Indiana receiving votes in AP, coaches polls

Indiana football’s 6-2 start is beginning to translate into votes in national polls.

After receiving one vote in last week’s coaches poll, the Hoosiers upped that total to 18 this week, fifth among teams outside the top 25. They also received their first votes in the Associated Press poll for this season, earning four from members of the media.

IU (3-2 Big Ten) beat Nebraska 38-31 on Saturday, the program’s first win over the Cornhuskers since 1959. It marked the Hoosiers’ first three-game win streak in Big Ten play since 1993, which is also the last time IU had six wins in October.

IU has a chance to keep its momentum going this weekend, facing a 1-6 Northwestern team in Bloomington.


  1. IU vs Northwestern. Betting odds favor IU by 12. I would take Northwestern and the points on this one. Northwestern has played some good teams. IU by 10.

    1. I’m a little nervous about Northwestern.
      Jeff Sagarin says Northwestern has played the TOUGHEST schedule of anybody in NCAA division 1 football.

  2. As OSU (or perhaps PSU) has an inside track to the FBS, IU heads into their ninth game of the season still in contention for the Rose Bowl. If they managed to win out and OSU does the same and beats Wisky in the conference title game, Wisconsin would have at least 3 losses and IU would have tie breakers against PSU and Michigan.

    How about that?

    I wouldn’t book my flights quite yet.

  3. You’re either in the Top 25…or not. This is silly.
    Susan Boyle probably got some votes for looking famously pretty for a week.

  4. Uhhhh right this team isn’t beating Penn State I’m a fan but that ain’t happening not against that defense

  5. If Penix is healthy, Peyton showed he couldn’t against OSU, I wonder if PSU defense can stop our passing game and Scott can find lanes to run in as they do more to stop the passing game. PSU may be good enough to stop our offense but so far only one did it. I worry more about our defense slowing down PSU’s offense. I understand a win against PSU would be shocking but shocking things happen like Oklahoma losing last weekend. You never know what a team will do in a game but being at PSU will be a major upset and not likely but upsets do every year.

  6. The point being…

    When was the last time IU was still in contention for a Rose Bowl birth heading into the ninth game of the season?

    Had to have been under Mallory. Wilson never got close. Lynch was probably banned from flower shops after September.

    1. Chet,
      I think it might have been the ’87 team which was still in contention late into the season. If I remember correctly, Dave Schnell was QB and was injured. Even with AT, IUFB couldn’t stay with MSU who won the B1G and went to the Rose Bowl.

      1. think, you are correct. They split their last 4 conference games.

        I should have known that as my mother-in-law gave me Peach Bowl tickets for Christmas that year. The Hoosiers lost a tough contest to Tennessee. As my m-i-l was a Tennessee fans I was parked in the middle of the Volunteer section.

      2. Right you are, Brother Chet, that game was basically for the Rose Bowl. If you poke around on the internet there is a very short video of Coach Mallory congratulating the Spartans in their locker room after the game and encouraging them to go out to the West coast and win the Rose Bowl.

    2. I believe that when PSU was banned from the post-season post-Sandusky, IUFB was Rose Bowl eligible, at least on paper, right before an OSU game and KW was trying to use that to rev up the troops v. the Buckeyes. Urban Meyer got wind of it and after the game (usual outcome) and made some snarky comment such as “Yeah, right, Rose Bowl and all that jazz.”

      1. Penn State was an independent still being coached by Joe Paterno in 1987. They went 8-4 that year.

        The defensive coordinator was a guy named Jerry Sandusky. Indiana and PSU did not play each other.

        KW (I assume you mean Kevin Wilson) was the OL line coached at Winston Salem State in 1987. He wouldn’t arrive in Bloomington for another 2 decades.

        Urban Meyer was, indeed, at OSU. He was a graduate assistant. I seriously doubt anyone took note of his post game comments…especially since Indiana won the game 31-10.

        After beating Minnesota the following week they were in first place in the B1G. They split their last 4 games losing to Iowa and Michigan State. They beat Michigan earlier in the season.

