    2. lol what? have you ever gone through a college fall camp? This isn’t the NFL. Teams don’t install 100+ plays then ‘cut down’ the playbook. They install their base in the first week then build from there over the course of the season. Everything about this is just wrong.

  4. The latest issue of SI has stories about the many high profile QB competitions involving all those 4 and 5-star QBs playing for elite teams, who having lost the competition, transferred to other elite programs over the last two years. Upon reading the article, one realizes that of those highly rated QBs that transferred, each will be their new team’s starting QB when the season begins. It would be ironic if IU’s highly rated QB transfer is not named the starter. It would also suggest that the guy who beats him out must be really good. Let’s hope he is really good in games, and not just a show pony in practice.

    1. Drama “As The Quarterback Decision Turns”…Into a dud? Once again? Enough is enough? First of all quarterback starved and win starved IU per espn ratings doesn’t have any 4 or 5 star quarterbacks. IU does have 2 high 3 star quarterbacks per espn. So, yes IU can put a legitimate high 3 star as a starter on the field. I think there may be over expectations at qb position… because of the losing situation at IU there is a lot of hope at the qb position. Nevertheless, IU will be improved at quarterback being effective and more efficient that will compliment and help run game.

    2. Po, why ironic? Title is not “that highly rated”, he was a good prospect out of HS who has no history since then. He does offer IU some real potential, but only potential. He has to learn and develop. He will. He may be great, average or a bust, or a combination of all of the above. He will get his chance. He is no Jalen Hurts!

  5. transfer was 3 string out of utah … never was in contention seeing any playing time.. quit the team mid season… reading the tea leaves of the article.. he is sitting at 3rd string at IU…

    kid grad HS early to join the utes .. still could never getting his footing .. even arriving early…

    1. Take a look at what was happening with coaching at Utah while he was there before you try to pigeonhole him.

      He was recruited to do one thing and then informed two other guys were more in the mold of something entirely different with the new staff he had no relationship with.

      It was more on Utah than on him. It happens.

  6. Is it just me …or do the wrists of Michael Penix look really small in the photo above?

    He does appear to have very big hands…..(much larger than Ramsey) which likely helps in throwing the deep ball. I’m still concerned about the stick-like physique and if he can withstand the big hits from monstrous lineman, explosive linebackers, blitzing backs, etc. he’ll encounter in the BigTen.

  7. no relationship with Utah’s staff ?

    He knew exactly what the offense was at Utah and believe Utah was recruiting him as a sophomore.

    So he did have a solid ..relationship with coach Whitt and the o coordinator..

    bottom line .. he was 3rd string a Utah ..quit mid season and looks to be 3rd string at IU ..

    1. Utah did have staff changes, which played a role in things. Also, if Tuttle doesn’t win the job now, it’s a bit early to write off a redshirt freshman.

    2. You clearly didn’t understand what happened from the time Tuttle committed to Utah when changing OCs.

  8. Best man plays, period!

    If Ramsey is named the starter it is more likely that he out performed Penix and Tuttle. Why is that so difficult to accept? If Penix or Tuttle haven’t shown the ability to recognize certain defensive schemes and made poor decisions because of this in practice how do you think they would fare in a game?

    I know many people on here were excited when Tuttle transferred. They only looked upon his star rating coming out of high school. Well college ball is a lot more complex than high school ball, and a players star rating doesn’t mean a thing once they step onto the practice field. For whatever reason Tuttle ended up third string at Utah. He transfers to IU, and now it appears he finds himself in the same location as he was in Utah. I’m not saying that he is destined to remain there. He more than likely will move up the depth chart, but as of right now he’s third string because the two guys in front of him are impressing the coaches more.

    Ask yourself what is more important, a QB that makes smart decisions with the ball, has a firm grasp of the offense, recognizes the defensive coverage, but isn’t able to throw a ball 60 yards, or a QB with a rifle arm with no ability to recognize coverages, and relies solely on his arm strength? I’ll take the first type of QB every time. The second type will make some incredible throws, but more often times than not will see his passes intercepted because the defense disguised their coverage and baited him into throwing the ball where they wanted him.

