Penix a game-time decision for Nebraska

Indiana is back in a familiar position with redshirt freshman quarterback Michael Penix considered a game-time situation for Saturday’s game at Nebraska.

Penix was removed from the Hoosiers’ win over Maryland early in the second quarter. IU coach Tom Allen did not specify Penix’s injury postgame, and he was short on details Monday, as well.

“Right now, do not know what his status will be. It will be a game-time decision,” Allen said. “So the plan will be to prepare like we have every single week, to be able to have Peyton (Ramsey) ready to roll.”

Allen went on to say he would know more later as far as Penix’s availability for practice this week.

It’s unclear when exactly Penix was injured versus Maryland, but he looked hobbled following a hit on a 2-yard scramble to end the first quarter. He returned to start the second quarter, completing passes to Whop Philyor and Peyton Hendershot for gains of seven and 28 yards, respectively.

Penix’s day ended at the Maryland 10, on a bobbled pass by Hendershot that resulted in an interception.

Ramsey went on to complete 20-of-27 passing for 193 yards and a touchdown. The redshirt junior, who lost his starting position to Penix during fall camp, was named IU’s offensive player of the game for his performance in a 34-28 win over Maryland.

Penix has already missed two games due to injury, though the nature of the ailment that kept him out of the Ohio State and UConn contests was not disclosed by Allen. In pregame warmups for Michigan State, Penix repeatedly held out his arms and stretched his shoulders with tight circular motions. Penix later alluded to icing “the shoulder” as part of a continued rehab process.

After the Maryland game, Allen did say Penix’s current issue is not related to his previous one. If Penix is unable to play at Nebrasa, the ball will be back in Ramsey’s hands.

“He’ll have a great week of practice and just like he did last week,” Allen said Monday. “And Jack (Tuttle) will be ready as well. So those guys in that room will be doing their best to prepare, and Michael, as well, and we’ll do everything we can to get him back if at all possible. But that remains to be seen.”


  1. I have a very strong doubt that Penix will play against Nebraska. TA will probably give him more time to get healthy and take his chances with PR.

    1. I disagree. Start Penix. Then if he has any issues, we know that Peyton can do the job! This is a must win game! Go for it!

  2. I hope TA and DeBoer are preparing Tuttle to play. Although if Penix does not start, he’ll probably be the back-up, Tuttle may be one hit away from being IU’s QB.

    1. If Penix can play, then he must start. He is not a backup QB! If he can’t play then Peyton is a great backup QB with Tuttle in the wings. IU needs to score 40!

  3. Saying Penix is a game time decision is virtually saying he will miss the game but I suppose there is a chance he might play. I have been concerned about the lack of playing time Tuttle has seen in the blowout wins and loss. I hope Tuttle isn’t needed to win one of the games coming up. I never understood Ramsey getting extensive time in these games while Tuttle got just the final minutes. Ramsey has experience and didn’t need many minutes to stay sharp. Tuttle needs to get game time experience to see how he performs. I guess this is why they don’t consult with me bout playing time.

  4. Wish we there was a more concrete idea of what the previous injury was and what this one might be. 1st one seemed to be shoulder related. BrownBomber, can you describe what happened and what you saw that made you think concussion?

  5. Looked to me like he was favoring his right, non throwing, shoulder. I wasn’t watching his every action but I didn’t see anything indicating a head injury.

  6. How many teams have the luxury of playing the third string quarterback unless they absolutely have to? I don’t remember much of that ever happening at IU unless catastrophe had hit.

  7. Wasn’t Penix a game time decision going into Mich. St.? It’s only Monday, I don’t think you can read into TA’s comments one way or the other. We are talking about a young man who might’ve had a little stinger or something more major, we just don’t know. The coaches may well also have no idea how fast he might come back or be ready. I know from my distant football days and even my collegiate rowing days there were times we didn’t know about this athlete or that athlete being ready to go until a day or two before our game or race. Let’s hope it’s Penix, and if not, we have a gritty, fairly capable Ramsey.