        They finished 6-2 in the conference sharing 2nd place with Iowa. MSU finished 8-0.

        1. Brother Chet- nope, I was not referring to the ’87 season. PSU was banned from the post-season 2012-2015 seasons. It might have been 2014. IU (5-7) played OSU late in the season and the whole Rose Bowl eligibility thing was based on a series of implausible “what ifs,” but I was certainly not thinking of 1987. Hardly “in contention” for Pasadena, I concede, but it was fun.

    1. Autocorrect is rarely my friend.

      Not even the first time today. I typed a single quotation mark at the end of a phrase in a post earlier and an /s/ was added at the end as if it were a contraction or possessive. It always does it. Give it a try.

  7. Chet, auto correct bites all of us in the butt at some point especially with voice to text now. It is fun to have IU still eligible for the Rose Bowl this part of the season. Posters that want to pooh-pooh this season because some B1G teams are “down” don’t understand even in the Rose Bowl year some posters say the B1G was down despite IU being ranked #4 that season.

    1. Don’t know whether the Big Ten (which in 1967, oddly enough, had ten teams) was down that year, but IU’s opponents that year were almost all pretty lackluster. “Indiana does not usually win seven games in seven years. Granted, the Hoosiers have not exactly overpowered the class teams of the nation. In fact, all of the poor Wisconsins on its schedule have a combined record of 12-34-3 which, as statistics go, rates up there with Germany’s record in world wars.” Dan Jenkins, 13-NOV-67 Sports Illustrated.

      1. At the end of the day IU lost two games, one of which was the national championship game which they dropped to OJ and Southern Cal 14-3.

        Not sure how many teams not named USC performed as well that year. One? Maybe 2?

  8. I like Chet’s thought process. Being in a Rose Bowl is a B1G deal and there is nothing wrong with thinking big. Tradition didn’t save the Sooners, Wisky, Ohio State last year or Scott Frost and the Huskers last Saturday. I don’t plan on laying down a bet but I’m not going to be blind to the fact there is a path to the goal and accomplishment. Like I posted Sunday IUFB is playing with house money now and every player can play with Coach Allen energy and exuberance.

  9. Indiana can’t afford to overlook anyone. This is an improved team, no doubt. But every game from here on out should be played like their Rose Bowl. Coaches and players seem to be saying the right things, but let’s see if they can focus with a little spotlight on them.

    The ’95 Northwestern team that went to the Rose Bowl had a very similar task in front of them. Everyone kept telling them how flawed they were, how down the B1G was, etc. Show up on Sat and take care of your business. That’s how a good season, turns into a magical one.

    But I guess some still find it “fun” to constantly laugh and disparage the program. It really does demonstrate how much they have to overcome, when so many “fans” find so much to rip them about, even when they’re having a solid year.

    Go team ‘n stuff.

    1. For now the 18 coaches votes mean something. IU is proportionally earning attention and respect.

  10. 2/3 of the ‘Murderer’s Row’ from the BigTen East is placed on the back half of this year’s schedule (well into November).
    It’s not an effort to “disparage” by simply observing the facts of really not playing the toughest teams from the conference other than OSU (e.g. Michigan, PSU, Wisconsin, Iowa).
    We’ve played three non-conference patsies and our three conference wins are from the ‘Muffin’s Row’ of the BigTen (Rutgers, Maryland and Nebraska). Since MSU pulled out their narrow win against us, they have been annihilated in their last 3 contests.

    Until we can defeat a Top-20 team, it’s more of a magical early schedule than a magical season. Take down Michigan at home…or PSU on the road and you can get out your magic tricks. Other than those two teams, more muffins await in Northwasted and Purdon’t.

    But congrats to Hoosier Football for finally winning against the garbage teams now giving company to what was once only our cellar.

  11. Only a troll or a Purdue fan with too much time on his hands should be “disparaging” IU FB right now. IU fans should all be celebrating that this IU team is better and has a chance to produce the first winning FB season in 12 years. If you’re an IU fan, what’s not to like about that?