    1. Where do you get this certainty that Tuttle is 3rd team QB at IU? I read the article. It did not say that. It said that Peyton is leading 3 man competition!

  9. I am fine with best man wins but they better be able to throw in tight windows and not just checking down like last year. Ramsey bailed out early making the OL look like they weren’t very good but they were protecting the pocket. If Ramsey is the starter I hope he hangs in the pocket better get gets the ball to the receivers in time. Coach DeBoer called Penix having the “IT” factor and he is completing passes as well as Ramsey and Tuttle. People claim Ramsey is steady and protects the ball but 19 TD passes and 13 Ints says he doesn’t protect the ball that well.

    We need to see the QBs in a game because practice doesn’t say everything about QBs. We need to find the best QB to win B1G games and we haven’t seen Ramsey do that yet based on his play but neither have the other two QBs. By the way, arm strength isn’t about how far you throw the ball but how quickly the ball gets to the receiver every route, giving receivers time to beat defenders after the catch.

  10. Yes, stars definitely matter in every sport coming out of high school. That’s why Alabama, OSU and others/elites recruit them. To say otherwise is nonsense. IU qbs per espn: Tuttle 3 star @ 79, Penix 3 star @ 78, Ramsey 3 star @ 74. High 3 stars draw interest from elite schools (often to set on bench) because they have a lot of players at many positions where that high 3 star qb can be successful when and IF opportunity arises. IU knows what they have in Ramsey last two years. It’s like trying to transform Richard Lagow into what he wasn’t. Lagow flashed brilliance a couple of times only to be what he truly was and that was not good enough. IU appears to have a solid improved quarterback situation. I have seen this scenario more than a few times over the years. An injury and a ding; the next thing is hoping qb number 3 stays upright. If he gets upside down as in stubs his toe or worse then IU is searching for a linebacker (forgot the name) or a toothpick to play quarterback (Diamont did have success against Purdue). In this case Reese Taylor.
    No, Ramsey is not the quarterback for this year. Though all three qbs are 3 star and Ramsey is the lowest 3 star experienced old man, the other two were more highly recruited with higher 3 stars. It’s time to pull the trigger for a better athletic higher potential quarterback in IU situation. That would be either Penix or Tuttle. Either qb has much more upside in IU football situation. Mid season, the potential for improvement is fairly high at qb with Penix or Tuttle vs Ramsey struggling to survive. However, it is important for Ramsey to be ready. I think if Ramsey is called upon mid season he would be a much better performer at qb because instead of being beat up Ramsey would be more fresh and healthy. Tuttle and Penix, both should have the ability to keep defenses more honest by making better pass plays and athletic ability thus keeping either of them healthy. However, if dings and injuries etc do come into play then IU would have an experienced healthy fresh Ramsey waiting to come in off the bench which I think is Ramsey strong suit. Ramsey would probably look pretty good in that kind of scenario. He is like a coach anyway and teams would have to adjust to him in the game. That is Ramsey’s best strengths.

    1. Are you implying that every 5 and 4 star recruit lives up to their billing/rating? OSU signed Tate Martell in 2017. He couldn’t cut it at OSU so he transferred to the U. The transfer does little to help his cause as he in now listed as #3 on the depth chart. In response to him being listed as #3 on the depth chart he throws a hissy fit and fails to show up for practice the following day.

      Yes the elite get their pick of the litter, but they also have a great many 4 and 5 star players that don’t see the field. Bama is notorious for either medically disqualifying players who don’t crack the two deep, or suggesting that they transfer to free up a scholarship. That’s why Saban routinely has a recruiting class of 25 every year. The attrition rate for the highly rated busts is huge, but they don’t mention that.

      1. So, basically, you’re telling us we’re getting the runts of the litter. That’s too bad. I was hoping for some real talent coming to the qb position. This news doesn’t bode well for Allen….

        I guess all of this quelling of expectations and throwing guys under the bus is simply another case of the ‘Cloud of Eternal Doubt’ forever hovering over Memorial Stadium and the IU Football program.