    For those of you questioning the lack of Tuttle’s playing time, I think IU has been smart to play Ramsey in this year’s new offense as much as reasonably possible given his back up status. Yes, Tuttle is the better athlete and has the better arm, but for all we know, behind the scenes he just may not be ready to go. I’ll put my trust in the coaching brain trust that sees its players day in and day out as to who should or should not play.

  8. Because to me as he was walking off he wasn’t favoring anything to indicate a shoulder but as I said that’s just my opinion they’re not going to give out any info so I’m just speculating

    1. I could be off base but, as a guy who has had 4 shoulder reconstructions, that’s how his posture looked to me. Left arm was held up in a normal position while his right arm dropped straight to his side.

      Not exactly an MRI.

  9. More than a year ago…and many posts since, I said the biggest issue with Penix would be his durability and that frail frame holding up.

    If he’s rarely available for big games, what’s the point? Might as well sit him for the rest of the season. We’ve got a couple big boys heading forward…and it just doesn’t make much sense to possibly end the small chances he ever had at playing at this level. I’d bench him for the remainder.
    Play Ramsey and Tuttle….We’re merely trying to get to magical number six. Ramsey can get that accomplished. Penix needs to completely heal and build some resiliency. Maybe next year.

    1. Totally wrong! IU is at least 14 points better with Penix playing, even limited minutes, than without. Win now! Forget next year!

  10. Penix needs an extra 20 pounds of meat on his bones, with most of that being muscle. That would help him absorb the hits a bit better. I don’t think he had a concussion. I watched the play three times, and it looked like the Maryland Defensive Linemen landed on the side of Penix, so I’ll guess shoulder or ribs.

    1. Precisely. He’s a kid. What was it with David Robinson? He grew six inches in a year or something? There are stories throughout professional sports such as that.

      He is a kid. He’s a big kid…but he’s a kid. For all we know he could grow 4 inches and gain 40lbs by next year.

      It happens.

      1. Chet,
        I think that is the point which everyone overlooks regarding MP. He is still just 19 years old. A very talented 19 year old, but still the body is very young. Will his body toughen up with age, we can only hope as MP is a game changer when able to stay on the field. I believe as time goes on we will find out whether or not the S&C program is as valuable as we all hope.

  11. The interesting thing about Penix’s injury is that he continued to play after the big hit and completed two passes before the tipped interception. The interception was not a bad pass except that he may have put too much zip on it for Hendershot to catch it at such a short distance.

    Does anyone know if Penix was on the sideline during the second half and if he was still in uniform? I went to the UT-Mississippi State game two weeks ago and UT’s qb landed awkwardly, but not that hard, on his head. Everyone thought he had hurt his neck, but it turned out to be a concussion. He played the rest of the series, but then came out. He stayed on the sideline the rest of the first half with a towel on his head. He was still dressed for the second half, but he hung out on the sideline with that towel over his head.

    Penix walked to the locker room with a couple of trainers before the half was over. They showed him just before he entered the tunnel and he didn’t appear to be in any obvious pain. When someone goes to the locker room during the game, typically it is for an ex-ray unless it is a hot day and they need an IV.

    I’m beginning to think that Penix is not as tough as Ramsey and that he gets worried about injuries that players like Ramsey ignore. There is no doubt in my mind that the hit Ramsey absorbed on his right arm/shoulder hurt him, and probably still hurts today, but there is no way he was going to take himself out of the game. There were times last year or the year before where Ramsey would limp back into the huddle, but he never took himself out. He is one tough ballplayer with the mental mindset of a linebacker. Penix not so much.

    1. I don’t think anyone will ever question Ramsey’s toughness. But I’m not about to question Penix’s toughness either. The kid is a gamer and I’m sure he would be out there if the coaches let him.

    2. Ranger,
      I think in boils down to Penix has a much higher ceiling in terms of capabilities, but at this point in his career, is more physically fragile. Ramsey, at this point, is not nearly as fragile, but does not have the capabilities of Penix. The gap in capabilities is wide enough that nearly anyone can see the difference and the benefit far outweighs the negatives. However, let’s not forget a couple years ago, PR was a little younger and a little more brittle himself.

