IU women picked 3rd, Patberg preseason All-Big Ten

ROSEMONT, Ill. — The Indiana University women’s basketball team was picked to finish in the upper echelon of the Big Ten on Monday, as the conference announced its preseason polls.

The Hoosiers, who finished in a tie for 10th last season, were selected to finish third by the league’s coaches and fourth by the media. Maryland is the preseason favorite, while Michigan and Michigan State round out the top four in varying order with Indiana.

IU returns four starters from a 21-13 campaign a year ago, when it advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. The Hoosiers also return 91 percent of their scoring and 72 percent of their rebounding.

Indiana returns four starters from a season ago where it advanced to the NCAA Tournament Second Round and finished 21-13 overall. It returns all four leading scorers and 91 percent if its scoring and 72 percent of its rebounding from last season.

Last year Ali Patberg and Jaelynn Penn were named second team All-Big Ten by the coaches, Patberg was second team, Penn third team and Brenna Wise honorable mention by the media.

Patberg was the lone preseason All-Big Ten selection on Monday. Patberg is IU’s leading returning scorer at 15.8 points per game and also led the Hoosiers in assists at 4.8 per game while adding 5.0 rebounds per game.

In addition, the Columbus native was named as one of 20 candidates on the Nancy Lieberman Award watch list for the nation’s top point guard on Monday. Patberg is the only Big Ten player on the list.

Indiana will open the 2019-20 season with an exhibition game on Nov. 3 against McKendree and host Mount St. Mary’s in the regular-season opener on Nov. 7.


  1. About time our program got some respect! This could be a special team especially if Machensie Holmes steps up as a freshman post player. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. MikeC I’m with you. This will be the deepest team in the history of the program. Our core group is battle tested and experienced. Add in the young talent and the Hoosier are ready to ascend to the next level this season. Excited to watch them (and our attendance) grow and look forward to a great season. See you at the Hall in a couple of weeks.

    1. I can almost guarantee that attendance will be up as the BNL crowd will almost surely make the short drive up 37 to watch Jorie play at the Hall.
      I always spotted lots of people from the area in the stands when Jenna would play against IU.

  3. This is going to be an interesting year I’m interested to see if Grace Berger continues to expand her range to the 3 point line she’s great in the mid range though,I think on ability Jaelynn Penn is the best player but Patberg the most important because she has the ball in her hands the most although I still think she is a better 2 guard eventually

  4. Brownbomber, I said that twice last year that Patberg is really a 2 guard. She is a true scoring guard that can light up almost anybody. I said that this year when we get Wilson healthy and Beeler on the scene we may see Patberg move over to the 2 guard and score at will! Also pointed out last year that Berger will become a monster offensively do to her great skills handling and shooting the ball. This could truly be a monster year for this team!! Go Hoosiers!

  5. In Charlie Creme’s latest bracketology this morning he has IU as a 6 seed. Very cool, more support for our Hoosiers! Go Hoosiers!!

  6. Moran ,, said out of all the Freshmen ( Allen ) is college ready ….

    Would not be surprised to see ( Gube ) at the 5…

    Really think ( Wilson ) will show up… especially shooting the 3 ball….

  7. I can’t believe the depth and talent level we have this year. Way different from years past.
    My biggest fear is that with SO MANY gifted players who are used to being stars, Coach Moren will have trouble keeping everybody happy. But she’s good at that, so this could be a breakout year.
    I personally like Noveroske. I think she’s way underrated, and could prove to be a valuable asset, possibly quicker than most expect.
    Happy that the season is almost here.
    Go Hoosiers!

  8. Im a little surprised that Jori is the one that stands out and is college ready in her eyes. Some develop at a different speed but they will get there. Hopefully the big girls will start to com around sooner than late along with all the freshmen. Hoping we dont see too much deer in the headlights, asking too much I suppose.

  9. So if Patberg gets moved to the 2 guard does that auto-remove her from the Lieberman award watch list. Either way Im sure it will take a while for either Beeler or Wilson to become comfortable enough[in Morens eyes] at the pt even though that is what they have always done.