        None of us are so naive to believe that even Alabama’s 2019 starting quarterback in a Hoosier uniform would even make a dent in all the other talent and depth shortcomings any coach faces in attempts to make IU Football a legit presence in the BigTen. A qb is one element …(an important element)…but last time I checked he doesn’t protect himself, he doesn’t catch his own passes, he doesn’t replace an entire defense, he doesn’t increase our overall speed and depth, he doesn’t develop the playbook, he doesn’t walk on water though schooled in Corinthians.

        So, at the end of the day, who cares if Tuttle was simply an Alabama miss? An Alabama home run playing at qb on IU Football right now isn’t going to take a Hoosier rocket ship to the Rose Bowl. But the alternative? Watching Ramsey write War & Peace with dunk and dink junk? That’s hell.

        1. You are naive! Baker Mayfield is one QB, and he, by himself, transformed Cleveland! If IU can score 40 we will win that game!

          1. Obviously, all of that went completely over your head. You did say you attended Purdue…so you’re forgiven.

  11. I’ll say it again.. he had a solid relationship with the head coach and the O coordinator at utah..

    I believe if he does not start or get significant playing time tuttle will transfer again to mid major..

    kid has to have talent ( one of the best out of hs ) but at what college level … ?

    1. He had a solid relationship with WHICH offensive coordinator? Utah has had NINE different offensive coordinators in 10 years. Tuttle was recruited by two different coordinators and played for a third.

      That is some kind of ‘relationship’.

      1. Troy Taylor is a great football mind and great coach. I have so much respect for him and what he’s doing and what he plans to do at Utah,” Tuttle said. “I can’t wait to get working with him and play for him.” *****

        kid knew exactly the style of offense the utes ran….

        1. Troy Taylor took a 70% pay cut to leave Utah and go Sacramento State.

          Yeah, sounds like everything was cool.

          1. chet… lets be real .. and leave your feelings out of this… football is a mean game especially at the qb spot.. tuttle has shown zero at the college level,, coaches coach .. players play ,, players win… coaches coach..

            so by you giving excuses for tuttles poor performance indicates you really don;t know the deep working of programs.. you put your absolute best 11 on the field ( either side ) then you taylor your o and d .. to their skill set ..

            coach taylor had his walking papers when coach whitt moved him from the field to the box..

            utah is a solid program with higher talent then iu…

          2. utah is a solid program with higher talent then iu…

            ‘then’ IU what?

  12. My comments are referring to IU current level and situation IU is in and role for all 3 qbs with Penix or Tuttle put in as starter with Ramsey ready to go when called upon due to dings, injuries etc.

    1. I question ESPNs ratings as they don’t run camps HS players attend. It is a network and not a group that runs camps to evaluate players. Use them if you want but they aren’t seeing players in person.

      The added concepts are for dealing with different defenses later in the year and exposing the QBs to them so they are ready when the time comes. We need a QB decision soon so the QB and receivers get enough reps in, to time up and develop mesh between QB and WRs. I want the best QB – talent and mind to lead the team.

      1. Yea man, put down the ESPN rankings.

        I think a starter will be named this weekend. Seems like most coaching staffs but not all, want to name a starter two weeks before their first game. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing ran up until game time.

      2. IU does not need a quick QB decision! We need all 3 to play against Ball State. We need to score 40 in this first game. A score of 40-20 IU with each QB seeing the field is what I want!

  13. Still espn is probably as accurate as anyone else as they accumulate information whether from other sources or not.

  14. Sorry FAN, but Chet is right. Utah’s offensive coaching staff was a revolving door between Tuttle’s signing and his arrival on campus. New guy that came in didn’t value Tuttle’s style and didn’t even give him garbage time during the first few games. My guess is that the new coach was telling Tuttle “this is no longer the place for you, so you should go to a program that values your strengths.” So Tuttle didn’t let the screen door hit him in the butt on the way out of SLC. Let’s remember, Ramsey was the only IU QB that got any serious work in Spring camp, so he had the advantage coming into summer camp. But in spite of that, his arm didn’t suddenly become as strong as the others’ arms.