      We have to remember that when MP enrolled at IU in January of ’18, he wasn’t but 17 years old, he is just 18 1/2 years old! The hope is that as he grows more mature physically the S&C guys will do their work to decrease that fragility he now has. Credit to H4H for calling it correctly last year. However, if MP can develop the durability to match the talent, it could be a lot of fun for IUFB and Hoosier Nation.

  12. Many opinions here I side with. I find it hard to believe he’s dealing with a concussion unless its regenerated from 3-4 weeks ago. Shoulder, elbow, rib or collarbone more likely and he did state to regularly icing the shoulder. Because of his throwing power it probably impacts passing very little but physical contact from a tackle…welllll. I suspect like most injury pain with no break, tear or dislocation he’s learning to deal with it like most young athletes and play through it. No doubt the Huskers are anxiouly watching this develop.
    Did a little reading about Nebraska, their OL is underperforming, the D is slow, accumulated a raft of lingering team injuries, their PKing is really weak and HC Frost has team issues and fans/support issues. He’s being crowded damn hard. Hoosiers need to take advantage and make it # ☆6☆.

  13. Line had been IU-2, moved to IU-3, now it is IU-1. They wanted that Husker $ and they’re getting it. Not much else to do in Nebraska this time of year outside of harvesting, feeding cattle and wagering football.

  14. I believe PR is late in his 21st year or has already turned 22. Penix turned 19 about two months ago. The difference in age, between 22 and 19, for any young man, but especially a football player, is significant when it comes to physical development. I grew over two inches after I graduated from High School at age 18 until I was 20. I doubt Penix will grow much taller, but he’ll certainly get stronger and fill out his frame with more meat, which will help his body absorb hits.

    Because TA has such confidence in PR, he’s not likely to pressure Penix to play with pain. TA doesn’t seem to be that kind of coach anyway, but with a back-up that he “loves” ready to step in and play at a high level, why would TA require Penix to play unless he’s reasonably well. And another thing: for a young guy, playing in pain can be a distraction. TA may be concerned that Penix , if playing in discomfort, would be distracted or worried about the injury and therefor not totally focused. The ability to focus is everything for a QB.

    Better get Tuttle some reps in practice and reduce the number of designated QB running plays for this Saturday.

    1. Po,
      You mentioned something which reminded me of another facet to TA’s coaching style. I have heard him mention allude to and outright say this several times regarding his players. TA is extremely concerned with his players ability to develop enough to be effective on to the next level. If you caught his Nebraska press conference yesterday, he alluded to the importance of the O linemen being able to play multiple positions on the line. The nuance I picked up on in his statements was that it would make them more valuable as offensive linemen. That could mean only one thing, both currently and at the next level.

      I’ve also heard him make similar statements about protecting his running backs knowing they have a limited number of carries in a lifetime. So when we look at this from the perspective of MP, this is a kid who if he can develop will have nfl potential. TA does not want to jeopardize MP’s future by bringing him back early. No disrespect for PR, but TA is building for him another future and TA’s focus on PR always being prepared plays into this. Don’t be surprised if TA does everything possible to pave PR’s future as a FB coach if Peyton so desires. This is not just PR only, but any of TA’s players so inclined.

      Whether we realize it or not, TA is trying to build a culture at IUFB that could be very attractive to incoming recruits. TA wants to win badly, but not at the cost of the recruit’s future prospects. I can see that being very appealing to recruits and their parents. In the world of college athletics it has always been about bigger than life coaches, who sometimes place their own interests above those of the kids. If this is what TA is up to, it is a refreshing change to college athletics. I just hope he can be successful enough on the W/L side of the equation to make it work long term.

