Jorie Allen a different kind of freshman

Jorie Allen is a freshman.

That is an indisputable fact.

But the Bedford North Lawrence grad and 2019 Indiana Miss Basketball is anything but your typical freshman, as her new Indiana University coaches and teammates have found out.

The difference is not necessarily physical.

“She just has a different mentality than a lot of young freshmen,” IU women’s basketball coach Teri Moren said. “A lot of freshmen want to just sit back and wait for their opportunity. That’s not Jorie. Jorie is two feet in, and she’s fighting for playing time, and she wants to be out on the floor and help us be successful.”

There are a variety of reasons why Allen is different, including being the daughter of a coach and having an older sister, Jenna, who just wrapped up an excellent four-year career at Michigan State.

“It’s been cool to see (the freshmen)’s toughness, their mentality, especially Jorie Allen,” said IU junior guard Ali Patberg, who played against Jenna in high school. “It’s super impressive to see a freshman come in with that type of mentality, and I think that has a lot to do with how she was coached and also having Jenna as a sister that’s been through it and knows what it takes.

“She’s physically fit. She was doing really well in conditioning over the summer. She’s strong, she’s really strong. And again, all of that matters, but her mentality is different. If you have that mentality that you’re a tough player and hard to beat, then that’s awesome to have as a teammate.”

The feeling is reciprocal, as Allen has been pleased by what she’s seen behind the scenes as a Hoosier.

“Being with them in practice every day, it’s very interesting to see how personalities change on the court,” Allen said. “Ali, she’s so very sweet off the court, so selfless. On the court, it’s business. I love to see that, because that’s how we feel, we all take it very seriously on the court. Just with other teammates, like Grace Berger, she comes alive on the court, she’s into it. She has almost a little bit of an attitude, but I love that. I love the fire, I love the passion. That’s what I like to see.”

But how does Allen see herself?

“I tend to be more serious on the court, but not as passionate, not showing a lot of emotion,” she said. “I like to keep my emotions under wraps, but I just like to go hard.”

Allen has had to do that in order to carve out a niche on an Indiana team picked to finish third in the Big Ten in the preseason, fresh off a trip to the second round of the NCAA Tournament a year ago with four returning starters.

The 6-foot-1 freshman could see playing time at small forward, power forward and even center. And if the need ever arose, Allen is capable of filling in at the guard spots.

“Jorie is a kid we call a utility kid,” Moren said. “You can play her in two, maybe three different positions. She’ll tell you, ‘I know everything from the 1-5 if I have to,’ but that’s the luxury of having a kid like her.”

For Allen, versatility has always been a calling card.

“It has been difficult (learning multiple positions),” she said. “I have to know the 3-4-5 spot in all of our offense. But (assistant) coach Rhet Wierzba, (assistant) coach (Glenn) Box have really worked with me and at the beginning they were patient with me. But that’s nothing new. In my high school career I had to play multiple positions, so I’m used to that.”

Allen knows where she’d like to play the most if the decision was up to her, but there are aspects of other positions she likes as well.

“I have to say I’m most comfortable playing the 4 spot, but I love playing the 3 spot, too,” she said. “I love being out on the perimeter, especially since I’ve been working on my outside shot so much this summer. I like the 5 spot, too. I like to grind it out in the post.

“I just want to be wherever I can to help the team.”

That’s the mentality that has made Allen standout before the Hoosiers ever play a game.

{p class=”p1”}”The thing that she brings is she is a nasty competitor, and no matter what job you give her, she embraces it and she’s excited about it,” Moren said. “She’s a coach’s dream just as far as her ability to take coaching, go out and try to make corrections. She’s a winner. She wants to win every drill.”

And she wants to win when she takes the floor at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall for the first time on Sunday in an exhibition against McKendree.

“It is an exhibition game, but we’re supposed to approach it as a game,” Allen said. “That’s the whole point of it, to get ready, to prepare. I’m just so excited to run out on the floor in my candy stripes. I can’t really describe it.”


    1. Ms Allen may be the best recruit for the Indiana Women ever! What a joy to get to see her play, develop, succeed, and win for four big years!