    To answer SOSD’s question, we want both a smart QB who protects the ball and who has a cannon for an arm. One skill can be coached, the other skill can’t. The two skills are not mutually exclusive! Yes, I’ll take Brett Favre any time, INTs and all. Because Favre’s arm provided enormous upside that transformed otherwise average teams into winning teams. Favre was the difference maker, and his teams were never out of the game. We’ve seen two years of PR. We know what he can do. Love the kid, but IU’s NEVER going to produce a winning season with PR as IU’s starting QB.

    1. Maybe Tuttle just hated the hell out of Utah….(as in the state)? Maybe he didn’t realize how Stepford Wives the place can be? Bloomington likely feels like Shambala by comparison. I could see that happening. I’ve been to Utah….Couldn’t get out quick enough. I’d rather live in North Korea.

  15. Revolving door , i’ll say it again was 3rd string.. and looks like 3rd string here with 2 1/2 weeks till game time..

    in the head coaches and the coordinators mind the best QB is going to start . the qb that gives your team the best shot at winning is going to start .. if tuttle was utahs guy they would of changed up the offense to his skill set ..

    I believe he is a mid major qb .. i take this by his body of work at utah and now iu..

    time will tell…

  16. There is no defeating the Murderer’s Row of the Big10 with Ramsey. Yes, you’ll win some of the cupcake games early. You’ll win some games against the bottom dwellers of the conference…But you will not win against MSU, MIchigan, PSU, Nebraska…and probably not Iowa with a pedestrian quarterback.
    He can know the playbook upside down and sideways. Won’t matter….Somebody made 60 yards the dividing line? What!? A 60 yard throw with anything on it is not in Ramsey’s repertoire. He won’t make a big throw under duress. He won’t make a big throw against the grain…He won’t throw a ball with enough zing to get into a closing window more than 35 yards downfield.

    If Allen starts Ramsey, he is doomed as a coach. He will lose the fans. IU Football fans deserve to see the “it factor” guys on the field. The qb’s of the future need in-game experience. You don’t wait to give the in-game experience by sending a kid into the lions den midway through a game against Penn State.
    This quarterback decision should be a no-brainer….And if there is that much separation between Ramsey’s results compared to Penix..or Tuttle(if both were oversold on their talents so much as to still not outshine Ramsey in equal practice reps/situations), then we are doomed anyway.

    1. Starting Peyton against Ball State is not that important if Allen and DeBoer keep the competition going!

  17. Hell, just move the kid* from Ben Davis back to qb….I’d pay money to see what he can do before more of the same with Ramsey, To-Good-To-Be-True Tuttle (a.k.a. Dawkins 2.0)…or a Bic Pen Penix with a barely recovered knee.

    I mean, how bad can Penix and Tuttle be in practice to be losing out to Ramsey?

    *Prep/Personal: Quarterback for head coach Mike Kirschner at Ben Davis High School … 2017 Indiana Mr. Football … Indiana Football Coaches Association (IFCA) Top 50 selection in 2016 and 2017 … two-time, IFCA first-team all-state (2016-17) … named to the 2017 Indianapolis Star Super Team after he led Ben Davis to a state title, a perfect 14-0 season and a No. 5 national ranking … completed 215-of-296 (72.6 percent) for 3,150 yards and a program record 40 touchdowns … rushed for 802 yards and 15 TDs … set records for the most passing yards (340), passing scores (6), the longest passing touchdown (64 yards) and the longest rushing TD (76 yards) in the state championship game (63-14 win)

  18. Fan what background do you have to determine Tuttle is a mid-major player? He hasn’t been around the players long enough but still is completing close to 70% and doing well according to coach DeBoer. DeBoer also says he has the arm to make all the throws in this offense. Give Tuttle a year to work with the team and we will see if he is good enough for the B1G. We don’t know if Tuttle is #3 right now or who is the #1 QB yet.

    PO, I agree with you and I hope Penix or Tuttle either start or make Ramsey much better than the past two years.