      1. I buy most of your stuff, thinkaboutit. But the post above is beyond a stretch. IU coaches rarely function outside of anything but desperation. They inserted Penix last year under the worst possible scenario(with very little reps and against Penn State). It was a desperation move with little concern for the health of a qb who should have been allowed to beef up.
        Result: Knee injury.
        Early season 2019: Only chance to get to a bowl is to win against the three cupcakes on the beginning of the schedule. Penix was fully utilized and they made him run the ball with no regard to “saving him” for the future. The wins were all that mattered. Result: Another injury.

        This kid should have been benched for his entire freshman season. It’s still highly questionable as to whether or not he should have seen much PT this year. He certainly shouldn’t have been used in any sort of run designs.

        He’s not been “saved” for any future. He’s here to save Coach Allen’s job and his Penix’s future has already been possibly compromised by playing a risky gamble with a very fragile/underdeveloped young man.
        Zander Diamonte barely left Bloomington in one piece. In Bloomington there are rarely backup plans. It’s the BigTen East. It’s a division in which Pee-wee Hoosier Herman gets to see George OSU Foreman, Ken PSU Norton and Joe Michigan Frazier. The aforementioned are generally accepted to be a pummeling.
        Desperation is always the mode to get six wins out of the remainder of the schedule.
        I don’t buy into Allen being any different than Kevin Wilson….If anything, Allen has shown less regard to keep a frail young man out of harms way …than any locker room berating from the lips of Kevin Wilson.

        Penix was never ready last season…and certainly not ready to be thrown in for Allen’s big possible “breakthrough” blue ribbon against PSU.
        And it’s highly debatable if Penix was ready to fully run the ball in our early games this season… But cupcake wins are mandatory because potential/highly probable losses against the Murderer’s Row of the conference are always part of the defeatist mentality.

        1. If we weren’t always in “desperation mode,” we would have been playing Tuttle in some of our early season cupcake games. But the risk of losing any of those games cannot be a risk worth taking for a new coach. Thus, Penix was rushed (no pun intended) into service.

          Now we hit mid-season once again with one viable option: Ramsey. Tuttle has seen very little reps and Penix is a question mark(which, by no coincidence, a question mark is the shape of a thin walking cane atop a ball).
          Why are we in the scenario again? Cupcakes a must. Desperation. Defeatist mentality to get early wins because the losses against the ‘Big Three’ of the BigTen is a given.

          It’s the last thing from being conservative with development …or “saving” anyone for the future. Tuttle’s future is likely transferring because he’s not been rewarded what a highly ranked h.s. qb would generally accept as a fair chance to prove himself in live game situations.
          Penix’s future may be looked at by NFL scouts as very ‘iffy’ …They don’t dissect seasons and look to reasons. They only see the slew of injuries on his resume.
          Ramsey will have stories for his grandkids someday. He’ll talk of the days he beat out a promising qb with an NFL arm…and another who was once recruited by USC and Alabama. Maybe even a Pinstripe Bowl…and a trip to NYC to fill out the scrapbook.

        2. “If anything, Allen has shown less regard to keep a frail young man out of harms way …”

          Let’s talk about Zander Diamont. Penix looks like a power lifter compared to that QB Wilson threw to the wolves.

          1. Harv, why don’t you name a few teams that don’t play any cupcakes in the non conference schedule.

            I’ll wait…

          2. Of course, many play cupcakes…It’s just they’re far more important to a Hoosier team in the BigTen East with a once in 20 year shot at ever defeating the upper echelon teams of our division. If we stumble against a cupcake(or try out a new qb…e.g. Tuttle for a full half of football) it could cost us a game …That comes back to haunt when trying to get to one of those ‘Cupcake’ bowls.

            Thus, Penix was possibly rushed…Tuttle was held back. And here we are again. Safe and secure for six wins a trip to the Beguiled Bowl.

            Zander? I think it’s all we had at the time…Don’t think he was coming off a knee injury. But, you’re right. To some extent he should have never been recruited. Wilson gave into the Hollywood vibe and publicity surrounding the kid.
            But this season? We have a kid named Tuttle who could have played early in the season…and right now(had he been prepared properly). I don’t think Tuttle is diminutive or with legs as small as a newborn colt.