  10. Wouldn’t be to concerned about post-season individual awards. Success of the team is what is important. I said last year that we needed a pure point guard so that Patberg could move to the 2 guard and expand her scoring. Having either Wilson or Beeler on the floor will also make our defense stronger! With that in place we would have a quicker defensive point guard in the game so that Patberg wouldn’t have to chase their point guard all over the floor. This would also make our team quicker both offensively and defensively. Pure athleticism has not been our strong suit in years past. We have struggled at times lately defensively because the other team’s athleticism has been greater than ours. I look for Wilson and Beeler to make us a much better team this year on both sides of the ball. I agree with Fan that Wilson’s strong 3 point shooting will make us much more potent offensively. she was a + 40% shooter in high school from the 3. And as many others have stated, our added depth this year will be an added advantage over years past! Go Hoosiers!!

  11. Nathill– Hannah is not quick she is a rim protector. For further enlightment there is a complete game up on youtube you may want to watch. It is Mich. City vs Lake central. On the other hand Holmes can run the floor. Yes this is now a deep squad and competition for minutes will be stiff. For those that do get on the floor best way to catch the coach’s eye is by DEFENSE!

  12. Would agree with you had all of Hannah’s games been like that one.
    The one I saw in person was the Indiana-Kentucky Girl’s AllStar game. With great help by her future teamate Jori Allen, Hannah was a key in the victory.
    To quote the Indy Star: “In 22 minutes, Noveroske shot 7-for-10 from the field and 4-for-8 from the free-throw line with six rebounds and two blocked shots. Kentucky’s Cameron Browning, a 6-2 standout from Louisville Male, had the unenviable task of trying to stop her.”
    Agree she has a lot of work to do, but it’s hard to coach a girl to be 6’5″, and when I saw Hannah at lunch one day, she’s really been working hard.
    Here’s hoping she can become what I think she can.

    1. Nat Hill– Im sure she is working hard as are they all. She can be a beast on the inside as she will take up space with her size and frame. Those freshmen all have so much to learn in a short period of time. With so much depth Im hoping Moren will not be afraid to use her bench in a good rotation keeping players fresh. Im really looking forward to see how they will try to mix all the new kids in, G. Waggoner, S . Beeler, J. Allen, M. Holmes, C. Wilson, H. Noveroski. See who can play and who will ride the bench.

  13. Im riding the same band wagon as Mike C. in regards to Mac. Holmes who should be at the 5 spot, if not then Jorie Allen could pull that off. Jorie is more of a physical contact player where Holmes is more finese. Looking forward to see how Shai and Chanel will fit in. Shai is a great passer, Chanel jet quick and 3 pt threat as has been mentioned. It hasnt been mentioned on here but on Charlie Creme’s top 25 update he has IU at #21. So lets hope all the hype is real and this will be a very special year for this IU womens team. Go Hoosiers!

  14. Steve W.
    I 100% agree with you on the value of substitutions.
    Would love a constantly changing lineup. Wear down the opponents.
    How times change. I remember when Curt Miller first came here, he had a very weak bench.
    Now I think it will be very hard to figure out who to start and play with all the current talent.
    Pleasant problem to have for Coach Moren.
    Can’t wait!

  15. T.Moren has led the way establishing a IU ladies basketball image as growth into better and better with goal as best. It shows players that buy in and play really like T.Moren and staff that if a player is good enough she will play. There may be differences in that regard but direction of program can’t be argued.
    The silent good news is that T.Moren teams seem to improve quite a bit during second half of season. They just competitively raise their level of play as a team and are much stronger team

  16. the issues with freshmen playing the 5 .. inexperience and trying to make that up .. with fouling ..
    perfect example was Gube last season..

    I fulling expect .. when big ten hits… moren will play 7 .. players with decent minutes.. thats the coach she is and always has been… majority of big ten teams .. plays that 7-8 number..

  17. True freshmen will be freshmen till they prove otherwise. Moren has already stated that Jorie stands out as being college ready and we dont know exactly where Bendu is after her achilles in march. She may start but most likely limited or Grace Berger could fill that spot. In the beginning Gulbe might be required to fill the 5 even though that is out of position and she tends to foul. Till one of the freshmen show they can hold down the position. Will be interesting and a lot of fun seeing all the mix and match on this team with all the new faces till it starts to takes shape

  18. I made the prediction at the end of last season that IU would be a Sweet Sixteen team this year.

    Nothing has dissuaded me from that so far.
    With some of the tournament games being played in Fort Wayne this year(if I remember correctly), it would be awesome to see them play in state during the tournament.