  19. well ,, all of you are saying ramsey is not that good.. gives iu zero chance of winning .. is a backup qb..should be 3rd on depth chart etc… now look at tutle at utah and now at iu .. he has not unseated any qb at utah and now he has not unseated ramsey.. ( ramsey the qb ) i am sure all of you would say is a mid major qb…. so i leave the interpretation up to you ..

    give you a huge clue.. 9 times out of 10.. when you see an article about a position the picture with the article tells a story .. especially about the qb position.. i believe ( penix ) has the node right now…but also believe ramsey will be iu’s opening day qb.. how long he last .. ?

    1. That’s why Troy Aikman went into the tank when he transferred from Oklahoma to a more suitable situation at UCLA.


      Didn’t work out for Cam Newton, either. Completely washed out after leaving Florida.

      Joe Montana had one foot out the door during his (redshirt) junior year when he was 3rd on the depth chart. He lead a comeback against Purdue that got him his first start…mid way through his junior year…behind Rusty Lisch and Gary Forystek.

      Transferring has zero bearing on future success. You are grasping at straws.

        1. …and Baker Mayfield…and Joe Flacco…and Nick Foles.

          Of course, those are just some of the guys who made it big in the NFL. There are endless success stories.

  20. FAN, the only thing you have posted are your feeling. Absolutely zero specifics. You have some sort of jones for PR. Maybe a crush.

    Who knows?

    As I have so thoroughly proven, transferring has zero bearing on future success.

  21. got to show up chet…

    all you have said is worthless syllables… because we are talking about one person and his name is tuttle… blame game weak .. really really weak ..

    chet.. football has no excuses… show up and produce … thats it.. producing shuts people up.. me included ,, non production keeps it going….

    time will tell who is correct with tuttle…

  22. Chet you’ve got him corralled but he doesn’t have the wherewith all to recognize it. Nice job.

    1. He recognizes it. He just can’t admit it.

      Have you noticed he has already changed his tune? He had PR penciled in before and now he is acting like he was behind Penix the whole time.

      Funny stuff.

  23. If IU messes around with PR rather than moving forward with a new qb (and that would include a secretive Reese Taylor…how did he hurt his hand/throwing hand? Anyway)…. IU football will go into the boredom tank and provide no excitement. Having said that my feeling is TA and OC coaching staff is letting process play out and best not be game day decision. PR script is very predictable as last 2 years. Win first two games and lose the next several and win another. Then, luckily escape with another win and come close a couple times. Season over. As a starter Penix or Tuttle need to start with confidence game number 1 so either can get settled in be confident and grow as season progresses. That doesn’t mean either one could lose the starting job as season progresses. That would depend on performance.

  24. Projecting Indiana’s 2019 offensive depth chart
    Starter: Michael Penix Jr.
    Backups: Peyton Ramsey, Jack Tuttle, Grant Gremel

    DeBoer just can’t say whether it will be redshirt junior Peyton Ramsey, redshirt freshman Michael Penix Jr., or Tuttle answering the questions on game day.

    this is the order of qb’s right now…. coaches always put the order of top to bottom when speaking.. even when stating starter has been names yet..

    its just the truth ….

    like i said over and over …. tell will tell …

  25. I actually liked “tell will tell” ….as in poker. You were bluffing the whole time you had Ramsey as your winning hand. That was the “tell” I needed little time.

  26. I hope IU names the starter and then list both backups as the number 2 qb. Nothing is gained by calling one of them the 3rd string qb.

    1. I’ve never really understood why they would name any player on the depth chart other than the starter.

  27. thats not my projection..

    Projecting Indiana’s 2019 offensive depth chart
    Teddy Bailey
    covering IU Athletics for the Indianapolis Star alongside Zach Osterman

    and what now….. lol…

  28. Zach Osterman is nowhere to be found on a journalists’ depth chart….lol.

    I am happy Crean is now in the backyard of Osterman’s hometown roots….lol x 2.

  29. The only ‘depth chart’ worth a riveting hill of beans is that of a submarine’s.

  30. this is the dept order…

    QB Peyton Ramsey
    On how the QBs are handling the new offense…
    “Coach DeBoer laid the building blocks in the spring, so as he continues to throw new stuff at us, he’s done a good job of laying a foundation for what we’re doing and just building off certain formations and building off certain concepts. We might align a little bit different, so while it is different, there are a lot of similarities and baseline knowledge we already have. I think the three of us have done a really good job of picking it up and applying it during team sessions.”