    I have not read any comments from anyone predicting IU will win the Big Ten Championship this year. But having a chance to win eight games should create optimism for every Hoosier fan.

    Some people are simply miserable, and as the saying goes, “misery loves company.”

  12. You guys change your tunes faster than a jukebox. Only a few weeks ago, Mr. Perfect Fan making “troll” accusations was asking for Fred’s head (he’s been asking for it for a long time). And there has never been anyone on this blog more disparaging to the fan base for their so-called lackluster support.
    Some choose to hate on the fans…and all those horrible empty seats in Memorial. Some choose to challenge IU Football to make the program more than a “flash in the pan” (along with the chest-pounding of “breakthrough” claims) and prove through quiet results against quality teams (conference and non-conference).

    It’s all of you now forming your own bandwagon. The jukebox will likely produce your oldie but goodies in a couple more weeks(e.g. Ramsey’s a good kid but he has no arm…Fred needs to pay big money for a proven head coach, etc, etc, etc.) Man, you dudes have short memories…I guess it’s an indicator of the over sixty Yacht Club membership.

    Jeremy can call me whatever he chooses…What he shouldn’t allow is for anyone else to take those liberties. I never name-called anyone here(as was just done in two posts above). I made an indication that a journalist was not being totally objective….base on the stats he was presenting when considering the teams we’ve played. Ramsey threw for over 300 yards …We all know he doesn’t do that against the better teams of this conference. Some others here have said far worse about the young man and his abilities than yours truly.

    1. Don’t worry, I kept the receipts. There’s been plenty of haters on the scoop since the time I started participating.

  13. Some people on this site would complain about winning the lottery, because they wouldn’t have enough spaces on their deposit ticket for the extra zeros.
    Is IU football OSU or Alabama? Of course not.
    Are we a much improved football team and more enjoyable to watch? We are.
    Has our schedule been favorable this YTD? It has. Does that mean these players, coaches, and fans shouldn’t enjoy the wins??
    IU football is going in the right direction.
    Every aspect of the program has improved from last year.
    There are great stories every week about players on this team.
    In our me first society, how do you now root for Peyton Ramsey??
    If you can’t see the improvement and the positive direction, you might as well quit watching.

  14. If you can’t see the improvement and the positive direction, you might as well quit watching.

    Take it to the streets! Hardly matters if six to eight regulars on Scoop are watching. And it would be my guess that only a couple of the Scoop regulars took in one game at Memorial this season.
    I often read “didn’t get a chance to see the game..” …..or “watched the replay of the game.” And that’s from the honest handful.

    But rather than cheering on your attempts at snide and condescension for any alternative voice offering debate on terms like “breakthrough,” I will use the opportunity to acknowledge Vesuvius13(a.k.a. V13).

    V13 never disparages any person here. He talks to all as an equal rather than in snide, condescension, hostility, or effort to demean. Not only does he appear the most sincere of any Hoosier Football fan, he’s willing to engage with kindness and civility rather than expel or alienate any voice of doubt or dissent. At the end of the day, I believe any dawning of a new day or light at the end of the long and bleak dark road known as Hoosier Football is because of deeper truth of those as scarred by its history but still willing to embrace and not alienate dissenting voices.

    I cheer in the quiet reserves behind the facade of discontent and mockery of the product forever disappointing as Hoosier Football not because Indiana is my alma mater …but because of rare gems like V-13 distant from the disrespect, condescension and personal insults.

    1. H4H,
      I heartily concur with your accolades for V13, he’s earned it. That being said, if one were to bother to look at his HS coaching record, it is pretty impressive. We are very fortunate to have his comments on our little board. Know our kudos to him will embarrass him, but his thoughtful input is greatly appreciated.

    2. So, are you now claiming IU is your alma mater? I noticed you carefully worded that statement so you can later say you never made such a claim.

      Is IU your alma mater?

      I’m betting not. I’m also betting you won’t answer the question…which actually answers the question.