    1. bvance your memory is correct. Fort Wayne is the site for one of the regionals. If our Hoosiers can earn a 4 seed they would host the first round at Assembly Hall. That is totally within reach in my opinion.

  19. Bvance, good to hear from you. One thing that really concerns me is the possibility that Gulbe might play the 5 position again this year. I stated more than once last year that the decision to put her in that position dramatically hurt her ability to improve her. She is a 3 or 4 who has skills to dominate at those positions. I don’t believe she will improve at the 5. Her playing at the 5 will cause her foul trouble as was proved last year. She really could excel at the wing where her versatility will will stand out. She can shoot the 3 and drive to the basket to draw fouls being an exceptional ball handler for her size. I just hope she doesn’t get shoved into the middle this year, would be a big mistake. Go Hoosiers!

  20. MikeC … totally agree with you about Gube… but with Allen coming on strong and Wise playing huge minutes …. where will her minutes come.. at the 4.. ? the 3.. is pretty iffy .. she has a tendency to turn the ball over ….

    I do believe you’ll see her starting at the 5….

    can be a double edge sword .. with players that want to play but a coach that has proven … its 7 that play … maybe … 8 with minimal minutes…. going to be hard for Key to find minutes….

  21. Im a little surprised Key has stuck it out with all the new comp. coming in. Hopefully she will be greatly improved otherwise….

    Moren has built this program to where it is now, the sky is the limit. In fact when was the last time IU was a pre-season top 25 at least according to Creme and he’never far off at #21.

    Lets hope the AD doesnt screw this up in the last year of Moren’s Contract.

  22. Does anyone know whats up with Shai Beeler? She was not introduced at hoosier hysteria and she was not seen in the 2 min. clip on IUWBB twitter with Rhett Mic’d up.

  23. Another one bites the dust! I thought it would be key but they must still be telling her that she will get meaningful minutes.. noveroske wont be able to contribute until she can make it up and down the court for a few possessions without needing a sub. Get her in shape and we will talk. Wisne is a bust. Holmes needs to get good minutes this season or she wont be ready to majorly contribute next year, same with wilson and beeler. I’m afraid moren isnt going to trust any of them enough to get them meaningful minutes. So we will be playing jorie behind wise so forcing gulbe into the post again..here we go! T..do yo want to give some insight into lex? Suddenly going from a RS soph to a junior to off the roster quietly. And moren liking players tweets commenting negatively about alexis leaving the team..very mature

    1. I’ve looked at the last 7 days’ of Coach Moren’s twitter feed. There are zero Likes, Tweets, or Retweets to any negative comments related to Alexis Johnson (there are zero negative comments anywhere). So what you’ve posted is not true…. Whose maturity should we be questioning???

      1. I guess you didnt look very closely. Chanel wilson made a catty “subtweet” about alexis leaving and teri liked the tweet. Something about how the RIGHT ones will stay. We have always had social media problems they need to stay off twitter during season like other successful teams. I like how nobody wants to acknowledge the truth in what I stated because it messes with the whole pollyanna vibe we have going on here. I remember the coaching staff having amanda and tyra tweeting about how great everything was at Indiana while 4 players were transferring…a whole recruiting class gone!

        1. No i saw the tweet from Chanel, but it was not associated with Alexis. In fact it wasn’t associated with anyone so I’m not sure how you know to whom she was referring. I also find it interesting that you think Chanel would post something negative on social media about a teammate. It wouldn’t be a mart move on her part. Negativity seems to be a common approach for you., however.

          1. Hoosier(not a)fan is a troll. He disappeared while they were winning all those games. Not a peep out of him. He just recently crawled out from under his rock.

            Ignore him.