            And let’s face it…Ramsey is a gamer, but he’s going to be very susceptible in the next few games. He’s really not that big of a kid.
            Nebraska may be down…but they grow them big out there in the cornfields. Michigan and PSU will be a lot of fun as well. Run for your life! …or dunk and dink for your life.

          3. Saying “many play cupcakes” is a very clumsy attempt at avoiding answering so I’ll try again to see if you are credible.

            Name a few teams that don’t play any cupcakes. You said “many” do, so that means ‘some’ don’t.

            Name a few.

          4. Anyone not playing Indiana …is not scheduling one major cupcake. There are varying levels and varying numbers of cupcakes. Thus, of course, many play cupcakes. It’s on a sliding scale.

            Duke played Alabama and Notre Dame in their non-conference. Their non-conference SOS was ranked #29 out of 130. We are ranked #105…(just a few spots ahead of San Jose St. and Liberty…and UConn).

            And that’s my point….We schedule on a lower scale of cupcake because we are so beyond competing with the big boys from our conference that we simply can’t afford much risk in stumbling. This isn’t rocket science, Chester.

            OSU, Michigan, PSU…are never games considered to be imperative to win. It’s the cupcakes(lower on the cupcake/SOS the better)and the other bottom feeders of the BigTen East that get us to the ‘blue ribbon for everyone’ bowls. Defeat Purdon’t and you get a contract extension. All the “breakthrough” malarkey is simply that; gibberish. The only way you truly start building for breakthrough is to test your team. That doesn’t happen with Eastern Illinois, Ball State..and UConn.
            davis has pleaded for years to schedule ND. We all know that will never happen. All the empty hype goes out of the balloon in week #1.

        3. How can you save a football player from injury? Of course you don’t play them when the are physically unable to play. You don’t play them when the guy below them on the roster chart is actually better. But you have to play them when they are your best, they can do the job, even if slightly dinged up.

          1. BP,
            My only thought is it depends on what the nature of the injury might be. If it is something which could be made worse with the wrong hit then might want to wait a week to avoid losing for the season.

    2. Quit bragging, PO. I’ve grown about eighteen inches since high school. Oh, wait, you meant vertically.

      1. The only thing ever growing in Hoosier Football ….is the number of years of never taking down a Michigan or OSU team.

        We get hung up on all the sideshow stuff….and getting to miniature bowls. We anoint a few true athletes because it’s really all the bragging we got(whether they’re frail, always banged up, or get through a season unscathed).
        Compared to the upper echelon of the conference, we’ve yet to break out of toddler sizes. We shop at Big Ten Baby Gap.
        It’s a true art how our so-called leaders have built so much apology into Hoosier Football. Big talk. Simple and low goals. Get to six. …Get to six…Get to six.

  15. Agree with the five comments in response to my 1st post. Ramsey, whether due to age, physical maturity, being a coaches son, or his pain threshold, is one tough hombre. He’s not coming out of a game unless he’s carried or dragged off the field.

    Penix is our best option to win when healthy, and hopefully by the time he is a redshirt junior and senior, he will have put on enough muscle to withstand the punishment he receives for a whole season.

  16. Good news for Tuttle is that he’ll be 1/3 back to California when in Nebraska. Penix injured? No Tuttle on the hotel shuttle? Ramsey soon to be Hoosier legend as he leads us to the Rose Bowl?

    Jack be nimble,
    Jack be quick,
    Tuttle up next,
    If Peyton gets sick.

  17. Players do grow in college, I have mine and my brother’s examples to go by after HS. I grew 2″ and gained 65 lbs from 18 to 21 years and my brother grew 5″ gaining 30 lbs during that time in his life.

    IU by all statistical measures in the B1G are better than Nebraska. The way the team handled the sold out homecoming crowd at MSU gives me belief IU will go to Lincoln and play an inspired game. I saw Mullen in the 4th quarter on the sideline getting his teammates,as they came off the field, fired up after stopping MD so they were ready to go the next series. He, along with other young players, believe they can win B1G games changing the attitude in closing minutes of B1G games.