  1. This is what you would expect from a player born and bred around Indiana high school basketball. Typical Indiana kid, strong desire to play, fundamentally sound and driven to succeed! Looks like watching her play is going to be a lot of fun. This is what we expect from kids born and raised in Indiana! Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Anyone who has seen her miss basketball interview already knows this. Jorie talked about game night at her house usually would end up in a fist fight , that comment lets you know the fight and competitive action she comes with. I have seen her several times play at Bedford in high school and usually gets double teamed . I have even seen her get triple teamed. As I have said previously and the article verifies she can play inside or outside and that is a huge plus for her and IU.

  3. Saw Jori basically will the IU Allstars to a victory over Kentucky Allstars last year. Used her teammates (including Noverosky) very well, but in the end, her determination made the difference. At least that’s how it looked to me. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  4. Since there is no game article to comment on, I have put this here. Although the opponent was not very strong, I believe that in my 30 years of being a season ticket holder, this may be undoubtedly the very best roster talent wise that the IU women have ever had! Seven players scored in double figures and this may happen more than you might think this year? The team is very balanced with scoring potential at every position and on down a very deep bench. Chanel Wilson, a super quick point guard is going to be a key player this year with her ability to drive the ball and her terrific out side shooting! Jori Allen has a great all around game that will stand out all season long. As coach Teri Moren stated during a pre-season interview, IU’s 3 point shooting will be a strength this year up and down the roster. The addition of Wilson and Allen from the perimeter will really stretch the floor for IU. This is going to be a really fun team to watch with the talent they process. The other freshman that could make a big impression this year is 6′ 3″ Mackenzie Holmes, but, the team is going to have to get her the ball inside which we are very poor at. It has been this way for years with Moren as coach? For some reason we do not try to get the ball inside? Our post players try to post up but, our guards don’t get them the ball, they are to busy driving the ball to the basket and putting up shots. This is one reason we were one of the worst teams in the conference last year in assists. If you don’t believe this, look it up! We have a player this year in Holmes who could be a big time scorer inside but, will probably not get the ball if our offense continues to run the way it does? Our guards are to busy trying to create shots for themselves. This is my only criticism of this team. Go Hoosiers!!

  5. I also thought IU ladies will have scorers from every position. It’s hard to gage things due to competition level. However, as competition level rises and a little time as in November thru mid December I expect Holmes to get the ball some. They will have to if IU ladies want to take a higher level step. IU ladies will have to if Holmes or whoever is in the middle tend to keep opposing defenses from cheating creating a run and gun IU ladies team. Holmes is the future IU ladies center. It is just to easy not to run, shoot, and do anything IU ladies wanted to do against exhibition competition. (Next year will Danielle Patterson play forward or center???)

  6. I was impressed with the improved strength of the returning players that was clearly visible. Good dress rehearsal. It starts for real on Thursday. Get your butts to the Hall!

  7. For those that were concerned, Holmes is much more physical than advertised! I watched her exclusively when she was on the floor, she was playing against a very physical girl with good size and fought her tooth and nail. She constantly tried to reposition the girl and at times was pretty successful in that endeavor. I don’t think we need to worry about her getting shoved around a lot under the basket. Jori Allen is going to be a stud!! It’s as simple as that, her skills are really great! She is going to be really tough for other teams to match up against because of her outside shot. I think she will be one of the better freshmen in the conference but, I doubt she will win the freshman of the year award because with the great balance of our team she will not stand out as much as she could because of our incredible talent. All rumors about Berger becoming a “Beast” are well founded! She is so much better than she was last year it is unreal! The only thing that will slow this team down is injuries but, even that might not because of our incredible depth and balance. Go Hoosiers!!

  8. Yes the depth on this team was quite evident on sunday and hopefully it will continue to be a plus. To see freshmen step up and shoot the 3 per Wilson and Allen in their first comp. action is quite amazing. Think back to Tyra Buss she had trouble had to work on it. Mac and Hannah still need to learn how to play without fouling and we need them or will need them on the court later on. Moren wanted Mac to get the minutes but fouls got in the way. We need the big girls to get that under control so they can get the minutes and with minutes they will score and defend better, but that may take a while. Sure was nice to see Key doing so well , but IU can play downhill against a team like on sunday but comp. will increase with each game we play. Will be nice to watch them develop into what they will be. Go Hoosiers!!