          2. That tweet was 100% about lex johnson. And coach machelle Joseph–i mean teri moren– sure did favorite that tweet. BTW laughing at winning “all those games” we BARELY made the tourney last year almost lost our ncaa spot to Arkansas and Ohio State. Much more talent this year let’s see if teri can figure out how to sub her players properly and achieve this team’s actual potential

  24. I see continual solid improvement for the IU ladies. They are good at every position. IU ladies should demonstrate more success and growth this year. I don’t see them as particularly deep when a possible injury is factored in which sometimes happens, freshman inexperienced, and ND transfer/Patterson not til next year.

    1. t you are spot on in regards to continued improvement. In the depth department we are deeper than any Hoosier team in history. We return 5 experienced back court players with 3 more talented new players looking to earn playing time. In the front court we should have a 4 player rotation with another new big for spot duty. By the time B1G play rolls around the freshmen will have gained valuable experience against some tough competition. Pay no attention to the media….. this is a very , very good group.

  25. I agree. It is a very very good group. The smoother sailing goes, the better. I agree that compared to “IU lady history” this year’s IU ladies team is deeper. However, how far they go will be to a certain degree to how many bumps they have on there road this season. Smooth sailing = going far (hunt for big ten title and sweet 16+ in March Madness tournament). Bumps in the road = 4th place in big ten and less than sweet 16 or bubble team in March Madness tournament. Lot of bumps = NIT bid.

  26. With the schedule Moren has setup there will be bumps in the road. Its obvious that moren believes in her team and that they can be competitive. In spite of the falls they may take in the early non-con schedule the freshmen especially and the entire team will grow from it and this should make them even more ready to compete for the Big Ten and that will be this team’s first goal. I believe this team can and will be competitive with the terps.

  27. I absolutely love IU’s new level of depth, but I’m a little nervous about the post.
    Several freshmen with very high potentials, but it seems to me that centers take longer to develop than forwards and guards.
    Really high expectations scare me.
    I wish we hadn’t received so much preseason hype.
    I’m personally hyped, just wish we weren’t expected to finish third or fourth in the BigTen.
    That’s a tall order….

  28. Nat, I personally think it’s a good thing that there are high expectations of our program by those outside our program. That is simply showing those around the country that we are now a program to be reckoned with which proves that we may be an elite team. It should be noted that we will probably lose some games early because of the strength of our schedule. But it should also be noted that this will make us a better team as the season moves on. Playing teams like Baylor and South Carolina will harden us for the rest of the season! Go Hoosiers!

  29. MikeC,
    No question Baylor and South Carolina will toughen us up!
    I bit the bullet and will be taking my wife to the Paradise Jam.
    I will go to the games, she will go to the beach 🙂
    Do you agree on my concerns regarding the post?
    Hate to think of poor Gulbe being asked again to play there while the freshmen develop.
    Can’t believe Jori, even with her skill set, is big enough to survive in the middle.

  30. This schedule is not for the feint of heart. Early on it will be lex and Jorie holding up the fort till the others get their footing. Jorie is as big as Kym was and has the advantage to go to the high post or beyond the arc KR could not. I cannot believe Moren would have put her team in the paradise jam if she didnt believe in their potential. It will be rough going early on, 4 teams in the top ten and will play one of them twice. Either way should make us better in the long haul.

  31. I understand the concern regarding our inexperience in the post but keep in mind that many of the Big Ten’s veteran post players (Gustafson, Thome, Allen, etc) are gone. In fact only a hand full of teams in the conference have a veteran presence at center. I’m very confident that the coaching staff knows how to develop these young players quickly. Also, do not under estimate Gulbe. If you break down her rebounds by minutes played last season she is our best returning rebounder, especially on the offensive glass. She is also an excellent free throw shooter and can draw opposing bigs outside the paint with her shooting ability which will open up space for players like Bendu to cash in on the offensive glass. With Wise at the 4 spot 32 – 35 minutes per game the team will need both Gulbe and Holmes in the post. Unless of course the Hoosiers go to the old school 2 guards , 2 forwards & a center line up. Or maybe a 4 guard line up. That’s the beauty of this team…. so many options!

  32. Exactly, in fact you might see a lineup with the 4 returnees plus Berger in the mix to start while you ease in the new players, at least that could work until you go to the Island jam.