      1. Close…Russian botanist. Favorite flower is the Putin-nea with its Trump-et shaped petals.

  18. Bama, ND, Clemson, OSU, Georgia, Michigan, Penn State and on and on and on…they all play cupcakes. However, they play the big boys as well. Yes, traditional powerhouses have down years once in a while. The difference is traditional power houses have always been able to raise their level of play (even in down years they will usually win 6 or 7 plus games) to challenge and compete and beat the big boys. That means they beat each other because they are the elite programs. In stark contrast IU tries to eat cupcakes to get 6 wins. Then, enter Rutgers and Maryland (which was good win for IU) and if IU can beat the more down to earth teams for that given year = 6 plus wins. To date IU is still looking for a big bold win…such as lowly Illinois pulled off against Wisky. I suppose Copper Bowl win vs Baylor and Holiday Bowl win vs undefeated Brigham Young (if they go unbeaten they become overrated) are about the 2 biggest wins and those wins = a win over Purdue, NW, Iowa (IU beats Iowa once in a while), and the middle of road big ten. The difference is that would be low/lower points for the very good to best programs. For IU it is their high/highest highlights like the rest of the lower1/4 of big ten (the bottom 25%).

    1. Breakthrough, schmakethrough. UI’s win over Wisconsin was no more of a “breakthrough” or “signature win” than would be IU beating PSU or Meatchicken later this year. Uspets happen from time to time, but they’re hardly signifiers of greater things to come. Beating the beatables on a consistent basis, that’s a breakthrough. If IUFB beats the remaining beatables UN, NU and Pee-yew but still loses to UM and PSU, that’s much more a sign of progress than pulling a rabbit out of hat once every ten years.

  19. About that Holiday Bowl win over the undefeated Brigham Young team. The Indiana team that beat Brigham Young was the 4th place finisher in the Big Ten. A couple years later they were in the same position. They played a Michigan team that finished in sixth place in the Big Ten.

    They beat Michigan. Then they were named national champions. There is a very good chance the same could have happened had they beaten IU.

    There is a solid argument to be made that IU played in the national championship game that year.

    1. Chet,
      I’ll throw you one better. If you go back and look at the polls leading up to the ’68 Rose Bowl game, it was very much for the national championship. Had IUFB beaten the #1 ranked USC team, would have likely seen #4 IU have a strong case for at least a share of the national championship.

        1. Memory lane washes away with the relentless waves upon the shore….Where are the footprints in the sand of IU Football for anyone not a dinosaur?

          Reality: We should be in the Ice Age Conference. That’s about how often we show up.

          GET TO SIX!….ice ages.

          1. Speaking of dinosaurs H4H,

            Almost at the point where you have to be one to remember the last basketball banner hung at the Hall.

          2. True…But I do also cherish the 2003 trip to the Final Four and championship game. So close…I was at the Lexington regional when we took down #1 Duke after charging back from a 17 point deficit.
            That’s probably my best Hoosier time ever….It was almost more fun than my once-in-a-lifetime follow-up Final Four trip.
            Taking down Duke at Rupp…Does it get anymore special? And then we set all kinds of 3-pt records against Kent State in the regional final….I simply loved that team.

            If you were a Hoosier basketball fan around 10-15 years old in 2003, you’re only in your mid twenties to mid thirties. Not so old a memory for a young lad…or an old lad. It’s not a banner, but it’s a title game(albeit the last time we’ve gone beyond a Sweet 16 in 16 years).

  20. Reality. In both cases it didn’t happen. I will agree in both cases IU was pretty good, represented themselves well and were fun times for IU football.

  21. Hypotheticals are fun….
    They’re also sort of an insult to true highest achievement (e.g. The five banners hanging above McCracken).