      1. Well…that answers that.

        Now we know why he always runs down the Hoosiers.

        New moniker…Harvey Lafayette. A Boil in crimson clothing.

      2. “I cheer in the quiet reserves behind the facade of discontent and mockery of the product forever disappointing as Hoosier Football not because Indiana is my alma mater …”

        Because it isn’t.

        1. I’m in no competition for ‘Best Hoosier Fan’ in a Hoosier Scoop leading role. And the one most often attacking the strength of my loyalties doesn’t stand up literally or figuratively. I’ve seen a lot of dead weight at games….How often or how many times attended somewhere has nothing to do with why one becomes a passionate fan. My love for Hoosiers(as in Indiana Basketball Hoosiers) began from a simple and innocent time. I was only about 12 years old and had no real long term influences to lead me to Indiana. My parents never attended college.
          But sometimes love fades….for various reasons. Sometimes a school or a program you held as decent disappoint when they hire pious opportunists who vilify people in their shadow. Those may have been employees of Indiana University…but they were nothing, in my mind, proximate of a Hoosier.
          I will always be true to Indiana…but she best be damn true back. When we regain our stride to be genuine, the old dying embers will glow again bright with pride. The flames of belief never gone will rekindle and bring me back to the child within. But it takes time…I’m in no hurry. V13 can hold the lantern through the maze of narcissism and deceptions against those who imply that I am less a fan than anyone here.

          1. You take things way too seriously. Relax. How’s the weather? Terrible Trick ‘r Treat night here in Indiana. Did I tell you I take my cat for walks? …on a leash. Yup…I’m nuts. Cat likes it that way though….because he gets outdoors. He needs a farm…Wish I could give him a farm.

            It’s all good, Chet. It’s all good.

  15. I watch the majority of Hoosier football games on replay. I’m often in the wrong timezone, or when I am home in Northern California, I don’t waste the best weather of the year sitting inside watching TV. It’s always a nice nighttime way to wind down.

    Since 1995, I haven’t missed a single game. Although, out in California, from 2000 – 2006, a lot of those games were Don Fischer on the radio prior to the BTN. I’ve wanted to skip many, but I’ve watched/listened to them all.

    But I’m a bandwagon fan, I guess. I also didn’t go to school at Indiana before 1987, so my record is already full of demerits. My shaved head looks like the Buckeye helmets. The ones where they give stickers to their players every time they show up for class.

    1. Much the same.

      I’ve attended a few games over to years. I’ve traveled to two bowl games.

      The Navy was very firm about making me stay aboard ship even during football season.

      After that, the multiple plane changes to get to Bloomington from various places throughout the country while skipping my own children’s sporting events was problematic.

      Now, the 2 1/2 hour drive (each way) to the airport to fly cross country is admittedly an issue.

      Now, if I lived in Indiana I would be at every home game. I certainly wouldn’t be so lame as to castigate others if I lived right there on the doorstep of Memorial Stadium yet wouldn’t get my butt out of a chair to drive a few hours.

      What kind of a person would do that? Not a Hoosier.

  16. Watching a Hoosier Football game in replay? That includes Michigan, OSU and Penn State…and Wisconsin (back not so long ago when they were piling on in the form of 73-10)? Over how many years?
    I get the nice weather…I don’t understand the late night self-mutilation. Spectrum’s lowest tier cable package? Is it ‘Pay You Per View’ programming…?

    1. Harv, you have an agile mind when you aren’t offended, but in your attempts to play moral superiority gotcha, you just end up running yourself in circles and it makes you say some really dumb things. Firstly, I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks. I’m gonna do me and it doesn’t matter to me that I don’t do things like it’s 1976 anymore.

      I watch many games live too. But I’ll just let you determine in your own thick skull which ones those were. Whatever makes you sleep well at night, pal; you pick which ones based on your worst intentions for me. I’ll even throw you a bone and tell you that I spent the 2014 season living in the bush in Kenya. All those games were on replay.

