Hoosiers bested by Marquette in closed scrimmage

Indiana was edged by Marquette, 72-69, during a closed scrimmage Sunday.

Though the scrimmage wasn’t open to the public, a box score from the contest went online via multiple sources. Guards Devonte Green and Rob Phinisee did not play for IU. 

Freshman Armaan Franklin, who was the Hoosiers’ only guard for the final nine minutes of action, led the team with 14 points, while freshman forward Trayce Jackson-Davis was one of three players with 11. Junior forward Joey Brunk had 11 points and seven boards. Junior guard Al Durham finished with 11 points and a team-high four assists.

Junior forward Justin Smith had nine points. Redshirt freshman Jerome Hunter added seven points in 14 minutes of play. De’Ron Davis, who played just 10 minutes, added three points and a rebound.

The scrimmage was tied at 66-all with 52 seconds left. IU struggled with its free throws, hitting 24-of-43 from the charity stripe. The Hoosiers also had more turnovers (16) than assists (12).

Marquette was led by 15 points from Markus Howard and 14 from Brandon Bailey. Koby McEwen was Marquette’s other double-digit scorer with 10.

IU’s starters were Jackson-Davis, Justin Smith and Damezi Anderson at the forwards with Brunk at center and Durham at the point.


  1. Looks like the off season drills hasn’t helped our free throw shooting problems, I know its a practice game but shooting and making free throws will be a necessary skill for these players.

    1. Archie must come up with a coaching plan to raise IU’s FT % above 70%. It is not going to happen by itself!

  2. Oh no! IU continues to struggle with free throws! Good gracious, how hard can it be to get outstanding athletes to make at least 70% of their free throws. Legs should be fresh and they’ve had all spring and summer to practice this simple skill. I don’t want to watch another IU team that makes 62% of their free throws. That’s just unacceptable.

  3. FT’s are a concern and cannot be dismissed as a serious problem if not corrected. However, 2 of IUBB’s “better” FT shooters did not play which might have impacted the final stats. Bigger thing is IUBB hanging in without DG and RP, that is big. Not to mention how well AF played in his first action against this level of competition. TJD and JB appear to have acquitted themselves well in the scrimmage also. Not sure how far they wanted to push Hunter this early.

    Only other thing, is if the reports I have seen are correct, Archie managed to get a technical in a closed scrimmage??? This year could be a lot of fun!!!

    1. tai exactly the refrain of the synopsis I was ready to post when I caught yours. Other than accomplishing the W I thought this competition was way more + than – by any evaluation. My concern totally spotlighted on DG and RP. Same 2 no-shows, 2 times in a row. Only real negative I see.

  4. The concerns are; team doesn’t somewhat dominate even with a couple players out, poor ft shooting with players playing, DA not mentioned in supposedly improved 3 point shooting (because it won’t be that good), not pushing a player plus players out. It’s Marquette a decent team. Who did Marquette have not playing? Who did they not push? Excuses and boring. IU lost scrimmage against Marquette.

    1. Trayce played only 16 minutes, but he scored 11 points. How could he foul out in such a short time on the floor? Joey also scored 11, but DeRon barely played and was no factor in the game. Is he healthy? Jerome was good in only 14 minutes. Hooray! Race could not shoot, but had 7 rebounds, as did Damezi. Our two starting guards did not play, and Al was very solid. Nothing is for certain, but that is why you play exhibitions!

  5. So, we basically scrimmaged with limited guards. Nine minutes with ONE guard.

    It was practice. Don’t overthink this.

  6. It’s almost Halloween…I think the spirit of Mr. Haunted Hall of Hoops (a.k.a. ‘The Bride of Marquette‘) pulled this one out.
    24-of-43 from the charity stripe is scarier than meeting Frankenstein’s monster for the first time. That’s enough bricks to put a new wing on the castle. We had 19 misses! (sound familiar?) …. Is somebody skipping free throw classes held on Tuesday evenings at the Voltage & Reanimation Chamber, Dr. Brunkenstein? Somebody needs a torch lit under some nervous system butt and bring a Rick Barry level of brain reanimation back to the stripe. (They’re Barry-ly making anything! Have we tried transference? I realize it seems rather underhanded, but we must somehow bring better focus to the now rigid spongy matter of a Nintendo brain exhumed from its X-Box remains.) A blind man in the woods converts more than 24-of-43 pouring hot soup in a cup.
    I also blame equipment manager, Igor Longoria, for this debacle at the stripe. Steel riveted jockstraps just don’t breathe enough….We looked tight. We also have to stop robbing bodies from the recruitment morgue based on pure lifeless athleticism. All these guys care about is one day leaving the castle for greener pastures….Sure, they can take it to the well with monstrous dunks easier than a child picking daisies in a summer dress for mom’s dining table…But whatever happened to fundamentals!? Learn to drop ‘er in the well from something other than right next to the rim!

  7. Sometimes you can teach more from the bench ..in respect to RP he gets bird’s eye view of plays developing in front of him. Gives AL a chance to play point guard ,if during season DG is the off-guard AL will play point.

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