    On how he would grade himself over the first two weeks of fall camp…
    “I’ve been good, continuing to progress every single day. I think I’ve been consistent, stacking good days on top of good days and having a 1-0 mindset like Coach DeBoer talks about. Whether it be a new play or a new practice, approaching it like I’m going to go dominate the next play and not worrying about anything else. So far I’ve been good, I’ve been consistent and I’m happy with where I’m at.”

    QB Michael Penix Jr.
    On how he would evaluate himself through fall camp so far…
    “I feel like it’s been going really good. Been really consistent, just helping lead the team, make sure we’re always in good positions and don’t make a bad decision worse. Every single day, I’m just working my tail off to make sure everyone is on the same page and that we stay consistent.”

    On things he’s doing better now compared to a year ago…
    “A lot better leading vocally. I’ve become a more vocal leader, pushing the team every single day to come out, compete and do their best and give it all out for the team.”

    QB Jack Tuttle
    On how camp has gone and how he feels he’s been performing…
    “It’s been going really well. I think the team is continually coming together. I love this team and I love my brothers, so I think it’s going really well so far and we’re improving.”

    On how he’s adjusted to being a leader since arriving in January…
    “When I got here in January, it’s always tough adjusting to a new environment and new team, but over the last couple months, I’ve really become fond of this team. They loved me up, I’ve loved them up. They’re my brothers, my best friends now. I love them.”

  31. They loved me up, I’ve loved them up. They’re my brothers, my best friends now. I love them.”

    Exactly how I feel about all of my Scoop brothers….and sisters. Speaking of brothers, where the hell is my SEC brother, ‘thinkaboutit?’ Appears he’s keeping it on the low down until this qb thing is settled. And speaking of “love,” I wonder if he’ll ever return from his true love of the SEC as a semi-interested IU football fan if we start another season keeping our most skilled qb on the bench?

    It was quite the loss for all in having this debate on the quarterback decision without the participation of ‘thinkaboutit’ jumping into the summer pool party for a friendly splash fight. For this I do attest without any sarcastic jest.

    1. Naw H4H,
      I just been sitting up here in the cheap seats with my popcorn and favorite frosty beverage watching the hyperbole fly. It has been quite exciting to witness the posturing and bellicose self-righteousness on display. However, there is at least one thing I think we can all agree on. This season will be decided primarily by the QB play, whichever one is the chosen starter.

      As for my so called beloved SEC, not particularly following what is going on. Not really much point in it. If history repeats itself as it has so many times in recent years, at the end of the season the B1G will again be like the poor little waifs on the cold street pressing their noses up against the BCS candy store window wishing they could go in with the other kids. Problem is, if you want to play with the big kids, you have to prove you belong there. Last time the B1G was invited to the party, they didn’t belong there.

  32. I like the idea of Harbaugh pressing his face against the candy store window. Maybe his SEC brother-in-law standing next to him…lol.

    Glad to hear you’ve not complete.y relinquished all your fandom to the SEC. Some of us don’t have back-up plans. We must root for one college team ….I used to blog with this guy named Husky Tom. He was terribly torn between cheering for his University of Washington Huskies …or the Hoosiers(where he did his grad work).

    I’ve heard the Huskies are getting some prognosticators on board thinking they might have a chance to get to the playoff. I highly doubt they could even beat Purdue…

  33. Tuttle was recruited by Alabama, LSU, Missou, USC, UCLA, AZ, ASU, Oregon, Stanford, Wisconsin, etc. I guess those coaching staffs’ no how to evaluate QB talent a little better than anyone posting comments on this site.

    Tuttle’s mistake was locking on to Utah without taking any other campus visits or evaluating any other programs that were recruiting him. Perhaps he was naïve, or perhaps he fell in love with Utah’s beautiful campus and the Rockies, but he certainly had the talent to be recruited by a lot of top Power-five conference schools.