      Really enjoyed your soliloquy about how kind V13 has been to you. You’ve also ripped into him over the years and he’s taken it. Glad we’ve established the tone you’d like to see for this blog.

      There’s only one poster here who has to go through moderation each and every time they post. I think it sucks. Jeremy has a real job to do, and it isn’t approving 20 Harvard posts a day. But instead of banning you, he is generous enough to spend time he doesn’t have to approve your comments. Just so you can stick around and have your say. You should send him a Christmas gift every year. Instead, you just resent him.

      Maybe do some self reflection for ten minutes and realize the impact you have on people’s real lives. Have some self control. Let the man take comment moderation of his job description.

      In my world, THESE words are kind. Real talk. If they were said to me, I’d listen, because what does matter to me is people whom I respect tell the truth. Iron sharpens iron and all that.

  17. Heck, my wife thought I was nuts when I used to pace around the back yard in the cold with a transistor radio to my ear, trying to pick up some AM station from Gary.

  18. My daughters learned very quickly that when an IU FB or BB game was on TV, they had to leave the house. My wife would take them to a movie, go shopping, or just make sure they went to their friends house. After my father passed, I would never expect anyone to sit in the same room with me while I watched a live broadcast of an IU FB or BB game. That would be sadistic.

    Now, on those rare occasions when I can not watch the IU games live, and I find out the outcome before watching it on my DVR, I’m as mellow as can be, regardless of whether IU wins or loses.

    When I first heard my oldest daughter drop an F-bomb when she was a Junior in HS, I confronted her and asked, “when did you learn to talk like that?” She responded, “about ten years ago, while you were watching an IU FB game. Mom didn’t get us out of the house soon enough.” Guilty as charged.

  19. I hope IUFB rises up and wins the last four games of this regular season, unlikely I know but stranger things have happened. I think IU’s offense can score and move the ball against any team left but we will have to see. If coach Wommack gets things straightened out on the defense having players in their right positions, stop rotating so many in and out, and getting calls in instead of waiting on the offense to get set; then the defense could be much better. The final play showed with blitzing Cam Jones and having Mullen covering the receiver what happens with the better players on the field.

    The STs are much better this year, the offense is far better, and the defense is making plays to win games, now keep it going Hoosiers.

    1. V13,
      All I can say is winning 2 of the last 4 games is certainly possible. Winning 3 out of the last 4 would be something close to the fabled “breakthrough” bandied about. However, if IUFB manages to win all 4 remaining games, all I can say is, “Fred, get your checkbook ready! You’re going to need it!”

      1. Shouldn’t Fred just get the checkbook out now…? Best to lock down Allen and the top assistants before the magic happens. Isn’t that a smarter gamble? Doesn’t that send the message he’s already done far more for Hoosier Football than any predecessor in a very long time? I say give Allen his big payday now….Are we really going to do better than Tom Allen as our head football coach in the foreseeable future?
        What should we offer…? 5 million? 6 million? Reward him now. Eight wins is nearly unheard of for Hoosier Football. Nine is a possibility.

        We save money and build his trust by offering the contract extension now. As Jessie James Decker says on those late night ‘South Beach Diet’ commercials, “What are y’all waitin’ for!”

        1. Or if the worst scenario plays out…and we lose our last four? We’re still going to the South Beach Diet Bowl!

          Take the gamble. Fatten up Allen now before someone else ‘breaks through’ his wallet! The nation is fat on offers and thin on quality college football coaches wanting a job in Bloomington. Don’t put the ‘f’ in failure to get this finished now, Fred. Put the ‘f’ in fat $$$. WHAT ARE Y’ALL WAITIN’ FOR?!

    2. V13, I’m taking a ride down to Bradenton tonight to watch Clearwater Academy vs Braden River. Finally get a chance to see JeJuan Sparks, Geri Theodore, and Akheem Mesidor up close.

  20. Fish, come back and give us a report on those recruits. I hope this season convinces all of them to come to IU along with a couple of Indiana kids that committed to someone else.

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