  9. Im sure they were all happy that they had so many contribute in beating a way over matched team, but any thoughts on Wise’s rather bold statement “We will do some damage”. When you make a statement then you have to back it up. We will see how much damage they do at the paradise jam.

  10. Trying to not get too excited about what I saw, but man, does IU ever have DEPTH.
    Wilson is as fast as Key, Jori can shoot threes and is even better than I thought, Gulbe is playing with confidence, Penn didn’t look injured to me, Berger doesn’t look like the same person physically, and the depth just doesn’t seem to have any limits.
    Still a little nervous about the post play in the Virgin Islands, but we will know soon enough if they can develop and turn IU into a national power.

  11. This will be the most successful season yet for this program so let’s get excited. And the future? Here are the combined stats of our freshman and sophomores from the exhibition game:
    62 points
    27 rebounds
    11 assists
    11 steals
    2 blocks
    4 turnovers
    Better keep wearing those shades!
    See you at the Hall on Thursday.

  12. SteveW, when Wise says “We will do some damage”, I am not quite sure we should put that comment to the 2 games against 2 top 5 ranked teams? I think what she meant was that this may be the best season yet for IU basketball and not that they will stomp all over the 2 teams that are ranked like Baylor and South Carolina? This team barring major injuries to key players may win the most games in program history but, to imply they will handle those 2 teams may be a bit of a stretch. Other than Maryland in the conference and those 2 teams mentioned, I believe they can play with anybody. Go Hoosiers!!

    1. Wise may have been implying the B1G and post season. I believe that UCLA is as much of a challenge as anyone on our non- conf schedule. Miami is no slouch either. Baylor will be the measuring stick. South Carolina, with all their new pieces (they lost 7 players from last season), will take a while to gel and are a bit higher ranked at this point than deserved. I know they have a #1 recruiting class but experience matters. On a neutral court I”ll take the Hoosiers. SC will play at Maryland on Sunday (ESPN). We’ll see if they can hang with the Terps on the road. I doubt it.

  13. I like Wise statement. IU is hoping to be good and they should be. It is a challenge to team and herself to get the most out of themselves. It reflects her coach.

  14. In reference to Wise and excluding the Jam , Im guessing she was referring to the B1G. Providing both Holmes and Noveroski can both quit fouling and stay on the floor , IU might prove to be the stiffest opponent in the B1G for the Terps. After the jam comes UCLA #11 and Miami #18, then the B1G starts. No doubt there will be some bumps in the road before the B1G starts but hopefully our depth will show and we at least can be competitive.

  15. Steve W.
    I thought Mount St. Mary’s game at Kentucky was on sec network tonight also, but it’s on the SEC+ network, the streaming option of the SEC network.
    And I’m not smart enough to sign up for it.

  16. Found it BURIED deep in ESPN+ (Roku).
    In the basketball section with lots of other games.
    Might be possible to find it on, I don’t know.
    Hoping it will actually work…..

  17. I didnt get back home till late tonight and I watched it streamed on watch espn via sec. Just had to input my tv carrier and waalaa.

  18. An interesting happening tonight was #23 Minn. losing to Missouri State. M.S. was a sweet 16 team last year although IU handled them easily during the season.

  19. Not surprising as Missouri State is the better team right now. Minn again is way over rated and a middle of the pack B1G team.

  20. My thoughts exactly on Minn. So much credit has been given to Whalen when she hasnt proven she can coach as yet, not every great basketball player can carry it over to the coaching world.

  21. As far as Mac Holmes goes singing day November, 2018 T. Moren interview says it all and all you need to know about how quick and what is in store for Mac Holmes in an IU ladies uniform.

  22. Plus as Mac Holmes basketball career develops so will her strength and body. IU ladies center position for now and the future is in good hands with Mac Holmes and the other ladies provided everyone remains reasonably healthy.

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