Highest ever ranking for IU women; Holmes honored

An impressive 2-0 start was enough to propel the Indiana women’s basketball up three spots in the Associated Press poll on Monday, as the Hoosiers climbed to No. 21, the highest ranking in program history.

It is the eighth all-time appearance in the poll for the Hoosiers, who better their No. 22 ranking from Jan. 6, 2014.

IU opened the season with a 75-52 win over Mount St. Mary’s last Thursday, then blasted Nicholls State on Sunday, 111-47. Next up is Jackson State, which visits Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall this coming Sunday at 2 p.m.

In addition to the team recognition, freshman Mackenzie Holmes received Big Ten Freshman of the Week honors, averaging 18.5 points, 6.0 rebounds and 3.0 blocks per game while shooting 83.3 percent from the field. The 6-foot-3 Gorham, Maine, native had a team-high 22 points against Nicholls State.

Holmes is the first freshman to earn the weekly award for the Hoosiers since Jaelynn Penn, who won the award in back-to-back weeks in January of 2018.


  1. Great news for the Hoosiers and well deserved! This team is so much fun to watch. People really need to come out and support this team. I am still so disappointed in the lack of student support especially when it doesn’t cost them anything to attend a game? All they need to get in free is their student ID? It is sad when you watch South Carolina play and see them sold out with incredible student support, usually over 14,000 in attendance. Most of them are students, what are we doing wrong? These girls deserve so much better! Then men sell out every game, and for your information, IU has the largest student ticket section in the country. I will bet you anything the girls will be ranked higher that the men when all is said and done! It’s simply a shame the students diss the girls like this! Go Hoosiers!!

  2. This team is not done yet either and it is a shame that the students wont support the best team ever assembled at IU. They just dont know what they or dont care, a total shame on the student body. I also have a feeling this wont be the last freshman of the week for Mac. Go Hoosier!

  3. I do believe the “Mack Attack” has hit Bloomington, congrats to Mac.

    BTW that is the biggest move forward in the entire top 25.

  4. Good grief T, you say its not saying much that the women are ranked higher than the men?? You do know how many times the IU women have been ranked, right? To simply have them ranked is a big deal! Now the trick is to stay ranked. Go Hoosiers!!

  5. Mike– Im afraid you are mistaking T’s meaning. Not that its a big thing for the women, but that reference is aimed straight at the men since they arent even in the top 50.

  6. Thank you, Steve.
    I was addressing my thoughts to me personally how much more significant the IU ladies program vs IU men’s basketball program in terms of moving forward and upward including scheduling and rankings.
    I understand what expectations were on IU men’s basketball use to be. Not sure that’s the case anymore. However, because of T. Moren and her leadership she has awakened the IU ladies basketball program. Expectations for IU ladies continue to steadily grow because of T. Moren leadership. Yes, I repeated Indiana State men’s basketball coach when T.Moren was first hired. He said at the time something like this. IU doesn’t know how excellent/great a basketball coach they just hired.
    T. Moren continues to challenge her IU ladies basketball program and many times backs it up on the rise to the top.

  7. Had the opportunity to attend the games on Saturday & Sunday. If you want to see basketball done right, that was the Ladies Sunday. Each players seems to bring something to the game. Holmes, just a smooth player. They will probably be on the wrong side of win/lost a couple of times when they head south, but I’m sure they will not give up. As above – gonna be a fun year to be an IUWBB fan. (Even warm enough to ride the m/cycle on Sunday).

  8. I know her father and HS coach pretty well. Her pops used to be the coach of the school I coach at now, and now runs a decent sized AAU operation. Her HS coach is a buddy. I’ve coached a few of her friends at the HS level, so we’ve been to each other’s games as fans, but I have no idea what her favorite meal is…
    The basketball community up here is pretty tight. I’m sure you’d love it Harv – only a million people in the state… Small towns that often shut down to watch their teams play… protected from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world by the Atlantic and our Live Free or Die friends.

    1. Sounds awesome….but I do love the big cities too. I might feel a bit too isolated in Maine. I grew up in a country home about 10 miles outside of the small town I spent much of my childhood. I’m still quite the loner, but I don’t like a lonely surrounding…Does that make any sense? Probably not.

      Had one short visit to Maine many years ago (1993). Won’t get into the details…but it was sort of work related and mini vacation. Freeport Inn Cafe was one of my favorite stops…Best breakfast I’ve ever had….Such a cute place back then. Wanted to buy a home in Yarmouth but it was just a bit out of our price range…(and the isolation thing probably held me back as well). Loved Damariscotta…..My late aunt had told me she went there many years before our visit in ’93…and she said it was somewhere we might want to do a road trip. Fabulous little fishing sort of town right out of a fairytale.

      Anyway….You stayed away too long. Hard to believe your son is already playing hoops. Time moves much faster when age sets in. When young it seems almost at a standstill…and before you know it…WHOOSH!
      I think we’re on an accelerating train or maybe part of a galactic septic line flushing us out of the universe. Time just doesn’t feel like it’s on a constant. Where did the summer evenings of shooting hoops in the carefree world of green grass and youth go…? Miss my folks…

      1. Greater Portland has leaked into Yarmouth and the area is 300k-ish… not too big, and not too small.

        We have the Sea Dogs, where guys like Mookie Betts and Pedrioa came through, and the Red Claws where Romeo and Tacko are playing now… Grayson even got to meet Romeo at a SeaDogs game this summer! He said, “Dad, he’s from my poster!”
        In his typical fashion, Romeo just smiled and said very little.
        Looking forward to sitting court side with my crimson IU gear at a couple of his games at the Expo this year.

        1. I’m sure it’s all changed a ton since 1993…I still can’t get over the fact it’s been 26 years since I was up there. Not too long ago, I saw the Freeport Inn Cafe was still in business….Wonder if it’s anything like it used to be…?

          Was actually thinking of taking a trip to Maine after Labor Day of this year…but it didn’t happen. My wife is trying to get me to take an overseas vacation but I have a pretty childish fear of flying…I asked if we could go on the Titanic …They were booked.
          I enjoy road trips. Have also never seen Vermont and New Hampshire. Never been to Boston either. Speaking of Boston, Hayward was sure looking strong until the recent injury…Any news on him? Was it a broken bone in the hand.

          This is the last I’ll go off-topic. Just mainly wanted to say welcome back. Mike C hates having me on the women’s threads.

          Congrats to Holmes for her ‘Freshman of the Week’ honors. And congrats to the team for climbing in the polls. Not a big fan of the coach(my Purdue prejudice now enters) but appears she’s doing a fine job(outside of her huge support for Crean which I saw as a sort of sentimental sabotage of the men’s program).

          So long, women’s thread.

  9. I for one have been following Mackenzie from afar before she ever arrived at IU. I have watched every you tube clip and every article written about her in the NEast. Mac is the missing link IU has been missing at her position. Even though IU went to the second round of the ncaa last year along with Mac and the improvement on this team should make for a fun year ahead and yes there will be bumps in the road, thats ok they will learn from that. Mac has quickly become a fan fav and the “super-sub” will get better and better. I love watching her game , how she runs the floor and so do her teammates. From here in the competition will get tougher by the game as they hit the road. Cant wait till the next game. Go Hoosiers!!!!

  10. After losing to South Carolina the terps were nearly upset by James Madison but pulled it out in the 4th qtr. 70-68. The home team JM led at one pt by 19 and led at all 3 qtr stops, but the terps put on a furious rally in the fourth to save the road game. JM is ranked 7th in the mid-majors.

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