    If he stays healthy, I think Tuttle will eventually be IU’s starter. But Penix will be the guy he has to beat out for the starting position.

    Anybody watched Penix or Tuttle in practice? If so, who’s the more mobile of the two?

    1. production .. production and production… tuttle has had plenty of time to produce and show up..

      regardless of what college looked at him. I am not a tuttle hater.. i am all about production and proving yourself… when his quotes are all about love and not about how he is getting better.. means that the team is trying to keep his spirits up and not loose confidence..

      other two qb’s talk about their play .. i as i said i like the ( rpo qb ) but staying healthy all yr is going to be a chore

  34. Sorry, should have been know how, not no how. Always good to proof read after you’ve hit the Post Comment tab.

  35. I’ve seen some clips of Tuttle and was not overly impressed….I think we’ll struggle this year. Quarterbacks have likely been overly hyped. Schedule is brutal after a couple non-conference cupcakes.
    Penix is likely the best available…..but getting him up to speed after the knee injury could be problematic.
    t may have offered the best solution. Save Penix. Play Reese Taylor at qb (he’s likely the most exciting and dynamic….along with the best run option). Rotate Penix in as he becomes more confident on the knee and gets his body mass up.

    Ramsey should be fighting it out with Tuttle for 3rd string.

  36. JT recruitment by some (not all) of the blue chip schools can be a misleading. For example, Bama can take a decent (not great) 3 star and make him look pretty good because of the total team around him (offense and defense) Or let him set on the bench just in case he is ever needed down the depth chart for some reason. Example, Tommy Stevens at Penn State. This has happened at several schools. A couple of years ago I was looking at UCLA roster. They had a couple 4 star quarterbacks on roster that set on the bench. Rather, than play elsewhere like IU. They probably still do. Then, in big ten there is OSU. MICH, and now NW have Indiana high school QBs.

    1. Recruiting rankings go out the window once the kid steps on campus. I love and follow the recruiting game as much as anyone but I know that the rankings are not gold. You can go position by position the last ten years and compare how the rankings actually ended up. I will say the rankings have come a long way but are far from accurate. Four and five star kids flame out at everywhere.

  37. Speaking of UCLA, IU was able to get A. Diamont and he did contribute to a small string of Purdue bucket wins in the IU football folklore… kinda Hollywood fashion with a cigar and attitude. Thanks L.A.

  38. Zander was such a tool….Come on, t. That was all smoke and mirrors….(and that’s just the cigar). The kid was damn fortunate to not leave the field permanently disabled…or worse. It was terrifying watching him scamper for his life.
    Last year’s Penix was sort of in the same category. You see a body that’s very at risk. You witness nearly gross negligence to allow them on the field against an OSU or Michigan…or Penn State.
    You wouldn’t put your underdeveloped 7th grader into a varsity game of a major city high school. Zander did not belong in the BigTen. I’m not sure if Tuttle does either. It’s a man’s game at this level. Certain guys simply don’t have the strength, speed, size and quickness to survive on an NFL B-team. College is basically an NFL B-team. The lineman are massive. The hits are off the charts.
    Zander’s football career was meant to be a hot dog tale left on Venice Beach in a speedo with a couple Valley Girl Barbie dolls under each his studly arms.

  39. Gone are the days of Fran Tarkenton scrambling for his life….The power and explosiveness in the game(especially up front) has put that sort of player to permanent bedtime. And Zander was beyond five decades too late to the party. He didn’t have 1/10th Fran Tarkenton’s ability where those old school skills must now accompany power and size as well.

    Carson Wentz can’t hold up. Luck can’t hold up. QB’s drop like flies in the NFL. And these are very strong and sizable men. But you can be very out of the league of aforementioned hyped NFL stars …still not stars and still look like a football god at JV IU.

    1. I agree H4H but what was IU to do. I mean K.W. himself wasn’t going to play qb and IU did beat (a bad) Purdue fb team. My point was emphasizeing the qb situation at the time.

      fish. No; star ratings do matter. Sure, highly rated players flame out. So do lower rated players. If that’s the case just go and recruit 1star rated players or 0 star rated players.

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