  33. We will need to be patient with our freshmen, its like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.

  34. Good insights gentlemen.
    Hadn’t really considered how the BigTen might be short on “real” centers.
    Kym Royster looked at least two inches taller to me than Jori does, at least to my old eyes.
    And she looks shorter than Amanda Cahill did to me as well.
    Just can’t see Jori in the post.
    BUT, Would LOVE to be proven wrong on everything I’ve said in this paragraph!
    That’s the beauty of this forum. Everybody in Indiana is a coach! 🙂

  35. patberg
    berger … bendu not ready

    its a drag,,,but think key is left in the cold…

    truly think allen.. going to be big ten… freshmen of the yr…

  36. Nat, to answer your question, as good as Allen may be, I really don’t think she meets the criteria for playing in the post in college basketball. I am still hoping that Holmes will be that player in that position? Having watched several video’s of her, it looks to me like she is the answer there. While coach Moren states that Allen is “college ready”, that may be but playing the post at 6’1″ in college is VERY tough indeed. If a player is an incredible athlete that can jump over the moon, she might be effective but, I don’t think that is Allen? With the depth that we have accumulated with players with size, it looks to me like you put one of the freshmen in there and let them learn in the trial and error mode. When you consider how we play with such little size as it is in the past couple of years, I think we need to bite the bullet and let the kids play. After all, as good as she is, Wise is a 6′ tall girl playing the 4 position and I still say that forcing Gulbe to play the 5 at times last year really deterred her ability to improve at her natural position of wing. We need to get these freshmen playing time as much as possible early in the season in order to toughen them up for the conference. We are going to lose games early with the strong schedule in front of us, this is the reality of it and playing the freshmen early could pay off down the road to make us better! NatHill, wish I had your money and could attend the Paradise jam but, I will just try to see if I can find it streaming somewhere? Go Hoosiers!

  37. I have to agree with most everything Mike C. has said . I am a big fan of Mac and that Hannah can give them good minutes. But not yet appears the college lights are a bit too bright for them, and that will take some time to get over. Jorie is not afraid to go inside and bang, she loves to be competitive and physical and like I said before she can step outside and shoot which is a big advantage over previous players who could not were only inside players. Im also looking forward to finally getting to see chanel on the floor and what she can do.

    1. When smaller players have to play a big player position sometimes it makes the smaller player susceptible to getting physically beat up as season goes on resulting in dents, dings and injury.

  38. Thanks Mike, Steve, and t.
    That was my feeling, that the tall freshmen girls in the middle just have to play.
    May be a little rough at the beginning of the season for them, but in time I think throwing them into the fire will yield long term benefits.
    What a great thread!

  39. IU big girls Mac a 5 star and Hannah (stars matter) and its great to see IU get the sister of an MSU player who was going to go to IU in Allen. Another example of IU progress by
    T. Moren. Anyway these big girls are highly rated. So between them an if and when Glube is needed she can help out and even Allen can help in certain situations as in running her at that spot if appropriate where she could score and help out. However, the focus should be to get the big girls to hold down that center position out of the gate. Glube belongs on the wing.

  40. In the 2 min. clip in which Rhet is mic’d up at one point he hollers at Mac as she sort of backs off as one of the men players takes the rebound, he wanted her to fight for the reb., she didnt. Even so I would say go with her at the 5 as she has so much to offer , anyone who has watched her highlight vids knows this, let her develop trial by fire.

  41. got to watch that develop by fire experiment.. can back fire and lose all confidence… somewhat happened to gube and she is a proven European player .. but lack totally toughness at the 5.. in the big ten… she also lost confidence when her shots didnt fall….

    toughness at the 5… huge toughness is the key at the 5… especially in the big ten.. toughness is not taught… you have it or you dont….

    the coaches will bring along whoever produces .. especially early .. thats when its a must to show up….

  42. marchese was tough the minute she hit the floor .. offensive game needed to develop but toughness was never in question…. want to see who steps up at the 5… with that all out toughness…

    without it .. we be a problem at the 5… toughness is not fouling…

  43. IU ladies 2 freshman big girls can develop toughness in practice and playing in games. They have 10 fouls to give. Gulbe can step in only as needed. Gulbe is to pretty of a player meaning skilled and smooth to give all her focus on inside game draining her energy. Gulbe needs to shoot confidently mid range, 3 ball and go inside when opportunity presents itself. Plus Gulbe can rebound from wing. So after 10 fouls IU ladies have other bigger girls including Gulbe.