    In many respects, college football has always lived in the world of hypotheticals since the days of voting for a national champion, polls, computer rankings, etc. It still lives in the hypothetical because many schools have valid arguments to be part of the College Football Playoff. It’s a committee room sport where Cinderella never gets to find her other shoe.
    We have OSU, Michigan and Penn State in our football conference division. Any pathway to a national championship must first pass through those three football powerhouses deep in tradition (though Michigan is losing some of its historical luster). There are no open invitations to a wildcard football playoff if we can’t win against those three. There is no 65 team invite ….We must beat those teams. We must be in a conference title game.
    Standing atop the BigTen East as a beginning step to a football national championship is akin to placing Virginia, UK, and Duke as your first three opponents in the NCAA tournament.

    College football is never open to a true underdog…..Guess that’s what I love about college hoops. Once in a while someday who doesn’t tear it up in their conference..or exists in a smaller conference finds lightning in a bottle and stuns with huge upsets or storied runs. College football is a world of
    Goliath vs. Goliath. It promotes the Goliath getting all the national publicity year…after year…thus building these already giant programs into gargantuan blobs of boring so-called dominance. It all reminds me of the Trump empire…The giant names on the college football buildings reflect a desire to mask something very lacking in truth. The marketing machine of dollars begetting more dollars sucks the soul of the sport dry as it rewards so very few few and perpetuates a system of privileged dominant programs with monumental momentum…based on acquired property/image/stages/decades of recruiting advantage.

    1. Virginia? In basketball? In the Final Four?

      They have been to one Final Four in the past 34 years.

      Indiana has been to three in that period.

      1. Sorry. I meant in the tourney.

        Virginia has squat history in the NCAA tournament. They are best known for losing to Chaminade.

        1. They have squat….? Upset two seasons ago…but an Elite Eight in 2016. And that little thing known as a national championship last season sorta makes people forget about the loss to a 16 seed.
          They certainly have some recent momentum.
          Would you prefer Texas Tech, Duke and UK? Or should we just go with UNC, Duke and UK…Boooooring.
          You pick them, Chet.
          My point is that we basically have OSU, Michigan and PSU in our football pathway …before we ever get near national championships. It was quite formidable in the old days when we just had OSU and Michigan to mainly serve as a blockade.

          Now we have three very strong traditional football programs ….we must have success against to conquer the East and to contend for BigTen titles. All that has to happen before even any consideration in a national championship discussion. Pretty tall order….But you go ahead and pick three basketball programs you think would serve as that strong of a blockade in the first three rounds of an NCAA tournament. I picked one to be a little weaker than the other two…but still pretty solid programs and solidly coached.

  22. Wouldn’t it be cool if college football could set up a BigTen vs. SEC challenge week (in the style of the BigTen vs. ACC week in college hoops)?

    Why does college football refuse to be inventive? What is being protected? Why is it being protected? It serves nothing to allow conferences to pretend to be on equal stages when they are not. What does “Big” mean in terms of “Big Ten?” Big compared to what? Compared to the results that would happen in a BigTen vs. SEC football challenge week, we’d probably be renamed to the Little Fourteen.

    1. I think it would be good to have conference challenge games. Maybe include more conferences than SEC and Big 3 and little 11.

  23. Michael Penix is listed at 220 so that’s not accurate that his body frail it doesn’t matter how big you get Cam Newton is 250 pounds has that kept him from getting hurt throughout his career?no

  24. Frail …as in breakable/delicate. As in a 6-ft tall 225 lb Chinese vase…with very thinly turned handles. Don’t scoot it around the floor from the handles!

  25. A 6’3″, 210lb guy would terrify most of you by his size if he gave you a harsh glance. He’s about the size of my boys and they are big.

  26. In today’s story saying that Penix is practicing, Penix is listed at 6’3″ and 202 lbs. And that may be generous. He’s no where near 220 lbs!

  27. He’s likely 6’2″ …and 190 in pads and helmet.

    Probably 180 in his locker room birthday suit.

    Does anyone actually believe height and weight listings for any football player? I’m of the opinion they’re all exaggerated…including the size of linemen, running backs, etc, etc. The only accurate claims with regard to scales was Tegray Scales.

  28. I don’t believe ’em, Harv. In high school they listed me as 6’2″ 190 lbs. My old man laughed out loud when he saw that in the program.

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