  44. disagree with you big time… toughness is not taught .. taught toughness = fouls…

    you are a born fist fighter or you are not… take that to the bank and deposit it….

  45. In my day, having played inside as an undersized post player, I learned in practice how get tough by getting beat up. I completely disagree with u fan. I learned to play tough by playing against players who pushed and shoved me all over. I realized if I was to have any success at all, I HAD to get physical. Yes, toughness can be taught by simply playing the game. T, u are all over it, Gulbe needs to play the wing where her strengths as u mentioned are! As I stated above, her versatility is so valuable to this team! Go Hoosiers!!

  46. Not going to get into playing credentials…. i also know this much.. if i have you beat .. i will step on your throat and take every once of anything you thought you had ,, right out of you ..

    ive met and seen you in person mickc….

  47. Then you know how undersized I was in my day Fan. You may be bankrupt! Just sayin…… Toughness can be learned due to playing experience. Basketball life lessons are learned on the court.

  48. So we’re pretty much in agreement that the problem number this year for the IU women is 5, right?
    PLENTY of 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s.
    Isn’t that almost always the problem number for a women’s basketball team?

    1. I wouldn’t call it a problem but a position in need of quick development. This team already has enough options and weapons on the offensive end. I mean we didn’t have much scoring from the post last season. The defensive end, along with rebounding, is where these post players need to quickly develop in order to contribute early on. Fortunately we’ll have 3 games under our belts before we face a big team…. Florida on the road.

  49. All the guesstimating we do here is not going to tell us a thing especially in reference to the freshmen , who and how soon will they develop. Once we get in a real game we will have a much better idea of the overall development of the team, who can play, who has a long way to go.

  50. Oh, I don’t know I think the big girl from Maine is here, now. After she gets acclimated physically she is a ready to grow into position now. As to how offense is run T. Moren can run offense to IU ladies strength. Then, support position can come from Hannah and Gulbe if needed or flexible on offense to accommodate situations. Yes IU ladies bigs will have to grow into their respective positions. Just like a lot/most of teams. That’s why there is a whole season of play as in 4+ months.

  51. T, I think, just as you do that Holmes is the missing link for our team. Her inside presence will make us the team we have hoped for years! Go Hoosiers!!

  52. Someone else on the forum Picked Allen for Freshman of the Year. If I pick anyone for FOTY its going to be Holmes. Christy Winters Scott picked someone else dont remember who maybe someone on the terps or mich. I saw the ESPNW earlier today had IU at # 24.

  53. I’ve seen Jory play, and in my mind she is indeed ready for college.
    I don’t know much about Holmes, but trust MikeC and SteveW.
    If Holmes is indeed better then Jori, we should be REALLY good.

  54. It’s not about Holmes being better or Jori being better. They will all play. Jori is a forward and Holmes a center. Jori may help out at center as will Hannah and Gulbe who is primarily a wing. Minutes will be distributed deeper among top 9 on team. Energy and effort should be high pressure.

  55. Nathill, not saying Holmes is better than Jori but, what T says is accurate, they play different positions and we just hope each can contribute a bunch at those positions to make us a much better team? The 2 players that intrigue me the most are Wilson and Holmes. I really believe that Wilson can add a ton to our effectiveness with her athleticism offensively and defensively and shooting ability. Really anxious to see her play. Still say Holmes is the key to our improvement giving us the inside scoring we haven’t had in years. Go Hoosiers!!

  56. Coach Holmes

    Follow Follow @Aholmes20
    Toughness is hard to teach, hard to find and hard to beat. I’ve never heard a coach complain they had too many tough kids. ( especially at a high level )

    tell’ you mickc … toughness is not a teachable skill…

  57. Fan, we agree to disagree. From personal experience I know what I went through playing the game and I respectfully disagree. I do respect your opinion, keep it coming. I love the interaction on this website! Go Hoosiers!!

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